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May 28, 2007


Not good.

Maloney is making a huge mistake as he will be nothing more than a puppet for TGO who has been a failure running the Coyos.

For the Rangers now the question is who replaces Maloney?

Gord Clark will run the draft as he runs the scouting department anyway.

Tom Renney would be the ideal choice to promote to the position while making Pearn the coach.

Under no circumstances should the Rangers hire Messier until Messier pays some dues by working his way up the ladder. We have seen that great players have a long track record of not being able to make the transition to great management or coaches.

And I want to toss a name of a person who has been working behind the scenes with the prospects and deserves to be considered.

Adam Graves and he HAS paid his dues

As happy as I was to get Shanny last July, I am equally as unhappy to see Donny go.

If this is Donny's choice (not 100% convinced it is). I wish him all the success in the world. He has alway been a hard worker and a gentleman. The Yotes are lucky to get him. Donny is a home grown Ranger and he will always be a favorite for those of us who have followed this team for longer then the last 15 years. I only hope he comes back to us someday.

Tom will do well in any position including GM but I feel that with the present group of players, he continued levelheaded manner is needed. I would hate to see Perry Pearn throw into the glaring spotlight that the head coach of the New York Rangers is subjected to. I like Schoney but he is too hotheaded for me. Renney is a perfect combination of gentleman and diplomat. This is his team. If Lou can do it, so can Tom.

Do we get any compensation for Donny a 2nd would be nice :D ???

One name to keep in mind when evaluating this turn of events is Jimmy Dolan. Remember, after Brian Burke was ousted from Vancouver, where he did just fine thank you and the team has gone downhill since he left, Glen Sather wanted to hire him as Ranger GM while he stepped up to president. Jimmy Dolan vetoed the plan, said Sather had to retain the title of GM, even if Burke was the actual GM. So Sather offered him that position under the title assistant GM. Burke of course turned it down, saying, what do you expect me to do in my situation? You know where Burke is tonight -- his Ducks are in the Cup final.

Don Maloney was in the same situation -- de facto GM operating as assistant GM because Dolan wanted Sather to retain the title of GM. Just like Burke, what do you expect him to do? Keep sacrificing himself for an organization that refuses to give him the title he is acting under? It was just a matter of time before he left. Sather had no way to retain him as long as he is not allowed to give up his GM title.

Donny will have an unusual working situation in Phoenix, as Jess points out, with Gretzky theoretically reporting to him as his coach, but also his boss as part owner of the team. This may very well turn out to be the reverese of his current situation -- title of GM but acting as assistant to Gretzky, the de facto GM, doing all of Gretzky's leg work. But coming from an equally weird situation, Donny should be able to handle it pretty well -- if nothing else, he will at least be working for a good guy now, not an old boy network guy who is semi-retired.


Maybe someone should school-up BasketBall Jim on the title game in the NHL.

The Rangers could have kept Donny by defaulting to the Detroit management model,ie Sather/Devallano as President and Maloney/Holland as GM.

I hated to see Donny go the first time and I hate it even more now. People who have been Ranger fans for longer them the last 15 years should really speak out if Messier is allowed to waltz in to Donny's job. He would be out of his depth. He has NO experience.

A rebuild is no time for nepotism.

I find it hard to believe Dolan won't let Sather give up the title. It sounds like Sather doesn't want to give up the title. He has Jimmy bambozzeled. Maloney left just to get the title for a job he was doing? It all doesn't add up, with Mess & TGO also in the picture. There's alot more to this story.... But this nonsense of paying dues, Maloney became asst GM with the fishsticks right after retiring as a player, and was GM at 32.

Adam Graves makes perfect sense.

I'm sorry to see Don go. But, the sense I get from Ranger fans is that Maloney was single-handedly responsible for everything that went right, while Sather gets the blame for everything that went wrong. And, silly me, I doubt that has been the case. No doubt that Maloney did a lot of the grunt work. And, my guess is that Donnie would do the phone work on trades, and Sather would come in and close. Look, if Sather is going to get the blame for the tripe we watched from 2000-4, he's also part of the reason for the success over the past two years. Is he involved on draft day? Most likely not, but, Gordie Clark, who ran last year's draft is still here. As the head of the operation, Sather is the person with final say, so if gets blame for signing Aaron Ward and trading for Adam Hall, he gets credit for trading for Avery, dumping Ward for Mara, and stealing Bourret. And, if people want to give Maloney credit for this turnaround, then he gets part of the blame for this team floundering the first half of the year. I believe Schoenfeld gets the job if he wants it. Sather asked him to handle other jobs within the organization, so it would seem likely Schoeny is first on the list. Given what Jess has said about the dues Gravy has paid, I would expect to see Gravy take over for Schoenfeld in Hartford. Mess might be brought in to learn at Sather/Schoenfeld's knee, but, I would be surprised to see him handed this much repsonsiblity so soon. The question to me is, will Maloney gives us the 3rd pick in the draft fof Montoya straight up, or are we going to see are bigger deal take place?

rangers should offer the assistant gm job to chevyaldoff


"rangers should offer the assistant gm job to chevyaldoff"

I said the same thing the other day when i heard the reports about Chevaldayoff.

Hey Dubi,
Just like Rich asks, Do we get any compensation in the form of a draft pick, considering that this signing is taking place just less than 30 days before the draft, thus Phoenix is getting all the Ranger draft knowledge/scouting reports etc.. this year for free!!! I remember back sometime, (can't remmember the GM) that the Rangers had to wait until after the draft to sign a GM, because this same issue, does anyone remember what I am talking about or was it the Jets and Parcells I am thinging about?


(As much as I like Maloney)I think the decision making in the begining of the year(cullen, ward & hall) was him and somewhere after the allstar break Sather actually took a more hands on approach.

I think he was on his way out and they gave him an opportunity to find something else. AKA letter of reference from Mr. Sather to Mr. Gretzky.


Pearn would be am improvement over Renney who is a great guy but he is a far better desk jockey/administrator than he is a coach. The reason WHY Team Canada now owns the World Juniors can be traced back to the building block program that Renney put in when he was working for Hockey Canada.


I doubt that the Rangers will get anything more than the world famous "Future Considerations" from the Coyos.


Sorry but you forget the reason why Burke got fired from the Canuck job was his comments and stances after the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. Burke and Sather would never have worked given the massive sizes of both their egos. They may be friends but I bet that friendship would have ended if either worked for the other.

As for the Coyos and TGO being s great guy; sorry but he wants to bring back Tocchet even after he pled guilty to those gambling charges. The picture alone should say a thousand words about how screwed up the Coyo situation really is. Maloney will be fired in 3-4 years to take the blame for the TGO being so bad a coach/owner.


hello the part about paying dues has nothing to do with Maloney but instead Messier who has ZERO experience as a front office person in the NHL.


It is doubtful that the knowledge that Maloney will bring with him will really make much of a difference as both teams have totally different needs unless the Coyos are looking to move one of their draft picks. Ed Mio (former Ranger goalie) runs the scouting department for the Coyos and he is pretty solid on his own.

Not to mention IF you have ever attended a junior game you would see all of the scouts hang out together prior to the game, sit near each other during the game and make golf dates. In other words everyone basically knows who and what the other is looking for.

Best of luck to Don, but I have never been one of the people to subscribe to the "Don Maloney is great and Sather sucks" or "any good moves that the Rangers make are Maloney's doing and anything bad are Sather's" I mean people please. I mean to seriously believe that Sather isn't as much responsible for our team's turnaround over the last two seasons as much as Renney, Maloney, the rest of the coaching staff and the players in our organization are is really a bit ridiculous ...

We will have to wait and see what happens now ... who Sather hires and if he will finally shed his GM title and just keep the President's title ... we will see ...

Good luck, Don Maloney. Loved you as a player--those were my first Ranger teams (I watched Gilbert, et al but I was too young to remember it).

I think Maloney brought some intangibles to the job--he was Rangers blue, something Sather isn't. That doesn't mean he did no wrong, he shares much of the blame for some of the poor teams (though I do feel alot of that rests on the Dolans's shoulders, too), but I also think that as Sather has become more hands off, and Maloney has ben the hands on, the team has improved.

Thanks Jess,
I am afraid if the Rangers get Messier, he will turn out to be another Phil Esposito, when he was made GM of the Rangers, and made all those lousy trades. If my memmory serves me right was it not Messier after the Rangers won the cup insisted that Kovalev and Zubov were too soft, and needed to be traded? and then the Rangers went on to trade those players to Pitts, for Nedvid, what a bad trade. So thats what we are going to be looking at if we get Messier.

Losing Donnie will hurt. There's no question. Not a mortal wound, but there's no one in the in-house pipeline prepared to do what he did. Sather especially will miss him. Maloney got the GM job on the Island before he was ready and still did a good job rebuilding their young talent base and scouting operations (his trading, especially the Muller deal, killed him).

After 10 years here as an assistant GM with more power than most people with that title, Donnie is ready. He knows Gretzky and should do a good job rebuilding a franchise that is a mess. Good luck to him; he's always been a class act.

Hello how much experience did Maloney have when he became an asst GM? ZERO
How much experience did JD have when he became a Pres. ZERO
All of a sudden there's a hockey exec school with prerequisites? How many credits do you need to graduate?
Let Sather decide, it's his job, until Dolan wakes up. Don't hold your breath.

I don't know, I've never seen much of the Maloney-good, Sather-bad attitude anywhere. It's been more of which guy to give more credit to for the past couple of years, Maloney for doing most of the legwork or Sather for being the final decision maker. In many cases, it's been clear who was most responsible for a particular move -- Maloney is the guy who advocated for drafting Jessiman and Korpikoski, Renney is the guy who wanted Aaron Ward instead of Brendan Witt, Sather went to the Olympics and came back with Ozolinsh and Marcel Hossa as a defensive specialist, Maloney and Renney are the ones who went to Hartford and came back with Girardi and Callahan the next time a spot opened, etc. Jaromir Jagr was responsible for every other move (just kidding).

Jess, why Burke was fired in Vancouve and whether he and Sather would have gotten along is not the point of my story -- the point is, Sather offered him the GM job, Burke was ready to accept, and Dolan wouldn't let him do it.

imitation -- it's not the title per se, it's what it means. To Dolan, it meant admitting to the world he made a mistake sticking with Sather. To Donny, it means career advancement based on reality, not on phantom titles, and probably an increase in pay grade. To Sather at the time of the offer to Burke, getting rid of the title of GM while remaining president would have meant having a huge load of pressure taken off of him considering where the Rangers were at the time -- right now, with him getting some of the credit for the Rangers' turnaround, he obviously didn't want to give it up to Donny.

What will be interesting to see is who takes over for Donny -- another experienced manager who will do the work while Sather gets the credit, or a novice like Messier who will force Sather to work more as a real GM. That guy Cheveldayoff-whatever would be an ideal candidate since he will do the leg work and might be happy to have the job as assistant if he doesn't get a full GM job this season. I don't see Gravy as a viable candidate -- based on his role to date, I see him more as a coach down the road than as a manager.

Then there's Schoney -- have ya'll forgotten about him? Hartford is not where he wants to end his days. My money is on him.


Hello yourself Maloney was the Islander GM after he retired as a player. He also did time as a scout in 96-97 so I think one of us screwed up here and it was not me.

JD: please do not make me fall out of my seat laughing as his first couple of months on the job was one screw up after another. Yes all those great signings, all those "smart" decisions which lead to the Blues being the worst team in the NHL before they fired the coach and sold off their vets for draft picks.

Now that if you are finished with the Oops then here is how you pay your dues:

You spend time either as a coach or scout, you take the time and work in the office like Graves has been doing last season as his work last season is a major reason why I would like to see him be given the crack at the job. Graves worked with the team, on the road with the prospects and in the office.


Exactly my same concerns.


Sather also offered the GM position to his other pal Lombardi when the latter was fired by the Sharks. Sather is always looking to put an out of work crony that is was we call it the EOOCC (Edmonton Oilers Old Cronies Club)

As for Kevin Cheveldayoff, talented yes, young yes, but he doesn't get hired by the Rangers (Sather) because he doesn't have the connections to Sather and that cost him.

Schoeny while he deserves consideration for the work he has done with the Wolfpack doesn't get it because when Sather wanted him to replace Sather as coach Schoeny said no. Sather does not like being told no.

Maloney was a Dolan hire not a Sather as people forget he is a hold over from the Smith era.

Look at the key people and you see that they have a Sather connection which is why I believe Graves has a legit shot

BTW the other thing that hurts Kevin Cheveldayoff is that Melrose gave him the kiss of death by endorsing him for the Coyo job.

Melrose is so low thought of these days that it is better to have him rip you than like you.

So the guy Sather delegated most of his work to was not even one of his own hires? And Graves -- didn't Sather unceremoniously dump him as a player? Where was the loyalty there? Yet he brought him back -- as much because of Gravy's popularity than of actually wanting him. And Renney -- when was he ever part of Sather's old boy network? If the old boy network theory was so strong, why didn't Sather bring Muckler back as coach as soon as he was hired? He was still under contract to the Rangers at the time. Ron Low and Ted Green were certainly Sather boys, but Trottier? Where did he come from? Sather could've gone with old boy Walt Kyle, instead he went for Mr. Penmanship.

And why would one attribute the old boy network connection to Brian Burke while he was in the midst of a stellar career as a GM in two different cities? Sather wasn't looking to do any favors, he was looking for redemption, his reputation in tatters, his lucrative contract hanging by a thread -- he wanted the best available GM, and that was Burke (and later maybe Lombardi). If these guys were Sather's boys, why didn't they just take the job regardless of the title? How did a non-Sather hire end up doing it?

Certainly Sather has done exactly what you say he's done in some cases, but just as certainly, it is far from him sole motivating factor. Forget about what Schony did in 2004 -- ancient history. As far as I can tell, he's got the inside track. Unless Dolan forces him to take Messier -- no way Sather himself hires a guy who has already publicly said he wants his job, and no other, and doesn't need any on the job training.

Jess one more time Maloney became asst GM to Torrey, after hanging up his skates, with no experience besides playing. It's pretty obvious Sather was looking for other guys all along to do his GM job, but he didn't want to promote Maloney for whatever reasons. Like I said before, there's more to this story. Maloney didn't leave for more $, the NYR would have given him that. Sather wants to keep his finger in the pie while taking credit but not the blame. He has said 'he likes building in the background'. He'll be hiring his stepson Mess for some job and groom him to take his spot. Maybe Leetch will join him, but Maloney is probably going to start the NYR West group. Do you think Sather will make any deals with Maloney? Sather is vindictive & arrogant. As long as Dolan is here, Sather stays until he decides to officially retire. In the meantime, Sather will be Sather. Shoenfeld ran to Hartford the last time when he was asked to coach the NYR. Let's see what Sather has up his sleeve to play CYA.

Is like I said ... people make too many assumptions about what is or isn't going on and Sather's motivations behind it without any concrete evidence either way to prove or disprove some of the statements I've read here

Matty is right. I have not read a single piece of actual evidence to believe anything written about the division of work duties between Sather and Maloney, or Sather's motivation for hiring anyone in particular.

I'm not saying anybody is right or wrong, just that an awful lot of opinions and assertions are being thrown around as fact, and they are not.

I just watched the MSG vault, game 6 against the Isles in the 1979 semis. The Maloney brothers were part of that great win. I remember how much I loved the team's run at the time, but I forgot details about the games.

Anyway, I'm inclined to like Maloney, but the team will survive just fine. The recent moves were most likely the result of a lot of hard work by a whole group of people, scouts, coaches and management. Don got a promotion and I wish him all the best.

As far as compensation, I think the rules of pro sports are that a team owes compensation if the individual in question is making a lateral move. If a coach under contract becomes a coach somewhere else, compensation must be paid. No compensation is owed when a person gets a promotion, which is what is happening with Maloney.

Where is this actual evidence going to come from? There are few facts, plenty of opinions. Even if Sather & Maloney are interviewed, will anyone believe what they say 80- 100% ?

Imitation: Well, we could call a congressional committee with subpoena power. Absent that, I think the best thing is to not get too opinionated on a matter without having the facts to back it up.

Another thing is how much does it matter? Past performance is no predictor of future results.

paulf most posts here are opinions.

The idea that you have to pay your dues to be a GM or director of player personnel is very misguided. Many have assumed this mantle without experience. Did Kevin Lowe pay his dues before he became GM of the Oilers? What matters is hockey knowledge and the ability to select the right kind of players in the draft and to know how to put a winning team together. I'm just fine with Messier because he's right when he says he's been in training all his career. I wasn't a huge fan of Maloney. He made some serious mistakes but drafted some good players too, especially in the later rounds. We advocate using rookies to accelerate their learning curve even though we know rookies will make mistakes. Messier will be great at whatever he does, even though he may make some mistakes. The upside there is huge. Messier knows what it takes to win, he bleeds Ranger blue and he wouldn't accept mediocrity. I'd be thrilled if he was hired to replace Maloney. Any guy who has the courage to say we can't win with Neilson as coach(sad but true cause Roger was a good man), already has shown he has what it takes to manage in an organization. Honesty & courage.

stevek post:
"If my memmory serves me right was it not Messier after the Rangers won the cup insisted that Kovalev and Zubov were too soft, and needed to be traded?"
Small comments. Kovalev was traded 4 years later in 1998, but Zubov definitely is a victim of Messier insisting.

Messier was one of Kovalev's biggest supporters during their years here together. Kovalev has been called a lot of things, but soft has never been one of them -- the guy has always been strong like bull. Zubov was traded when the NHL first promised to crack down on obstruction -- there was a fear that defensemen, without forwards running interference for them, would be plastered, and that Zubov, who no one would argue is not soft but no one would argue that that makes a difference, would be injured. Neil Smith wanted to get a return for him before that happened. Big mistake, obviously, on several counts -- but not Messier's mistake.

In my opinion, there is no evidence that Mark Messier in his playing days was biased toward veteran players other than himself and maybe Brian Leetch and Adam Graves. Mark Messier was only ever biased toward players he considered winners. Hard to see how that's a bad thing. He loved Leetch, Gravy, and Kovalev even when they all were young, and he was happy with a young Tony Amonte as his linemate for a couple of seasons, so this thing he supposedly has for veterans, that malarkey. He also showed a willingness to be flexible -- he hated Nedved based upon his reputation but after playing with him for half a season admitted that he was wrong, and despite his bitterness about Leetch's trade, he helped heal the rift between Leetch and Sather hoping Leetch would get one last chance with the Rangers, but Leetch decided against it.

Thank you Dubi.
Finally I get real story about Messier and Zubov.
That was a lot of stipulations about it.
A read an article in Russian newspaper 11 years ago and author of that article repeatedly mentioned that Messier and Zubi have a bad blood.
Thanks God this is not true!

I don't know, Kogan -- maybe they do have bad blood between them. After all, they played against each other for many more years than they played with each other. Personally, I don't see that it would have come from their days together in New York -- Kevin Lowe personally mentored Zubov, his defense partner, and Lowe and Messier remain good friends, and there is no reason in the world for Mess to have not liked what Zubov brought to the team on the ice (he might as well have disliked Leetch for the same reason then).

I would not move Montoya at all.

There was no big rush to trade Mike Richter when he was "stuck" behind Vanbiesbrouck. It's just weird to me that the consensus seems to be that he 'must get traded.' Why?

You know what happens the day Montoya is traded? Everyone comes on here and talks about our lack of goaltending depth that is suddenly very apparent. If Montoya is soooooo good that having him serve as a backup to Lundqvist is out of the question, then why the rush to trade him for a player we will have to wait for?

I wouldn't mind if they moved him for a center who would solve our problem and we would not have to seriously over-spend on Drury or Gomez. But what is the point of trading him for someone who you have to hope plays in the NHL??

Thank you Dubi.
I will bring some interesting articles to you attention from Russian sources if you really need it.

Personally, I'd like to replace Maloney with someone with a little experience, but that isn't to say that it is crucial. I would guess that the Rangers have a capologist who would consult with Sather and the assistant GM, so whomever has that job will have influence, but less than Sather.

By all accounts, Maloney made some bad deals with the Isles and if it is true he pushed for Montoya and Jessiman and Korpikoski in the first rounds, it looks like his judgement was less-than-perfect. Jessiman looks like a bust and Montoya and Korpikoski look like they have NHL talent, but there were better choices to be made at those spots.

Jim Schoenfeld would be a great choice, I like the thought of him being the AGM. He's done a hell of a job in Hartford and has paid his dues.

Great read! What about Schoenfeld being such a great teacher, that I kept hearing this year? With Girardi and Callahan two of his prize pupils? Won't the Rangers be giving up a key developmental post by hiring Shoenfeld as GM? I agree, he's earned it as much as anybody. Still, it is hard not to see Messier and Graves as the natural heirs to the organization. Sather's gonna have to go sometime. We've already let JDavidson get away. I am a loyalist. I believe in rewarding those (that you've traded away!).

NCSteve - Maloney was as True Blue as Messier, Graves or JD, and it looks like he wasn't going to get the GM job either...

As for Schoenfeld, he was said to be turning over the head coaching reins in Hartford next season to assistant coach Ken Gernander, so he could concentrate solely on being GM -- the position he signed on for in the first place. So there were already plans in place for him to step out from behind the bench. Given that, I suppose a move to NY wouldn't be out of the question. I certainly prefer that option over giving the job to Messier, since he's familiar with the organization and prospects, and already has a good working relationship with the NY coaching staff and front office. I just don't know if he'd be interested.

Is Nylander a potential UFA as of July 1, 2007 or is there an option for 2007-08?

The option belongs to Nylander, not the club, and at 2/3 of his prior salary, no way will he exercise it when he will command more as a UFA.

DUBI is that a common practice for a player to have an option? I don't understand why they would give a player the option.

Not sure why Nylander was given a player option at two-thirds of his salary -- I guess it gave him a guaranteed floor in case his play went downhill or if the Rangers didn't use him in a way that allowed him to maximize his value as a player. Based on my sources, Jagr's option is his as well, although I've read elsewhere that it is a team option. For Jagr, a player option makes sense -- it gives him the flexibility to decide if he wants to play one more year or go back to Russia or whatever.

For whoever it was that mentioned a capologist, the Rangers already have one, and by all accounts he has done a bang-up job -- Cam Hope, who operates under the radar under the title "Vice President, Hockey Administration, Research and Development" and is listed as one of three members of the team's management staff along with the GM and Assistant GM. He is responsible for all CBA issues and all salary issues.


I can see the new Assistant GM negotiations now............Slats to Doug Messier....."I want to hire Mark, does he want the job?"........Doug to Slats......"How much, Glen?".........Slats to Doug........"$750,000 per."......Doug to Slats..."Sorry, Vancouver is offering $1.5 MM per. We are off to the coast."


"And Renney -- when was he ever part of Sather's old boy network?"

When Renney was the VP of Team Canada's Under 20 program and Sather was on the Board of Directors. Sather got Renney hired after he felt Renney got the shaft from the Canucks.

"why didn't Sather bring Muckler back as coach as soon as he was hired?"

Muckler did not want to coach again after his Ranger experience.

"but Trottier?"

Two things: First Trottier was talked up by his fan club the Dolans who were Islander fans and season ticket holders during the 70's. The other choices were Hitchcock who has an ego the same size as Sather's and Tippett was offered the Stars job before the Rangers thought of him.

As for Walt Kyle, he was not interested in the Ranger coaching job as he was offered his dream job (head coach at his alma mater)

"why didn't they just take the job regardless of the title"

Burke 's ego would never allow him to go from VP of the NHL to Asst GM. Lombardi thought he was going to get a GM position (he was a finalist for a couple of jobs).

"How did a non-Sather hire end up doing it?"

Maloney was a favorite not only Junior Dolan but Senior Dolan as well.

Matty and Paul

I understand your feelings but a lot of what Dubi and I are exchanging is in fact history so it is not just opinions. Sorry


This might come as a shock to you but first hand experience tells me that chooses to say would be in fact 100% truth. He is a person who prides himself on being honest to a fault.

Sather you may make a case for but he will tell you it is his version of history.


"Did Kevin Lowe pay his dues before he became GM of the Oilers? "

Yes he was the coach of the team.

As for Messier most players of his stature have been total failures in management. How many hall of fame players can you name as great coaches or GMs?


IF Schoeny does get promoted then Graves would be the ideal choice to take over Hartford. Even prospect I have talked to the last couple of seasons has said the same thing "Graves helped me the most".

I am kind of disappointed not to see anyone wishing Maloney the best or thanking him for his years of serice to the Rangers. Like him or not he always was a True Ranger

Sad news to report:

Former Ranger Dave Balon passed away today at age 69 in Prince Albert.

More news on this as they come out.

Our sympathies go out to the Balon family.

Hey Jess, the first thing in my post was good wishes for Don!

JESS I assume you are talking about Maloney's honesty. If I read Sather's words correctly, Maloney's job was focused on youth only, not on trades . I wonder if that is the truth or Sather's version of history?

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