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May 28, 2007


"Michael Sauer tends to be overlooked by Ranger fans." Not all Ranger fans, Jess. Some of us realize how important this kid will be to the future of this franchise. If Staal is #1, Sauer is 1A. He will wear the "A" to Staal's "C". The thought of putting Staal and Sauer on together at important junctures of games he this Ranger fan VERY excited. I think Sauer, along with Dupont, is the most unheralded prospect the Rangers have.

It's a great thing to see Jess!
I just want to respond to one thing you said Jess, about the poll and you being disappointed with Ranger fans about who We picked. I chose Gomez, but I did that with the realization that Renney is not going to play one of our kids as a 2nd line center. He does not give them enough ice time period. You think He is going to give one of our boys in Hartford the significant ice time that goes along with being a 2nd line center? You know better than that. We begged for Callahan to be bought up all year and with like...15 games left He was bought up. I guess Tom finally got upset with watching Prucha miss open nets. I would love to see Dubinsky get a chance or Dawes or hopefully Tom Pyatt at some point, but I know better with Renney. Hopefully He learned that the youth injection into the lineup this year may have very well saved our season. HOPEFULLY He learned.

i voted for a young player from the pack.i agree with bob about renney.he only called up the young players in a last desperate act because of injuries and an inability to aquire anyone else from another team.i would love to see dubinsky given a chance to center the second line,but unless two of our four centers get injured,it will not happen.i also fear that with mess now probobly coming in as agm,there will be even less of a chance to look at the youth of the team.most of these young kids will be traded for some 29 or 30 year old vets who have one or two good years in them in an attempt to win the cup while jagr is still here.i worry that this will be a foolish thing to do and it will fail.

The one good thing we as Rangers have going is the cap; sure some stupidity can happen, but with a hard cap and guys like Lundquvist and Avery getting pay raises and bringing in someone like Drury or Gomez, they'll have to be complimented with guys making rookie salaries, so fear not.

Dubinsky may still be a year away, but if the Rangers can't get Dury or Gomez and somehow end up wit Forsberg (who might be a cheaper alternative anyway) Dubinsky might as well wait in the locker room and keep stretching and warming up; cause he'll get time!


Renney's approach to playing young players has been very simple, but, apparently misunderstood by most Ranger fans. He plays the young players he feels won't hurt him defensively. The pattern is there for all to see. Players like Betts and Dom Moore (when he was still here), earned Renney's trust defensively. Renney had more trust in Hossa defensively than Prucha. Callahan stuck once Renney felt comfortable with him, while Dawes and Immonen never gave Renney the same confidence in their game defensively. It took Pock nearly all season to feel comfortable with Pock on the blueline, while Girardi fit in immediately.

Let's all remember even though Renney does not think youth enough he has to deal with what sather gives him.I wish they both woulg go.


Consider yourself in the minority as Sauer is not flashy, he is not a huge goal scorer and nor does he stand out all the time. He will over time earn a rep among Ranger fans who will like that he has this uncanny ability to make the game saving play. He also will drop the gloves to protect his teammates (but he needs to become a better fighter LOL).


My concern is that this year it will be Gomez or Drury, then what happens next year or the year after? It is not all Renney either as he has to play what roster he is given by Sather/Maloney.

The other issue I have is that the Rangers need a stopper on the blueline more than they do a second line center. Mike A is right though with the Cap, the Rangers are limited by how they spend money.


Forsberg has had several chances to sign with the Rangers and turned them down each time. I do not think he would be interested in signing with the Rangers. I also think he either does the swan song with the Avs or he heads home and plays for Daddy.


I do not think the Rangers are going to sell (trade) away the kids as the fan backlash might me too great.


Firing both is not a solution as then the Rangers would have to start over with a new coach and new system. I do not think Ranger fans who have seen the team come this far being willing to take a step back

Memo to Brooks: Yes Graves was a great Ranger but he was not the greatest Ranger to wear the number 9. That distinction belongs to Andy Bathgate who was also a former Ranger captain.

I think what might be different this time is that Forsberg is now 100% damaged goods and a lot of teams might not want to take a chance on him, as right after the lockout in 05, he was still desirable.

I can honestly see him going the way of Leetch/Allison if he expects any real money above $2.5 million for one year. No one will touch him.

Add that to the fact that he has Jagr's respect and fellow countrymen Nylander (I think he'll be back) and Lundquvist, and he MIGHT very well come here for reduced money if things are prolonged after July 1st.

Believe me, I don't want Forsberg here, but I could live with it for a year IF Dubinsky/Pyatt get the call from the bullpen once Fopa goes down and it if's gonna be better cap wise than signing Gomez or Drury for ludicrous deals. Kinda like what the Mets are doing with Gomez/Johnson/Millegde for Alou/Green.


Both the Mets and Rangers have one thing in common, young players have to wait for someone to get hurt. However the Mets continue to use their youth to bring in older vets trying to win now.

As for Forsberg, I still do not like the idea of signing him especially since you also have Shanny. Even having Forsberg on the roster means that a young player has to wait and hope for him to get hurt in order to get their chance

That's true, however if they feel that Dubinsky and Pyatt aren't ready and can't get Gomez or Drury, I see the logic.

Shanny? He's cool but he needs a reduced role for one more year. I think they should let Callahan get second line minutes next year and put Shanny on the thrid line. They have one too many veteran fowards and one too many veteran dmen.

Its only 'one too many' and 'one too many' when everyone is healthy. Even with the Shanny/Tyutin/Rachunek/Hossa injuries in the second half, the Rangers had an exceptionally healthy season

zipay is reporting that maloney is gone.hold on to your hats guys,mess is coming.i just hope we don't make any more trades like the norstrom trade that apparently mess had some imput in making.one thing i remember about the 2003 draft show is how much maloney liked parise.renney ran that draft,so he is the one who has to get the blame for the jessiman pick.it also seems to me that maloney was the most vocal
about the change of direction the franchise was going in with the youth movement.i hope he was only repeating what sather was saying behind closed doors.i am afraid the team may be going in anther direction again.i hope i am wrong.that being said,i also am disghusted that both our 03 and 04 picks three playes in all are nowhere near not only helping the team dramaticaly but are not even close to competeing for a spot on the team.three first rounders drafted in two of the strongest drafts in a generation and we have almost nothing to show for it.to me that means that sather and the scouts all need to be replaced.the guy to rplace them with should be christer rockstrom,he has consistantly delivered players in the later rounds to the rangers,i think they shpuld at the very least let him run the draft.


Your rant worked for a little bit until you started calling for the scouts to be fired. While you have a case for the first round picks the 03 draft produced Dawes, Potter and Baranka. The 04 draft had Dubinsky, Byers, some kid named Callahan and a couple of college kids who show promise like Ryan and Foote.

Sorry but you would be wrong to want to fire the scouts as they make the recommendations and can't be blamed if the Rangers selects others. The current scouting staff is responsible for those selected after the first round picks in 04 and those same picks from the 05 and 06 drafts.

BTW with Rockstrom you are living on his rep as there are 2 other European scouts who happen to be delivering on players like Zeliska, Zaborsky and Anisimov. Rockstrom is now the head of European scouts while others are doing the leg work.

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