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June 27, 2007


Really happy to hear about Nylander re-signing. If the reports are true (3 years, $16 million), then I hafta say although that seems rather steep, i'll take it for only 3 years. However this contract may be too expensive to see the Rangers go after someone like Gomez or Drury, who'll command 7-8 million a year.

Frankly, i'm fine w/ letting a prospect develop or even a third option kinda center (Handzus, Lang, etc.), so long as it's only a 2 year deal or so. Give Dubinsky a chance

Wait...I dont understand...Do you mean Shanny was working out with Gomez as in lifting weights or what ever...or am i mis interpreting you...

we will be big players in the Gomez and Drury sweepstakes.

great work. I love your site....

nylander 3 yrs is 1 to many but I guess they probably have no choice....

I would be very disappointed if Shanahan wasn't resigned....he has brought a level of respect and professionalism that hasn't been around this team since 94


Where did you se that report about Nylander? I have to agree with you, I think 5.3 million a year for 3 years, is way too much for him!

http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/rangers/ As per Dellapina, no Nylander just yet

I am fairly confident Shanny will be back because of how cheap signing him can be. The Rangers can give him an incentive filled contract that will allow them to go over the cap and Shanny has already said he will only play for the Rangers this season. The fact that he is working out with Gomez further illustrates that he wants to win this year with NY. I have heard rumors that Gomez is ready to leave NJ. Why would he want to stay with the coaching carousel that goes on there and the fact the team has slid the last few years and they have no goalie in the pipeline to replace Broduer. I think the Rangers over the last two years have really changed some peoples perspectives in the league of how they now operate. Shanny was an example of that last year when he chose to sign here and I think we are going to see it again this summer. Can't wait for Sunday.

If the contract numbers aren't speculation/rumor, then don't leave out the possibility of the third year being a club option.

$5.3 million for three years may sound like a lot. But look at what everyone else is asking. All I read is $7-$8 million per for 5-6 years is what Drury and Gomez will be looking at. Keep in mind that both Drury and Gomez only average 50+ points a season. At that range, the Nylander deal (if the numbers are correct) is not that bad.

And it seems that everyone has money for them. Gomez and Drury are rumored to go just about everywhere. IMO, maybe....MAYBE...Drury could be argued to be a franchise player because of his character and performance in clutch situations. But I still do not think he is worth 'franchise player' money. If you cannot put up 90+ points consistantly, you should not be worth $7-$8 million a season.

In tis ridiculous UFA market, Nylander's $5.3 mil for 3 years is a helluva lot better than $7.5 million for 6 years for a 55-point player...

I just saw a report that had it at 3 years for 8.9 million. That can't be right, but who knows.

Never mind. Dellapina just got off the phone with Nylander's agent and there's no deal yet...

Options are no longer allowed in the NHL

Good thing to hear. Thank GOD Nylander came to his senses. TheFourthPeriod.com is reporting that Kariya could test the free agent market. How nice would He look in Ranger BLUE?

Put that money towards Gomez. He can do more and is younger. Some people are not so high on Gomez, but I see it as getting a younger playmaking center, who can kill penalties, has a lot of speed, and is a winner. I wouldn't turn down Drury either. But Nylander is getting old, and has had the luxury of playing with Jagr. Nylander's success is a lot more about Jagr than it is about Nylander.

And you better hope that Jagr stays for the length of Nylander's contract or Nylander will end up with the Kasper treatment.

I wouldnt shortchange Nylander, He's got skill and a good playmaker. He can make things happen with his skating ability. He might go to the 2nd line after JJ is done and can help the younger players with His work ethic. Good signing for the 3 years. Gomez will be a Ranger. I'm betting on it.

emscam, not sure what "working out" means -- it was in an article from last week on the Flyers' interest in Nylander if they couldn't get Gomez, Drury, or Briere -- "Gomez has been working out with Rangers winger Brendan Shanahan in what could be an audition for the top center spot in New York" is all that was written. Link:



Thanks for the link. I didn't ask or post that question about Gomez working out even though my name appears on it. Weird.

Talk about making the big time, first we get linked in MSG's Locker Room, but that's no surprise since the Rangers are one of their teams. Now Yahoo sports runs the Nylander story and credits Blueshirt Bulletin as the source!


If I post a link to that story, will it create an endless loop? Sam over at Rangers Report and Lyle at Spector's also credit us for the story, although it's really Expressen's story.

Thanks to Michael for alerting us to the link in the first place. Now, let's hope it's true -- Nylander is not Joe Thornton or Vinnie Lecavalier, but he's got chemistry with Jagr, he had a good postseason, and without him we have to sign two top-line centers instead of one, an impossibility that would have left us stuck with someone a lot worse than Mikey.

Nylander for 3 years
Drury/gomez 3-5 years
Cullen 2 years

If we sign nylander and or gomez/drury, how will dubinsky, pyatt, anismov etc. ever get a chance to make the team.

I suggest we sign one top free agent and promote from within, why draft and develop talent and not give them a chance to make the team.

and it begins ... the other day some people were being all doom and gloom about Nylander not resigning and us not getting a one of the big UFA centers and that the team would be doomed and now that there is semi-confirmation about Nylander which leads to speculation of the Rangers now being able to focus on landing one of the UFA's now is going back to the Rangers leaving no room for the kids ... you know that's why I had to laugh the other day because no matter which way the Rangers go there is always something

you are very welcome Dubi my pleasure to help out where I can.

When the dust settles whom do you think will be Rangers when the flood gates open July 1? Drury/Gomez/Souray?

I know it has been mentioned here about the D, but I am curious as to whom it maybe?

Part of the reason why Greg Beller is in the camp is that whispers say it was suggested to him that he not return home this summer (he attends Yale) and take advantage of what basically would be a "free" summer camp for him.

Since he attends Yale it only costs him car fare rather than what it would cost for some of the specialized training camps a lot of these prospects choose to attend. Beller also lost practically a full year due to injury during his draft season.

That Billy Ryan has speed to burn is going to make Tim Whitehead a happy camper come this fall. Ryan like Beller is doing the smart thing and taking advantage of the Ranger camp.

Folks here is what you don't realize the Rangers make their training center available for the kids to use. Can you imagine what it would cost for these kids to have to pay for the kind of teaching they get from assistant coaches and an Adam Graves?

Not to mention if these kids stick around they can work out with someone like a Kasparaitis who according to those who know has never turned down a request for a training partner. That alone is reason not to rush buying out his contract as worst case is that he becomes a player coach in Hartford.

We at the Blueshirt Bulletin want to welcome some new friends as how about a "hello" to the kind folks at Western Michigan University where Mat Kanan and Adam Bodnar will be our source for information on the Newest Bronco/Ranger Max Campbell.

The Broncos play in the CCHA which is one of the tougher college hockey leagues. WMU went 18-18-1 last season and are expected to be even better this season.

Mr. Marshal

If we sign Gomez and Nylander, then Cullen is gone. He is getting $3.2MM and does very little that can earn that kind of salary. I don't can if we give Cullen away, we simply don't need him. Anyway, I'm sure somebody wants him.

Cullen's not going anywhere. Too much $ and not enough offensive production. He's valuable, although the Rangers did overpay for him.

Personally I'm not too worried about the Rangers roster situation. Dubinsky is only 21, Pyatt hasn't even played a professional season. Same with Anisimov. Byers could make the team, same with Dawes. You gotta figure there will be injuries this year, and Hartford is getting younger every year. After this season Straka and Shanny are gone so that frees up two spots. Malik and maybe Mara (playing for a contract at age 27=instant motivation) might not be around, and I think this is the year the Rangers finally see that Hollweg is one dimensional and a guy like Byers is much more useful. That's about 5-6 roster spots already.

If the Rangers have to trade Dawes/Baranka players like that who are gonna be support players along with a draft pick (not a first rounder) for an B+/A- player down the live, I can live with that.

Hey Jess, my graduate degree is from Western--used to go to games all the time in Kalamazoo. The CCHA is a good league, but Western is no elite team....

I so much prefer the situation of "we've got so many kids that need NHL ice-time!" to our old situation of "who the hell are we going to put on the ice??" that I can live with a couple of the juniors staying on the farm a little longer than might be ideal.

Nylander, Straka, Shanny, and Jags will all go down for some period of time next season, opening spots for kids to get a taste. In the history of the NHL, the kid who comes in as an injury replacement very rarely plays so well that he forces his way onto the roster - more often, he identifies areas of his game that need more work or learns that the NHL game is incredibly fast/strong, requiring more work in the gym. It happened to Dawes last season, and Dom benefited greatly from returing to the Pack. Whether Immonen steps up after a similar experience remains to be seen. Keep in mind, however, that Shoney doesn't think a lot of these kids are really ready for the big club. Their service in spot duty for injured roster players is the perfect compromise.

That said, if a few kids (Dubinsky, Byers, Bourret, Moore, etc.) set camp on fire, we may be looking at a different debate . . .

The NY Post is reporting today that not only is Nylander not close to a deal but no offer has even been exchanged. Brooks has been wrong so many times so who knows but if Nylander doesn't re-sign then the Rangers will target Gomez and Drury but what if neither signs and Nylander signs elsewhere. Talk about a disaster no first or second line center.


Not saying WMU is an elite program but they are a program that is on the move up.

I can't understand the organization's reluctance to use Immonen, at the very least as a 3rd or 4th (I'd prefer 2nd) line center.

He had a nice debut last year, outplaying Cullen and Betts for the short period that he was up.

It seems to me that it's a case of ignoring his production while focusing on his appearance.

Granted he's no speed demon, but his sense of positioning more than makes up for that. He's an excellent passer (a necessary skill totally lacking in Betts and Cullen) and he has good defensive instincts.

I'd personally like to see Nylander gone (replaced by Drury or Gomez), Immo centering the 2nd line, Dubinsky centering the 3rd line, and Cullen on the 4th line.

I don't get it either why they dislike Immonen. It seems Renney does not want to play him. He said at one point that Immonen could not keep up in the skating department with the Islanders and that was it...the guy never played again with the Rangers. I Remember once that John Davidson said in a broadcast that Jason Ward was a slow skater and increased his speed during the lockout by skating with this olympic skater woman skated who was related to a hockey player...so why can't they do it with this kid.
But once the coach forms an opinion, or labels a player thats it....bye-bye Immonen, what a shame

There's an aspect to the team that fans unfortunately cannot see, and that is what happens in the locker room and on the practice ice. Immonen just didn't have the strength -- neither physical nor mental -- to endure the stresses of the NHL long term. The coach and some of his leading players saw this. I for one saw it on the ice as well -- in both his stints, he showed good flashes early in his call-ups but then could not maintain the level of effort. There are better players coming down the pike than Jarkko Immonen. In the meantime, until those guys are ready to replace the veterans currently in place, the Rangers have little to lose by going for some immediate success via the free agent route at the "pivotal" center ice position.

Dubi - I thought Immonen was going to Europe this season (not sure if that's a done deal). In my opinion that would be no great loss as he was overhyped by some as in their opinion he was the centerpiece of the Leetch deal as opposed to being in my opinion a throw in to that deal.

Smyth re-sighned with the Isles?????????

Hello, I am gald to hear Busto is looking good at camp for the Blue shirts. I got to watch him develope in the Juniors with the Kootenay ICE of thw WHL. Mike is a high prospect for the Rangers in my eyes as he has come so far in the last few years to be among the elite Defencemen in the league. I would love to know if anyone has any pics of him in Camp. Other players we had here that will make a splash in the apple include Nigel Dawes, Ryan Russell, Craig Weller, ect. Any picks of these former Kootenay ICE players would be great. You can email them to me at ccavelle@shaw.ca

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