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March 30, 2007


Is Sanguinetti gonna be able to join the Pack for their playoffs?

I never thought I would say this but sit Straka and play Isbister. Straka has been horrible. Also stop playing him on the point on the power play. THey need someone with a heavy shot.


My e-mail has been flaky lately, problem with ISP. Did you ever respond to my last email about Amy? If so, please forward it again, e-mail should be OK now. Thanks.

If isbister plays Cally is out.Couple of games we looked like a Stanley cup team.Now with Straka and im sorry to say this Shanny back in a line up we back to looking like a 1st round team.I love Shanny dont get me wrong but hes not the same as he was before concussion.

According to Weinman and Zipay, Ortmeyer's a possible scratch with a minor knee injury suffered against Montreal on Tuesday.

Shanahan spent 3 weeks or so unable to perform any physical activity. Of course he's not going to look like the player he was before the concussion. But the only way for him to regain his timing and game shape is to play. With 5 assists in 4 games since coming back, it's hard to say he's hurting the team.

I agree with Laurie about Shanny. I don't like Isbister but what are you gonna do. If you told me I would miss Hossa at the beginning of this year I would have reserved a padded room for you.

Sometimes a team can hit upon a successful combination regardless of the individual talent involved, and the Rangers had seemed to have found that before Shanny and Straka returned. Isbister has the hands of Venus De Milo, yet he was always around the puck.

Just keep Shanny off the PK. He doesn't need to be out there. If he's there to spell a player, such as tomorrow with Orts out, that's one thing. But he cannot be a regular part of the PK.

I've been too many times hurt to figure "we're in" yet, but odds look good. The out of town scores tonight look good so far (though the Les Shabs just made it 3-2) and the Rangers have the "good" kind of problems that winning teams have during the season: who's to be scratched? With Tyutin on the verge of returning and with Shanny back, these are all good problems. I agree with need more of Callahan and Prucha. And what about Hossa? Any chance he'll be back this week? Go Blueshirts. Beat the Phreakin' Phlyers!

Overall, a very good night for the Rangers. Only team to gain ground on them was Tampa Bay, but now the Rangers have the game at hand on them...

hahaha fishsticks put playoffs tickets for sale thats hilirous

Love the spin on NYR.com on the Rangers and the draft year of 04. Is Cally the only player from that draft year to make it to the big club at this time? Meanwhile, it seems like everyone else has people playing from that draft year.

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