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May 30, 2007


May God bless the soul of Dave Balon and watch over his family. He was a big part of the Rangers in the late 60's early 70's.

Dave Balon was a favorite of mine. Loved the way he skated with those wide strides ala Eddie Shack. He was the first left winger on the bulldog line with Tkaczuk and Fairbairn. Vickers took over later. Best to his family in this time of grief.

The best skaters I ever saw with the Rangers have been Eddie Shack, Bob Crystal and Lou Angotti. Mike Rogers wasn't a slouch either.

Bob Crystal was a defenseman who scored a goal unassisted end-to-end and I never seen any other Ranger defenseman do that. Angotti was small and his skating ability was over and above any other talent he had. Red Sullivan used him as a third period catalyst to put some juice into the Ranger attack.

Sad to read of Dave Balon's passing. He was my favorite Ranger as a kid.
In fact the first uniform number I had playing hockey was his #17.

Rest in peace Dave you deserve it after what you've been through.

Dave Balon was an honest worker, he gave his all and wore his heart on his sleeve. He is another in a long list of former Ranger players who's efforts has been forgotten over time except by some of us older fans.

I also believe unless something changes over the next 24 hours that the annual draft pick mistake will happen this time with Ryan Russell.

I can understand not signing Flatt and Koverko but not Russell. Last season's mistake was not signing Guenin who made it to the NHL with the Flyers. I fear history will repeat itself if the Rangers do not sign Russell.

Kyle Woodlief is the person who told me at the last draft that he thought that Anisimov was a better pick for the Rangers than Sanguinetti

"And rounding out the top 10 is Oscar Moller. This is one feisty little Swede who came over and excelled right off the bat in the tough battles of the WHL. He always plays at full throttle with high energy and rips one of the most wicked shots in this draft class. He's also very strong on the puck and involved physically, always driving hard through checks to get to the net for scoring chances."

This is a player I know quite well. He played for the expansion Chilliwack Bruins (yes the team Sather owns a piece of) in the WHL and he played way better than expected. He still needs work on poliching his game but I can see the Rangers picking him at 17.

Mike Rogers? Can someone ONCE and for all clear up this stuff with him for me cause he was like 5 years before my time (his best Ranger season was when I was going on one);

The dude scores like 102 points and never gets recognized for anything within the organization, and in a lot of those years he was barely on the playoff roster. Where was he in the infamous Ken Morrow game? I've seen that tape a couple of times and there is no mention of him. Was he annualy beat up come April?

Also, was Greschner not able to be an everyday player after he destroyed his back, cause I've seen tapes of Brooks and Sator scratching him quite a bit. Thanks.

Nice Oscar Moller video...


Has anyone ever sat down to compile a list of what sort of team the islanders could have had? One day O'Marra and Nilsson will probably end up on that list. I wouldn't count Palffy as he is 1) retired 2) they had $$$ problems back then.

something like...




i'm so freakin' glad i'm not an islander fan!

Nat - if they kept the earlier good players they would not have been in position to draft the other guys since their picks would have been later.

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