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February 24, 2007


As I said before, Shanny will not be back anytime soon. I have had nine concussions and they are no joke (no I am not eric lindros in disquise). If the rangers really want to make the playoffs and advance to the second round, they need to get tougher and more physical. They need a physical d man or two plus a top six physical forward. I am curious about the ward is going west for sopel or norstrom(norstrom I hope)rumor. I hope the rangers make moves, I personally do not feel like seeing them miss the playoffs. On the other hand, this team is not supportive enough of each other at this point to get much further than the first round.

did it seem to anyone else watching that maybe shanny was slurring his words a little bit?
i hope its all in my mind.

iceycup thats becuase he was missing a tooth in the front

Ward is a scratch does this mean he will be gone by tuesday?

Chris im pretty sure u didnt have doctors and personnal that shanny got so i dont think u should compare yourself to him

Love to see Shanny, hate to see another 2 goal lead blown. Way to show that playoff urgency guys...

there goes another 2-0 lead

3-2 niiice

This team just plain sucks, nuff said. If Columbus can score two SH goals against this team then this season is a goner. I see how Renney motivates this bunch of losers, time for a team makeover . Renney should be the first to go. He makes Low & Muckler look like geniuses...

i had some good ones, but you are right. Not much can be done for concussions though, there is not a pill or anything to take to make the pcs better. It is a natural process and the more you have the longer it takes to get better i.e. lindros, primeau, beuke, aikman, johnson, and so on. I do not think Shanny has a history so that is good. Just do not think he will (or should) be back anytime soon.

I hate to say it but I think Sather peaked last season.

Clean house, they're ALL terrible. Owner, President-GM, Assistant GM, Coaches, Scouts, and players. This fish stinks from the head down to the tail. Time to pick my playoff team, a nasty habit forced on me by ten years of wanting to see playoff hockey.

TEN YEARS! That's enough.

Why does Renney continually use Rozsival on the point on the PP? He NEVER shoots the puck, he ALWAYS looks to pass to Jagr(which most of the time gets blocked), and he sucks at keeping the puck in the zone...

Dolan must be proud of the perenial losers he has made the Rangers into...

Rozie got a good shot when he shoots.

is it safe to say that the season over? or should we still hope

That loss was atrocious. Sell. Just sell.

And fire Renney. Thanks. Call it a season.

They should burn those liberty jerseys and take the ashes out to sea and dump them. I defy anyone to tell me they are going to make the playoffs, or even deserve to make the playoffs now. Against a team called the BJ's, I guess we know who blew yet another 2 goal lead to lose 3-2. If you can't beat a lousy team, like Columbus, or Philly, you must be a lousy team yourself. I would suggest that they sell off any veteran that someone would trade for and tank the rest of the games and go for a high draft pick.

Wait! Does Jessiman have a younger brother?

I really hope that we become sellers at the trade deadline. A player like Nylander could get us a good return. If Conroy got a 2nd rounder, 4th rounder, and role player, imagine what Nylander gets.. Of course this team is just one player short of becoming a Stanley Cup team in the mind of Sather..

This is not a playoff team, and they do not have a winning mentality. Our problem is, that while Jagr's still here, we can't try a complete rebuild. We weren't able to do it last year, and we couldn't this year, because Jagr won't take it. Same will probably happen with next year.

SELL SELL SELL... Fire Renney. This is embarrassing. I live in Flyer country and I'm still embarrassed even though Philly stinks. Let's go METS....Z

Well Folks should I simply start working on my draft day special or what?

To blow a game to the Columbus BJs of all teams at home shows that this season is over and the best the Rangers can do is clear cap space and start taking serious looks at ALL the kids that they can.

If the contract is expiring then give them away

And Yes folks this preview system sucks royally I know as I just had to "verify" myself 3 times before I was freed from this cycle

Jess, no offense, but it's not like where gonna see any of the young up and coming Rangers anytime soon with this management team in place. I honestly used to love reading and following all the Ranger prospects. Now I might as well scout the waiver wire to find the next infusion of Ranger "talent".

The sad part is that this team shows glimpses of what it actually can achieve. The problem is they never play a full sixty minutes. I've waited to bash Renney, because it happens so often on this board, but i truly feel he is ot an NHL caliber coach. The inmates never should be able to run the asylum, and that is exactly the atmosphere that has been lingering for ten years. Wether this has been a Messier led team or Jagr squad, this organization has be rotten form the head down: Owner, Management, Coach!

I hate to say it folks, but it is never going to change. After the purge of 04' we were promised many things and they have failed once more. It doesn't matter if they sell, buy, stand pat, whatever, the same morons will be in charge! Good Grief!!!!!!!!

The sad part about the Rangers and the trading deadline is , does it matter whether or not we are buyers or sellers? Sather is the poorest GM in the NHL,. Any one here trust him to build this team and make it competitive? With his poor leadership this team is going nowhere no matter what he does.

We are poorly coached, soft as CREAM PUFFS ( we got out hit by the bigger grittier CBJ team 27 - 16). Rachunek is the worst Dman in the entire league , but yet plays big minutes.
This team is an embarrassment and I feel sorry for all Ranger fans who waste their time hoping to make the playoffs. We stink .Pure and simple!!!

hockeymanrangers February 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Well any body that reads this knows that they really sucked baaaaaaaaaaad tonight. I don’t know why but I think this is ALLLLLLLLLLLL coaching. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning this will all be over and Renny will have been fired. Very undiciplined the passing the giving up pucks it was a total mess tonight. It’s like where do you start everything sucked this might have been excused if this was the first game of the season. No playoff this year. Rangers suck.


What you want to put me out of a job or something? Seriously I understand your frustration and at times I have more frustration than you do because I know what the kids can do and it angers me to see waiver wire moves be made.

However I want to keep my job here so I will keep writing if that is ok with you LOL?

I have to think that after tonites UGLY loss, we have become sellers for the trade deadline. My question for the board here is: Who on our roster is attractive to another team? Which veterans have expiring contracts that another team would be willing to take on?

i agree..we have become sellers, though do we have anyone to sell? the Rangers need a physical defense men that actually has skill to go along with the physical play. instead of giving up a good young forward we should look ahead to our success for next season...

Folks, if you think the Rangers have suddenly gone from buyers to sellers, you are unfortunately guilty of applying sense and reason to the Rangers' situation. In the Orwellian world of Dolan and Sather, this past week is only more reason to mortgage the farm and go for it now. No one is reversing gears here at the 11th hour -- Nylander is not going anywhere, Jagr is here to stay, Malik is untradeable anyway. Tkachuk or Guerin just became the next panacea to the Rangers' power play woes, the willingness to pay the price more likely today than it was yesterday.

Someone asked Renney tonight about missing Shanahan and he said that's true especially on the power play, and that's where the Rangers may look for additional help. Personally, I haven't seen any change in the Rangers' play since Shanahann left -- the blueprint for losing has remained the same. I followed up that Shanahan power play question by noting that the power play has followed the same pattern all season long of failing to win games when they needed it to and Renney basically agreed with my assessment, though he didn't elaborate, as I had hoped he would in asking him about it.

The Rangers are still within six points of playoff spot. Atlanta and Montreal are sinking fast, the Rangers have four games left against the Islanders and against Pens, Jagr and Shanny are both going to be here for at least one more season -- these guys are not going to throw in the towel between now and their next scheduled game, which comes after the trading deadline. If anything, they'll be more aggressive now.

Leave the kids in Hartford where they are. Their growth this year has been fun to follow and I'm looking forward to having someone to root for once the Rangers' season ends on April 7th. This team is going nowhere, and there's nothing good to come from bringing the kids into this environment. These kids are hopefully going to be the core of this team for years to come, and there's more to be gained by them making a strong playoff push as a team in Hartford than there is bringing them up here just to provide Ranger fans with different faces to look at as team continues to flounder just out of reach of a playoff position.

Speaking of the Pack, tonight they showed something this Ranger team has yet to show this season: the willingness to stand up for one another. After Greg Moore got hit from behind, all hell broke loose -- right down to the goalies. Pack went on to win 5-1, their 5th win in a row, with Montoya named the first star despite being thrown out for fighting in the second. And hey, even Jessiman got on the board! ;)

Sadly I have to agree with Dubi on this as over the last couple of hours my email box has almost doubled with the latest of rumors involving the Rangers and NOT ONE has the team as in the selling mode,

I though think they need a playmaker more than a Shanny replacement as it is clear the belief is that Jagr is not getting enough support to score so I expect to see a setup man brought in.

Despite Sather's belief that prices will go down they will for other teams but not the Rangers. Everyone knows the pressure that the Rangers are under from Junior so the price tag will not drop for them.

The deals will come both on Monday and Tues as I expect the Rangers to make as many as four deals.

any Ranger brass who thinks they are going to sweep the Isles and Pens is smoking something. they can't even beat Philly or Columbus.

they are in 12th place, and would have to go a minimum 14-6, or possibly 15-5, depending on how other teams do.

but Dubi is right. they won't sell.

the mismanagement will continue ad nauseum.

I implore all Ranger fans that go to MSG ( I live in Florida) to chant often and loudly, FIRE RENNEY, FIRE SATHER from now until the end of the season.
These clowns need to be embarrassed. Since Dolan won't hold them accountable we the fans should.
Please have your voices heard. You may be able to make a difference., by bringing public and media attention to their incompetence.


"Chris im pretty sure u didnt have doctors and personnal that shanny got so i dont think u should compare yourself to him"

in most cases this is true and its often funny to hear people compare their own experiences with knee injuries and stuff to pro-athletes as if it is the same and the players aren't getting superior medical assistants plus aren't in much better physical shape increasing their recovery time. however this is NOT one of those cases considering that they medical advise for recovering from a concussion is to sit at home and do absolutely nothing until the symptoms go away. i highly doubt that having a better doctor tell you to go home and not do anything is gonna make a difference


Guys we all keep saying fire Renney.Do u honestly believe that hel get fired or Sather?

tsn says KT has been dealt to atlanta, pending him waiving his NTC...another bullet avoided. now hopefully jd will trade guerin somewhere quickly too before the rangers can think about doing anything dumb

Unfortunately, I fear Dubi is absolutely right. Comments like this from Renney scare the bejessus out of me "I think clearly where we miss (Shanahan) is on our power play. Because (with Shanahan) we have two units and there isn't one out there that's extended themselves and compromised us. So with that, we have to look hard at what we might be able to do to give us a little more kick from a power-play perspective."

But Renney is missing the point...literally - its the point men who are killing our power play. Rosival is so overrated its pathetic. Yeah, I hear all about how "hard" his shot is. Hey guys, Im here to tell you that I have a 200 MPH shot. But you're never gunna see it - just like youre never gunna see Rosival use his shot. And he had an overall horrible game - on the Chimera shorthanded goal, he stood in the slot, doing nothing, when he could have gone over to assist Prucha.

So guys like Tkachuk..they offer nothing to this team. They need Pronger. They need Souray. They need Rafalski. And guys like that are not available.

Biggest mistakes this year...
Staal should have made this team from camp...Not ozo, kaspar, and now A.Ward and Rachunek. just Gross...
Dawes should have been given a real shot to stay with the team, not J.Ward, and A. Hall...
We signed Krog, when Dubinsky should have been given the spot..You can only develope so much at Hartford...
Callahan should be on this team NOW and earning valueable ice time and experience...
Jagr didnt want to be captain, and should not be captain. Hes not a leader. At his price he still worth keeping but is clearly NOT a leader...
Renney has done 1 good thing this year, Hossa...but u could also make the argument hes done the reverse to prucha which i believe call it a wash...He is also not a leader and not someone who belongs as a coach behind the bench...He clearly doesn't motivate, ZERO emotion, and just doesn't GET IT..

good posting gregg, agree on all thoughts..


I surely don't want you on the unemployment line! I will in fact become a Hartford Wolf Pack fan first and foremost and a Ranger fan when the need arises to watch disguting hockey.

Seriously folks, if the "brain trust" ships off a pick or prospects to salvage something (The tenth seed), I really feel we have to have some sort of movement. Dubi, Mitch, Jess, you guys will have to organize a "Save the Blueshirts Movement"!!!

A march into Penn Plaza. A sit-in at league headquarters, a riot whenever Dolan plays with his putrid band.

If Sather actually feels they are a playoff team and give up assets, I might be watching my next Ranger game in a cell block!!

While Jess and Dubi are right in assuming that the 'Braintrust' will seek the immediate fix rather than the long term plan, there may not be anything available for Slats to try and obtain. This may be the saving grace.

After last years' woeful finish, I've been hoping that management would REALLY want to build something. Sadly, I'm not really encouraged that anyone other than Dawes, Callahan, and Montoya from Hartford will be top tier players once they arrive--permanently. I think everyone has a opinion of Jason Krog, does anyone realize that most of his season was spent in the AHL where he accumulated 68 points in 41 games? None of the Packs' offensive players approach that. Byers and Korpikowski look like nice 3d or a 4th liners, and Dubinsky lacks the foot speed necessary to be a top six forward (ditto Immonen) in this NHL. Don't even mention Jessiman or Graham.

So giving the kids a chance is not going to be the answer either because Management has NOT drafted well. If Dolan Jr. does not part with Slats, we have to hope Staal, Sauer, Dupont, Pyatt, and Russell are for real by 2008-2009 after Jagr and Straka are gone and Shanahan (if he's still here) is playing the grizzled veteran, leader role.

This summer promises to be another stop gap procedure filled with propaganda about how close the team is to seriously contending. Unless luck strikes, it will be quite some time before this team is where we all want it to be. To that end let's hope some contender gives Slats an offer he can't refuse for Nylander...

Tkachuk a Thrasher! WOOOYEAAAAAHHHHH!!! One bullet has been dodged, only about ten to go!

The Flyers traded Zhitnik for Coburn to Atlanta last night(8th Overall 2003, big, good skater). Why couldn't we move a vet or two for something like that? UGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

atl got zhitnik and KT thats not good for us


we played the first 55 games of the season with only 3 centers so i don't see why we can't finish the last 20 with just straka, cullen and betts if they can get something of value for nylander. and immonen clearly isn't part of the future plans, so call him up to play center since it doesn't matter if he gets hurt by it

the market suggests that someone would overpay for nylander, if you can get someone to overpay and then over the summer replace him with a ufa like gomez, drury, briere, etc it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Jason Krog can always play. It doesn't matter though - Nylander won't be traded.


Flyers got a huge D-Man so that IMO mean Hatcher is going to be traded as well.

The Rangers are talking to several teams but Sather's belief of coupon shopping is getting brushed off. I heard from one source who said "Sather and Maloney are trying to buy nukes with water pistols".

Now that the Thrashers have grossly overpaid for KT then nobody is going to sell low.

I agree with Jess about not being sellers, well and everything especially Jagr not being a good captain. I said that before the season started and since then. Jagr is and and always will be the sidekick. He only won with mario, he is a similar player with intestinal fortitude similar to leetch (who did not win without messier). I am not trying to bag on leetch, he just was not a leader in the sense of a captain. What shanny did against washington was what a leader does, not disappearing in games that are more physical than others, not taking 2 and a half minute long shifts when fresh legs are needed on the ice, not constatnly ragging the puck when you need to be getting shots on net. Jagr is not captain material, jagr is a player that has entirely too much control over things in the organization. Yes, so did messier, and in the second coming they fared no better. But I challenge you to tell me those teams lacked were worse than this one. The only difference was the 2nd mess teams also had the wrong mixture of personnel, but they stuck up for one another and had grit. The jagr teams also lack the appropriate players and they for the most part do not stand up for one another. When was the last time you saw a scrum in front of a net (the exception of the broduer/avery one the other night) where all five skaters from the other team was involved and all five rangers on the ice were as well......exactly, it is always five of them and two or three ranger forwards at the most, that is embarrassing!! It is all about leadership whether it be renney or jagr there is a problem. Good example, last night you are on home ice, the visiting team (one of the worst in the league) goes down a d man in the first period. You have two periods left, what do you do???? You FORECHECK the crap out of the remaining five d men, you take the play to them. The bottom two lines for the rangers should have been on every other shift. Instead, no pressure on their back line and non hitting jagr is taking 2 minute plus shifts. This is ridiculous people. I would like to trade jagr (I know they will not), but it would go a long long way in getting younger grittier players that cold maybe help now, but certainly help in the future. The same goes for nylander, but as ant said we are thin at center as it is. Nylander for seabrooke hmmm (and a pick to send somewhere else, this is a weak draft).

Why would the Hawks do Seabrook for Nylander? They're rebuilding. It's pretty pointless to trade a good young d-man for an old 2nd line center.

The funny thing is that everyone was laughing at the Icelanders and their circus of an ownership and management team. Why isn't the hockey media taking Dolan and Sather to the mat? When will this idiots realize that they destroyed one of the greatest organizations in sports. They have not only been the laughing stock of the NHL, but of all sports. I might as well be a Kansas City Royal fan! Atleast they have the excuse of being a small market.

Pretenders not contenders; sellers not buyers. Anybody over 28 years old should be available. Renney, the coaching staff and management need to do a lot of soul searching. This game should have represented the beginning of a seven game win streak. Everybody failed! Even if the Rangers make the playoffs, and that is still a possibility, this is NOT a playoff team. Don't get me wrong, I like Jagr and think he is very good for the Rangers over the next couple of years...but how 'bout him in PITT starting this week? Don't know if they can handle the cap, but??? I would like to see A. Ward moved for sure, maybe even Malik, too.

When will the fans realize Sather has destroyed the Rangers. Can't believe people pay money to see this.

One playoff round in 10 years.

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