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June 26, 2007


THANK GOD! I don't know if I could have dealt with looking at Rachunek for another season.

obviously, he was cut to free up # 23 for Scott Gomez ;)

Or for Chris Drury, also #23.

Or for Robert Lang, who will take that number if signed just to make us feel like we actually improved the team.

about the trade up rumor... http://beanballinc.blogspot.com/2007/06/phoenix-wanted-rangers-second-round.html

The Rachunik move must have been a tough one for Sather and Renney. His play was steadly improving, he uses his size reasonably well and he had experience. However, if you couldn't make a deal to move him for draft picks, then his value is quite low. We pick up $1.2MM in cap space, give room for a younger defensemen (unless we trade for one) and reinforce the commitment to rebuilding the team. There will be more of these moves made over the next 2-3 months and that makes me feel pretty good. Anytime we can move a marginal player with the expectation of improving the team...well, that's what rebuilding is all about.

JESS... As far as xxxxx=xxxxx=xxxx=xxx=x=xxx goes, I had a GREAT comeback but I will let it sit in my warped little brain. You guys put together a great website and magazine and are the first site I log into every night I sign on.(Travel a lot so I miss weeks at a time). You guys have a great summer although I can't wait for the free-agent signings to begin and the crying starts...Maybe I could move the desktop into the bathroom??? Z

good move. he played fine for us but the Rangers should try to bring along Staal or someone else if they are ready.

they have a surplus of young D so they can use the money in there area of weakness C.

Great move he stunk.When are the Ranger's going toget a Big nasty d-man?Probably never....sad but true.Sather still sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This might just spell the return of good old reliable team guy and mhurley favorite, Jason Strudwick!

(she ducks before the flying objects hit her in the head)

i dont mind struds playin but if i had to pick rachunek or struds i would go with rachunek he does have a pretty good shot when he feels like playing.Maybe we targeting Souray.Thats one of the players i really wouldnt mind havin for next season.Also add Drury and or brierre/gomez and the cup is our....Yea i know dreams lol.

Souray Is NOT the guy for us. We need mobile D's who can still play defense. If we had 5 top D's then Souray would simply be a third pair and a PP specialist. Renney may just try Rozi and Girardi as a first pair, Malik and Tyutin on the second and Pock and Mara (Staal) on the third. Most of last year we dressed only 6 D's and I don't expect that to change.

Stall over Malik not over MAra then ill be happy

is it true you can now sign RFAs and lose up to a 1st and 3rd round pick next year rather than the old CBA 5 first round picks?

imitation - depends on the salary. the max is 4 # 1 picks (someone posted that on Sam's blog)


First off Staal is NOT an offensive minded defender so he does not replace Mara but he would make a good partner for him.

I also do not want to waste the money on Souray as all he would do is block a Baranka.

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