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April 24, 2007


Wow, great article. I'm convinced! The Rangers will be victorious!

I have not posted on here since bashing the Avery trade and the man himself months ago. I was wrong to judge and Avery, as we all know, has brought new life to his own game and the entire team. Since his arrival and the team's turnaround I had placed my self in a self-imposed exile in the far reaches of India to think about my comments and decision making ability.

I have returned and decided that I was and am in no position to judge others. That means no more judging players on the team or voting on American Idol. I am sorry about my comments about Avery being a bum and for voting for Sanjana against the other contestants (Hey I told you I was in India, exiled adopted hometown pride OK?!)It was wrong to mistakenly judge them both as the former inferior and later superior against their peers and it won't happen again.

As my final act of judgement, I will say that Blueshirt Bulletin blows away all the other reporters in terms of team coverage. The last issue rocks and I encourage everyone to subscribe today or renew. Who else is going to give you better coverage of the team's Cup Parade this summer???

I just finished being a part of a conference call with Tom Renney and Brendan Shanahan and yikes are the Sabres a bunch of babies.

I turned in a transcript for Dubi but if he does not post it I will break down how Ranger fans might need to bring Pampers and Baby Bottles to games 3 and 4 for the Sabres to use.

They're bandwagon fans Jess, Anything of great significance on the conference call?


yeah, whats the deal with the conf. call?

The professor—I mean coach—clarifies, amplifies, then stands by his word. My guess is this fresh article was gleaned from aforementioned conference call. Sorry, many of you differ, but I LOVE this guy!!!!


yo i'm honestly terrified of the sabres not only because if we lose to them our season is over but because all of my friends are die-hard sabres fans so they are just gangin up on me and lettin me have it. I honestly do not want Game 1 to start, i am so nervous. Please NYR just beat the crap out of them so i can hold this against them for years to come.

Right now all i have is that they've never won a cup and i'm afraid that might change this year

Well Tune in later as Dubi is going to let me post on the conference call press conference as folks let me put it this way:

Ted when the smoke clears you will have friends who are crying about how come their sorry a** sabres lost to OUR RANGERS because folks we are about to go on a crusade, that is right a crusade for a Ranger parade down the Avennue of Champions.

So call all your friends, call your families as it is Time for all Ranger fans to put aside their differences as we now all have a common enemy it is those diaper wearing, whiny bunch of snivelers called the Buffalo Sabres.

I am sick and tired about how those poor poor Sabres are being disrepected. You want some respect then earn it on the ice.

Is there any way we can dump Trautwig for the remainder of the playoffs? I always forget how much that guy annoys me.



AH-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (from the movie 300)

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess u right till the nd of our season we got to be 1 big blue family.Fights and arguemnts are not needed becuase we all want to do the same thing and the thing is all of us being in the middle of Manhatten at the rangers parade

OOOOOPS i forgot

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I now why there is something about Ryan Miller that seemed to rub me the wrong way .... he's a freaking whiner.

Complaining that the Rangers "Better give us respect or it'll be a short series for them" wtfever!

Daniel Briere is another whiner ... saying that they won't pay attention to Sean Avery because he's "just another player on their team. Nothing more"

I can't wait for tonight ....

Go Rangers!

sigh, why is tonight Versus exclusive? Do they really want everyone in NY state to care less?

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