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May 31, 2007


Hey Dubi,

Can we do a poll of how people feel about Mess' relentless hawking of Cold FX? Does it hurt his legend? Does anyone care? Is it just his determination to succeed in something he's involved in like when he played? Ya know letting people choose from options like that.

One of Mark's family members -- his sister I think -- has an interest in the company that produces cold-FX, which explains why he has been so relentless about it. So he's not just prostituing himself for some random product just for the money -- I'm not sure he even makes anything off it himself.

Actually, in a review I read on cold remedies put out by the Centre For Science In The Public Interest(their publication is NUTRITION ACTION), Cold FX was the only product which showed some positive results, unlike Echinacea which didn't. So there is some positive science behind this product. BTW, the Belleville Bulls drafted Andy Bathgate in the third round of the midget draft and he is currently working out in their rookie camp. He is the grandson of the former Ranger great of the same name. Maybe we'll have another Bathgate in our lineup some day. BTW, the original AB should have his jersey retired in a joint ceremony with Adam Graves. Number 9 to the rafters!!

I train doctors in nutrition for CME credits. Echinacea is one of things where a lot of companies grind up the stem and leaves to sell when it's only the flower that has positive effects for the immune system. When I was in med school - a lot of the studies we did did not acknowledge standard extracts vs. non-component parts of plants when used in these studies. Cold-Fx is a good product. However, there's better stuff out there though if you know what to look for and combine them correctly.

It's so funny to see the Cold-FX displays at Costco where people have tore off the three inch Messier pic from the box to take home. It's him in a Ranger jersey. I wonder if in parts of Canada they have displays with him in the Oilers uniform or Canucks.

Michabenjamin - I'm with you. This award is lame and kind of embarassing that Messier attached his name to it. The criteria is very vague and loose and to me it comes off much more like a commercial than an award. It is also disappointing to see that only Canadian players won it this season. And then to give to to Chelios of all people. The guy was called out for being a sore loser (again) by refusing to shake hands after Detroit was eliminated. To me that is not someone 'who leads by positive example.'

The whole vibe of this thing stinks and never sat right with me. Bettman is going to sell this game down the river. Having awards with corporate names on them is just the beginning. Trying to play them off as real 'awards' is even worse. Having one of the games legends attach his name to it to attempt to add credibility is just plain disgusting.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is Lord Google's Stanley CBC Cup!....presented by Molson"

I don't think Don Maloney, is going to trade his first round pick for Montoya. He has a 5 year deal, so he is in no rush. At the losing pace Phoenix is headed they have a good shot for the first overall pick next year for Taveras, so I don't think he will jeopardise losing out on a chance to get a franchise player.


If Maloney intends to build the Coyotes similar to how he's approached things with the Rangers, he'll want to build from the net out. It's what the Rangers intended to do when they drafted Montoya. Maloney is going to see that, he's got nobody of the caliber of Montoya in his system, and there's no goalie avilable in this draft equal to Montoya. He's got some young, talented forwards like Mueller, Hanzal and Lisin. But, he's already on record claiming he wants to bring in a top 10 goalie. By trading for Montoya, he shaves off development time. I'd be surprised if Maloney doesn't trade the #3 pick for Montoya, especially since none of the kids at the top of the draft are sure-fire, immediate impact players like Crosby, Ovechkin or Malkin.

Come on Dubi,
On the issue of Messier, give me a break "I'm not sure he even makes anything off it himself."
Nothing is done for nothing!!! Of course he is getting paid for this...he signed a multi year deal with the company!!!


CV Technologies Inc. (TSX:CVQ) - maker of COLD-fXTM - today announced a multi-year partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL®) and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) to promote COLD-fX in the United States and Canada. Already the # 1 selling cold and flu product in Canada according to ACNielsen(i), COLD-fX will leverage its affiliation with the NHL, the NHLPA and former NHL superstar, Mark Messier, for a scheduled launch this fall in the U.S. as an immune enhancer.

As for Messier, his advertising is working....Every other day someone on this Blog will mention it. Also I see people actually looking up information on the product. I think his father should ask for a higher percentage of the sales of the product. Also Messier is not ready for a Ranger Job because he would not be able to hawk his products, unless it is a Ranger approved product like "cherrypharm"!!!!

I really do not see what the problem with Messier marketing that cold medicine ... it's something he is into as a former player so what? People who have products do that all the time, I defenitely do not think he's annoying about it nor do I see it as anything degrading or anything ...

Good to see that Mark put the rumors to rest about becoming GH right now ... I never thought he would right now based on what he said he wanted to do in the immediate future ...

Hey I made a good portion of my money in network marketing and the people who dont make money or give network marketing a bad name are the people who are acting like Mess with this product. When Gretzky bought Hespeler he didn't whore himself to the league. Teppo Nummiemen owns Montreal Sticks and doesn't either. Rod Gilbert even has a training product that almost no one knows about. Even Richter had tact when he went around endorsing that guy running for Congress. Mess seems to mention the product every damn time he's in the public eye. What happens when Mess takes a job with a team and can't present the award anymore? What about when his contract with the company runs out? Will the award still be around or will it be available for endorsement from another company???

I have no idea how that cherrypharm stuff is endorsed by ANYONE. Yeah it's high on the ORAC Scale as an antioxidant but the sugar content draws more free radicals than it scavanges. The only time I could see it being used with a realistic purpose of helping is maybe between overtimes in a playoff game. Jim Ramsey has the Rangers drinking two of these a day!

Oh well, I'm just a Nutritionist who has coached Olympians with their diet - what do I know. Besides I'm probably the only one who cares about this kind of stuff. =)

To Dubi

I just ordered my 2007 draft guide from red line report and i was asking them about Ryan Russell of whom you are very high on.I was told, it does not look like the Rangers are going to sign him by midnight tonight.They are not offering the money he feels he deserves and wants to go back into this years draft and hopefully get picked high enough to earn a better contract.

It's not the fact that he endorses the product. Or even that he makes money from it.

The problem I have is the "award" aspect of it. And the fact the NHL is acting like this is a legit and honorable award to receive. It's not. It's a cold medicine commercial.

Nothing more, nothing less.....

Oh yeah and the award by us given to Jed Ortmeyer last year wasn't a commercial for the Blueshirt Bulletin.


Nah . . . Mark Messier endorsing Cold-Fx (in my humble opinion) does not tarnish his reputation, or anything silly like that. He was a great player and I would assume, a great person. If he's constantly advertising it, so what? He's doing what he's suppose to do. He's got a contract to fulfill. It's surprising to me that some of you guys didn't expect that of him. We all have some general knowledge on what kind of a person/player he is(was). I didn't expect anything less, hence, why Cold-Fx choose Messier instead of someone like _____.

Although the award may seem superficial, why do we care? It's not like anyone takes it serious anyways. It's not being handed out at the same time the Stanley Cup is being presented, so again, what is the big deal?

Maybe if he was endorsing child labor . . .

He wouldn't do child labor, he's always be an endorser of veterans.

"Maybe if he was endorsing child labor . . ."


that's what I am saying ... it's a cold medicine, so he talks about it at every possible opportunity, I am like "and?" that's it

About Mess, why not? If you were an out of work player and someone payed you to endorse what looks like a reliable product, what you going to say, no?
Anyone get on Rick Middleton for selling hair pieces back after his playing days were over in Boston?
There just seems to be a core group of fans that want to attack everything Mark Messier. If they wouldn't be ridiculed about his work at the children's hospital wing in NJ they'd probably be trashing him for that.
I remember #99 also doing a commercial for some Canadian Tire or some hardware company up there in Canada. I used to see it on the Canadian broadcasts on the NHL Center Ice. Anyone up in arms about that?

The Award BlueShirt Bulletin gave to Jed was a gesture by all those readers here who contrubuted to show our support for the kid when he was down. By organizing the award, BB gave a voice to all of us to express our care and concern for Orty.

As far as Messier goes, I hope he is making a fortune hawking Cold FX, as long it keeps him out of the Rangers front office for now.

All I'm saying is that everytime his is in the media, Cold FX is mentioned it seems. It just seems that he's turned into the kind of guy who if you sneezed, he'd sell you a bottle of the stuff before saying "Godblessyou".

will this be known as the first post- maloney trade that will come back to haunt us?

i sure as hell hope not...

The way some talk here, it's too bad Mess came here to help win in 1994. Just lump him in with Smith, Keenan, Leetch, Graves, Richter, and the rest, and condemn them all for not doing everything for free or perfect. Why is he not allowed to be human. If he wants to contribute to the NYR again, why not? The guy is a leader and a winner, not a loser.

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