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June 26, 2007


I am glad to hear Darius Kasparaitis, is back and in shape....I feel terrible for him.....I wish he was the way he used to be....can you imagine Sean Avery and Darius Kasparaitis on the same team.....that's an edge....a jagged edge.

Ima go to chelsea piers play with kaspar ima feel like a pro lol

glad to hear all of these things. I am really keen on seeing how both Anisimov and Cherepanov grow this upcoming year in the RSL.

also, why couldn't Kaspar be used as an interpreter and/or guide for the young Russians?

following Dank's train of thought .. Dubi what was Kasper doing there? I am very happy to know that he is happy and looking fit and trim and that's great but are there indications of what role he will have with the team? Is he going to training camp to fight for a job?

Also, Jess, this was from yesterday but I wanted to say thanks for letting me know about Dubinsky. I am happy for him and I do hope that he forces himself into the lineup because I think that means only good things for us ...

Is there a hint that Kasparitis could possibly be moving into a "Adam Graves" type development role?

So Dubi, are you implying that Kaspar is fit to play again?

I feel like Kasper should give it one more chance in the NHL with another team, before considering an Adam Graves type roll...he had a lot of bad luck in regards to the timing of his injuries, what do you think Dubi?


I think he should become a coach under Shonny in Hartford.

One guy who We should target is Tom Preissing.

On one level, the idea of Koach Kaspar excites me: it worked great with Ulfie - another historically nasty/abrasive player and all around funny and likable guy.

On the other hand, Kaspar always depended on his unique gift for blowing people up to stick in the league. I think Ulf has forgotten more about fundamental defensive play - footwork, stickwork, positioning, body control and puck protection - than Kaspar ever knew. How much of Darius' personal talent can be passed on to the kids he would coach? And if his meltdown last season isn't completely - and I mean completely - out of his system, is a guy who ate, drank and played his way out of the NHL the best role model?

Personally, I really like Kaspar. He was a stand up guy who other teams hated to play against. He drew penalties like fly-paper. He stuck up for his teammates and played within his skill set. If these are lessons he can pass along, then I'm all for having him as a coach/morale booster/storyteller in Hartford. He could motivate and inspire. If, however, he's to be used as a paragon of defenseman play or can only turn our boys into a bunch of hipchecking gamblers, I think he could do more harm than good . . .

besides drury and gomez or a d-man i know there needed but i think the rangers should try snd sign jurai kolnik hes a good 2nd 3rd line forward who i think has lots of potential wut do u guys think

Well I see we are all in agreement about Kaspar. I just hope he finds a home in the organization. If not a player then something else. I hope it works out for him, he was a very much liked player.
Thanks Dubi for the great coverage. Wondered how the Russians could cope without anyone to interpret? Must have been a bit difficult for them.

Preissing would be a great cheap option!

If the Rangers can't resign Nylander, how about instead of Lang; Handzus. Lang is older and more offensively skilled, but Handzus is a bitch to play against and would love the Czech environment. Imagine him and Hossa playing with Jagr; they pummel everything in Jagr's path. He's be cheaper since he's coming off an injury. He cuold be another Cullen type, but if no one else is available. He can screen on a PP too!

Prucha-Betts-Byers (Hollweg and Orr in for tough teams, Dawes gets first top 3 line injury callup)

Two wild and crazy guys

Pock as 7th with Staal/Liffiton up for injuries



Sorry, folks -- I don't have much to add on Kaspar. He's still under contract to the Rangers, and was obviously at the training center to work out. His contract is supposed to be bought out, but it hasn't happened yet, so where he ends up is anyone's guess. He stopped by talk purely as a social call, so no one wanted to ask him any tough questions.

"besides drury and gomez or a d-man i know there needed but i think the rangers should try snd sign jurai kolnik hes a good 2nd 3rd line forward who i think has lots of potential wut do u guys think"

ralph-jason krog redux!no thanks pass.would rather keep spot open for dubinsky.
by the way ,good ridence to crapunek.

Dubi Why would they buy him out? It 's a nice gesture not good business, it would hit the cap. Player -coach in Hartford makes more sense, especially when the Russian kids finally get here.

>> Player -coach in Hartford makes more sense,

It would but what if that doesn't interests him? From what I have read about him is that he wants to try and play next season, IN the NHL

Mike u cant put straks on 3rd

Wow i gotta say i was a lot higher on Gomez until i remembered he only pulled off 13 goals and 60 points last year. Granted he missed ten games but man, huge drop off from last year's career year. Someone like Drury seems to be a much higher commodity IMO but then again taking Gomez from the Devils would be killin two birds, tho it looks like he's gone from NJD anyways.

It's gonna be an interesting weekend

The Rangers do these camps to bond the prospects, in addition to said camp these kids will go on group events like either a Met or Yankee game (most likely a Met game tomorrow against the WS Champs).

The one person who is perhaps the single most important person for the prospects to meet is going to be Reg Grant the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator.

Grant will set up a training program geared for each individual and lord have mercy on the prospect who does not follow it to the letter.

The prospects are assigned roommates and here is where friendships are made which just might pay huge dividends down the road.

Something I really feel is important to not is that both Billy Ryan and Greg Beller HAVE to pay THEIR OWN WAY to this camp. As NCAA athletes they have assine guidelines that they must follow or else they could lost their scholarships.

Sanguinetti already knows that the Rangers plan on sending him back to Brampton but that is his incentive to force his way onto the roster.

The Rangers do very little on ice teaching because they are very sensitive about keeping this camp 100% positive. They want the kids to enjoy every part of it and the teaching is not expected to happen until the Traverse City tournament.

Good report.

I've been pretty curious about Anisimov since we drafted him. He was a bit of a steal for us, being called by many to be among most NHL-ready players in that draft. But playing where he has been we've had little to go by. Nothing to see, and nothing in the stats to tell us anything. I'd say he's the biggest mystery of this camp and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of him.

Billy Ryan is another player I've been curious about lately. He's a name I hadn't heard much of, I'd actually forgotten about him until reviewing previous drafts last week.

Kind of an entire feel-good thing going on here. Great coverage.

Anisimov, get us ALL you can on Anisimov.. :) thanks.. i think since he has been in the RSL he has been the single most mysterious prospect of the past year..

p.s. if you need a translator (Russian) to come up with you guys to the practice facility, I could definitely swing it for the rest of the week.. native Russian speaker here..

Guys to consider, as cheaper alternatives to the Drury's and Gomez's of the UFA world....

The penguins did not sign RW Michel Ouellet who has scored 35 goals in the past two seasons, and had 19 goals and 48 points last season. He is only 25 and now a UFA, Also Michal Handzus is also a UFA, and he is a big guy at 6' 5 and a center and only 30 yrs old. Also there is RW Dainius Zubrus as a UFA, remember him pounding Jagr in the playoffs...

So I would not be too upset if the Rangers don't get Bierre, Drury or Gomez, as long as they can get one of the cheaper alternatives and save their money for next years class of UFA's (Thornton) or trade for the next "Great one" in Tavares or Stamkos in the 2008 draft

see "A look at the top free-agent forwards" at ESPN

Damn Dank i was about to offer the same thing lol

Espn.com dont know what the f*** they talking about.They say SHanny might go to toronto or Ottawa WTF if the man said he only wants to play for the Blueshirts.I love how they just cut the Rangers out of the picture making it look like no1 wants to sign with the team that gonna win the cup.

ESPN said "If the Rangers decide to pass," on Shanny then he would consider going to those other teams...
At the end of the day, Rangers have the final say...if the players had the final say, then Messier and Leetch would still be playing for the Rangers

Looks like Nylander maybe back..

says from a direct quote from Nylander "it'll be solved any moment." The headline is direct and forward "Nylander extends with Rangers." Nylander further says "I have my reasons" why he sacked his former agent

Expressen also says Nylander has told them he sees no other alternative than to continue playing for Rangers.

I know I am repeating myself but no big and nasty prospects.The ducks dominated the year and playoffs with big nasty players,sather wake the f--- up


Michael, that link is not opening. Does it say they have resigned Nylander or that Nylander says its close to being done?

Good Morning.It basically says he does not see any reason to sign elsewhere and the deal will be finalized with NYR shortly..


looks like 3 yrs 16 mil

Thank you for the update. That is definitely good news if the deal is finalized. He is at his best with Jagr and they can keep that chemistry together instead of having to start from stratch with someone new.

I agree, now we should go after Gomez full force. I want to await confirmation though first before getting too excited

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