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April 25, 2007


Amen, brother Jess.

Let's go Rangers. And maybe, just maybe, the Sabres will be the one's surprised....


Three words Jess, "That was inspirational!"


Wow...I was loving this column when it was about reporters struggling to create bulletin board fodder where none existed.

But you lost me with the left turn into "Woe Is Us" territory. That sounds like Ted Nolan talking.

Here's a story: a couple years ago I was walking down the sidewalk in northern Virginia, Arlington to be specific (a suburb of DC). I'm wearing my Messier jersey. Some halfwit leans out of a passing car to scream "RANGERS SUCK!" at me. Wow...he must have felt pretty strongly to say that. What was I supposed to do? Start wringing my hands at the unreasonable Ranger-hate loose in the world? No way. I bellowed my favorite response to that comment: "LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!" (Hey, it always gives me a chuckle.)

My point is this: the best way to get back at the Haters is to win the Cup and rub everyone's face in it. The best response to "Rangers suck!!" will be "We won the Cup."

But lamenting the fact that our team is hated? Please. We're the most popular team; doesn't it make sense that we'd be the most hated too? People who go out of their way to hate the Rangers for no other reason than simple habit tend to evoke pity (as illustrated by my anecdote). Unfortunately, when you go out of your way to paint the Rangers as the wictims of a vast fan- and reporter-based conspiracy, you evoke the same.

Fact: we excel as underdogs. Let's hope the team puts that to work. Ignore the haters; don't let them pull an Avery on you, Jess.

Hallelujah Jess, and Dubi, keep it coming... GO RANGERS...

Great Post.. And does buffalo really need to manipulate our coaches words to get motivated for a stanley cup playoff game? I never understood that one or bulletin board material at all for that matter.

cutter, i have to agree with you 100%. i don't think there is any need to get defensive as a ranger fan. every other NY pro sports franchise endures the same treatment. it's pretty safe to say that the hatred for the yankees is much worse than it is for the rangers.

As a Ranger fan growing up in Maple Leaf territory I have taken a lot of abuse but that has only made me a BETTER Ranger fan. Leafs fans hate me and I hate the Leafs with a passion. I tell them I have special powers and have put a curse on them so the Leafs won't win the Cup for at least 55 years. With Henrik in net it's possible for this team to win the Cup and after watching Buffalo Vs The Isles, there is no doubt they can be beaten if the Rangers play intelligently.

I'm with Cutter... you sound like an Islanders fan. Let's not become like those crybabies, ok?

Who cares who hates the Rangers? Just let them win the cup and hate the Rangers and their fans that much more.

Hated teams are good teams. Did any teams in the NHL hate the Rangers when they had that soft team at the beginning of this season? The only ones who hated the Rangers were some of us. it wasn't really that we hated them personally, just the way they played. Now that's all changed.

Hey Buffalo, hate us all you want, might even throw you off your game. You've been Averied even before Avery hits the ice against you!

Haven't enjoyed this team as much in a loooooooooooooong time.

You poor Rangers fans, you have to talk each other into supporting your team. That's alright, you don't have much of a team. Now if you were a true blue and gold SABRES fan, you would have all the confidence in the world. We have (and deep down you all know it too) the best team, it's already been proven, but we'll continue to show you over and over till we drink from that cup. GO SABRES!!!!!

I personally love it that Rangers are hated so passionately; it makes each victory taste that much sweeter. Win or lose, being a Ranger fan gives me a certain superiority complex.

Hey OneTeamOneGoal,
Before you state that your team is the BEST, can I remind you that your hockey team is just like your football team, alway a bridesmaid, (remember 74-75, 98-99) but never a bride!!!! thats why Chris Drury will leave your team in the summer, he does not want to be remembered as a "Jim Kelly" So get used to your team being referred to as an old Spinster!!

Oneteam what happen Buffalo dont have a bulletin so u come here aww well enjoy this bulletin because in a week ull see rangers sitting and waiting for their final opponents u stupid b*tch.I canT belive u accualy a part of NY. YOU F'N DISCRASE

Hey Steve K ~ all spunk with no prior thunk,
Thunk definition: past tense for thinking, and in your case for forward thinking

Thank's for your kind words, however irrational. Obviously you can't keep your thoughts on one thing, you go from hockey to football, back to the past, wild ridiculous rumors and wedding day blues. WE ARE THE BEST AND WE'LL SHOW YOU TONIGHT, we are OneTeamOneGoal and we stay focused.

In our heart of hearts, I don't think there's anyone on this board or in the Ranger locker room that thinks Buffalo is a better team. That's nice for a change. The Rangers have all of us believeing, which is not at all an easy thing to do.

I think the team's records over the last half of the year completely bear it out - they're pretty even and it will be a great series.

The Isles exposed a weakness in Buffalo and his name is Ryan Miller. He is very good, don't get me wrong. But we have the better goaltender. The big, bad, Sabres did not play all that well when the Isles got in their faces and stopped being too respectful of their speed.

Stick to your gameplan, play your game, be patient, and it will be Rangers in 6...

Series is not started yet, but Avery already under a skin of players and even fans.
Look at "OneTeamOneGoal" he is scared to death and screaming like sheep at butcher yard.
So funny!

Hey ant,

Translation in English please. All I got was "because in a week ull see rangers sitting and waiting for their final opponents". Buffalo is their final opponent! BUFFALO IN 6

Yes you are a "One Team One Goal" a night, after Henrik Lundqvist is finished with you.
Also remind me what goal has Buffalo ever achieved besides snow records?????
is a
a dull hollow sound; "the puck made a thunk as it hit the post" or was that your was that your hollow head hitting the table when you realized your city of Buffalo sucks in profesional sports, teams, class, and especially fans!!!

More like OneTeamOneBandWagon, you dopey bitc*.

Rangers in 7. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Again, you've shown your intellectual immaturity - no wonder you're routing for the gayngers.

Hey OneTeam"NO"Goal, here is some trivia, read and weep..When was the last time the Sabres won the Stanley Cup: answer NEVER. Or If you like math since They were FOUNDED in 1970 thats 36 YEARS AND COUNTING!!!
Now back to your "No Goal"
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Sabres#.22No_Goal.21.22
In the sixth game, Dallas Stars winger Brett Hull's triple-overtime goal — one that still remains controversial, as Hull's skate was visibly in Hasek's crease — ended the series, and the Stars were awarded the Cup. It is widely speculated that, by the time the Sabres mentioned the foul, the red carpet had already been unrolled at center ice, and the officials refused to acknowledge the non-call. Buffalo sports fans, who have suffered through some of the biggest misfortunes in sports history (such as "Wide Right" and "Music City Miracle"), refer to the game as "No Goal," a phrase still used in Western New York to this day

Guys just don't even bother adding fuel to the fire w/ this one Sabres fan. it's not even worth wasting time responding to him or any other sabres fans that are sure to clog up this board soon. Let's just wait until the series start and then we can let the trash talking begin.

Wipe the floor with Buffalo!!! LET'S GO RANGERS!!!

Yes Ted, I think I silenced OneTeam"NO"Goal for a while, he can't dispute the facts... the truth does hurt.

Hey Ted,

Where you from? It can't possibly be from Rags town, you actually made sense. Not like your other NYC goons, both on the ice and off and especially on this board. Hate to disappoint, but you'll hear more after tonights game.


I want to have your baby! What heartfelt and beautiful words to rally the "True Blue".

Bring your Blue Balloons on Sunday, blow them up at your seat before the start of the game and let them cascade down at the start of the National Anthem.

Let's Go Rangers!

mmhurley ... didn't Jess post that sermon?

Hey, it said Dubi at the bottom. You're right though.

Hey Jess, I want to have your baby, you sentimental old softie you!

I am serious about the balloons!


Methinks my wife would have a problem with that but thank you for those kind words.

Can I settle for some of those cookies you are famous for?

Miller is not a weak spot. anyone who thinks that is dumb. he is an outstanding goalie who is the first reason for Buffalo's resurgence the past couple years.

I root for the Rangers, but I give the sabres their due. they are a strong team, not like the weak atl bunch who rolled over.

OTOG -- The headline reads "Preaching to the Choir" and I'm checking the list here, and I don't see you as a member of the choir. But I'm sure by the time this series is over, you may want to start rooting for New York's ORIGINAL hockey team, from New York's #1 city.

And we can even say, in the case of Buffalo, a team with the most Stanley Cups of any New York team (tied).

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