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March 29, 2007


Hey Dubi. Sorry to be a stickler but on the Hockey News poll MSG is ranked at #10, tied with Colorado & Minnesota, as a tough building to play in.

Best thing TR can do with the lines is have JJ switch in mid shift to the the left wing. It confuses the hell out of the defenders when he is not in his office at the upper right of the face off circle.

Oh, I didn't see it tucked over there on the side -- I didn't realize they had multiple entries. Thanks for letting me know.

It's too bad that they don't have the link to the printed story. Avery couldn't believe he was voted as "Most overrated" and asked if it was a multiple choice question. Plus, they ran a funny, defiant photo of him. The l'il s.o.b. is growing on me....

Its not gonna be a walk in a park on saturday.Gagne Knuble Biron are all playing and by seeign yestedray game against CAR they can hurt.Rangers better come out the same way they did in the garden but it wont the same becuase Biron will be in the net this time and we all know that biron is a good goalie.

the Rangers have been a way better team since Avery arrived. he may be disliked by opponents because he chirps and gets under their skin, but for Ranger fans he is vastly UNDERrated. He is the main catalyst for the Ranger rejuvenation behind Henrik.

Just got my issue of THN in the mail, so I added some of Avery's comments in the main post for anyone who is interested.

Avery is the best move made prior to the deadline. The guy has bought spirit to this team as well as leadership. Without Sean we would not be where we are right now. There is a reason He has become a fan favorite in the Garden, as well as one of my favorites. He is an agitator who can play and We haven't had a player like him since Tikkanen.

There is no player like him in the entire league with such grit and skill. I only wonder why We didnt get Him sooner.

I hope he signs here for the long term.
Jess- you still don't like the trade?

Im hoping Avery will sign here for a while as well..and people are saying that they hope shanny doesnt resign here...crazy or what....also will NYR resign ortmeyer...i really hope they do hes one of my fav rangers......

"Avery is the best move made prior to the deadline." Agreed Rob but Mr Mara is getting my attention too. What an upgrade he turned out to be. Cheers to both.

What a full-service site! Thanks for adding Avery's comments, Dubi. My issue was at home when I paraphrased his reaction so I couldn't copy it, nor could I find it at their site. Has anyone ever called him "Sh-Ornery?" (Webster's: Ornery: Having a mean disposition. Obstinate.)

Yep. Shornery!

And NYMag ran a short bit (High-rise for a High-sticker?) on Avery in their real estate/gossip section. Seems he's looking to buy downtown. Although they mention a place on W 28th called the Onyx he looked at and that's not exactly downtown. So, maybe they've been flirting with an RFA deal over the summer. Keep your eyes open folks, he's not tucked away in leafy Westchester.

Also, former savior—I mean Ranger—Eric Lindros has his Morton Square apt for sale. He bought it in fall 2004 for $2.5M.

Def agree with you BOB, Mara has been a major upgrade as well, We got younger and better at the deadline. Both great moves.

Atlanta and Toronto is 1-1 at the end of the 1st.

Toronto lost in OT....SO at least they did not get 2pts.

Toronto got a point, lost on PPG in OT.
It's all in out hands. 7 points out of 10 ought to lock it up.
But let's just win these first 4, against a last place team, and the 3 teams chasing us, so the Saturday Pitt game is just a tuneup.


No I still do not like the deal mainly because Avery I expect to wear out his welcome. I have watched his act over the years being on the West Coast and he is a dirty player I dislike divers and even worse I dislike someone who makes racial remarks as Avery has done.

I am sure he will get his desire which is a new deal with the Rangers but I will get to watch Marc-Andre Cliche develop into a all around player in the NHL.

Avery was a good move.

Mara was a good move.

Sometimes you have to give up some prospects which may never play at the nhl.

2 very good deals no matter how you slice it.

If the rangers make the playoffs then the Avery deal is officially a solid deal by the rangers. J Ward was going nowhere fast, Marek was never gonna sign with the Rangers (and he's already 27), Cliche seems pretty steep but perhaps the organization knows something we don't, or maybe they were simply taking the chance, or maybe they figured with guys like Callahan Dubinsky Immonen Korpikoski and even younger dudes like Pyatt and Kveton that Cliche wasn't a necessity.

And certainly nobody in their right mind will argue that trading Aaron Ward for Mara was a bad move. He's been a steady addition and if he keeps playing like this, the Rangers should think about locking him up long term.

I think for all the bashing Sather gets from Rangers fans (and certainly some of it is warranted), he deserves a lot of credit for some of the trades he made after New Years. Unfortunately this was after some pretty bad signings and the Sandis Ozolinsh debacle. Overall, Sather has had a sub-par season.

Rob - what about Barnaby. He was after Tik and of the same style.

I realize Avery has made a couple of racial remarks, but don't you think it's time to move on? What ever happened to second chances/forgiving/giving a clean slate? If he does it as a Ranger, then okay, rip him apart, whatever. Some people make it sound like (not you Jess) we traded for Bertuzzi the day after his mugging of Moore. Calling him a dirty player is your opinion, but you have to agree the Rangers NEEDED someone like him. The Rangers were these soft group of players that never stood up for one another and that attitude certainly changed when he got here. I credit him more than everyone else (Lundqvist, Mara), for turning the Rangers around this season. No offense Jess, but I'm sure your bias towards your prospects doesn't help when people ask if you liked the Avery deal.

If Koverko deserves benefit of the doubt, so does Avery. He's 26. When a lot of that nonsense occured, he was even younger. And he seems to have matured.
The depth of forward prospects allowed this high-risk, high-reward move. And so far, so good. His no-fear, us-against-them approach has been good for the team.

I saw Avery last week at a Knicks game with Messier. He certainly knows who to hang out with.

Give Sather some cedit for making these deals. Where would the Rangers be without Mara/Avery. I personally love the Avery trade, I think it turned around (hopefully) a pretty frustrating season. Think about the Rangers NOT making the playoffs. With all this talent they were picked by many to go to the Stanley Cup final. Yes I want the Devils in the first round. I want to humiliate them;punish Brodure;stain his legacy;hurt them. One more thing... Is it me or are the Devils tanking games against teams the Rangers have to beat to get into the playoffs....Z

They made 2 very good trades. If these trades were made in NJ, you'd never hear the end of how great the GM is. To question them at this point is just absurd (looking at you, Jess).

It's impossible to judge a trade so soon, especially when it involves so many contingencies. When the Rangers traded for Mike Dunham and Dunham started out so well that Mark Messier called him the reason the Rangers were off to such a good start, it looked like a steal for an overage draftee who was too small to be an NHL defenseman and didn't want to play in North America. But Dunham got hurt, the Rangers missed the playoffs again, and Marek Zidilicky became a big part of what is now one the league's best teams.

Just a month ago, the Islanders were lauded across the continent for their bold move to land Ryan Smyth to guarantee their playoff future. It already looks like they gave up a lot of good prospects for a guy who could very well leave for another team next season without them even making the postseason. And still, despite all that, there is time for that outlook to turn around.

So with Sean Avery, the deal certainly looks like a steal right now. The guy has infused life into the team with his physical and offensive play, while the Kings have nothing to show for it. But there is a future to this deal -- and the burden of proof still rests with Avery to show that he has staying power with a team, that he truly has matured (which is hard to imagine can happen overnight as it appears in his case). Meanwhile, the Rangers haven't made the playoffs yet, and the assets they gave up are years away from us being able to draw any conclusions. At this moment, big win for the Rangers. Next year? The year after? We have to wait and see.

well sure, but to emphatically state that that you don't like this deal, come on. That's ridiculous, and on moral grounds too. What a boy scout.

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