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June 29, 2007


Hey Dubi,
Glad to hear everyone is all right! …..except the car

I knew you were a good man, Dubi! Glad to hear all are well.

G-d Bless.

Glad to see everyone is ok.


It's ok to say God Bless; the left side hasn't taken that away from us yet...

Gee Dubi, I hope you are all okay. Car Accidents Suck.Once the shock is over and everyone is okay, it's the damned inconvenience that's a pain in the ass.

I had an accident on my way to the Rangers first pre-season game last September. It happened at 4:15PM in Deer Park. We drove in in my friends truck. I made it to the game by 7:05pm. Ya gotta have your priorities straight.

Dubster, I have to call and re-up my BB subscription but I guess that won't be enough to pay the collision bill on the car.

Glad they are all OK.

Now while Saginaw is looking good for their choice to keep Zaborsky around let us be honest and tell the world that they are tickled pick to know they will have him back.

They have lost a lot of players from last year's team and keeping both Zaborsky and Mursak is a great start.

This sounds like a mess!

The “hot” new rumor over on the HF Boards is that there is some interest in the Coyotes defenseman Ed Jovanovski. In exchange a package involving Al Montoya headed the other way is being discussed. On the brink of creating a noose I decided to have a chat with our old buddy the NHL Insider. Here is what is being discussed in this nowhere near complete deal.

Heading to the Rangers would be:
Ed Jovanovski
Martin Hanzal

Heading the Coyotes way would be some combination of:
Cullen, Malik, Mara, Immonen, and Montoya.

In my personal opinion, this is beyond insane from the Rangers perspective. We have no clear need to upgrade the blueline, especially with Marc Staal being ready, and a kid named Sauer who should be better than Dan Girardi nearly ready as well. The Rangers would be taking on an insane 6.5 million dollar contract for the next 4 years for a player who is well past his prime, and is no longer even the best defenseman on his team, and is bring paid as if he is the best defenseman in the league.

This would be a terrible trade for the Rangers, and the Yotes would be laughing their way to the bank having cleared off nearly all of their bad salary.


Glad they're ok, man! Hope the Ragers don't make this crazy move Inferno told us. This would be a Titanic crash for the Blueshirts.

Buck, FYI: "The words God and Lord (Adonai) are often written by many Jews as G-d and L-rd as a way of avoiding writing a name of God, as to avoid the risk of the sin of erasing or defacing the name. Any Hebrew name of God is forbidden to be erased." (From Wikipedia, "The name of God in Judaism.")


that's why it's a "rumor" and as such imo worthless because it makes no sense


Keep posting like that and I will want to make you a future ex-wife twice LOL.


If that person is claiming to be an NHL Insider with nonsense like that then he/she should change their name to NHL Outhouse.

The part about rumors this time of year is that for the most part they have next to ZERO credibility.

Now I understand people have little faith in Sather but when people start buying into rumors like this one then they are also saying that Tom Renney is an idiot (and he is as close to a hockey PHD as I have talked to), that Cameron Hope is an idiot (and all he happens to be is THE BEST cap guy in the NHL), and that Schoeny, Clark and the assistants have all become stupid overnight.

I do not agree with everything the Rangers do BUT I will be the first to say that this current group of front office folks (and the scouts) are some of the smartest in the the NHL.

The Rangers right now are making their battle plans for 12:01 AM Sunday when they can start contacting the UFAs, they are not talking trade I repeat THEY ARE NOT TALKING TRADE.

Right now they first need to see how they deal with the cap before they look at trades.

tsn http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=212236 had an article how Jason Allison wants back into the league on an economical 1-year deal to re-establish himself. Wasn't Sather looking at Allison before he went to Toronto? Is he washed up? or could give us a good year at #2 center? without breaking the bank now and for years after...

Re your hunt for a moniker for Cherepanov: keep in mind that to all of us Jersey guys and girls "AC" means one thing and one thing only--Atlantic City.
So how about "A-Cherp"?

No need to be sorry,Dubi, family ALWAYS comes first. After the Rangers get Drury and Smyth, then they can think about trades, especially for Malik.

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