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June 23, 2007


Is any sports websites covering second round draft?

Being covered on the NHL Network.

Why a goalie? Can it be he was next on their chart? Hard to believe.

No sports websites that I could find other than www.nhl.com You canwatch the broadband coverage, which is mostly interviews. It is frustrating if you really want to hear the annouoncement of the selections and any trades, because they talk over it. But what you can do is keep refreshing the list of draftees page. It is only about 15 seconds behind the announcement of most selectees. The problem is that the page does not give you the actual transactions, just the resulting team and picks.

Jess, if you don't mind my commenting here about "why a goalie". Definitely was expecting a goalie pick here, although Lafleur was not what I was expecting. The thing that is really attractive about him is that he is VERY BIG!!!! Over 6'4" and mosot of the other available netminders are very small (as goalies go). My first choice would have been Tyson Sexsmith. Ranked first was Jeremy Smith, but he did not play well in the very few appearances he had at the Memorial Cup. Jess can speak further to this. Another good netminder was Rowatt. All of these guys were seen in person by Jess more than me, so Jess what do you think here? I cannot speak to the Rangers guys today, so any clue?


In our last issue I covered "why a goalie" because I felt in part you need to always develop players at all positions, in part because there are questions about Montoya's developments and personally I do not believe Chris Holt is a legit NHLer.

I would have taken Tyler Sexsmith myself because I felt he was a money game player. 2 shutouts during the WHL finals and an awesome performance against Sauer's Medicine Hat Tigers.

I also believe that WHL goalies tend to develop faster to the NHL game than those who play in the other CHL leagues

Jess - was there any talk of trading down in the second round?

Folks, the ongoing discussion and reporting is now taking place in the Comments section to the top article, the one on the Rangers drafting Lafleur in the second round.

How about Cherps as a nickname for Cherepanov?

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