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March 27, 2007


Thought this was interesting

From TSN

The New York Islanders' playoff hopes have suffered a significant blow. Netminder Rick DiPietro is out indefinitely, suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Sources tell TSN DiPietro is not feeling well and did not pass a neuro-psychological exam and will be out of the lineup until he feels better and can pass the test.

New Reports are circulating that Fishstick goaltender Rick DiPietro is suffering from post-concussion syndrome and is out indefinitely.


Three keys for tonight: stay out of the box, stay out of the box, and STAY OUT OF THE DAMN PENALTY BOX

It's never cool to be happy that somebody has post-concussion syndrome. It's not "good" that this happened to DiPietro. Remember Richter. These are still freaking human beings no matter who they play for.

And yes, the team needs to stay out of the damn penalty box.

I guess the Islanders didn't get the memo about concussions. Way to rush your 15 year man back into the line-up. Wonder how Wang-chung feels about the handling of his long-term investment. What a silly organization.

Chris Simon's supposed concussion was not "diagnosed" after the game but at a private clinic the next day. "Exhibiting concussion like symptoms" was the catch phrase.

DiPietro was held out due to a "sore neck" but comes back and it now looks like he played with a concussion.

What is wrong with that picture??

I guess the Islanders need to make the playoffs at any cost, including that of their 60 million dollar man.

I don't like to see anyone hurt but let the excuses begin.....

Jesper just explained my comment ok godot


Ant .... is there a need for writing in all caps?

Godot is 100% correct. It is never a "good" thing for any athlete to be injured specially this type of injury. I don't care if some Islanders fans and a lot of players on that team and officials on that team have no class and wouldn't respect us in the same manner .. DP is a human being and a young athlete who is now suffering what could be a career threatening injury, the type of injury that caused young Bret Lindros to retire at 23(that was the age right?) so no, it's not good ...

now for DP's injury ... the Islanders organization, specifically their medical staff is to blame here ... It was clear that DP had suffered a concussion two weeks ago, but Dunham wasn't stopping crap so they rush him back ... it is beyond me that they did so .. Shanny even said, when he was coming back, that he was glad that they had people testing him and making certain he was 100% before he got back because if they had left it up to him he would've been back playing 2 weeks sooner so if DP declared himself fit to play they should've not taken his word for it if that's what they did ... I mean, isn't the thing to do in these cases is to wait a week after he's hasn't experienced any concussion side-effects before doing another test to make sure that he's good to go? Did they do that?

I hope he recovers as I hate seeing another goalie, even an Islander one, go through what Richter did ...

Now in terms of the playoffs and having one less opponent in the rearview mirror to worry about is in the only way that this is good for the Rangers but it is defenitely not a good thing that it happened ...

well matty this is bulletin and its my opinion DP is not career ending injury he came back an dplayed like nothing ever happened.If it was serious than yea i wouldve felt bad but as of right now i dont care

The Islanders never actually admitted that he had a concussion; he told a Canadian newspaper that he did. They did say that Chris Simon had one, but only after it became politically expedient for them to do so.

In any event, concussions are always career threatening, especially when one suffers a recurrence after returning too soon. You'd think that, given their history with the younger Lindros, they'd be more cautious than they were.

Maybe next time he will stay in the net. Should have been an interference/delay of game penalty on Dipi for coming out that far.

Ant, what Alan said ... a concussion ... no matter if how it came about doesn't look as bad as what happened to Shanny can always be a career threatening injury if the player comes back not fully healed from the first one ... if you read comments by athletes that had to retire or miss months due to concussions you would know that even a minor concussion can be something serious ... Jared Stoll for the Oilers has been out forever with one .. he says that he can go days ... even two weeks in a row without symptoms and then they all hit him again .... you have to be extremely careful because you can't really set a specific timetable for these type of injuries

The Islanders, obviously, have a lot of problems within the organization and how it's managed. You would think with the investment made in DP, they would have watched his head very carefully.

I'm not touchy about sports or sports injuries. I'm touchy about how we talk about them. To say the Islanders fans et. al, could care little about Shanny, etc is to say they're classless. Do we need to be, too?

i sure hope the coaches are telling the players how severely the ice will be tilted against them by the refs tonight and to keep out of the box. if you can't put in the extra effort to catch up to a guy, DONT hook him (Jagr). DONT try to stop pucks in mid-air with your stick as they head towards hank (malik). DO ask the opponent at every chance you get "how's your wife and my kids doing" (avery). hey, how about starting the 2nd powerplay unit once in awhile? would coach jarda get pissed at that? how about feeding orr 2 buckets of fisheads before the game instead of his usual one bucket? that crowd is gonna be rocking and the habs are really gonna feed off of that. is that flu bug still running through their team? maybe the coaches should be handing out hand sanitizer too, eh?

At the risk of sounding ignorant or oblivious; I don't think when Ant said, "Good" did he mean something like, "Good. . .I hope DP's career is done and that he never recovers." I took it as a "Good for the Rangers" kind of comment, which as we have to admit is true and if that is what Ant meant, we should stop jumping down his throat. Don't get me wrong, if he did indeed want DP to have a career-ending injury, then go ahead and say what you want about Ant because I do agree with Godot and athletes' injuries.

Iceycup, in case you didn't notice, the 2nd unit powerplay did start at least twice, during the Islander game, that I remember off the top of my head. Guess "Coach Jarda" wasn't doing his "job".

Phill i meant what u just explained and thank you for trying to understand hwat i meant before jumping on my back

INjury is one thing Career engin injury is another.If someone is injured and its just an injury(this is after all hockey) than we are allowed to feel happy if that injury going to help us.What next we gonna feel bad for isls if they dont make playoffs because of DP come on.Its not about not having class its about payback they smiled when shanny got hurt im smiling that dp is hurt.Eye for an eye thats all.If u tell me Luongo or Turco is injured ill be concerned becuase they got nothing to do with us.

This DP thing is starting to sound "Fishy" for lack of a better term ... he's now only suffered a severe headache but didn't pass nor fail his neuro-exam and the team is denying he has post concussion syndrome and might play Friday .. I am sorry but if he initially had a concussion which they never disclosed ... then the first game he has contact around his head then he feels bad the day after .. what exactly is wrong with him and I understand that they are trying to make the playoffs but do they really want to rush him back for Friday if his problems are concussion related? Do they really want to play around with their 15 yr guy like that? Oh well ..

Phill, I for one didn't jump down his throat .... perhaps it's the way that Ant expresses himself online that gave people the wrong impression as to what he meant .. i don't think anyone called him any names here or was disrespectful to him and yet he just posted that the people who took what he said the wrong way were ignorant ... again, poor choice of words ...

Wolf Pack have signed Kenny Roche to an ATO.

Matty i said that because i didnt get a chance to explain what i means everybody jumped on me right away.Im not trying to start problems here i love this website and i respect everybody whos on it but theres no reason to attack me before learnign what i meant

i wonder if TSN made all of that up because fishsticks website or nhl are not saying anything about it

No ant, Newsday's reporting it as well. The 'Sticks blogger (Logan?) may have been the first to note it in his report from their practice this afternoon. So it seems true. Of course, we'll know more in the NYR pregame show, as they're sure to show Sunday's highlights and show the crease crash.

I agree with those of you who noted that their GM (and a former goalie) could've been waaaaaay more careful with their long-term investment.

Ant, here's an update from Newsday: http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/islanders/ny-spdp0328,0,6050219.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines

It denies the TSN report, but notes he does have a headache and will sit out tonight. With Poti playing in front of you, who wouldn't? :-)

Nice pre-game feature on Colton Orr. I don't think there's a Darren McCarty in there...but there could be a Sandy McCarthy? (recognizing that Sandy McCarthy once scored 90 points with 326 penalty minutes in 62 games in the QMJHL and the most goals Orr has scored at any level is eight, as a 19-year-old in the WHL).

I'm sorry Matty, I didn't mean to make it sound like you called him names or harassed him or anything like that. I was trying to say that maybe, instead of just assuming what he meant, we could ask him to clarify. However, I do agree that just the word, "Good", was poorly used in regards to the context and I can understand your thoughts/feelings.

Sandy McCarthy never scored more than 16 points in a season, EXCEPT when he was a Ranger: 21 in 2000 and 23 in 2001 (and 15 in 2002, his last season on Broadway).


i somehow just seen 3 penalties uncalled in a stretch of 40 seconds hmmm.Atleas its 1-0 im happy

Good first period, but they got that dreaded 2 goal lead and the refs will call anything on the Rangers after allowing them that 5-3 advantage. They can't sit on this lead, as the Habs will come out looking for just that...

Colton Orr. Idiotic offensive zone penalty. Moronic.

Well here they go!!! 2-2 just like that. So much for trying to maintain their intensity...

wow that was unexpected

Bad as Orr's penalty was they had a shot at clearing the puck but Rozsival got stripped of the puck and Ryder found Kovalev all alone. On the second goal Girardi being tentative led to a 2 on 1 and bang 2-2. Just what you want is to let the fans back into the game...

wow 3-2 Henrik needs a game off and it should be against philly

A day off for Lundqvist vs. Philly? Makes no sense. They need wins and he'll have three days between games.

The Rangers better shake the cobwebs out now or else this game is history. This is the Rangers that show up after every 2 goal lead...

Ever since they put Nylander,Straka, Jagr back together they are playing that stupid East-West style and coughing up the puck. Now more than ever, they need to keep it simple and put shots on net...

we lost with vela.... in wow what happen to henrik

4-2, and Valliquette is in. This game is done...

We can blame this and this but im still proud of them we still gonna be in the 6th place(hopefully fla beats tampa) we had a nice streak wel bounce back against philly

I hope that you're right Ant, this is the N Y Strangers that showed up too much earlier this year. I hope that its just this game...

Straka - 12 straight games without a point - playing with Jagr no less - and still gets the call on the 1st PP unit. How does that make any sense?

God, what a complete self destruct job!!!

It doesn't Brian! I liked it much better with Straka out, and Nylander on another line. Dubinski I guess showed too much promise so they sent him back to Hartford...

3 games of Straka-Nylander-Jagr . Avery at Center to accommodate Shanny. If we were looking at a stock market chart it would say SELL SELL SELL!!!

No 1-2-2 from Les Canadien! They just keep pushing 2 to the net all the time. Losing or winning. It doesn't matter in Montreal. Thats why they have 5 so far. I also think Henrik , Gerardi,Strudwick,Prucha, all had knee knocking in that period because of the noise level in the building and the ferocious offensive forecheck of the Habs.
Welcome to playoff atmosphere hockey in a hostile building boys. This is not the friendly environment of the Nassau Coliseum where 70 per cent of the fans are Ranger fans.

Well said Laserman!!! The team has been playing real good lately - but I feel a lot of the 2-1 wins could have been 4-1 if the PP was working. Straka does not have a point since 2/18 - heck, even Betts has 4 points in March. I like Straka but he is simply playing hurt and hurting the team. With the way the team has been playing, when Hossa comes back, he should be the odd man out.

Dubielwicz in goal for Fishies. Are they picking people out of the stands now? Did he win an essay contest:"Why I want to play goal on Long Island"?

Is it just me or is Malik brutal? Watching game on delay (thank goodness for DVR) and it seems like he's on ice for three of the goals. Kovalev's goal, he gambles that Rosival will win it and heads left while Koivu walks in on goal. Another play, Higgins walks right out in front and he hand checks him. Between him and Nylander spinning in circles so much that he gets dizzy and loses the puck, you gotta wonder does anyone get benched for such lousy play?

Malik is always a gamble IMO WWWC9. He never uses his size and backs in more times than not on D. He has some good games but more bad. Again just my opinion...

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