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April 27, 2007


God Rozie injured again this is bad

However the Rangers respond, if Rozsie is out then they need to be smarter than they were in the 2nd period of game 1 ...

They are playing a much more physical, smarter game tonight with a lot of discipline but if Rozsie is out for the game they cannot lose that ...

Let's Go Rangers!

Also, can they stop shooting at Miller's glove? How about his blocker?



Your damn skippy Jed would have had it covered. BIG MISTAKE on Renney's part scratching Jed for Hollweg. AND, the Sabres had 18 hits to our 8. So much for Hollweg for hitting. If Rosizval does come back out, I say some Ranger lay out the next Sabre who goes for Rozsivals legs, sheap bastards!

The versus annoucers are so pro-Buffalo, because versus is owned by comcast cable, who own the Flyers...So do you think the Flyers want the Rangers to win?? Turn the volume off and play the radio with Kenny Albert

The shanahan-avery-straka line needs a cup of coffee...

Was Pomminville bleeding? How is it a 4 minute minor????

God, how awful is Rachunek???

Yeah Steve K, the TSN announcers are even worse...

I got the choice of the VS announcers or the Buffalo announcers working on the MSG network. UGHHHH!

Good lord Lenny!!! My condolences. Thats the one announcer team I'm glad I don't have to listen to. That guy who screams all those ridiculous sayings makes me want to poke my eardrums out...

im not complaining on refs this game but where the hell was the blood?They showed they medical trainer take care of his nose and u clearly see there was no blood

I hope Jags is ok

whats the deal with Jagr? Is he hurt?

OMG Ant + Co, yes! Their trainer was DIGGING for blood, and it still wouldn't come! It was BS (Buffalo shizzle) But NYR killed it off! Goooooooooo Boys, GO!!!!!!

Pruuuu, help me out here :-)

Jagr is back on the ice

About time Malik got an assist for the other team

Malik pulled off a "Malik" pass

Is Malik that frigging lame and stupid??? A blind pass up the middle that winds up in the net. He should be benched for the rest of the series...

Malik pulled off a "Malik" pass What an idiot

that was so unnecessary ... late goals and early goals = no good specially since Malik turned it over ... against this team as if they need us to help them get goals ... *shakes head*

Bad thing the crowd is back into the game

I'd buy out that big goofy bastard at the end of the season in a heartbeat. He is a wuss, and a dumb one at that...

total collapse, whats going on

If they lose its Renny's loss. Clueless coaching as I see it. Someone tell me I'm wrong...

Goddam 3-2 how is this happening again

If stupidity was bliss, the Rangers are ecstatic at this moment...

get rachunek off the ice, he is absolutely clueless...he better not be suited up back at the garden

Rachunek and Malik have no business being out there. Its a disgrace that Pock isn't playing...

Hey Malik Fans! Cheer for your boy. Hey Blair Betts lovers! How good did Betts look covering down low on Sabers goal 3?? Horrendous that's how Betts looks!
Its the playoffs. And these 2 guys belong in a hockey league somewhere in Italy!

You can't really say that Malik shouldn't be out there. He is a very steady defenseman that only made one mistake. But there has to be a reason why the Rangers got so hot when Rachunek went down with the injury. HE SUCKS. He's too slow for the NHL and gets beat way too many times. Did anybody see Vanek go right by him before he hit the crossbar. This has been one of Renney's few coaching mistakes, but it has been a HUGE mistake. Cost us one maybe two games.

Give Buffalo a chance, they score, give the Rangers a chance, they pass and pass and pass and don't score.

Renney should lose his job over his player decisions.

man, tough loss...Rangers out played the Sabre

Sorry Adam but he makes too many of those blind passes that wind up on net. Malik is slow and big, and goofy. He wouldn't hit someone if they were mugging his mother. Well they lose, and the momentum shift came right when guess what!!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion though...


Golf courses are open and the Rangers can't wait to play!

Renny is an idiot, and this game proved it...


Total B S. Malik is not allowed to muck up as the number 2. Malik is slow,stupid, and soft. He is one of the MAIN REASONS the Rangers lose leads in the 3d period. It only becomes more magnified when the game is of more importance.

Too bad we didn't get Ted Nolan when we had a chance!!!


How do you not keep a winning lineup out there? Putting Ruchunek in for Pock when Pock was playing well was coaching at its worst.

Rangers just too slow for Buffalo. Sabres are a very fast team and not allowing the Rangers to complete their plays.

Rangers are done!

After the Malik "assist" the momentum changed---game over

Are you serious ANT? This was a completely different, and better fishstick team. Even saddled with Yashin he turned them into a much better team. Again, just my opinion...

I thought hockey players are superstitious, why in gods name did they chage the line-up that was killing Atlanta

Renny's call Steve K, no other coach would have messed with it...

Renney isn't superstitious, he's stupid.

LOL Sad but true Lenny, sad but true...

Missed the game but reading the boards and surprise surprise Marek Malik messing up the game. And finding out Bradley Isbister is in the lineup, i'm just at a loss for words. Nylander won 2 of 17 faceoffs, good game for him. Sabres out hit the Rangers 35-17, what's that about?

It sounds to me like the Rangers are simply intimidated by the Sabres, and why shouldn't they be? All they need to do is play one good period and they'll win games. This series is over, no way Rangers are winning 4 of next 5 when they've gone 0 for 6 against them this season.

But hey at least we get solid players like Rachunek, Betts, Shanahan, and Straka coming back next year! We certainly got a lot to look forward to! It's a relief cuz our Hartford guys (as they've shown in their playoff series) are simply not ready and probably not NHL material. (obviously some of these comments are just venting and out of frustration, very upset to find the Rangers were 20 minutes away from a huge series momentum shift).

Unbelievable. Brad Isbister......unbelievable.

Yeah, Renney's best decisions are when one of his favorites get injured and he has no choices. Negative coaching at it's worst.

Why does Renney hate Pock? Because he did not go to Hartford for conditioning earlier in the season? Because he is Austrian? The guy had 3 pts and even+/-!!
Why is he in love with Rachunek, is he another closet Jim McGreevey

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