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March 28, 2007


I'm not convinced as to why Lundqvist was pulled so early. I'll admit that I didn't get to watch the the 1st and 2nd period (I listened to it), but it really sounded like the defensemen were to blame. Had Lundqvist been in the net in the third, I honestly think we would've tied the game at 4-4 (or 5-5, whichever.)

I'm still baffled as to why Straka is on the point on the powerplay. The guy cringes in pain every time he takes a slapshot. Please, for the sake of your future and the team, call it a season and come back better next year. On the flip side, Nylander (of course when he's doing well, no one says a dime about him) and Jagr have been playing very well.

Rosizval has the most porcelain psyche ever. I swear, he is a good player, but has absolutely no confidence in his shot and when teams jump on him, he gets blown away like a house of cards in the wind.

Ant, at your job, try holding the shift button down to counteract the caps lock.

Personally, I (and the Rangers) miss Hossa. A lot. And what did Weekes do to himself to keep him out so long? If I didn't know, I'd say he must've blown out both of his knees.

As Larry Brooks points out today ( I pointed it out after the Bruins game) the coaching staff need to move Straka off the Jagr line. The trio is back to their former selves, coughing up the puck at center ice , making ill advised cross ice passes and have become generally ineffective.
I say put Isbister back on that line and sit Straka.

Tony - Larry Brooks suggested inserting Isbister back into the lineup. Let's hope Renney doesn't listen to him, because the likely candidate to be removed would be Callahan or Prucha. What Renney should do, if he does anything at even strength at all, is to put Callahan with Nylander/Jagr, and move Straka to center Shanahan and Avery. He also needs to get rid of Straka-Rosival at the point on the PP...but he's needed to do that all season.

But overall, this was a game that we were due to have. The defense was due for a weak game, and Lundqvist was due to have a game where he couldn't keep his team afloat. I'm not that concerned with it. We should be thrilled that this team is even contending for the playoffs, and getting some decent experience for some key players.

Lundy should've been pulled after the 3rd goal. He was flopping. He was not on his game. The only reason Habs did not put the game away in the 1st is because they did not test him enough. We suck since Shanny came back! The reason is Shanny is not in the shape and Straka is "One armed Bandint" . No speed in this team. We will be out of playoffs by Saturday!

Larry Brooks needs a CAT scan, but anyway, Not playing until saturday should give this team the rest that they need in order to get ready for the final five games...There was a game like this coming, but it's not the end of the world. We still control our own fate.

I agree with Rob....this game was coming. I did not think they played all that well in both Boston and Nassau even though they won. Maybe a little butt kicking like that will wake them up. They showed some character in the 3rd but getting back to 5-4, and Valiquette should have had the 6th one, IMO.

Let's just hope they get some rest, watch a lot of video, and get pumped for the last 5 games. Five games in 8 days is going to be a tough run against teams you're competing with. But you have to fight for what you want.

The Playoffs have begun. I know they have been saying that. But it is no more true than now. Win and you're in, lose and you're out. Anything less than 4 wins out these last five will be cutting it close....

since I didnt see it referenced by Jess or Dubi, FYI - according to Berlet/Courant article on Potter (linked above); Kenny Roche signed one of those end-of-year ProTryOut deals with the Wolfpack

Definitely, this was a game they were bound to have. Let them have a clunker. Get back to reality.

I posted on the previous comments that once Hossa comes back we have some interesting line potentials for the top three. I rvise them slightly now.


What's Hossa's status? have they ordered his knee brace yet???

I don't think we should expect Hossa back before the end of the season. It seems as if all of the MCL patients are running at the long end of the 2-4 weeks, if not longer than that.

I knew we were dead when John Giannone compared us to the Devils after the first period. Jeez, talk about the kiss of death.

Kirill, Lundqvist was not flopping around. what are you talking about? he looked on his game as any game this month. Have you seen the scoring chances last night? you're telling me he gave up any questionable goals there??? Not even close! The team left him out to dry BIG TIME. that's it. he should NOT have been pulled at all (if the Rags ever wanted to win that game). after the second goal, the team should have pulled together and not have allowed the Habs just walk in & abuse Lundy like they did.

No complaints about the refs last night. That said, are there plans to send video to the league of Souray's spear on Cullen? Pretty vicious and senseless stuff. From the replay, it looked like he intentionally speared Cullen in the nuts from behind.

I think Renney was looking for an opportunity to give Henrik a rest. Who knows maybe he was thinking back to the 9-2 drubbing at the hands of Toronto. Didn't mean he gave up on the game, since Valiquette changed the assignment for the team, they had to go for broke. And they almost lucked their way back into the game. Anyway they got this far with de-fence, and what we saw in Montreal won't cut it, not even against Philadelphia.

Pock played one of his best games as a Ranger last night and can be a true weapon on the point if given the opportunity. The best lines by far:


Unfortunately Shanahan barely throws big hits or is first in for the puck. His best was when we were a .500 club. We've played much better without him, I'm sorry to say. Thats just the truth. Callahan will likely move out of the line up with the return of Hossa. The lines above give us youth, grit and speed on 3 if not fourlines(4th line more of a defensive checking unit at best)


Enough with Straka at the point, it should be Pock and Mara firing away. Even Rachunek when he comes back. Maybe even Cullen and Mara at the point and Cally, Shanny, Avery and/or Hossa for the fourth power play.

This is the week that will separate many teams playoff hopes. Six teams are in the running for the last 4 playoff spots. They are NYR, NYI, TB, MON, TOR, CAR. Between today and Sunday CAR & TOR play 3 games and NYR, NYI, MON & TB play 2 games. Only two teams play none of the top 4 teams; they are NYR & TB and both of those teams are in a good position going in. MON, TOR & NYI play two games against top 4 teams and CAR plays only one game against a top 4 team. If the Rangers take care of their business, they should be in a better position by Monday. GO RANGERS!

How about Sanguinetti and Sauer to Hartford when there season ends, if Hartford is still going, especially with their defensive injuries...
Somehow E. Staal and J. Staal were into the NHL right away and our Mark gets extra junior time(during our rebuild). Even the youngest Staal could probably be in the NHL now from what I've seen and read.


Dubi posted that yesterday in the thread but thanks for the assist as it never hurts to have insurance on transactions.


Sauer would be ideal except that Medicine Hat is one of the favorites for the WHL Championship and in turn the Memorial Cup. We will see Staal first. I don't think we will see Sanguinetti as quite honestly he is very suspect defensively and the Pack I don't think are ready for him.

As for Staal himself, I have mixed feelings as I was not happy with his play during the regular OHL season as he gave the impression he was toying with those he played against. I was hoping to see him dominant the OHL to prove that the Rangers were wrong to send him back. I give him credit for turning it up in the WJC and playoffs but I have to wonder what happens if he gets "bored" at the NHL level? Will he only play great during the playoffs.

It is why I like Sauer more than I do Staal as Sauer I see give 100% no matter what the score is.

You do know that Valiquette was in net for the St. Louis game, right?

Anyone who wants to know, Carolina is losing 4-1 to the Flyers, watching it on NHL Center Ice.

I hope the Rangers are watching the Flyers now, as they are beating Carolina 4-1 in the 3rd...

Sorry ROB, I didn't see you're obvious post on the same subject...

No Prob LASERMAN. I'm going to throw up from these Carolina announcers bitching and moaning, They found out there are other teams besides the Caps that they need to beat.

Carolina game is a final 5-1.

Those of you expecting Hossa and Tyutin to return and immediately step in and perform up to speed, are not grounded in reality.

You can forget either one of them being in top form until next season. In fact, if they come back and put pressure on themselves to do too much, they are likely to reinjure themselves.

The smart thing to do would be to bring back Dubinsky, and let Callahan and Dubi have more responsibility, not less. They're young, have lots of energy, and they bring a fire to the team that is sorely missing since Shanny and Straka came back.

But we're talking Renney, certainly not the brightest bulb in the pack (although he thinks he's neon). This team will never go anywhere with "Super Genius at work" Renney making the lineup and devising the strategy.

He can't help tampering with what is working, and having eternal patience with what is not working. Just what you don't need if you're on the verge of missing the playoffs.

Ripping Straka is warranted, but since Shanahan has come back in 4 games he has 5 assists and a +3 rating (and the rangers have gone 3-1). Straka is a mess right now, but i'd certainly take Shanahan ahead of Callahan and Dubinsky at this point. Just because they have a lot of energy doesnt mean they're gonna be putting goals in the net.

And spare me a "more ice time" defense, at this point of the season, Shanahan has more ability and experience that'll help the Rangers then the young guy's energy.

Baron don't take this personally as the truth is that i've been noticing many people complain about Shanahan's return lately.

Ted, in my opinion I do think that Shanahan should have returned but would be more helpful to the team with less TOI. But I totally disagree with you about the young guys. It isn't a matter of the "young guys energy" OR Shanahan, we can have both.

As I have said previously, Straka should go home. By putting him back on the injured list would allow the Rangers to bring back Dubinsky in his place.

Here's my lineup if I were coach..

Shanahan - Nylander - Jagr (power play one unit)
Avery - Cullen - Callahan (power play two unit)
Prucha - Dubinsky - Ortmeyer
Hollweg - Betts - Orr

Pock - Girardi
Malik - Rosival (both hopefully gone next season)
Liffiton - Mara


You think this lineup is better than what genius Tom put out the previous game?

Shanahan just makes too many plays without thinking. He'll throw the puck to wherever he thinks a player is, rushes the play, hurries the shot, barely throws body checks, is never the first man in the retrieve the puck, doesn't have the snarl he used to and is put on the penalty kill where he doesn't have the speed or tenacity that some others do. His role should be secondary on this team and not primary to get the most out of him. Truthfully, he might be better off with two younger grittier and skilled wingers playing as a center at this point, or play him with a true center like Nylander with Callahan or Avery.


I'm not complaining about Shanahan - just about the way Renney is using him.

Shanahan should not be on the PK unit at all - we did just fine - in fact better - without him.

All it does is drain his energy for what we need him to do - which is to score goals.

He should be getting less TOI, which would make him much more effective when he's out there.

He was dragging due to being overplayed when he got the concussion. His "vacation" recharged him for the playoff run. But now he's getting overplayed once again by our clueless coach, and IF we make the playoffs, Shanahan will be out of gas again.

baron34 Less ice time for a player means he is not a 1st or 2nd line player. Guys like Shanny thrive on ice time. If he can't handle it at 38 years, then quit. I know he can, so play him as much as you can to get up to "game conditioning" after almost a month off.

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