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March 24, 2007


So Koverko has been run off 2 OHL teams now...

where there's smoke, there's fire.

Was never gonna be a NHL'er anyways.

Just watched the game on DVR. Frankly I fast forwarded through most of it because the Rangers didn't show up to play. They looked slow and off most of the night. They better shape up for tomorrow.


The Attack traded Koverko to get him playing time, they did not run him off.

Sad to see that you judge a person by whether he is going to be a NHL player.

Should I judge you based upon what you wrote here?

After all if there is smoke there is fire.

If I did then I could suggest that you would not make it as a human being.

He was god awful for the Attack, that's all I know. Why the personal attack on me? Because I don't think Koverko is a very good hockey player? so what, he isn't.

As for you calling the Oshawa side of the story biased, HELLO, you're obviously friends with the kid, which is fine, but how the hell do you expect to be objective?

It looks pretty black and white, coach holds meeting telling team to pick up their socks and that day Koverko misses curfew, AGAIN! he's also, reportedly, missed more than one practice.
What do you want the coach to do?

I'm kind of with Dunny on this one. If this kid misses practices & breaks team rules (no matter how silly they may seem to us) he needs to be accountable for that. I dont think he was dealt with too harshly. Discipline is a big factor in being a professional in any field. He has shown he lacks it. He's probably a great kid, but if he was missing practices in the NHL, he would be dealt with in a very similar way & probably suspended by the team. so I agree about the article that was written about him in the local paper being one-sided, but i dont think their's much to say about him. doesn't matter where he was or what he was doing. he messed up multiple times now and he's paying for it. end of story.

Jess, the Rangers recently signed Pyatt a 4th round 05 draft pick. Have they signed Staal, Sauer and the other kids picked before Pyatt? Please explain what signing or not signing a draft pick signifies...thx

Dunny, Jess started off his report by saying he was biased in favor of the kid, so you can't fault him for that. But the lack of depth in the Oshawa story is evident in your comments -- Trevor broke curfew just that one time, not more than once. No one actually saw him breaking curfew -- he was seen at a movie theater a half hour before curfew. Because he had an hour drive home, they figured it was impossible for him to make it back in time. When they asked him, he readily admitted it, he didn't try to hide it or deny it. His mistake in breaking curfew may have just been not factoring in his long drive home from the movie he was taking in.

And had the Oshawa reporter done his job and called Trevor, he would have learned that the two practices Trevor missed, one was an optional off-ice session that the team excused him from due to a snow storm that made it difficult for him to make the one hour drive, and the other he was excused from to be a pallbearer at his uncle's funeral. Jess is investigating these claims to make sure Trevor's story checks out -- because he has so far gotten contradictory stories from the team itself, we have reason to believe that Trevor may have been scapegoated for reasons beyond his own mistake, which doesn't seem grievous enough to warrant expulsion from the team one the eve of the playoffs.

pg -- Staal and Sauer have already been signed by the Rangers to entry level contracts. We don't have details of their terms, but they no doubt follow the CBA's specifications for entry level contracts, the only real unknown being their dollar value (although one can assume that Staal's is close to the max). They don't kick in until the player turns pro, which in both cases will happen as soon as their current junior seasons end.

I'd like you to do some real investigating of the refs, and who decides to call it tight etc. The NHL needs to feel the heat rather than blame players, who are trying to earn a good living. When they police the league with more creditablity, then players won't have to take matters into their own hands. Being vindictive, among other things, is not a good trait for a league. Somewhat fair would be something to strive for.

Bill Clement is completely clueless. On the NBC pre-game, he just said that Jaromir Jagr is playing the "best hockey of his career." What a clown...he's lost.

Prucha and Cally get tackled after dump ins. Avery gets tripped during a break out. Wonder what else will be ignored? And it's only the first period!

scinoc i also heard that i found that really hilirous

Dunny and Ros

Because things are not black and white as you may think. Both of you are seeing one side of the story. There is more to it like why Trevor not billeted in Oshawa with the rest of the team like the OHL says players are supposed to be.

Why was a "repeat offender" allowed to continue as an assistant captain after some of his offenses? Every other team I have covered removed letters after the first offense.

I have acknowledged my own bias from the get go and am taking great pains to insure that all parties involved get a chance to defend themselves something that was not given to Trevor by the Durham Region.


Go back and look at what you said, you made a claim that Koverko was "run off 2 OHL teams" when that was not the truth. Yet the only thing you complained about was my response to you.

You did not acknowledge that what you said was incorrect or retract it but look how fast you are to complain about my response. Had you said "Ok maybe I was wrong about him being run off 2 teams" then what I said about you would have been wrong. You thought only of yourself need I say more about my judgement of you?

Ant -- How can Clement make a statement like that? Absurd.

The refs are favoring the fishsticks IMO, but the Rangers look slow again. A couplke of dumd penalties early. I hope this team gives Lundqvist a break today...

A couple of dumb penalties that is...

Refs are trying to steal the spotlight...Another game battling the team and the refs..Avery got tripped, high sticked by DP and Prucha got interfered with by Sean "over the" HIll.


I saw the Rangers commit four penalties, they were called for three -- I saw the Isles commit six penalties, they were only called for one.

Actually, I didn't see Cullen's penalty, as it was behind the play off camera, a slash. I assume he committed it, but I assume too that it was in response to being hit behind the play himself (that is not included in my six Islander penalties because I didn't see what happened there).

Colton Orr with the games first goal, go figure. Great hard working goal though...

The Rangers are finally starting to get some calls, but I still counted six penalties in the second period but only three calls, including no call at all when the Isles attacked Orr after his goal. Meanwhile, the Rangers may have gotten away with one, and were just called on another (Orr), but the call on Nylander was bogus.

Here they go. What horribly stupid penalties...

Glad they killed those two off. The obvious penalty the refs missed is when Smyth grabbed Shanahans leg. This kept Shanny from joining a developing break-out...

These refs are brutal...

In light of the Isle penalties that were ignored in the first period, these calls are friggin disgusting. Friggin disgusting.

What a job by the refs to screw us.well now refs might call the game fair since fishsticks scored

A game of this importance, and the referees refuse to let them decide it. Ticky-tack garbage calls time after time. Yet, they're worried about legislating fighting out of the game.

to be fair the isles have played a far more aggresive game then the rangers, who just look weak. Penalties aside, we're lucky it's still tied w/ a little over 11 minutes left.

In the words of Bluto: "Bl@w J@b "

Agree that the Isles are playing a quick, aggressive game and that THAT'S the way you make your own breaks.

That said...

EVERY SINGLE Ranger dump in, the forechecker is grabbed AT LEAST as much as Ortmeyer's 5 on 3 penalty...certainly as much as Smith's shooting the leg on Shanny...

Crap line combos again on the Island spell doom for the Rangers no matter how good Henrik plays. JJ line stinks up the ice. Avery at Center is a mistake. Having JJ follow the 4th line is insane.
The 1-2-2 forecheck is making the Islanders get to center ice zone with no challenge. The Islanders need to worry about skating 100 feet to the net instead of 200 because Renney refuses to allow two Rangers chase the Islanders

Straka is one of the dumbest hockey players on the Rangers. He has no clue what to do.

How many times has Jagr missed the net? 10? It's ridiculous.

IF the Rangers fail to win today they should point right at the 5 on 3 and their constant passing instead of shooting the puck on net.

Nothing frustrates me more than watching them have a 2 man advantage and doing most of the penalty killing themselves by not getting the puck on net.

Jess, you said it in a nutshell...

We get a point, but Renney hasn't a clue about taking this team to the next level. The PP is so predictable its sickening. They also played much better without Straka and Dubinski in the lineup...

With Dubinski in the lineup...

another big win

Nice pass by Shanny to Nylander to end it, but I hope that point we gave them don't come back to bite us in the butt...

Good point Laserman!

The refs gave them one, we took two. I'll settle for that after playing on tilted ice for most of the game.

Don't argue with the point to the Islanders. We probably didn't deserve two points, but glad we got 'em. We were fortunate to get to OT.


NYLANDER....LET THEm have their little point We'll take 2 baby....



I can't help thinking that we could have had Nolan behind our bench. I see what he's done with the fishies and it makes me wonder what if...

I love the people who say we didnt deserve the 2 pts please people....WE WON who cares.

Complain about how We didnt deserve two points and I'll enjoy and hopefully others will enjoy the WIN with me.


They should have raised their sticks at Center Ice, The place was half full of Ranger fans...

Yeah T_Bird, the ice was definitely tilted, and agreed about maybe not deserving to get to OT...

sure we "gave away" a point but certainly u guys are aware of how huge the W is. First tiebreaker is wins so rangers are in real good shape against everyone except TB/ATL.

After Montreal on tuesday rangers will have 3 days off to rest so if they can pull out one more win there they'd be in considerably good shape

At least lately instead of losing these kind of games, we are figuring out how to win them...

In my point of view Rangers got much more quality chances.

The Rangers need to stop giving away points and start winning in Regulation.

While those are so busy being happy with the win and not caring then they had best pray the Rangers do not lose even a single game in regulation the rest of the way.

We can complain all we want about the refs BUT the Rangers had chances to win the game in regulation but failed to take advantage of those chances.

For now they jump into 6th but like I said they have to keep winning or else they could drop out

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