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April 28, 2007


hi guys, lifelong sabres fan here in peace. sorry to intrude on your board, but i like to get a different perspective now and then. i would like to cringingly submit that as good and smart as the rangers have played, i don't think buffalo has truly exerted themselves more than necessary. they did only enough to win against the isles, whom they didn't seem to take seriously, and still seem to be saving themselves for the 'really tough' opponents ahead. frankly this scares me: the rangers have proved their worth, and are good enough to rise up and bite them in the ass. 4 out of the next 5? i doubt it. but trusting that you can just turn it on like a switch whenever you need to, or assuming a mistake will be made just when you need it is a risky way to live. i can understand it: the nhl playoffs are a marathon not a sprint. but you must develop and maintain good habits, pacing aside. i was sure the sabres were toast the last game, and but for a few mistakes, and spectacular goaltending, they should have been. i still expect buffalo to advance, but their lacksadaisical approach -- or the ranger's smart, effective, spirited play -- has me REALLY anxious. in any case, i salute them as a valiant and worthy foe, and will whole-heartedly support them if they best us...

Dear Dubi,

I penned a "Be Supportive" piece on "MyBlueShirtHeaven".

If I catch anyone in the Garden boo-ing any Ranger tomorrow, Mrs. Hurley here will spank them. I went to Catholic School, I know from spanking.

Trouble is some of these sickos would like it. :)

Here we have a classic examples of fan extremes:
Exhibit A -- lazman
Exhibit B -- Kevin

First of all, thank you lazman for being one of the most articulate, intelligent and polite non-Ranger fans to ever post on this board. It's great to see other team's fans opinions and it's even better when they express it in a way that doesn't cause grief amongst those here. It's all about giving credit where it's due, regardless of team. You brought up a lot of good points, some I didn't notice as well (coasting the Islander games, relying on mistakes too much). Honestly, I'm sure I can speak on behalf of almost everyone here, when I say that you (and other fans like you) are more than welcome to post here.

Now onto Exhibit B, Kevy boy, who claims that he's been a Sabre fan for like 40 years (we can tell you're a bitter pre-pubescent, so drop the facade). Did you see my last post to you a couple of articles ago? If not, go look and try not to shed too many tears when you look into a mirror and realize how much of a loser you are. Get a life and grow up. Okay, well I've wasted enough time on this petty subject. Thanks for being you Kev, inspiring many to try not to sound like such a dimwit.

end of 1 period here in Hartford and the Pack trail the Bruins 2-0. This game is very reminiscent of the first Buffalo game. The Pack came out hard and fast and challenged Toivenen but couldn't put the biscuit in the basket and that?was when Providence turned up the forcheck sending all 5 guys in deep and took control of the game. I don't have stats available to me but by my count the Pack lost ever face-off except the last two.

If they are going to close out this series tonight they?are really going to need to turn it up.

More lateral

The second period has been a tale of stick handling and positional blunders. The Pack came out hard and tried to take charge and Corey Potter scored on a gorgeous shot to cut the lead to 1 but mistakes cost them as a high stoicking penaly by Greg Moore ended up costing them as the B's put one behind Montoya.

Pikkarianen put a great shot past Toivenen to cut the lead back to one but the B's pressure has lead to terrible turnovers and two odd man rushes that ended up in the net. The 4th put an end to Montoya's night as he was pulled. My guess is that Schoney realizes that he will need him tomorrow night for game 7. Holt gave up the 5th on the first shot he saw.

It''s looking bad for the Pack after 2, 5-2.

Hey Kevin- Your pretty sad to be here, Whats wrong? None of the bandwagon fans (who don't know the rules of hockey) not make a blog for the sabs.
If you beat us, you will not get passed ottawa, so you may just delay your season a little, but I still think We can kick your little mutant team's a$$.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks ignore that loser, he is simply looking for attention and the one thing you can do to piss him off is to not respond. If he does not get any attention then he loses because he wants you to react.

If you don't react he doesn't get his jollies.

Besides all we really do need to ask him is just one question? What has Buffalo ever won in anything?

The answer is easy just like the loser poster nothing, nothing at all.

Okay everybody, I know we all want to grouse and vent about last night's game. But whoever is on the ice tomorrow, they're our team. Cheer them to victory whatever your belief is about how well or poorly they play. We've been united behind this team and we should remain that way.


WP play better in the third but can't score and lose 5-2. There will be a game 7 tomorrow night at 7 and I will be there and have between period reports. Final again 5-2...good night all and Let's go Rangers and WP

It's making it's way through all the blogs, get behind our team and let them hear you at MSG!
PS, Dubi, can you delete the post from that twit Kevin and ban him .
Hey Kevin, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. Crawl back to your Sabre board. BTW Mr High and Mighty, exactly how many cups did you guys win in Buffalo? What was that? Oh, none? I thought so.

Sabres fan here---just checkng the Rangers blogs. Sorry about the troller but what can you do. 1994 WAS a long time ago, Clinton was president, your wife was still hot, Puerto Rican Day parades were safe for women...regardless, it is 1 more Cup than the Sabres (post O6). I guess 'ya got me'!

I read this blog a lot. I like to keep up with other teams and this is my Rangers medium. I respect most everything you have written (except for the fact you tried to take a cab from the Adams Mark to HSBC arena, that's only 7 blocks away). I don't mind jabs at the City of Buffalo...but you may want to refresh your digs. They appear more desperate than they should be as there are so many other things to make fun of. Nice try though!

Just a point of fact. The refs were not bad in game #2. Don Cherry said so. My wife thinks the Sabres got jobbed and you guys think the Rangers were victims. Remember, Lindy Ruff was the one who got fined for his outburst...he had a right to be mad (read a few Sabres blogs for this type of info)

And just a clarification...one of the benefits of living in a small city like Buffalo IS the Buffalo News. I'm not quite sure how being crafty enough to squash the Ruff outburst story AND use selective quoting is anything but genius---the true 6th man! Go ahead and try to knock them down a peg or two---it's your right---but you might want to tighten up your argument.

Good Luck tomorrow---wish I could be there!

Alright folks gather around the cage so I can show you what a Loseritis acts like.

Notice his temper tantrum at having his first post removed? See the kicking and screaming like a 3 yr old (apologies to 3 yr olds as they are more mature)?

Now pay closer attention as you see how Loseritis has to resort to profanity because his temper tantrum was not being acknowledged.

Even worse is you have to see how pathetic this person is because of his clear inability to use proper grammar when posting.

Sad folks because we have seen evidence that there are a couple of Sabre fans who can carry on a normal discussion. Too bad those very few are out numbered by the Loseritis

Sad though because unlike fans like Loseritis, it is Ranger fans who set the standard being the Extra Attacker. We the Ranger fans are the ones who invented rocking the arena, it was Ranger fans who showed the entire world what it was like to BE THE STORY.

Pay close attention tomorrow Sabres fans and take notes as when you watch the look on the faces of your team and have them wondering why they can't hear each other.

I think the Rangers are going to come out with all cylinders pumping, but so is Buffalo. It's going to be an interesting game.

As for Kevin. What to say? It must be a sad life to go to have the time and energy to go to sites of teams you don't like and get into petty arguments. What I like about BB is that I feel like I'm friends with Jess and Dubi and RangerBill and Ron B, etc etc--from the RFC days. That's the only reason why I come here and post (after what was a notably long hiatus--and Dubi did you get my subscription form a few weeks back???): I love the Rangers and I love the community of Rangers fans.

But we used to see this bs from Captain Ego, too. They're people with sad lives who have to nothing better to do than strut their peacock feathers based on nothing that they personally have done to a group of strangers. Why even read his posts? We don't have to delete them on the machine. Delete them from your vision.

That said, we should and do welcome guests. Guests are welcome in my house when they respect me and my family and my friends. The Sabres fans who come here and treat us with respect (not because of how the Rangers play but because of who runs this site: Rangers fans) should be respected right back. Their team is terrific this year. We can say that and still say our team played them toe to toe on Friday and I'm hoping for more of the same tonight--solid, intense playoff hockey. As long as the Rangers compete and entertain and play with passion, I'll be happy. If they win, I'll be happier.


mmHurley, do give any fans that dare boo any Ranger a talking to now! I posted this in the MSG Boards. Our team needs our support, including Marek Malik, Karl Rachunek, ect .... they are NY Rangers and booing them has a negative affect on the team ... we need to be loud and proud and support OUR ENTIRE TEAM today!

Go Rangers!

Jess, Mitch, Dubi, send Kevin's posts to Renney and let him show it to the team. Might just get them ticked off enough to take this team in the nexy four games.

Just hope Renney will stop messing with winning combos and save the experimentation until next fall.

Mitch, you say Dubinsky has struggled since being sent back to Hartford? He looked good with the Rangers. Could it be that he lost some confidence since the Rangers gave up on him too soon? Bottom line, did he play better than Betts when he was up here? Also did Immonen play better than Betts when he was up here? Decisions like that make me displeased with Renney's performance.

Hey folks do you really think is that Kevin Sabres fan?
He is typical Fishstick moron!
Watch how he mentioned Nolan’s name on his post.
Is any real Sabers fan will do it?

Kogan u are absolutely right.
Just let a little kid talk man even if they beat us theres nothing we should be ashamed about.

"Hey folks do you really think is that Kevin Sabres fan?
He is typical Fishstick moron!"

Probably right, sorry Keller, you have to put up with an idiot that masquerades as a Sabre fan. I think your posts are perfectly welcome on this board as they are not inflammatory. I have also visited and posted on a Sabre board and told them that I am there with respect for their club and accomplishments. I had also been welcomed over on that Sabre board.

Did you guys read Sam weinman's report "Sorry folks: Don’t expect changes on defense. Renney noted that playoff series are short and can change quickly, yet he also liked what he saw from the pair of Karel Rachunek and Paul Mara before Rachunek’s injury.

“They were very good before we had injuries with Karel. They looked like they were in lockstep with one another,” Renney said, adding: “I think you’re talking about two experienced players that, if you show faith in them and give them the confidence that’s required to do the job, I think they’ll step up.”

That’s a wordy quote, but to summarize: Expect Mara and Rachunek to skate as a pair again tomorrow."

I honestly think Renney is in love with the guy...Renney=jim Mcgreevey


already booing malik when he touches the puck.....sigh....c'mon rangers fans ill admit he's not good but we're better then this

This officiating will give me a heart attack at a very early age.

Ted Phill

Agree totally with both of you

And I swear Rosy better shoot the damm puck from the point.


i cant believe these no calls. You can't cover up the puck in the defensive zone!!! these refs are just absurd, it's not even fair

Scouting report for Rachunek, and it's pretty simple: stay on your feet when Vanek has the puck one-on-one. How many times will he be fooled by the same move?

"already booing malik when he touches the puck.....sigh....c'mon rangers fans ill admit he's not good but we're better then this"

Nothing like getting behind your team in do or die desperation. That will help, start booing guys in a Ranger jersey and don't forget to visit the Buffalo board and tell them how you are trying to help their cause.

The Rangers weathered the first period storm from Sabres but I can tell people this the future Ranger defensemen will play much better in their defensive zone.

The future defensemen (and I am talking Staal, Sauer and Sanguinetti) will blast the puck from the point not afraid to shoot the puck.

Agree with you, Bob. It's a playoff game. No need for it.


That is so bogus

WE were just ripped off

thats BS that was a goal. one of the sabres punches the puck in in game 2 and Rachunek trying to keep from crashing into the goalie, gets the goal taken away

this game is null and void. the refs are literally cheating us.


Tough to play against the Sabres, the refs and Colin Campbell.

At the very least why was there a hooking call?

Robbed again. The fix is in....

About that conspiracy... or the Rangers getting the short end of the stick.

Anouncers all agree that there's no kicking motion.

Terrible call. Just ridiculous!

thats 2 times in this series that the Rangers have gotten screwed on a review where a call on the ice was overturned without CONCLUSIVE video evidence to back it up.

I really don't think anyone has to say anything about that GOAL that was scored by Rachunek. I'm currently in absolute shock right now.

Stop the conspiracy stuff. Watch all these games, and they're all incompetently officiated. It's a joke, game after game. And this is what the league wants? Idiotic.

This is a Mickey Mouse league - plain and simple - the only professional sport that subjectively enforces the rules.

Maybe it's time for Renney to have a shit-fit if we lose this game by one. Rangers can afford the fine.

I'd give the officials hell for that call, win or lose.....

No sense complaining anymore. It's utterly hopeless with these buffoons. They all referee scared, worried about the reprisals from the league. They won't get skewered for calling too much, only too little. They're ruining a great game, and the world's best sport.

This entire second half of the 2nd period has been one big Sabre PP as no matter what they are calling everything against the Rangers.

Ever since they blew the call on the goal


So far the refs plan to have the Sabres literally sabotage this game has only one flaw and that is HENRIK THE KING LUNDQVIST. All of this other BS aside, let's give it up for Lundqvist so far

All the officiating in this league is a joke, but its always worse against the Rangers. This has been going on for decades. I watched the disallowed goal from every possible angle, and there wasn't any kicking motion. I find it no surprise that the Toronto idiots took it away though...

This is a miracle Ray Ferraro is taking the Ranger's side on the blown call and he never says anything good about the Rangers

Wow I think They should buy us all dinner before doing you know what to us. Wow.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL ROB good 1

Oh what you sabres guys think it's a penalty? Ok! (blows whistle)

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