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April 25, 2007


Well Folks as we Ranger fans move under an hour until puck drop there remains just one thing left to do.



Damn, these refs are already brutal. Gonna be another one of those series where you have to beat the team and the bum officiating...

Anyone else feel like the Sabres dominated the first period? Jesus cmon Rangers get it together

Ted, I don't agree, at all! We controlled the play, even during the PP. Most of the shots came from way out. Our ability to get the puck into the attacking zone was done with ease, that has to be addressed by Ruff. Rachunik looks very rusty, he needs to just settle down. Did I see Callahan take a high stick at the BUF goal and Cullen got a penalty! Well, it's Rangers hockey and the refs are in mid-season form. So far, a good away game.

"Anyone else feel like the Sabres dominated the first period? Jesus cmon Rangers get it together"

Not at all. The Rangers started and the Sabres didn't find their game until they started getting handed power plays.

I felt it was even for half the period and once the Sabres started getting those PPs then the Sabres grabbed control.

Tyutin made a key save to help keep the score at 0-0.

Got to remember that the Sabres are more undisciplined than the Rangers and that might help as you have to wonder if the Sabres are going to get frustrated that they are not scoring on Lundqvist.

I had a giggle at the Versus guys seeming shock that Sean Avery was frothing at the mouth and trying to run every single Sabre out there ...

I mean, what are they paid for? Do they not realize that he made the comments to get the Sabres to focus on him as opposed to his teammates? Idiots ...

I am about sick and tired of hearing about how great Ryan Miller is ... whenever the play was in his area and he made saves they would just start singing his praises ...
We played a good road first period ... I am not liking that we get called for the simplest things and yet I saw a clear high stick on Ryan Callahan and a hook on Sean Avery and they weren't called ...

We just need to keep our cool and continue to play our game ... only on the goalie interference did I see the Rangers question a call, otherwise they took their penalty quietly ...

Go Boys!

if rosival is gonna miss time do we start hoping that sudbury loses so that we can get staal?

Can these announcers be ANY more boring. Only time they sound excited is when talking about Ryan Miller




I miss Gary Thorne and Melrose...Were way too flat

Talk about the team falling apart...

Well its only 1 game. Game 2 will eb better

All it took was a bonehead play by Straka to start the circus. They have to play a hard 3rd period just to let Buffalo know that they aren't going to give up...

1) Aren't they trying to grow hockey? Putting these two bores on the game aint the way to do it.

2) On the game, this looks like the last series in reverse. the Sabres are skating circles around the Rangers. the only line that has any jump is callahan cullen and prucha.

Rangers have been down 3 goals before and have come back.

I too am tired of hearing how great Miller is as I have not seen anything special so far from him. What I have seen is that Miller is being allowed to hold onto the puck even when there is no Ranger near him. I always thought that was delay of game

That was pathetic, Sabres just rolled in that 2nd period. Rangers looked like a much weaker team. Game 1 is probably out of reach but the Rangers hafta get it together otherwise it'll be a short series.

And also it seems like the crowd is affecting the Rangers. And although the calls seems like it's all against the Rangers, i only saw 1-2 Sabres plays that might've been called against Buffalo. Refs haven't really been as atrocious as people might think.

I just see Sabres players diving for pucks and backchecking and it seemed like they were just going all out and the Rangers seemed a lot more reserved and held-back.

Gary Thorne blows chunks. He's about the worst announcer ever.

We loose a D'man and keep taking penalties...the defense is exhausted. Remember, I suggested that we dress 7 D's for this first game. I know the 3rd goal was Rachunik lost way out in center ice, lost! I'm not sure who was the D'man on the second, but he was flatfooted, maybe due to killing too many penalties. Need a sound third. If Rozsival is back for game two, Pock should be in the line-up replacing Rachunik. I have yet to see Rachunik really hit somebody and his play with the puck has not been good.

Well, I don't get Versus, but if the announcers are that bad, then I'm happy to listen to Kenny and Dave on the radio. (And check here for insight I can't get elsewhere.) This could still end up tied soon. And if not, it's a seven game series. Too early to panic, people.

And another reason Versus SUCKS? Anyone catch today's print ad in the Post and Times? A great shot captioned "Jaromir Jagr celebrates a goal." Only problem? It's Petr freakin PRUCHA in the picture. My 10-year-old neice would know that. MORONS. Bring back ESPN.

we need a quick goal to reverse momentum

I never realized how much ROSIVAL would be missed.

Straka has been awful. when was the last time he scored a goal?

Watching on delay but Mara was brutal on the last two goals. He allowed the sabre player to cut between him and he was too slow to get over. Third goal, my grandma hits harder than Rachunek as Vanek simply shrugged him off and came in. Then, what's Mara doing sliding on the ice? Don Cherry says never do that as a D man. Just brutal d. That d pairing is a -2.

Well we got one back, but we need to get more physical to slow Buffalo down. Nylander and Straka are horrible tonight, and Shanny isn't too hot either...

Why do I smell fishsticks all of a sudden? I guess someone don't like to watch their heroes play golf...

The only thing that is too deep is the refs being too deep in the Sabres pockets...

Didn't believe in the conspiracy, but how was that a goal (fourth one from Drury)? There has to be conclusive evidence and it certainly didn't look like there was conclusive evidence that Drury scored the goal off of his stick.

Damn, I might as well be listening to the Buffalo announcers as these idiots from TSN sound like they are employed by the Sabres...

I loved how during the review these two versus announcers explained that intent was irrelevant w/ pominville directin it in with the hand.

And of course the explanation for the goal was that it was unintentionally hit w/ his hand, which the versus guys approved of

The good news I take out of this game is that I did not see anything from the Sabres that suggests the Rangers can't beat them in this series.

Really the Sabres did all their damage in a 4 minute span.

Rangers need to go back to what they have been doing and this series will return to NYC tied at 1

Why the hell is Rachunek playing again??? What a non-existtant D-man if I ever saw one. I hope the team that played Atlanta shows up next time...

Nonexistant that is. Lundqvist wasn't that great after the first goal but he was due for an off night. We need to stop taking stupid penalties and keep Rachunek off the ice. Its much worse when Renney puts him with Mr. No-Hit Malik...

Jess I couldn't disagree with you more. What i took out of this game is that the Rangers didn't do anything that suggests they can beat the Sabres.

I'm praying guys like Shanahan and Ortmeyer and Betts are gone after the season so guys like Dubinsky, Dawes, and Bourret can step in and make a difference score wise for this team.

Special teams was the game. Rangers couldn't stop missing the net, and the Rangers got called for 11 or so penalties. Ugh

Dubi please let us know about Rozie when u hear anything

Took penalties? Wow. More like given penalites.
5 d-men and battling the refs......Derek roy just said we found a couple of bounces.....hhahahaha wow shocked. isn't that always the case with this BS team.

I guess Ruff won't complain tonight.


Betts is not going anywhere he got a contract extension Jed is the best PK in a league and Shanny for any 3 u just mentioned would be a crackhead move remember when nobody wanted to score in the begining of the season Shanny did all scoring and with him being out for about a month he still led the team in goals.If we let Shanny go we need somebody from NHL not Hartfort(im sorry Jess thats the way i feel)Drury Briere one guys like that not Dawes

Sorry.4th goal was from Pommenville.

ant i understand that Betts got a contract extension but i was baffled by that move as well, since all he does is win faceoffs, which is absurd. Winning faceoffs isn't all that relatively important in the NHL (compared to putting pucks in the net).

And spare me the "Ortmeyer is a good PK" excuse cuz c'mon we only had the 12th best PK% in the league this year so don't tell me that replacing him will cripple our PK. I'll take a young up-and-comer from Hartford that can score 15 or so goals over Jed Stonehands any day.

And finally Shanahan only scored before January which EVERYBODY PREDICTED. He is like Messier re-incarnate. Better we rid ourselves of him this summer and yes i do agree replacin him w/ someone like Drury/Briere/Gomez would be a huge step up.

but for the love of god don't do what we did last year, which is miss out on Elias and over-pay for a guy like Cullen.

and this goes out to everyone, please stop blaming the refs as the Rangers were outplayed the entire game. This game left a sour taste in everyone's mouth and i just pray that 1)Rozsival isn't severly hurt and 2)The rangers come out strong on Friday and blow away the Sabers. All we need to split the series in Buffalo and we can still be in good shape

Refs did it.

Ant it is ok I understand how you feel and we all can't agree on everything.

Ted-Agree to disagree here OK? I think the Sabres with a lot of help from the refs were given momentum. I will say that all those PPs the Sabres were given helps them tonight.

The Rangers had their moments in the game but were not out played the entire game.


Rangers are not down and the series is far from over so no need to panic.

Ted i agree with u about Betts i never said hes good i just said hes not going anywhere.I also agree with u about missing out on good players and paying tons of money for a player like Cullen(even tho i like him he does not worth 3 mills).But Jed even tho hes not good scorer its just his persona things he over came and the way he sacrafices his body to block shots nobody else does tht on out team

I really wonna see Pock back.What happened to Renneys "i wont take anybody out unless i see itll benefit the team"

Jess and ant thank you for not exploding for i did not mean my comments to angrily oppose you guys. Rather my comments came mostly out of frustration after a very bad playoff loss against a team i despise much more then the Isles and Devils (and almost as much as the Flyers)

Renney screwed up by not leaving Pock in there. Ruchunek is not that good. With Rosival's injury, Ruchunek will probably play with Malik.

Team in general was flat, let's see if they can bounce back on Friday. Hossa was their best forward.

I completely agree with Jess. The Rangers were the better team for the first 10 minutes, then started taking and getting called for bad penalties. And even then, it was still 0-0 halfway through the game, the Rangers had killed off 5 penalties and were playing effectively 5-on-5. The they had one of those collective brain farts where for 5 minutes everyone is playing baseball instead of hockey. Third period they looked much better again.

The Sabres are world beaters in spurts - I've seen this at the Garden this year too. but they have their moments of unraveling too and when they do hopefully things even out.

Still, Mara, Rachunek, Straka and Shanny need to be better - much better.

"And finally Shanahan only scored before January which EVERYBODY PREDICTED. He is like Messier re-incarnate. Better we rid ourselves of him this summer and yes i do agree replacin him w/ someone like Drury/Briere/Gomez would be a huge step up.

but for the love of god don't do what we did last year, which is miss out on Elias and over-pay for a guy like Cullen."

Ted, I normally agree with you, (in fact, I agreed with literally half your post before I read the quote from above) but dropping Shanny after 1 year unless he actually calls it quits, would say a lot about the Rangers as an organization. Shanny pre/post concussion is about a quarter of this team's heart. We need him and his right handed shot, period. I think Cullen really picked up his play once Renney started using him the way he was SUPPOSED to be used. Expectations put on Cullen was that of if we had just signed Sakic.

If the Rangers are smart, they outbid everyone and sign Drury. It becomes more and more obvious how vital that guy is to Buffalo. I'd even go as far as to say that he should, by far, sign a bigger paycheck than Briere come summertime.

Exactly what has Elias done this year? He stunk all year. I'll take Nylander for another year over him. Without Parise and possibly even Gionta, the Devils might not be in the playoffs. Gomez wasn't spectacular either. And yes, Marty is overrated. Good, but he's no Roy.

And in regards to tonight's game. The Rangers have an uncanny ability to look like they're rusty from a week off and look like they played a game the other night, at the same time. Really. Talk about bi-polar. And those penalties, at least half were a joke. I don't even wanna get started.

I don't wanna criticize Renney for playing Karel over Pock because I know there are people that are going to say, "But Phill, if the Rangers had won, you wouldn't be complaining". Yeah, you're probably right. However, I still don't understand the logic of fixing something that's not broken. Sit Hollweg, sit Orr. Dress Pock and Karel. Now we have to because of Rosival's injury...but yeah, nevermind. I'm sleep deprived, angry and just disappointed.

The Versus telecast had me begging for Sam and Joe within 5 minutes.



Phil, i'll admit that not re-signing Shanahan might look awfully bad as a PR move and he's had a good season as a Ranger when healthy, but my concern still is that he will fade down the stretch of a long season. Lately his play has picked up so i might be making something outta nothing but it is frustrating watching the 5 on 3 power play and having him miss the net 2-3 times.

As for Elias, yea Nylander had a better year then him but he still had 69 points in 75 games which certainly isnt $7 mill a year good but not bad. Perhaps he's a bad example so i feel somebody like Drury/Briere is a better example. They should be good for 90-100 points on this rangers team next year.

Also Rachunek was "shaking my head" bad as he was just all over the ice. Reminded me of the way he played ALL SEASON before those 2 weeks of above averageness followed by the MCL injury. I don't see Renney sitting him though so hopefully he'll turn it around.

Finally i don't think the Orr/Hollweg debate is worth discussing as Renney might wanna realize that the Sabres are too deep to roll 4 lines with and just try rolling the first 3 instead....

Yeah, Ted I see your point and agree as well. I mean, I think he'll be more useful to us than Messier was those last 4 or so seasons. He's loved by his teammates and I'm sure he'll teach the new/future Blueshirts next year a thing or two.

It was incredibly frustrating to watch the Rangers completely screw up the 5 on 3. They score twice and it's 3-2 with 10 minutes left to play. It was so predictable and that was the problem. Shanny was being forced to take shots that weren't from the best position because they could've been blocked easily, so I'm assuming some of his missed/saved shots were a byproduct of that. It was simple, corner off the perimeter guys, get in Shanny's face because everyone watching the game knows that Straka's slapshot is no better than Renney's slapshot from the point.

Karel definitely did look like it was game 1 of the NHL regular season after the lockout. Terrible. And yeah, if the Rangers had Drury this season, like I've said times before, the Rangers would've finished with over a 100 points, easily.

Lastly, the 4 lines thing. I don't have a problem with the 4th line, as long as they do their job. Aka neutralize the damn opposing line and provide some grittiness. I don't expect Ol' Stonehands, Ryan "Boarding" Hollweg and Mr. "I can't play make" Betts to score, pretty much ever.

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