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April 23, 2007


Love the picture caption...haha.

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u get them once a month except for july and august?

That is right Ant we do need to take some time off (but we never really get to because we are here on the website)

OOPs on me as I forgot while responding to Ant that I was ticked off by the way some of the media appear to be once again acting as if the Rangers have no chance against the Sabres.

Now I know sure it takes the pressure off the Rangers and for many it is their normal behavior to hate anything Rangers but one has to wonder what the Rangers have to do to earn respect.

Beating the Thrashers was not due to luck it was because as a team the Rangers pulled together and gave a team effort. Every night there was a different hero and while a case can be made that Hartley made a ton of bad choices, you can't take away from the team effort the Rangers gave.

And as for this "Sabres won the season series 4-0" crap, let us point some things out:

A) This is not the same Ranger roster that faced the Sabres in December as there have been changes

B) The Sabres at the time were the best team in hockey but they barely escaped with wins over the Ranger's back up goalie in three of those wins.

C) It is the playoffs and the Rangers have the world's most vocal fans in the Worlds Loudest playoff Arena behind them. I for one believe that the Ranger blowout win in game 3 over the Thrashers was in part because the Ranger fans never let up the noise and it affected the Thrashers.

D) Henrik is a better goalie than Miller no ifs ands or buts about it

I bet I could make this list all the way to Z but it is time for Sudbury against Belleville so go ahead folks add to the list of why the Rangers will beat the Sabres.

im clearing my CC bill and subscribing

E) E is for the excellent control Jagr has been displaying with his puck. He is dominant in a way that Chris Drury can only dream about.

F) F is for Sean Avery's middle name—Fiesty.

G) G is for Girardi, as a poised a rookie D as we've seen since, well... maybe Tyutin.

H) H is for Nylander's hattrick. Just last week!

I) We leave out i because there's no i in team.

J) J is for Jaromir, skating soooo well that he deserves two mentions.

K) K is for kids getting on the scoresheet.

L) L is for leaving it here so Jess has some place to pick up after his game is completed :-)

"but one has to wonder what the Rangers have to do to earn respect."

Sweeping the Sabres in four could possibly do that Jess. Even me in my most wildly optimistic days would never insinuate that we could do that.
If it did happen and if someone twisted Bill Clements arms stuck his feet in a bucket of water and held a toaster over the water and threatened to drop it in, maybe just maybe at that time he and his panel of naysayers might admit that the Rangers are a good hockey club.

M) is for Malik, clearing the pill out of the front, instead of deflecting it past Henke;

N) is for Nylander, who also deserves another mention, as his quick spin-o-ramas away from the net did as much to frustrate the Thrash as Avery;

O) could easily be for Ortmeyer, but I choose to use it for an ironic "Oh Baby!";

P) is for Puck control, for first Pass out of the zone, Power Play Pressure, and Thomas Pock;

Q) is for Quixotic - draw your own conclusions;

R) is for Rucchin, as in, "who the hell misses Steve Rucchin?";

S) is for "glove Save, and a beaut!";

T) is for sweet Fedor, who has become cooler than Frank Sinatra with the puck;

U) are for Untangibles, which are even more important than IN-tangibles;

V) is for Victimizing (see Avery, Jagr, Nylander infra);

W) is for (c'mon, what else is it for) "Whoaaaaa-oaaaah-ooooahhhhh!"

X) if for the X-factor. I don't know what the X-factor is. NOBODY knows what the x-factor is. That's what makes it cool;

Y) is for . . . ummm . . .

Z) is for that glorious, beautiful Czech Republic. God bless.

Dubi: long time reader/lurker. Excellent work, and you can expect my subscription post haste. Jess can vouch for me. Maybe.


Jess, I am expecting that tomorrow once publications and websites start setting their Round 2 predictions that about 90% of them, maybe more, will have Sabres in 5 ...

It is as if they believe that our team got lucky in winning 4 games vs Atlanta ... while 3 out of the 4 games were close on the scoreboard I think most of these people really didn't watch the series because if they had then they would've noticed that for 80-85% of those 1 goal games WE had complete control of the puck and the games and game 1 wouldn't of been close at all had it not been for a couple of nervous mistakes by our team ...

I love our team's quiet confidence in light of being largely ignored by most of these "experts" ... most Sabres fans have this cocky superiority, which I can only describe as entitlement. They talk as if they are owed the Stanley Cup and as if the Rangers will just be a minor speed bump on the way not much more of a challenge than what the Islanders were able to muster ...

I have full confidence in our team and I don't like to make predictions for fear of the jinx but I cannot wait until these people realize that the Rangers are not that team that the Sabres swept in their season series, and when they are introduced to our goaltender.

EDIT : BTW I believe that they will have them in 5 based on what i read ... some might go 6 but based on what I have read so far and heard on tv and in podcasts it's like the Rangers play won't matter

I'll give Buffalo Briere and Drury and Afinogenov making some noise. But I'm going with the Rangers in six, starting with a win Wednesday, 3-2.

Y) Y is for you. Where would the Rangers be without You, the die-hards?

Nice list, lurker! Post more often!

Sweet dreams, fans.

Mshiver is a poster from my days over at the New York Times. He can be a tad strange at times but he is ok when on his meds.

I too believe the Rangers have a legit chance to beat the Sabres but if I may be allowed to dream a bit then here is how I see the series going.

Game 1 Wed-- Brendan Shanahan shows the rest of the NHL that he is not done with 2 goals and an assist as the Rangers take game 1 4-2

Game 2 Fri-- Jagr sees Shanny's 2 goals and raises him 2 as the Sabres show their undisciplined side and the Ranger PP makes them play 5-2.

Game 3 Sun-- The demand from the Garden faithful is clear "WE WANT THE CUP" and King Henrik the Only grants part of the wish shutting out the Sabres 3-0 as Prucha, Callahan and Avery score

Game 4 Tues-- There is a rule for May 1 and that is no teams of mine are allowed to lose so for my birthday the Rangers go for the kill and finish off the Sabres 5-4 as of all people the series winner will be scored by Fedor Tyutin.

Yes I know this is a dream but I am allowed to dream as I am so sick of clowns like Brian Engbloom and Bill Clements who always go out of their way to trash the Rangers.

Screw them 10 ways come Sunday as nothing would be more enjoyable them to force those morons to have to say "New York Rangers 2007 Stanley Cup Champions"

Jess amen

Preach it Brother Jess!

Engbloom in particular annoys me. He is like "if the Sabres falter the Rangers might have a chance as long as Lundvist stands on his head..." and I am like ... even if the Sabres don't falter ... they are paid to watch games and make intelligent analysis based on that but it is very obvious that they do not pay attention to it and that they seem to have an anti-Rangers biased.

Last season it took Henrik winning his Gold Medal for those guys to even breathe his name, of course they loved pointing out how he performed poorly in the playoffs while always leaving out that he was injured. This season again he was being ignore even after he started playing great but they forced to acknowledge him after the NHL itself kept naming him player of the week on a few occassions ... they tried to ignore our team by not even mentioning us as one of the possible teams fighting for the last 3 playoff spots even though at the time they did that we had gone from 12th to 9th in the span of a week ....

Seeing them forced to eat their words would just be great specially since it will be obvious they will hate every moment of it ^_^ !

Jess, that was worthy of a standing ovation. Bravo.

Belleville's goalie is Kevin Lalande and he is a good one who was drafted by the flames.

Drury would be a great number 2 center for New York next year, no?

Two ex-Flyer goons and an Av's goon; and you guys are concerned about what they say? The longer we can go into the playoffs with no respect, the better off we are. This team is a solid group of skill, age, youth and determination. Those are all the qualities a team needs to be successful. Nobody respects our defense, including a number of our own fans on this website (the players and coaching staff do, however). Hopefully, by the time BUF finds out, we'll be up by two games! But don't underestimate Ruff and his team. They are very good, plenty of speed and have a couple of snipers. Their defense is somewhat suspect, like ours, so control, patience and smart play will determine the eventual winner of this series. IF (and that's a big IF) we play our control-type game I see us going to the next round in 6.

The national TV announcers seem stuck in a loop that existed before the second half of the season. The strange thing is that they should know that historically that the first half of the season -- when Buffalo rolled over everyone -- is meaningless by the time the NHL playoffs run around.

The NHL playoffs are littered with low seeds beating high seeds, as recently as last year No. 8 Edmonton went to the finals. They got on a roll just as the Rangers are on a roll, while Buffalo was a little bit shaky against the Isles.

The Rangers are now fully healthy, chock full of talented players, playing as a unit and blessed with a great goalie. Buffalo won't be dispatched easily, but no way we are the underdog.

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