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February 27, 2007


Refreshing. Sather now admits three mistakes. Hall, Ward and Krog. Cullen is finally playing like the third line center he is, but that was still a mistake...paying him way too much. So, a year later and we are back where we started from after the lockout. One year of wasted time. The only benifit is Girardi.

Note to Glen: Play golf with Wayne and Mark, let others make the decisions. Glen, where do you think we would be if 2-4 of our younger players were playing in NY instead of Hartford? My guerss is in about the same spot as we're in right now. Only difference is the youngsters do not have NHL experience.

Pascal Dupuis we hardly knew ye...


tsn reporting dupuis traded to atlanta for a prospect. amazing. moore, hall & dupuis for a prospect.

Actually Alan, it works out as moore for a Prospect which isn't a bad thing. He was traded again today so depending on what prospect they get can be a good thing...

Dupuis is gone????

i hear ya, mitch, but, really, this is the third body that probably won't fit when we had one body (moore) that fit us really well last year. plus, he was the star of the only good promo msg ran with that granger character :)

Im throwing up over here, when are the rangers jumping in here, cmon already, lets do something already, theres a deal for Cujo but hes not traded yet, is it rangers????

Krog a mistake!! A wire pick up is not a mistake it is nothing.. I am not a fan of Sather but on paper his moves in the offseason looked good.. Ward for Poti and Strudwick in essence.

Cullen, Hall, and Shanahan to replace Sykora, Moore, and whomever.

They have not worked out because jagr is not playing out of his mind and Prucha, Cullen, and to a limited extent Lundqvist have not duplicated last yr. I will they would get rid of Nylander and Rachunek for something.. If they do not trade Nylander I sure hope they only sign him for 1 yr ata reasonable rate which I doubt will happen..

blake nolan souray all still available the problem si we got 5 mins left

Supposively Dupuis for Alex Bourret.. Who is he???

Rangers are going to be shut out of any big deal mainly because Sather is trying too hard to under bid.

The Jagr rumor I hear is more a response to the various trades that basically were way too overpriced.

What the Rangers are learning is that Sather no longer has that "magic touch" to make the "steal" deal that he used to years ago.

Rangers wanted to make a deal for a Panther but it was not Toddy and I am sorry to see it fall apart because it was a deal even I could live with BUT because of cap numbers the Rangers needed to find someone to take a couple other players.

Jeez 5 mins and blake is still and isle, smyth is still an oiler, we still have jack...

jokinen. Cap numbers should never be an obstacle for the rangers. just send guys down to hartford and eat their contracts.

Alex Bourret is a first round pick from 2005. big time hitter. short and stocky

Deals will be announced for up to 30 minutes more...

it always happens... the Rangers will not make any big deals, too bad they did not unload Rachunek or Nylander...

Getting Bourret, if it's true, was an awesome move. Dupuis was a free agent -- and had little upside even f he stayed.

why did we give dupius i dont understand

thats it we are officially F###ed its over

If true it is a good move getting something out of Dupuis who was doing nothing.

However IF it is Bourret we are getting yet another smallish forward as he is 5'10 205 RW currently with Chicago of the AHL.

Umm, does anyone know any sites that update the deadline, thefourthperiod.com isnt working for me,

true about Bourret's style, but in the new nhl a guy who's built like that can be successful. on tsn they mentioned that he was a very talented offensive player and tough, but out of shape.

Is Isbister playing tonight?

Dave the problem is that where is he going to play? He sure does not deserve to get a top spot with the Pack the way they are playing so they get him to sit him

One can also check TSN.CA and NHL.com

Well, I'm sure you know far more about the pack than i. but i suppose he can take isbister's place. i don't think it ever hurts to have prospects. especially a recent first-rounder. i can't see a downside to a trade like this. Dupuis wasn't giving us much, as a matter a fact, he was taking a spot that might be better used by a younger player. (though i might be ndreaming in that regard.)


Don't get me wrong I am not against the deal, it is just a puzzling one given how the Pack needed defensemen more than forwards. The Pack have a lot of forwards

If not a defenseman I would have preferred a draft pick.

Im sick of puck movers, do not like the mara deal, another non-hitter. tsn says norstrom has been traded, but does not know who....c'mon glen.....the florida deal that fell through, was it horton or olli?

mara is an upgrade over ward -- better offensively and younger -- so i don't see how you don't make the deal. it's not as if ward was barry beck.

and by beck, i mean: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAQpDrvDZ98

we got norstom?


Chris i heard FLA was asking alot for Nortan and Oli, probaly farm boys or Supermen i like to call them, either way i am very disapointed at this point, was there any reason to trade dupois, we needed a finisher for that line to replace ortmeyer, someone who can put the puck in the net with the speed of cullen and dupois, this has been a horrific day with ward and dupois gone, hopefully avery isnt touched, and prucha as well,

Norstrom is great trade i just hope its not fpr prcuha

norstrom traded to dollas

ed, bourret was a steal. according to tsn he was atlanta's top prospect.

Norstrom according to TSN is going to Dallas not NY




Are we still allowed to laugh at the Islanders front office?


Been a ranger fan all my life. I am just sickened by what the Rangers have become.

BTW I dont think a 35 yr old defenseman is the answer. I loved Matty when he was here and pissed off when they traded him.

by the way my good comment was that norstrom is not coming here.

But look at what the Isles are doing and look at what we are doing. We are the laughing stock now.




The Islanders paid through the eyeballs in prospects for Ryan Smyth. I've seen Nilson & O'Mara play and they are both going to make it in the NHL. The only way this deal makes sense is if they re-sign Smyth. They will have to give him $5.5 to stay. That's an awful lot...


I think the Bourret deal contradicts your post. Slats turned the Thrashers desperation into a solid trade. We just traded a third line player ( a free agent this summer to boot ) into a top prospect. This kid is 20 years old and has not even come into his own yet! This is a steal!!
Even if Bourret becomes a bust, what did we give up??

Sather is not perfect, he certainly could do more, but you have to be happy with what he did. We got younger, and shaved a few dollars off our cap.

what an awful deal for the isles. a first-rounder and two upside players for a guy who's gonna walk. it's not as if the isles are gonna win the cup.

so isls got smith pitts got like 3 players philly got biron and we got MARA WOOW AMAZING

ryan smyth for three first rounders?? i see a 10 year deal for a 31-year old forward in his future from the isles brain(??)trust.

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