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May 23, 2007


Forsberg. He makes by far and away the most sense for this team.

The big 3 (gomez, drury, briere) are really 2nd line talent that will be overpaid as first line talent. Havent we learned our mistake with Holik, 3rd line talent we paid to be first line talent. Forsberg would be a 1 year deal, and when healthy would give us 2 legitimate first lines. Even if he gets hurt, all it does is create opportunity for someone in the minors.

Forsberg is my choice. OR, id rather them do nothing at all.

I am kind of disappointed that Ranger fans are going rather quickly back into demanding big name players to stock the roster instead of at the very least tempering their calls for free agents by also being supportive of developing players from within.

It was dependency on free agents that helped to keep the Rangers out of the playoffs for 7 years. Just remember that please

HUGE GAME TONIGHT at the Memorial Cup:

If the Vancouver Giants win this evening they will finish with a perfect 3-0 record and will have a bye to the finals. The Lewiston MAINEiacs would finish second overall and would play in the semi-finals on Friday. The Medicine Hat Tigers would then face-off against the Plymouth Whalers in the tie-breaker game on Thursday.

Now, if the Tigers defeat the Giants this evening they will finish first overall with a 2-1 record and be awarded the bye to the finals. The Giants would finish second overall and advance to the semi-final game where they would meet the winner of the tie-breaker game between the Whalers and MAINEiacs.

Game starts at 10:30/7:30 and can be watched online at the Memorial Cup website which is here: http://chl.ca/CHLMemorialCup07/home.html

If not we will have the report tomorrow

Forsberg is just anpther Lindros...old, worn out and damaged. I would give him a 10 game contract, he might not be able to finish that. Drury is my second pick, omly be cause of his age. His leadership qualities are great. However, when Jagr hangs it up in 2-3 years, Drury will be 33-34 years old. My pick of Gomez is based on his age also, plus other factors. He will be about 30 years old when Jagr hangs 'em up, leaving Gomez with 3-4 more good years. He has been a point producing machine over his entire career...on a team noted for it's defensive style. That meas he is defensively responsible, but put on a line to score I believe he will produce even more. If we trade, I'd go for Matthew Lombardi. The risk is high at $5.5MM. Calgary will want something (they have announced they want more grit) and I think Malik, Hollweg and Betts could do the trick. Briere is over rated and the Wolf Pack simply doesn't have that kind of player...if the did we wouldn't be discussing this!

thanks to the cap , they can't go for long term deals. It forces teams to go for it every year, before they have to be broken up.

... a member of the 1994 Rangers is in the 2007 Finals - Marchant

Dellapina is reporting that Brian Leetch is officially retiring today

I'm for trying a Hartford player to fill that spot. Unless Dubinsky has a bad camp, why not?? Personally, I think Immonen could fill the spot but for some reason, he is out of favor with Renney. Other than maybe obtaining a backup goaltender for Henrik, the Rangers should keep building from within.

I think Montoya should keep playing at Hartford and hopefully increase his worth which would would allow the Rangers to have a 1-1A combination for 2008-09 or increase Montoya's value to other teams in the event of a deal. Of course, you are taking a chance his value will decrease with a poor performance at Hartford but think it's worth the risk.

Nobody from Hartford is ready for the second line. If we want to compete for the cup next year -- any why not, given what we did this year? -- Dubisnky ain't gonna cut it.

cwede: Marchant was a Ranger prospect who was traded for Craig McTavish at the deadline in '94. So you could say he had a role in the '94 Cup win, but he wasn't a Ranger.

Todd Marchant played one game for the Rangers in 1993-94 before he was traded to Edmonton.

Leetch did announce today..
I hope the Rangers treat him the right way and lift his # to the rafters where it belongs..

Forsberg? YUCK! Is there a part of his body that hasn't been injured? The guy has only 1 season where he played in every game (1995...over a decade ago). And has only reached 70 games in 5 of 12 seasons. No thanks....

IMO, you go after Drury or no one. No Gomez for me. I do not feel his personality will mesh well with Jagr and Co....ala Aarom Ward. No Briere either. With Nylander and Briere, we would be really soft and weak up the middle. That's exactly the opposite of what you need (especially in the East).

Drury is the player we want. He does a little bit of everything really well. And you cannot overlook his leadership qualities. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Buffalo is going to keep him and let Briere go....

there's no way forsberg makes sense. he's too fragile and would cost way too much. my first choice here would be to plug in one of our own kids and deal with the growing pains.

if we are going to bring in a ufa, drury would be my pick, but gomez makes the most sense. god knows that i hate the devils, but this team is in desperate need of a playmaker - not just a second line center. we need a second line center who can carry the puck and set up his linemates and gomez fits that bill.

on a similar note, when does immonen get a real shot? does he ever? he's getting old as far as prospects go. isn't it about time to either give him a shot or cut him loose?

Drury if any of them. I dont think that any of them are worth the contracts that they are going to command.

1) he is an intangible player, who may not score that many goals but the ones he does score are big.

2) he grew up a ranger fan, I think so it wouldnt be only all about the $$$.

3) Signing him (or Briere) will hurt the Sabres

4) forsberg is only slightly more durable than carl pavano, so that is a no go.

5) Gomez is a devil, and we all know how well the last free agent devil we signed worked out.

6) the best/most NHL ready forward prospects at hartford are wingers, I think that from what I have read that Dubinsky needs more seasoning. It alarms me that he unlike Callahan, did not use his brief ranger stint as a learning experience, and his game did not pick up upon his return to hartford.

7) Big trades make me nervous. I STILL have nightmares about trading Zubov away.

Good advice Jess...careful with UFA's. I like to see the young players develop and then fight for a spot on the Rangers roster. I do like Dubinsky but maybe he needs more development in Hartford.

But to be quite honest I do like Drury.

Well, time will tell...

drury just does not make any sense to sign because of his age and more particularly his hockey age, as he's played in a ton of playoff games and will break down soon enough a la mess. and with the exception of game 6 against ottawa, he was pretty invisible the rest of the series.

gomez is the player we have to target. he won't be like other debs we've signed previously as he's in the prime years of his career, and i have seen him talk about the rangers in interviews over the years and has been pretty complimentary and i think would absolutely shine here, as i'd use him as a no. 1 center to play with JJ who with a year of healing behind him will score 50 easily next year with gomer in the middle.

predictions for the finals anyone? ottawa in 6 for me. i really have come to like this team, especially vermette and fisher who i would love to see in ny but don't know their contract status for next year. they are so talented and so under the radar after the sens' first line that they both stand out in every game i have seen. i'm not too crazy about emery as he seems to get a little wild positionally at times but is athletic enough to make up for it. sort of reminds me of henrik at times. can't wait for monday. it's been too long without a game.

Alan - If the Rangers could sign a 30 year old Messier they should do it in a heartbeat. Look how well that turned out last time. For that reason Drury's age would not scare me away from a 3-4 year contract.

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