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May 25, 2007


Do you think Messier knew about the GM job opening up in Phoenix when he said publicly that he wanted to be GM of the Rangers? It's an interesting circle of friends involved here....Gretzky, Messier, Sather.

In regards to Leipold, i'm glad someone who cares so little about his franchise is selling it to someone who has at least shown a strong interest in purchasing an NHL team. I'm also glad they're potentially moving to Canada, a hockey hot-bed, and away from Nashville, a hockey dead-bed.

Now all the NHL needs to do is move Florida, Pheonix, and Atlanta (tho their fans did show some life in the playoffs), and then perhaps the NHL may become somewhat popular again.


The NHL under Bettman will put teams wherever they can find someone to pony up the expansion fees.

They don't care about the health of the game only the money they can squeeze out of people.

I would like to see a team in Hamilton Ontario because for years that city has tried it's best to be awarded an NHL team.

Hockey is not drawing in the South so send it back to places where it will get support

The same for Winnipeg who lost their team to greed as well.

And I got a couple of memos for Maloney:

1- RUN do not walk away from that Coyo GM position. You would have ZERO power as it is TGO who runs that franchise and you deserve better than that.

Look at how TGO still wants Tocchet's guilty plea on running a gambling ring. IF you can't see how WRONG this is then when you are hung out to dry by TGO for his screwups then you will never see another GM job again.

2-Wait and be patient as there will be jobs elsewhere in which you will be the GM you want to actually be. Give it another year with the Rangers and cash in on 2 strong seasons like Larry Pleau did.

Hey Chris,

We just need one other cynic here to form the Ranger version of the Lone Gunmen. It smells worse then the Fresh Kills land fill.
How soon after Messier is annointed AGM till we see the Messier "posse" taking over key positions in the org. Too bad, I reallly liked the people in my section.

Not for nothing Jess but doesn't just the fact that Donny even considered leaving put him behind the 8 ball with Sather? Is Donny under contract to NYR? If so, how long?

Messier as AGM is a fait accompli, Qui?


Maloney was not a Sather hire but a holdover from the Smith era. It is believed that the Dolans felt he got "screwed" by the Islanders and hired him when they took over the Rangers.

I do not believe that Sather will be all that upset other than if it means he has to work harder because IF Maloney does in fact leave then his replacement very well could be Renney which in turn puts I believe Pearn as Ranger coach.

Sather then has HIS hires in every position and that would give him 100% control of the Rangers with nobody to tell the Dolans that someone is screwing up and needs to be fired.

Having watched Sather since the beginnings of his Oiler days, if anyone thinks for a second that Sather is not in full control even with Maloney here they are mistaken.

Hmm. Renney as AGM and Pearn running the bench. I, for one, wouldn't have a huge problem with that setup, IF Pearn gets to make the decisions when it comes to icetime and callups. My instinct tells me that's a big if.

I would miss Maloney, though . . .

Well, Jess, you and Dubi seem to be in a bit of a disagreement as Dubi suggests Sather is President of the organization and Maloney is the de facto GM, which is how I've been reading the last few years, too. I'm curious what, beyond track record, makes you think otherwise.

And why do you think Renney would want to be AGM--he seems to be relishing the coaching position. It seems more likely that Messier would take the AGM mantle to put himself in the position of GM when Slats goes.

Either way, I will miss Don Maloney should he go. I do agree with you, though, that being the GM of the 'yotes is not a job that is an upgrade. But perhaps he feels--after Mess's comments earlier in the season--that he has no future in the Garden. A shame because I consider both Maloneys true Rangers to the core.


The situation in Phoenix will be nothing new for Maloney, he was GM of the Islanders during the Fishsticks heyday with Spano going to jail where things were a lot worse. Phoenix drafts horribly and when they get a good player they trade them for crap, that's been their MO for years dating back to Winnipeg.

It stinks the Preds may move but they do need more support from everyone. Teams like Phoenix, Panthers (TB does well and is establshed even though they're not gonna be Cup contenders anytime soon) and even Carolina need to be moved to real hockey places like Seattle, Hamilton, Winnipeg, etc. It's a shame because even Chicago at this point struggles.

Messier as AGM is scary, very scary. The guy was clickish throughout his career and vocal in getting Ferraro out of town in the trade that single handedly sabatoged the Rangers franchise for nearly a decade. I don't trust him to keep a youth infused philosophy and b/c everyone loves him and he can do no wrong, if he messes up, who will be the one to can him? And everyone thought Phil Esposito was bad.......

I was at Don Maloney's first game.
Wuld this regime bring up a rookie, even the captain's brother, and place hime on the top line with Espo and Murdoch? They clicked right away, the Rangers even held Boston without a shot in one period that afternoon.
Earlier this week MSG was showing the 1979 clincher vs Isles to get into the Finals - postgame locker room interviews included Donnie looking SO young.
His knack for shorthanded goals was great, we've hardly had that threat since, except for that one Fleury season.

MikeA's posting just gave me chills and nausea.
Many folks mention Middleton-Hodge as the worst Ranger trade of post-expansion.
But rigt up there are both of these:
Norstrom/Laperriere/Lafayette/4th-rounder/Ferraro for Kurri/McSorley/Churla
Espo's Kelly Miller/Mike Ridley for Bobby Carpenter.
Let's pray that's not what the future is like.

Jess, no one disputes that Sather is in charge, as witnessed by the story of when he walked in on a Renney-Maloney discussion on who to call up from Hartford and he vetoed any call-up. But there is a big difference between Maloney doing the work subject to Sather's approval and Sather doing all the work himself. I don't mind Sather taking the rubber stamp role to a de facto GM -- that reduces his errors to a fraction of the total number of decisions. I don't want him back in charge of the initial decision making, where all the mistakes will be his.

The Zubov/Nedved for Robataille/Samuelson trade was kinda the subtle worst trade ever. I mean, I've never been a fan of Nedved and think he was overrated from day#1, but I had the discussion with a few friends this playoff year: "Dallas has what should have been the Rangers Captain (Nosrtrom) and Alternate Captain (Zubov)"

I was too young to remember Ridley as a Ranger, but he was a great player.


Where Dubi and I disagree is how much Maloney gets credit for. See Sather has always had others doing the lion's share of the work. That is all.

But isn't that the way it is in the business world? You have underlings do your dirty work for you?


Donny was young, he had speed, he wasn't afraid of getting dirty in the corners. In other words he was a Jed Ortmeyer "with hands". Doesn't he still hold the record for the two fastest goals by a Ranger?

The only thing I ever held against Donny is that he is younger than me. When he came up at the callow age of 19 he only served to remind me that I was getting older. Hockey players had always been much older then I was, now they were my age or, in Donny's case, younger.:)

I looked at that game the other night and couldn't stop shaking my head about Murdoch. What a shame. So much talent wasted.

I will miss Donny if he goes. He was one of the best homegrown Rangers.

In the dn it says he paid $80mil and lost 70 over the 10 years, losing 15 this year and 12 last year. So Nashville doesn't seem to be going for hockey enough. And there are 5 teams with less attendence. The new guy offered $175mil for the pens, now 220 for the preds. At some point the NHL will have to deal more with its' overexpansion. This is step 2, move that team to Canada where hopefully they can draw more than 12-14,000 fans per game. Still the preds cost him $150mil & he's selling for $220mil, not a bad return for a business losing money. Buttman's cap was necessary for the mess he & the owners made, but they decided not to cap or set a minimum on what teams could spend after players salaries....."Leipold has until June 19 to exercise a "cure" clause in the team's arena lease that would force the city to buy tickets and ensure attendance averages 14,000 next season. Leipold said he has not yet discussed with Balsillie whether to exercise that clause but will."... I wonder if the debbies got one of them from Newark. The NHL still needs a good marketing plan with alot more corporate sponsers .One thing seems to be for sure, the ticket prices will keep going up .... sorry about the math, but it's the new NEW NHL version , which doesn't really add up.

Either Maloney wants out or Sather wants him out, otherwise he wouldn't be interviewing.

What they say they "lost" and what they actually made or lost are concepts that are not necessarily equal. The NHL measures what is made or lost by the "hockey operation" and that does not necessarily include revenue earned outside of that (mainly, arena and network operations -- to take an example that is easiest for Ranger fans to understand, MSG Network revenues are not credited to the Rangers and Knicks even though they make up the bulk of the product the network sells and they are all part of the same company). The new CBA tightened up revenue reporting dramatically for the players' benefit since they are now sharing that revenue, but it is still a flexible quantity that may not reflect reality.

It's also difficult to add the valuation of the franchise to its operational losses, even though it might seem intuitively correct to say he paid $80mm and lost $70mm therefore he put in $150 -- and that's aside from whether the $70mm reflects true profit/loss. That's mainly because we don't know how those losses have been financed. They may have been financed by loans, and the loans may be assumed by the new owner (if so, that would be counted in the valuation). Or the losses may have been written off against some other profit, meaning part of it was recouped through unpaid taxes. There are other possible scenarios -- I don't know what the situation is. But I would bet my booty that Craig Leipold did not pay $70 million out of his own pocket to make up the shortfall (if there even was a shortfall). So all we can really say for sure is that it cost $80 million in equity to purchase the franchise and he's getting $220 million in equity out of the deal, so that is the capital gain. That's how the IRS will treat it (though he'll find a way to get out of that too).

Does anyone have a clear idea of where Sathers power as GM ends and where Maloneys power begins?

In other words, when the Rangers made those trades to get Avery and Mara, was that the work of Maloney or Sather? Which one is calling other teams and doing the negotiating? Just wondering...

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