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April 27, 2007


I have to believe that Karma and great play by our team will bite the Sabres and their fans in the ass ...

People in Buffalo(press and fans) are already deciding that the Devils will be the weaker Conference Finals opponent and thus are cheering them on so they were not happy last night w/ the Devils 5-4 loss ...

Chico Resch, the Devils broadcaster, actually said "The team that wins this series will be very confident that they can beat Buffalo in the Conference Finals" ....

Excuse me but I wasn't aware that the Sabres were already in the Conference Finals ... someone tell the Rangers, quick! *sarcasm* ... if there are hockey gods, which I believe that they are, these comments and these people completely dismissing our team will really come back and bite them in the ass ...

Let's Go Rangers!!!

I just pray that the Rangers are looking at these headlines and it's getting them fired up similar to the whole Avery/Renney comments which supposedly fired up the Sabres for game 1.


Good work on the Buffalo reporters.
God, I hope we get them tonight.

What Dubi left out is down on the farm Nigel Dawe's power play goal in the second period stood up as the Wolf Pack shut out the Providence Bruins 1-0 in game 5 of their opening round series.

Al Montoya stopped all 26 shots as the Pack are now one game away from advancing in the AHL playoffs.

Stay with us here at the Blueshit Bulletin as we will be covering not only the Rangers game but also the attempts by two of the prospects to advance to their respective league finals

I hate VS they got the most dumbest buffalo fans announcers in the world. i wanted to kick my tv during game 1

Actually Dubi tonight's game will be on MSG, at least according to them last night and according to their website.


Thanks for the compliment. Don't know if it was warranted. Only trouble is, I couldn't get my big head through the hotel room door after reading it.

But I'll be put back in my proper place when we have 12 Yankees-Red Sox stories in tomorrow's paper and I've got one wedged in the back of the section.


Actually John your Charlie Brown sized head aside there are very few of the "good guys" left covering hockey so Dubi's words speak for many of us.

I travel the smaller towns and the days of real hockey reporters are sadly coming to an end.

Too many reporters today treat covering hockey as if it is a punishment.

Wow, look out! I am now totally fired up for tonight's game. Gotta love the intensity spilling over to the media.

Thanks Dubi, and go Rangers!

Good report Dubi, once again.

This team, along with its fans are getting on my nerves, I just hope the Karma as Matty alluded ,comes back and bites them.
I just pray We WIN tonight because the Garden will be jumping on Sunday. I think We can do it, just have to stick to the gameplan, and not get rattled. We have to rattle them, one gets passed Miller and He might get rattled. We need Avery to piss him off a little.

LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like that everyone has written off the NYR already. Nothing worse than being over-confident in the NHL Playoffs. Let them write us off. Everyone wrote us off before last season and everyone wrote us off again in the middle of this season....and look where we are now.

First goal is HUUUUUUUGE tonight!!

I am expecting a much, much better performance tonight.



You forgot to compliment my zig-zag shirt and field goal kicking.


I have a suggestion, if Rozsival plays tonight, would it not make sense to dress up Pock as the 7th defenceman/4th line winger? He could take Hollweg spot and all his total 5:29 seconds that he plays. The benifits are enormous it provides:
1) insurance if Rozsival aggravates his injury
2) he can replace Rachunek if he is not playing well
3)Pock grew up playing wing and has been playing defence only 6 years
4)last year Renney played Strudwick on the wing/7th defence early in the season before they traded Maxim Kondratiev, to great success.
5)How many games have the Rangers lost when they are down to 5 defencemen?
I hope Renney has the balls to do it...It can't hurt. If you are worried about toughness, you still have Avery and Shanahan in the line up.

Could I love Jags any more??? His quote sounds like something one of us would've said. Sic 'em Jags!!! I'm feeling SO good about tonight's game, which seems to be on BOTH Vs and MSG networks. I'm watching with Sam and Joe. Enjoy gang!

Jags quote rocks ... I love his sarcasm because I just knew that there was no way that the team wouldn't notice how that city and their media(along with some media around the league) has already penciled the Sabres in for the Conference Finals

Let's Go Rangers!!!

And away we go...........

Let's Go Rangers!! !!!

Here we are an hour from puck drop so it is time for us to break down the game.

For starters the Rangers have to stay focused on the task at hand which is not allowing the Sabres to dictate the tempo and pace of the game. Rangers have some size up front so establishing position in the Sabre crease can cause problems.

When the Rangers stay out of the penalty box they have a better than average chance at winning. Do not let the Refs dictate how the game winds up.

When the Rangers do go on the power play they must make the Sabres pay. The Sabres have a history of emotional meltdowns so if Avery does his job right then we will see the special team's numbers reverse from game 1

Stay with the Blueshirt Bulletin as we bring you updates on the Rangers and our 3 prospects.


I think if Avery is smart, which he has shown he is, then he will know who he can emotionally disrupt ... The team needs to play their game and they cannot make another parade to the penalty box, but that's obvious ...

Let's Go Rangers! Game starts in 12 minutes!!!

Um ... why is Izzy in for Orty? I could see Izzy for Hollweg but for Orty??? I don't get it .. oh well ...

Let's Go Rangers!!!

Very classy of Buffalo fans not to boo soldiers wearing Ranger jerseys during Ronan Tynan's God Bless America salute.

I too am wondering about the choice of Ibby over Orr other than Renney is hoping for more offense out of the 4th line.

Rangers are pressing too much and it shows as passes are just a tad off. If they can relax a bit and play their game those passes will connect


Gee can these announcer be just a tad less biased here?

God I am so annoyed at having to be forced to watch these games on Versus living in South Florida ... I mean ... God! As if they didn't tell us enough how GREAT and WONDERFUL the Sabres were in game 1 ... they just do not shut up about that and how AMAZING Ryan Miller is ... give me a break and just call the game!

Oh well .. I was spared seeing the Sabres score because Versus was away on a COMMERCIAL ... *eyeroll*

I have decided to turn the sound off and watch the game on mute because the wife will kill me if I kick the TV in. Is VS not shown in NYC because every time I turn around there is a Pro Sabre Message out there.

I liked the Rangers play in the first, they need to keep this tempo up but I would start sending a forechecker down the middle as the Sabres have been making some very reckless passes in front of their own net.

The versus annoucers are so pro-Buffalo, because versus is owned by comcast cable, who own the Flyers...So do you think the Flyers want the Rangers to win?? Turn the volume off and play the radio with Kenny Albert

Dubi, anyone: Just wondering, why the Canadian anthem? Does Buffalo always play it? It threw me off.

Jess, yes, few of us in NYC have Vs, which seems to be a blessing in disguise. And Matty, here's a symbol I've always used for an eyeroll: @@

Anyway, tied at one, I'm still feeling confident AND will go so far as to say Pru is due and will score tonight. Goooooo RANGERS!!!!!!!!

I am trying to remain cool but cmon 4 minutes?

What a crock


Great kill boys now make them pay on the PP.

A score here would do a lot of damage to the Sabres

Toots didn't draw blood so I am trying to figure out why the 4 minute minor, whatever


The Sabres did a good job begging for help from the refs LOL

Late period goal are killers

Great job Boys

I guess so Jess, I have to say that the PP by us was great but what about that Great Save that Henrik had just before it??? I love it!

Go Rangers!

yet another malik meatball...does this f***ing guy watch video or not?

Again the Rangers (thanks to Malik) gave the Sabres this game.

It is ok now the Sabres are coming to the Garden and this series is far from over

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