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March 24, 2007


To be fair I want to inform OUR readers as to what has been going on:

Earlier this week Dubi and I received word that Trevor had been suspended from the Oshawa Generals. We both took steps to contact Trevor to find out what was going on.

What we have discovered so far is part disappointing and very much questionable behavior by both the GM/Coach Brad Selwood and a reporter for the DurhamRegion.com

The article to many of you will not seem bad unless you know what to look for. http://www.durhamregion.com/dr/sports/columns/story/3916647p-4528105c.html

Selwood called Koverko a repeat offender of breaking team rules but as there is another side to a story that is the case here as well.

What disgusts me is this reporter makes NO EFFORT to get Koverko's side of the story. He jumps in and makes the assumption that Koverko is a problem child. I sent him an email asking him to discuss why he did not offer any balance to the story or even make an effort to talk with Koverko but so far he has not responded so I will make a second effort to contact him.

On Thursday I contacted the Generals myself and spoke with the director of media relations, Roger Lajoie who said in no uncertain terms that Koverko was a part of the team and is expected to be in the lineup on Friday night.

Without mentioning my source of information I told him that I had information that Koverko had been booted. The response was "You have a very bad source of information and you should cut that source off".

No sooner than I hung the phone than I received an email which is in fact this article so I called the Generals again and this time left a voice mail for Coach Selwood asking him to explain Koverko's status.

I have on my cell phone a voice mail from Coach Selwood which in fact confirms Koverko's being booted.

In the next issue we will get into detail giving Koverko's side of the story explaining why he supposedly broke team rules and the circumstances involved.

I will make a second effort to contact this reporter to allow him a chance to explain his "coverage" I also urge those of you who have seen/chatted with Trevor on Mitch's chats to follow the links to contact said reporter (heck screw that here is his email addy: scayley@dunhamregion.com and ASK HIM what kind of writer does not give a kid a chance to defend himself?)

We are not doing this to generate publicity for the next issue but in honesty we do owe it to our subscribers to give them the priority stories.

Had the team simply booted him off the team then we would have little to question. After all it is their team and they have the right to make rules.

What we are seeing here is a smear campaign against a good kid who did ONE DUMB THING. Want to know what it is? He was at the movies, he was not out being an underage drinker. He was not out getting into a fight or causing trouble. He was attending a movie with his girlfriend and I am sorry given all that has gone on in this world it was a cheap lame excuse for the Generals to damage his career.

We will have more on this story for sure

Will Roche and Koverko be added to the Wolfpack taxi squad?
some notes from the Wolfpack's online scoresheet
Olver and Reese did not dress for Wolfpack last night.
Pikkareinen finally played an AHL game
Somehow Chris Holt gave up a goal within 10 seconds of replacing Montoya...

If I wasn't broke from spending a ton of money for my girlfriend's birthday, I would definitely subscribe to Blueshirt bulletin today. I have a ton of respect for all the writers here, especially Dubi. With that said, expect my subscription sometime soon.

This first period is giving me knots in my stomache. I'm trying to tone down by saying Malik is looking somewhat stunned. Killing that two man disadvantage hopefully will give them dome jump...

Some jump that is,,,

Malik is trying hard to lose this one

"The GM ratings from the Hockey News -- Glen Sather ranks #24."

With his record in NY, he must have bought some votes. He stinks on a "good" day.

Yeah ant, I notice that too...

About time they made us pay for playing like s#*t maybe this going to wake us up

Lets see, Rozsival caught out of position then makes a lame attempt to block shot. End result 1-0 Bruins...

As soon as Straka is back with Nylander-Jagr, the Rangers look slow and lose the puck at the offensive blue line with regularity as well as allowing the opposition to outshoot them. Keep these 3 as far apart as possible! Please!

Brilliant, Hollweg. Absolutely mindless.

jesus 5 minute major?

The whole team is taking stupid penalties today. Real dumb move by Hollweg though...


"there remains one inescapable conclusion -- fighting sells tickets..."

It does? Has there ever been any real analysis of this question?

And the reason that only canadian papers are keeping up with this story is because only canadian papers have a big enough constituency of readers who care. The majority of media outlets in the US care only about the "shocking" incidents - simon's stick, Orr's knockout punch. The US media doesn't care about the real issue: whether the NON-shocking incidents - the day-to-day goon-on-goon fights - are good or bad for hockey.

Brad Selwood was a crappy player, and it appears he is also a crappy coach and GM. I wonder how many "team rules violations" there were during the course of the season. I suspect that Selwood did not have control and decided to make an example out of Koverko. That said, it is not too bright to blow curfew the day after the coach lectured the club about it. It does smack of someone who may have been challenging the coach's authority.

Having Malik on the point for the PP is like having another player for the other team. This team just didn't prepare for another important game...

Damn, Jagr should just throw a saddle on some of the guys he's trying to ride...

The Rangers played with lots more intensity with the kids in the line-up. This team is stinking the joint up today...

well we playing just like we did in the middle of the season


Thank you Pockie!!!

That's one point in the barn.

Now for the other point...

That was a HUGE win. Pock stole this one...

Great come from behind win!

gotta go with henrik stealing this one

How in the f!@* did we win this game?

YESSSS BABY!!!!!!!!!......WE STOLE IT.


Hey dont question how we won just enjoy it..Hey this team is what Marty does for the Devils so....LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

if Renney plays the SNJ combo tomorrow on the Island, he must be betting the Rangers to lose in Vegas. That trio sucks together. And all the hustle players play too little when the trio are on the same line.

A sign of a good team is when you can play your C game and win - they did that today. Nice to get this win even if only a handful of players played well. One thing that I hope gets fixed by tomorrow is the power play - with Straka out of the lineup the PP started to heat up - when he comes back today it was terrible again. With Straka being useless on the PP and having a system that has one player behind the goal line, it seems that a PP is 3 on 4 sometimes. But the big story is the Lundqvist - I think the slow start will prevent him from winning the Vezina, but I think he should be a finalist for sure.

Hank. Grand Larceny.

Clearly looking ahead to tomorrow. Almost cost 'em.

Can't wait.

Henrik stole the game for us today, plain and simple ... 40 saves ... he's amazing ... Jagr set up the play that got Pock to score the game tying goal so when ripping Jagr do mention that ...

Jess, what happens to Trevor now? Can he go and play with the 'Pack? Or does his age prevent him from leaving Juniors?

Is anybody notice Herik score a goal and Henrik stole a game?

Sorry about Koverko but come on Jess, you're a bigger hack than this Oshawa reporter will ever be. Maybe he's doing a little pimping for the Generals but, the article is fine.

I'm not sure Hank stole this one. His bad pass from behind the net cost him the first goal. No doubt, he stepped up when it counted...Jagr with a shootout goal and Lundqvist a stop for the win. He made up for the earlier mistake. Good win, puts pressure on the Isles. Keep it up! It looked to me like they were looking ahead and it almost cost 'em. Been a Pock fan for a long time, this could have been the most important win so far this season!

I'm sure Hank stole this one. Other than the penalty kill, there was little energy from anyone. He was the Rangers best player, by far, and the game's first star. If he wasn't responsible for this two points, who was?

I think we all agree, we did not deserve 2 points yet somehow they refuse to lose. I like that attitude but would like to see it in the first, second and the rest of the third. Pulling this out with a minute something was huge. Why is it again Jags said he can't score on the shoot out? : )
Need a much better effort tomorrow and that number one line needs some retooling or something.

I think today was the "letdown" game .. they were geared up to play the three home games ... one was on St. Patty's day and the Garden was rocking, the other against one of the top teams in the conference who always play us tough, the Pens, and the final one an emotional matchup with the Return of Shanny not to mention what happened in our last game against them and then that same night 21 seconds in ... We knew Boston was going to play better today due to how we humiliated them last weekend and how Montreal humiliated them in their last game ... I think we were looking ahead too much to tomorrow's game in that a lot of our passes were off as well as our skating legs ...

Henrik did steal this game because even with the give-a-way that lead to Boston's lone goal, the Bruins had the best of the scoring chances through the first two periods and the first part of the third ... He kept it from being 2-0 or worse .. HE stole that game for us until Pock scored and then Jagr sealed it in the SO again with Henrik's help ...

My point is we were not totally outplayed and therefore it was not a "steal". We gave up 5 more SOG, but BOS got 9 more minutes of PP time. No doubt, Lundqvist was the best player out there but others played just well enough against an inferior team to keep it close. Pock converted a mistake for the tying goal, Jagr put us up by one and Hank made up for his error. Can't play like that tomorrow. Two of the biggest points so far this year, so if it's a steal or a gift or a fluke...I really don't care, just keep getting two points every night.

Valid points, Ranger. But, we were so listless and lethargic that Hank was the difference, I thought. As you said, they'll have to be much, much better tomorrow. Mo arguing that point.

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