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February 26, 2007



Sign of things to come...

Jason Krog has been put on waivers. If he clears waivers then he'll report to Hartford which if you look at his AHL numbers from earlier this season makes them much tougher to beat but here's why I bring it up. IF he does clear waivers and goes to Hartford, that makes Jarkko Immonen, who I've told you before that he was off the Rangers radar, expendable and most likely will be headed out in any deal the Rangers make...

Mitch- if you're there, can we also call someone up for Isbister? I believe he played (and scored) for the Pack yesterday...of course, no transaction logs show this as such. If we do have 2 spots open...are we looking at Callahan and Baranka? Who do you think? thanks!

Blake is going to become avaliable WE NEED HIM TO MAKE THAT PUSH FOR PLAYOFFS.

Theres accualy a couple of players i wouldnt mind seeing in our uniform thurs night that are on waievrs incl Kapanen

"that makes Jarkko Immonen, who I've told you before that he was off the Rangers radar, expendable and most likely will be headed out in any deal the Rangers make..."

Why is he off the radar? I don't understand how the Rangers can decide a player is not going to make it by giving him 2 games with the big club, meanwhile other teams take an entire season to determine this.


I was at the WP and Sound Tiger game yesterday as the WP kicked their rear ends 5-1. The WP are on a major roll and Isbister had a very good game...In answer to your question though, the Rangers have ONE open spot now. Tomorrow is going to be one of those days where you just hold onto your hats and hope they do something extraordinary and don't do anything stupid.

I won't be on line tonight as I have the flu pretty bad and want to get well enough to go to the game tomorrow.

I have an extra ticket for tomorrow night's game worth $75 and I'm willing to take a reader with me. What's it going to cost you? Either a renewal subscription for a year or a new subscription for a year. First one who get's it in will get the ticket. Dubi will let me know who that is and even if you aren't the first one you'll still win because this is the best magazine for Ranger hockey fans on planet Earth. Get it done and you could be my guest tomorrow night for a HUGE game for the Blueshirts. If someone would like to attend with me in Section 115 and sit usually with some pretty cool people, last game I sat next to Isbister and the game before that I sat right in front of Elisa Cuthbert you know what to do.

Folks, this month's web chat is shaping up to be something VERY special!

I'm off to bed and advil...


I personally like Jarkko very much and like his game. What I am hearing though is that they don't think he has the mental toughness to make it in NY.

And now, sorry to say off to bed...

Hey, theres big rumors that rangers are shopping nylander and ward around for Nick Boynton or Aaron Miller, and either sean burke or curtis joseph as backup goaltender. Gary Roberts is finalizing a deal with the Penguins and richard zednik was traded to the isles for a second round draft pick. I doubt the isles will let blake get away but if he does hopefully its here or out west, if he holds a grudge against the isles who knows maybe he would come to the better part a NY ut of spite, but hey i dont care , just score goals....

I have no desire for Kapanen. Krog didn't make it in Atlanta, and then didn't make it here. He'll be the same waste of space that Krog was.

Yeah ant, the Isles are going to trade their best player to the hated Rangers in the middle of a playoff race. By the way I heard the Yanks were thinking about moving Jeter and Hughes to the Mets!! LOL!!!

HAHA everything is possible when the price is right never forget that VLO.
isls signed yet another defenseman.Not greatest one but still they added 3 new Dman already and we still searching watch we gonna be really mad tom at 3pm because rangers are wasting to much time searching.

And plus i meant ehter now or get him when hes a free agent

smolinsky traded to Nucks,,,,shwooo,,,thank god, i didnt want him on the rangers

I have zero faith in sather and his clown car crew doing anything right. Expect the worst and we will unfortunately get it with sather.

Good start would be trading Nylander but that makes too much sense so it will never happen.

hey mitch-are you isbisters agent or pr guy?his ship has sailed in the nhl.i saw the game on the net and the best you could say is that isbister had a monster game?what abot callahan and his three pts.what about big hugh,he had a goal again and also was noticable out there.what about byers,scored again was physical out there.lifiton and potter as a tandem look good out there.and dubinsky even thogh he did not score was noticable every time on the ice.

Caps trade Sather castoff L Nycholat for a 6th rd pick.

Of course Sather gets nothing for Nycholat.

General Sherman's got nothing on JD.

A 2007 1 & 3, a 2008 2, and a conditional 1 (if Tkachuk resigns).

Oh, and Metropolit (28 pts in 57 games this year).

Not bad.

The message Glen Sather and Davey Maloney got today was that coupon clipping and bargain shopping is not going to get any deals done.

That I suppose is the good news, the bad news is now the Rangers clearly see what it is going to cost to make deals (although it would be very funny to see Berard back as a Ranger in a waiver claim).

Right now I would say the Rangers are still looking at a few deals but only one would be viewed as a blockbuster (and even I would not be too upset if Sather gets it for the right price) and might be Sather's only prayer of turning the season around.

However I have little faith in Sather/Maloney so I expect the lower end deals that will anger most of you.

Czech, I have to agree with you -- I was at the Pack game on Sunday and thought Mitch's noting Isbister as having a good game was a little strange given the performance of some of the others. Callahan had yet another great game -- every time I see him play he stands out above everyone else. I too was impressed with Jessiman -- it was my first time seeing him play in person and after all the negatives I'd heard, I was very pleasantly surprised. He played with a little bit of a nasty edge that I wasn't expecting. I also thought Dubinsky was much improved since I last saw him about a month ago, stronger on the puck and less often out of position. Korpikoski once again had moments where he absolutely dazzled me; if he manages to put it all together, he could go far. And of course, Dawes' 3-point afternoon can't be overlooked...

I know it will not happen, but Jagr should be traded. If he isn't the first acquisition sather should do is laraque. Jagr plays scared and the more physical teams play him the less effective the "captain" is. Little prucha and avery earn their living in the triangle between the crease and the two face off circles, jagr never goes in there (sorry it sickens me he is the captain). So bertuzzi is worth the risk, supposedly he can be had cheap, even if he is not much help this year, healthy...wow a monster. If we lose a draft pick or two, so what. It takes four or five years for most picks to play, chances are everyone will have moved on to some other gripe by then. I hope we end up with norstrom or vaananen or both for the blue line. It would not suprise me if we picked up that center st louis put on waivers today.

Any idea why purinton has never been called up, seems like he is what our d line is missing.

Spill the beans Jess...

im posting this everywhere because you all need to see it. its the hard luck truth and there is nothing we can do about. prepare to be extremely disappoint tomorrow

so basically in two days philly rebuilt there blueline getting coburn,kukkonen, and parent to add to pitkanen. a top four that could be dominant for years while we have been “rebuilding” since 04 and have staal, tyutin, as the only top 4 guys that will be in the nhl next year. WOW and we still won’t sell. philly will take their one bad year add pat kane a few more good guys at the draft to go along with umberger (who we gave away), carter, richards, and downie and be right back at the top of the game by next year or the year after.

honestly tell me who you’d rather have and i LOVE our d prospects






Czech, Laurie,

I woke up in the night here and saw both of your postings. Did you happen to read the posting where I was specifically asked about Isbister? I answered a question, you need to read a bit more thoroughly before questioning what I wrote.

As a matter of fact, I sat with a group from the Rangers Fan Club and was asked by a couple of them who I would have picked as the 3 Stars of the Game. I get to do that from time to time and I had the correct three picked far before they were announced so I think I knew who had a good game and who didn't.

Incidentally, if you didn't think Isbister had a good game the nyou were paying close attention because he had a very good game. But he is certainly not on any priority list for MSG since Czech seems to think I was his agent or whatever it was you threw out there at me.

In the future, before you start throwing stones, not just at me, but at anyone on this board, please make sure you have your facts straight.

SShheessh, I come down here to check to see if there were any important trade information and to take some much needed cough medicine and advil before going back to sleep and I thought taking that medicine would be hard to swallow... :)


Trust me, Dale Purinton isn't a NY Ranger for a reason. He's barely a member of the Wolf Pack. Incidentally, he also received a one game suspension for yet another cheap shot in the game on Sunday...

From today's New York Post:

"Jagr on the Block"


That's a funny one. Post is reporting maybe a potential Bertuzzi for Jags deal. One for one. That would make NO sense for us at all. But hey, we've done worse before I guess. Silly stuff.

Thanks Mitch for letting me know about Jarko, its too bad they have pegged him as someone who can't make it.

C'mon Slats, pull the flush handle, the smell of this team is awful!

I feel bad for Jagr!
Article on POST is absolutely nonsense, and brutal for Jagr.
Brutal mentally!

Pitts got Roberts

Philly got Biron.Woow u see Sther and CO thats how u rebuild a franchise in 72 hours

"SShheessh, I come down here to check to see if there were any important trade information and to take some much needed cough medicine and advil before going back to sleep and I thought taking that medicine would be hard to swallow... :)"

Mitch, have you thought about getting your own private physician and EMT crew who's with you 24 hours a day? :))

Read that you were offering a $75 seat to see the game with you as your guest and I'm still out west, until next week, or else I would have taken you up on your offer. I'm sick over that!!

Mitch, I wasn't throwing stones at anyone. I was sharing an opinion. I was under the opinon that was the point here. I'm glad you "knew who had a good game and who didn't", but the point is, after noting the Pack are on a roll and that they played a great game, you mentioned no one but Isbister. Having seen the game, and been impressed by a number of players, I wanted to offer my impressions of others who's performance I thought was a little more noteworthy.

I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather, but there's no need to take it out on me.

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