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February 21, 2007


It's safe to say we haven't gotten a single break against the Debbies this season. Just look at their goals last night ... off the post, off Hank, off the other post and in. Then Hank makes a fabulous stop on Parise, only to have Rachunek put it in his own net.

As well as the Rangers have played against that team this year, it's very painful to watch because you know it probably won't go our way.

How does a team called the devils get so lucky? Besides the blind officiating the devils get every single bounce. It's sickening. Thursday is a must win because everyone is playing and we can't afford to throw away another two points to a team who turns my stomach with the amount of BS they get away with. Pete is right it is painful to watch because it won't go our way. Sean Avery knocking that baby brodeur down was awesome, Avery should get an extension just for that alone.

Anyone hear anything about Hossa?


You're preaching to the choir here.

That Brodeur dive alone should have received a penalty. Plus, Avery tried his best to pull back, and Brodeur cross-checked him first. Avery should have gotten 2 for his crosscheck, and Brodeur should have gotten 2 for the crosscheck and 2 for the dive. Instead, Brodeur got zilch.

The question is: what can the Rangers (or their fans) do to expose, and possibly fix, the anti-Ranger bias that exists among the league officials - right up to and including the office of Colin Campbell?

Shanahan, well-respected though he is, was basically ignored after his rant. In fact, he was given a few made-up "eff-you" penalties in the week following his explosion, just to let him know who is in charge.

This is not a recent phenomenon. Back in the early '90s, Mark Messier exposed the referee's incompetence (I think it was due to the continued abuse of Alex Kovalev). It was plastered all over the media in NY, but I'm sure it was ignored elsewhere. The referees got their revenge by not calling any penalties against Ranger opponents for a couple of weeks, resulting in a string of losses.

Messier eventually admitted that he probably caused more harm than good with his rant. Nobody outside of NY cares one iota if a NY team is getting reamed. It probably causes more glee than outrage.

What the NHL (and all professional sports) needs - I know this will happen when hell freezes over - is an independent body to review cases like this, which would have the power to discipline officials who have shown continued bias against a team, or continued ineptitude. Maybe the threat of financial hardship or suspension will make the league officials more balanced in their decisions...

So - what can be done?

There is no doubt that the Devils have some kind of advantage. Maybe they really are devils and have sold their souls! How the league could approve a trade that includes Malhakov AND a first round selection for Fahey (a career AHL'er) and some guy is Russia that doesn't want to pay in North America is beyond me. If we signed a restricted free agent we would loose four, count 'em, 4 first round picks, that's how valuable the NHL thinks a first rounder is worth. Then they approve the Malhakov trade...unbelievable. Somehow the Devils got Mogilny off their cap too, while Andrachuk still is on Tampa Bays cap! I really don't know what is going on, but if anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

What would happen if the Rangers simply refused to play until the refereeing was fixed, you know a boycott. I don't think the NHL would be able to ignore the plight then, they would be lossing one of their biggest markets.

Gary Bettman and the rest of the NHL owners are enamored with Lou Lamierello. I admit he is one heck of a GM, but he is too respected by everybody ecpecially the weasel ruining our game.

Did anyone feel we were wacthing a game officiated pre-lockout. I mean in order to enter the Jersey zone, you nedded a flack jacket and some armor piercing bullets. "No Mans Land" during WWI was an easier place to walk through! I must admit the Rangers did thier share of obstructing. Just that the Devils have always and will alwyas receive a free pass from the zebras. Mind Boggling, how a league that no one watches wants to completely and blatantly keep the largest market unsuccessful year after year!

P.S. Obviously the Rangers are guilty as well with that whole unsuccessful crap!

p.s.s. It still stings from yesterday!!!!

Officiating is like the weather, you can talk all you want about it, you can't do anything about it.

In all sports the feeling always is well these things will even up over time. And forget about it.

It seems to me though that the refs have pulled away from calling borderline and phantom penalties and that's making for more spirited action.

One thing the refs didn't do is keep the puck out of the Devils' net. One goal is not going to win you many games.

Still, for all the complaining that we can do here, the bottom line is the Rangers scored 1 even strength goal. It's not like the refs gave the Devils that many advantages last nite. You'd think Renney would be able to find ways to get Jagr away from Pandolfo more to create offense.

The second goal the Rangers gave up was pitiful. If you watch, Ward is waving for Nylander to cover Parise on the far side of the ice and Nylander doesn't hustle into the defensive zone. Obviously Rachunek put it in his own net, but it wouldn't have gotten that far if Nylander gets back to stop the pass getting to a wide open Parise or prevent him from getting the rebound.

The Devils are a better team. There are run better, they draft betetr and they develop players better than the Rangers do. It has been that way for about a decade.

Hey but Isbister is up.

The moment you mentioned above is exactly why I don't want the Rangers to give Nylander an extentsion. They want him to be a 1st line center but he simple isn't good enough in his own end to be one, and if they extend him it will be with #1 center money meaning playing him on the second line would be a waste of money. They should concentrate on getting Gomez or Datsyuk if either makes it to the open market this off season.

Yes a capable player bought up who still has skills and can forecheck.

Is that what Isbister is.

If Hossa is not ready to go, Isbister makes sense particularly against the Devils. He's got experience, size, and at the very least should be able to patrol his wing. This is no time for experiments.


Because not experimenting has worked out so well this season.

the Rangers have 29 wins in 60 games. so do the Isles and Toronto. but the Rangers are 3 pts. behind them both because of the ridiculous NHL "points for losing" system.

won't fans be thrilled when the Rangers miss a playoff spot because of this joke of a system.

and the GMs just rejected today any changes to the system for next year too.

it should just be wins and losses, period.

First off I want to say that I really enjoy comming to this site to check out Rangers news and game recaps. I appreciate all the material that is put up here free of charge for fans to read and discuss.

However, I am sick and tired of comming to this site after a close loss and reading about how the reffs once again screwed the Rangers. The players don't use it as an excuse, the Coach doesn't use it as an excuse, so what gives the fans and the writers here the right to use it as an excuse? Believe me if the Rangers were a good team the officiating and calls they make(or dont make) would not be as big of a deal that people here make it out to be. Officiating is not the differnce between a win or loss, the Rangers problems run way deeper then that.

Isbister has been the Wolf Pack's best forward the last 3-4 weeks. But he'll probably be on the fourth line, so why bring up one of the kids and have him play 5-6 minutes when he can continue to develop playing 20 minutes a night with the Wolf Pack?

Yes,the refs DO screw the Rangers. No, it's not an excuse, it's just so blatantly obvious.

It's as hard to spot as finding hay in a haystack.

Jon players and coachses dont complain because we all seeing what happen whe Shanny did we all remember Tampa game they gota keep professional.And and Officiating do lead to losses when our team is down a playerhalf a game we cant win them,.So its our right to complain about it

Jon, did you see the winning goal develop, I know Prucha and Avery didn't because they were still getting up from the ice. Avery, who I saw sitting from behind the glass was viciously cross checked from behind as Prucha was being upended in front of the net. How is it that Jagr can not draw one penalty. He was blantantly tripped after having deeked along the far boards in the first period. When the Rangers dominated the second and third periods, you mean to tell me then were only able to draw 2 full penalities(one of which was a delay of game from the puck going over the glass). Only one true contact infraction occured. PULEEEEEEEEEZ. It is hard enough to beat the Devils. Wait, was it the Rangers who took 11 penalites in Swampville in the opener of the playoffs last year. There needs to be tapes sent to the NHL and fines and suspensions handed out. If we do not get the benefit of the doubt at home on Thursday if we are outworking our opponent, then its real, plain and simple..

Jon, if all the refs were from oh, I dunno the Czech Republic and not Canada, do you think just maybe the pendulum would swing the other way and the other teams may be calling for justice?

Malik in and RACHUNEK out... please. Players need to be accountable on a game by game basis, we have no room to let things continue to slide, unless the player is close to being moved and is being shopped. Even then is questionable to allow certain players to continue to hurt us.
On the post game radio(Devils station-accidently on), the announcers were questioning how the Rangers could run a Hall of Fame goalie; ARE YOU KIDDING ME, JAGR IS GETTING RUN IN EVERYGAME GAME, ESPECIALLY THE DIVISIONAL ONES. This is turning into a joke. Anyone remember the 11 so called penalties we took in New Jersey in Game 1 a year ago. Are you telling me that the game is being played that differently..
We need the crowd tomorrow night to be strong from the get go.. This is our chance.

What can be done about the Officiating Vendetta against the Rangers? What can be done to "Beat the Devil(s)"?

Here's a novel idea. Instead of flocking over to the Meadowlands or to the Devils' new "Hell Hole" in Newark to watch our Rangers be sodomized by the Devils and the Officials, how about we "boycott" those games. When you purchase a ticket to a game at the Swamp, think about what you are doing! You are putting money into the pockets of Lamarillo and Brodeur and Gomez and even Chico Resch! Stop filling their building for them!

Same goes for the Fish. The Mausoleum is much closer to me then the Garden. I'm guilty of going to Ranger games and Red Wings games there. Don't give Wang and DP your money. Maybe if enough people come out and say they won't go to Philly, to Jersey or to the Island, someone might listen.

Vote with your wallets!

I think that what the Rangers should do, is start running the refs who butcher officiating at every opportunity. Got a ref in your headlights? Pretend you don't see him, and check him into intensive care. Shoot pucks at them, or lose an edge and make them part of the ensuing chain reaction. LOL Alright, maybe I have finally lost my mind but at least the refs might think twice about tanking a call if they even remotely thought that their next paycheck might be sent to the ICU of some hospital. If nothing else it would make the fans feel better


When the Devils move to newark even their own fans(few that there are)will go to see them.


I'm not for violance but it is tempting.

Hossa got a penalty yesterday for slashing rafalski's stick (it broke) but when the same thing happened to Pock in the game against the 'Hawks nobody saw it...I know everyone is shocked. We are also the only team in the league that doesn't get home calls. There is a different set of rules when it comes to the Rangers....Personally I think my dog can do a better job than Colin Campbell and Steven Walkom. It bothers me even more that Campbell has a '94 Cup Ring with us.

Hey, guys -- Jon is entitled to his opinion. So far the responses to him have been good, but let's keep it that way. I agree with Jon in a sense -- it is monotonous to keep seeing the refs being blamed here for so much. I guess where we disagree is whether it is warranted or not. A 28-8 difference in five and a half out of seven games where the combined score was 12-11 and the score within any game never more than two goals -- this is more than just complaining about the refs, this is an alarming pattern.

Good God, is "The Whiner" one of the most over-rated athletes ever. He is good. But is he Patrick Roy? No. I won't even bother by comparing him to other true Hall of Fame goalies. How Avery got stuck with a four minute penalty for "running" the goalie, made me question if my T.V. set was screwed up. In fact, I thought "The Whiner's" flop was on par with Avery's shotgun-blast-to-the-head dive from earlier in the season, when Jagr almost killed the guy. My girlfriend, sister and I all began hysterically laughing when we saw that joke of a dive. I was actually hoping that while diving, he'd knock himself out cold with the crossbar that often saves him. Sorry, but if you're diving like, you probably do deserve an injury so you can sit at home and realize that you embarrass NHL players. Are those refs wearing black and white (you know, for impartiality I would assume) or red and black. Seriously. And like Scott I believe mentioned, Jagr is run at constantly. Never have I seen so many players go out of their way to injure someone and end their career. I realize this is hockey and I know the sport is violent, but when do you EVER see someone like Joe Sakic get run at? Even Shanahan is never run at. But hey, it's Jagr and since he's not from the North American continent, he's free game! I really wouldn't be surprised if next season is Jagr's last.

*note to self- remember to proof read. My apologies for the grammar mistakes.

Honestly i dont wanna talk about that game cause im to PO'd about it, but i wanna ask this, Hossa got interfered with and at the same time his skate blade collided with the ref to make him fall awkward to make it seem like a dive, they call that, jagr's tripped, no call, brodeur shoves avery, no call, but avery gets a double mior for shoving back, cam janssen basically tells hank hes gonna storm the net, just tell me why there wasnt an unsportsmenlike conduct penalty or what ever. If hossa can get a penalty judging the refs on a call he felt was bull, then why shouldnt janssen get a penalty for saying he's gonna hurt our goalie. This disgusts me,, oh yea and is there any word on marcel hossa, and is isbister playing tomorrow.

First off when we talk about the problems with the Refs please realize that it is not the Rangers alone who get the short end of calls. It happens everywhere and if you had the Center Ice package you would see for yourself.

The NHL needs to step up an intensive training program for all officials by working with the juniors to train their officials. The NHL doesn't so what we see is the results.

To see Isbister as the Shanny replacement makes me barf. The Rangers are struggling to score goals even strength so instead of say Callahan who has been scoring all season they choose the reject. Guess the Ranger front office wants the boss not to get his ticket increase.

However on the serious side we should be considering what happens should the Rangers lose the next couple of games prior to the trade deadline. Fall further behind the Rangers will not have to raise the white flag it will be lowered over them.


I totally agree with what you say but you also should take into account that there is a lot of frustration being felt by your fellow fans. IF the team was losing straight out then nobody could complain but when you are fighting with one hand held behind your back by others then it stinks.

So apparently guerin and tkachuk have been told by stl management that they are going to be moved soon. My bet is Shanny isn't back at all this season (and rightfully so, concussions are not to be trifled with) and we end up with one of them. I would rather see us address our lack of physical d than forwards but we do need a little more grit and physical size up front as well. The isbister call up makes sense with the nature of last nights game and I do not think isbister was brought up for scoring. I wish they would bring up purinton, orr did alright last night, but I would like to see dale just tattoo janssens. Is Hossa out?

Laserman, Jagr tried your "accidently not seeing the ref" plan about 14 years ago. He got a 10 game suspension for it. ;)

So MHurley, can I get some of your famous cookies? I've never once stepped foot in either the swamp or mausoleum. (Granted, my dad the Bruins fan practically forBADE entering the mausoleum as he didn't believe in expansion OR expansion"dynasties.") I've brought new fans to the Garden where they've learned to love Graves, Bure, Jagr and inexplicably, Cullen. Think I'm going to Newark? Only to get a plane outta town in June. I've even chided Philly fans for being stoopit enough to spend money at MSG! Yet I've never been rewarded for staying away from hostile buildings. Does Bettman write me the check or do I get cookies? I've got a refund coming, so where do I sign up? :-) Your fan, Andrea

PS: She can say $odom!ze?!?!?

Having said that, it's important for us, die-hard fans at the game, to come out strong and supportive at MSG. Buy the beer or don't. Stick it to Jimmy D and don't have a four dollar box of popcorn. Fine. What's important is that Sean Avery ought to get a huge cheer for sticking it to the Hall of Fame whiner and Janssen ought to be pummeled by, say..., Prucha. We should cheer Hossa—even if it gives me cardiac arrest—and holla for Jags, who's doing everything possible, within the system and as a man on a mission. A captain, if you will, giving his all against all odds. When Karma and Synergy take the ice to sing the national anthem, please, fellas, remove your caps.....

Back to that man of reason, Jon Stewart. G'night hockey fans!

why cant i post


I agree that the Rangers do get the short end of the stick on a lot of calls. I am just as frustrated with the inconsistency of the reffs with regards to the new rules as everyone else. I believe what it comes down to is the fact that good teams will battle through bad calls and somehow find a way to win the game. If the Rangers know that they are going to be persecuted by the reffs game in and out, then their mentality should be to try everything they can to not let the reffs control the outcome. Not letting the reffs control the outcome includes: converting on the power play, scoring early, and capitalizing on other scoring chances. All of these, are things that playoff bound teams do. However, it’s easier said then done.

Boy have i been having trouble trying to post here. Thank you aol. So you think we a re a bunch of cry babies. Well we probably are but with good reason. All you have to do is watch and you can see why. Why was a Special type of draft after the lockout run. NYR should have had a top 5 pick but they got 15. Top 10 picks (except Montreal) went to strugling (sp) teams. Yesterdays game was evident. I wont repeat what has already been well said. I would love to see someone really crunch the shrimpboat Gomez.. And finally in my frustration I once hit a ref for being stupid( he threw me out of the game without calling a penalty between periods). I got a 6 month suspension and he wound up as a linesman in the AHL in Hershey Pa. No kidding... Any old roller hockey players out here circa 1964-1970??? Howie Rose under his real name goalied for awhile but that was in another life Z


He clearly did not call anyone crybabies and quite frankly he is right about a lot of what he said regarding the refs. However if you start throwing punches please remember my name is Dubi and I am the short green Yoda lookalike.

Andrea (or should we call you Ms Pottymouth)

Begging for cookies is so so Mitch Beckish that I am very disappointed in you tonight. What is next Dogs and Cats living in sin? LennyNYR with short pants and some real hair on his head? Enscam with a legit green card? Or Laserman flying though downtown Manhattan with a pink superhero outfit on?
Shame on you,

I've been thinking about how Jags never gets a call and wondering about all the other European superstars. If, as we posit, North American officials are -- consciously or unconsciously -- biased, how have they treated:

et al

Anybody who sees more games or has a better knowledge of hockey history have any thoughts? Is --and has it always been --a league wide-phenomenom? Are fans of those other guys howling too? Is it only really bad since the "new" no touch NHL?

Really want to hear what you all have to say about this.


It is depends how they are play.
Basically Jagrs every move can be call by refs…but…

LOL JESS, Pink with lightening bolts...

I wasn't picking on anyone. I cry as bad as anyone for all the non-calls/sissy calls.. Maybe tonight we will kick some....Z

I thought I was the only one with problems with my TV. Avery didn't run Brodeur. He went to the net with THE PUCK, shot, nearly stopped and make minor contact with Brodeur. Brodeur pushed him, he pushed back, Brodeur flopped and then Pandolfo tackles Avery. After all of that, the Devils get a power play? At worst, Avery and Brodeur should have gotten matching minors and Pandolfo should have gotten a extra roughing minor. Amazing!!!

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