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June 24, 2007


Here is a better video of the the kid...I guess the NHL wants to promote the North American skaters...

Also do you think the drafting of Esposito by the Penguins means they are preparing for the eventual UFA status of Crosby in the next 3 years, which they most likely won't be able to match or Malkin's or Staal's in 4 years time???

Dubi... aren't you being a little hard on the kid from the footage? If you showed a 5 minute clip of some of Nylander's shifts, you wouldn't want him on your team either. The kid plays like a typical Russian sniper... let others carry the puck and get in good scoring position. Pavel Bure's whole career was doing just that... lurking.

I haven't seen the video, but I did see the Rangers game in TB and I saw Jagr play like that almost all game long. One clip is just that. I'm sure I can put 6 clips together and everybody will claim this kid is the next Bure. Lets not camment until we see him play a few games.

Jess - in the SI article attached they refer to money paid to a club or a federation to get a guy out of Russia as not counting vs the cap. Is that also your understanding.

part of the article qouted below

"Any team willing to take on Cherepanov also may have to pay a large sum in order to negotiate and pay for the rights to sign him. The Rangers, protected from their own pre-lockout runaway spending habits by the NHL salary cap, can afford whatever this additional fee may be because of their large-market finances and because the fee would fall outside the payroll that is limited by the cap".

Brett, I wasn't criticizing the kid, I was criticizing the NHL for putting up such a lame video of him. Obviously he doesn't always play that way or else he'd have dropped to the seventeenth round, not seventeenth overall. It seems like they purposely put together the worst possible shifts they could find.

Ok with the draft done this week's agenda should be to sign Shanny, Nylander, Avery and Henrik so that next week can include a significant FA offer to Drury at midnight on the first.

ok ok ... to the REAL IMPORTANT thing ... like can we stick with a nickname here?

Is it AC? Is it Cherry(this just seems wrong on many levels to me)? I think I shall go with Alexei cause well we do not have an Alexei in our team at this time so there is no fear for confusion ... =P

BTW when is LarryB. not doom and gloom?

Geez, from the comments I thought that video would be worse than it was (the cowbell was annoying though). Instead, it reminded me of the "Star Shifts" NBC showed during their broadcasts. Brett Hull said that if they showed shifts of him playing, there'd be a lot of standing around, and that a lot of star players are like that (he even criticized Crosby for moving too much, lol!).

Steve K

On my way home I got to spend some time talking one of the Pen's scouts. The choose Esposito to compliment Crosby and co not our of worry about possible free agency.

IF they can fix this kid then 19 other NHL teams will be in trouble. Esposito has talent but he needs to get mentally tougher.

LI Joe

With the Russians money can do wonders, it can fix things, it can break things and it can get the Rangers a player they want when they want him.


I vote for AC because we can have some fun with it like the Rangers turn on their AC.

BTW how come you did not come up to Columbus and represent Ranger fans? Shame on you


Let us give Columbus a huge hand for the show they put on for the draft.

Let us also give the NHL some credit for taking the mistakes from last year and learning from them.

I also want to thank all of you who posted your kind words. For myself the draft is like being in the Army with a ton of "Hurry Up and Wait"

That's cool Dubi. Your post was quite ambigious. Maybe Sather paid someone to get that video posted... lol. I wouldn't put it past him.

Does anyone know if the Prospect developement camp is open to the public would like to see Cherepanov there.

if it open do you have to buy tickets or something

From an article on nyrangers.com...

Nicknamed "The Siberian Express", Cherepanov was also honored last January as the top forward at the 2007 World Junior Championships, leading Russia to a silver medal against a Canadian team that included Rangers prospects Marc Staal and Tom Pyatt...

:) :) :)

Jess ... my bad, but I do admit I rather enjoy watching from home where I can at least find out a bit more about the kid being drafted than sitting there going "Huh?"


I saw what girardi 46 wrote and it would be cool to see Cherepanov and other prospects in person any one know if you can go and see the Prospect developement camp?

Sorry, folks -- prospect camp is not open to the public.

I just checked the CBA and there are no provisions for including transfer payments under the salary cap, whether as part of a transfer agreement or otherwise. But because the CBA was written before the NHL-IIHF agreement was negotiated, it's possible that provisions were put in afterwards.

Russia's refusal to sign such an agreement means that transfers from Russia are not subject to any preset terms -- it doesn't mean that they are impossible (obviously, with Malkin having won his case). If AC has an agreement in place with Omsk, and if the Rangers do whatever they need to do to appease Omsk (i.e. $$$), there should be no other obstacles.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Al Montoya -- his NHL salary under the cap is very nearly at the level that Kevin Weekes was playing under, and that was deemed too much for a back-up. He will not be playing in New York this year, barring injury, for that reason alone, never mind that he still stands to benefit more from another season as a starter in the AHL than a season as an NHL back-up to a workhorse starter.

When I was watching that video of AC, I too thought it would be a compendium of "star shifts" -- I kept expecting him to get the puck, put on a great move, score or set up a goal. But it never happened. Nothing happened -- except turnovers. That video looked more like me playing than a guy who was a top NHL draftee. What an awful compendium for them to put up!

try this video of Cherepanov...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9asj_EgeQhc

Now that was a shift!

some more ...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5SJSG9AW54&mode=related&search=

I saw that people wanted to go to prospect camp is training camp open to the public?

I have gone back and forth over the Cherry vs Espo thing. There does not seem to be a clear cut answer. I would have liked both and I would not have balked if they took Espo as the first choice. Only time will tell. As far as Montoya and Jessiman, the old saying "it's time to fish or cut bait" applies.

When you go as a high draft pick, there are expectations to fulfill. It's time for both to do so.

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