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April 26, 2007


Good stuff Dubi, keep it coming.
We just came undone in that second period. I still have a problem with a few of those calls....A little too marginal for a playoff game if you ask me, but hey nothing new to us.
I think We can beat this team and it was only one game.
Dubi, I have a question for you may sound dumb, but did it seem like They were eager to get right back out there tomorrow to right the ship? If you can answer that it would be appreciated.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I answer no, they were not noticeably eager to get right back out there, I don't want you to take it the wrong way -- they believe they were responsible for losing and that they need to get back down to business to be successful. So there wasn't an eagerness per se, but more of a determination. Renney did say there was a sense of disappointment at the start of the morning meeting today, but that everyone realizes what they have to do to win.

I echo Rob, I feel as if I had been at the practice rink. Great report from the Dubster.

Speed kills and the Rangers were beat to the puck thats why you took penalties, because they couldn't keep up and had to try something to stop them. I'm sorry your guys team just seemed flat out slow and your team wasn't checking and taking it to the Sabres. The most suprising thing was seeing Jagr put in 5 good shifts and take the rest of the night off lazily backchecking and giving up on plays. This is your team Captain?? Is Laziness the example to give your fellow teamates? Islanders at least brought heart and worked their butts off. Your team defense is slow and cant keep up with our forwards and 4 lines of depth. Good luck, your teams gonna need it, if they play like that again friday. Cant coach speed and your team doesnt have it. They are gonna have to play out of their heads and hustle and outwork us, outcheck us , if you are to stand any chance. I was thinking 6 games Sabres but I see it done in 5, now that I've seen how slow your team is.

Please, no one respond to the troll. Apparently, no one cares enough in Buffalo to make their own message boards for the Sabres.

Thank you Phil as you are right, it is a childish Sabre fan who lacks the courage to post their own name and email address.

See folks that is the first sign of fear that even Sabre fans know that their team did not win game one but that the Rangers gave them the game.

Unlike Ranger fans, Sabre fans are afraid of the big game. In the big game the Sabres will choke long and hard. The Sabres will be playing game 2 not to lose because there is one place in the world that no hockey team wants to play at and that is the place that rightfully is known as the Worlds Most Famous Arena.

Sabre fans know that if they are not up 2-0 in the series going into Madison Square Garden that they are in huge trouble because no arena is louder, no arena rocks with noise like the Garden.

So let those few those sad and pathetic Sabre fans play their silly games because when all is said and done, they will be crying about how they messed with Ranger fans and LOST

the Rangers do not need to be the aggresor in this series(physical wise). They need to play a simple and safe game, try to get the puck down low, control the puck down low, and use there size...

Buffalo is a very good team but if the Rangers play smart and good they have a good chance of winning. If they do stupid high risk low reward cheating in the D zone like Rachunek plays they are in trouble...

I think the Rangers got a wake up call and maybe thought they were better then they are, if they play like the December Rangers they are toast...

Thanks Dubi.

You know how karma comes back around? I hope it does to the Sabre fans that keep talking, thats why We shouldn't even pay attention(like Phill said) to the trailer trash that come on here.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great report, Dubi. Keep up the good work, and if you run into a late April blizzard (you just never know here upstate), I'm right off the Thruway on exit 32.

Well Stuart, being that this team is vastly different from the December Rangers I highly doubt that will be an issue ... they had a bad game after not having a bad game in a few weeks ... I would be worried if they had played their best and the outcome on the scoresheet been the same then yes I would worry .. but being that they didn't play their best and that they continue to take penalty after penalty even though they saw how the refs were calling it undid them ... they started cheating because they started to get worn out by being on the defensive on the PK most of the night and that took the flow right out of their game ...

I believe in our team to come out tomorrow and get back to their game and if they do that they can win ...

BTW i must say DITTO to everything Jess wrote and Thank You Dubi for the great update from practice


What makes you think Mara or any other Defenseman is even close to taking a seat? Has Renney said anything that suggested it? While I think Racunek and Mara were obvious problems last night, I doubt Renney would take that "drastic" a step to reinsert Pock in one of their places. Of course, if Rosival is out for some time, that changes stuff. But in any case, I would be shocked to see Mara or Racunek made a healthy scratch.

Gotta give goalie Miller credit for keeping the Rangers off the board earlier. Any one of the those great saves in the first period could have been a goal and the beginning (continuation) of this great run. I agree that the Rangers need to play their up and down game and keep Buffalo to the perimeter. Keep going hard to the net. The save Miller made on the 5-on-3 through traffic was terrific, but it looked like the puck found the glove and not the other way around. Keep shooting and disrupting the keeper (like the Sabres were trying to do to Lundqvist). But I can see now why the Sabres felt Biron was expendable.

And Dubi, great report. I am jealous. I'm watching the games late on tape cause of work. Hope to make a game at the Garden if a buddy of mine can find one. The drive will be worth it! Like old times!

Rangers lost because Versus doesn’t show lucky advertising with Granger taking shot from Shanny – “No more little Grangers!”
No jocks!
I am very superstitious!

Sorry, you may not like it, but your team didn't beat itself. The Sabres beat them and yes speed and our transition game did you in. The Sabres swarm and can score at any given time in bunches and 19 different players who can take turns in being the star that night. Sabres can be down two goals and win and they've proven it. This team WILL NOT CHOKE They're TOO GOOD!! SCARY GOOD!! They are also the best road team in the NHL. So if your counting Ranger fan thats 5 times this year we've beat you now. Even in YOUR Madison Square Garden. P.s. Jess and Phil there are 10 sites on sabres forums and more recently added in the newspaper. So make no mistake you may have a few good men, but we got a whole team of them. Talk to ya Saturday and you can make up excuses why you lost then and sunday evening too. P.s. Jagr's a slacker and bad example for work ethic. Maybe he'll show up and play a WHOLE game, if he does might be closer but same result. Rangers need to get lead out their pants and play like they mean it. Good tune up for Ottawa though.

Gotta - no body like a bad winner. In the past I actally rooted for Buffalo many times including both cup finals and vs the Flyers, Devils and Isles. And since I'm a Jet fan I wanted the Bills vs the Giants. But its fools like you who would make me not at all sad if your team goes down to any remaining team except the Devils. Does it make you feel like more of a man to talk all this trash on a Ranger website. Yeah you're a real tough guy with the keyboard. But I guess every team and country has people like you. Ruins it for all the good ones.

Joe, thats what this, is a forum and I am merely providing reason for Sean Avery to hate me along with other Ranger fans. Just having fun, albeit in bad taste. But then again your team and players started the smack talk didn't they? I have heard plenty of Rangers fans talk trash too in different forums. So reply back,hate me...that's what I am here for, makes the rivalry better. What is it against the law to be proud of my team like you are of yours? I read your posts on here and decided to interject that maybe it's not Rangers fault. Maybe, just maybe, WE won and have a helluva lotta talent and speed. It was in response to other posts saying you guys beat yourselves when in fact it might be the Sabres are a deep highly skilled team that might have something to do with it. Panalties were DEFINATELY part of beating yourselves,that much is true. Cant afford stupid penalties either side in playoffs. I'll give you that. Yes I think Rangers will play better tommorow(and how couldn't they?)I even am expecting them winning first game at home cause they will have to and expect much more fight outta them. But as a outside observer they did seem beat to the puck a lot. They will not fold like a tent. I expected better out of them and i am sure it will be.

Gonna - no doubt you have a lot to be proud of - your team is loaded this year. And like I said before there were certain Buffalo teams and lines like the French Connection that I would have loved to see win a cup. But just act with a little more class. I personally think your coach and team do. And I would take their style over the Flyers or Devils styles any day of the week. No doubt we have our hands full.

Actually Gotta I for one have no respect at all for you because you lack the courage to post a real name or address.

As I posted earlier that tells me that you lack the true belief in your team. See look around you and you see REAL FANS here.

I call your efforts typical of those who suffer from "internet courage" or "Islander behavior" because it is easy to sit behind a PC and talk trash but it takes a real person to show who they are.

You want to talk smack then have the courage to show yourself.

If not then all you are is just another poor excuse of a bandwagon fan who will talk trash when his team wins and will disappear when his team loses.

I have been writing on the web for over 10 years and have seen your kind come and go.

Man it up or is your faith in the Sabres that weak?

Sigh, I hate being a hypocrite. I really didn't want to respond to you Gonnawin, or Keven, or whatever the hell your name is. But seeing that some people were compelled to respond to you, I guess I might as well throw in my two cents and leave it at that.

"Joe, thats what this, is a forum and I am merely providing reason for Sean Avery to hate me along with other Ranger fans. Just having fun, albeit in bad taste. But then again your team and players started the smack talk didn't they? I have heard plenty of Rangers fans talk trash too in different forums. So reply back,hate me...that's what I am here for, makes the rivalry better. What is it against the law to be proud of my team like you are of yours? I read your posts on here and decided to interject that maybe it's not Rangers fault."

You're kidding right? If I read correctly, you said you were 40? Did you mean 14? It baffles me that people your age are still going around to other teams' message boards and ragging on them. This doesn't include just Sabre fans, but all types of fans, including the Rangers. It's just lame. I come to this site to read great articles and to talk other fellow RANGER fans about how the team is doing and what not. I don't come to this board expecting to have some lame message board flame war. What the hell, I feel like I'm on some video game message board. Have you had a traumatic experience with Ranger fans? I'm sorry, we're not all classless. Either way, let it go. None of us are (hopefully) doing such crap to you on your message boards.

Why do you want us to hate you? I don't hate you because I don't even know and most likely, won't EVER know who you are. Just give it up and go back to those aforementioned 10 other Sabre websites. Talk crap about the Rangers all you want, I personally don't care. Last I checked there isn't a Ranger-Sabre rivalry. In reality, I often forget Buffalo is even part of New York. Go talk crap on the Dallas Stars' message board, or maybe find Brett Hull's home address. Either way, just give it a rest.

I respect your opinion and you're free to express it, but I think on behalf on everyone here, you're better off doing it where the web site's colors are a mix of blue, gold and there's a slug icon somewhere.

Good luck tonight.

Check out that troll's website - http://www.wehateyourteam.com/ LOL! Oh man, talk about having no lives! I feel bad for those little Sabres fans; what else are they going to do once their team is eliminated? Let's Go Rangers!!!

ALAN, I just looked at that, lol. Wow life must really be slow up there. Amazing.
That was done with no originality and plenty of Absolut.

These Sab fans are talking because Tom Renney did not yield the series before it began, so right away WE are their enemy. Go get a life and worry about your team, you slugs.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ignore the ragging from the one shot artists. Who cares what they think unless it's an honest appraisal and not a teenagers mentality. Just my two cents!!

My prediction, whoever wins tonight's game will take the series.

If Buffalo wins, they're up 2-0 and only have to win 2 out of the next 5 to take the series.

If the Rangers win, it will give them that edge they had before the layoff, give Buffalo food for thought and build on that for the rest of the series.

Go Rangers!!

Alan, how did you find that website? I could definitely understand that website being originated in Buffalo. I worked there on a contract once and was snowed in my hotel room for a day.

With all the snow they get up there, they suffer a severe case of cabin fever as borne out by 40 year old men changing into 14 year old mental midgets. I love the Buffalo wings and their crinkly french fries but their fans leave a lot to be desired.

Lenny - That website is linked from Kevin's name under his post above.

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