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February 22, 2007


This is the first time I've ever written this:


This team is being (mis)managed right out of a Playoff spot. THEY NEED GOALS! Not Isbister! Henry has the lowest GAA since the All-Star break and we're only 6-5-1....

Dubi or anybody do u know if Gionta and Elias playing tonight

I'm really liking our future on the Blueline. So far we have Tyutin and Girardi up with the big club, Baranka in the AHL, and Staal, Sanguinetti and Sauer in junior.

Gionta out, Elias gametime descision.

Kirill thank you atleast some good news hopefully Elias can join the midget in the press box.

Another fine game by the Rangers D. I think a bag of old hockey pucks would be an equal trade for Ward, but he will probably retire a Ranger. Another bang up job by the Refs, and the league is definitely out for the Rangers. This league is an effin disgrace...

I hate to say, but now I believe theory of ref’s conspiracy.

The Rangers might as well throw caution to the winds and publicly call out these referees by name and by bad call after bad call. They are out of the playoffs anyway, so make it open season on the refs. Embarrass them publicly, have the players, coaches and Sather quoted in the media, get all the New York papers riled up and writing articles on the Anti-Ranger bias. Provide video of every bad call, non-call, blatant call. Pay the fines, Dolan can certainly afford it. And just make a big effing stink so bad that something has to be done about it.

I can't stand this anymore, I'd love to see them speak up and give up the season just to embarrass the League, Walkom, Campbell, Bettman and the referees.

yeah the refs were bad, but the Rangers lost this on merit, letting a 2-0 lead disappear.
I can't wait for the damn deadline to pass; I'm gonna barf if they give up any kid 26 or younger for any over 30 band-aid.
Havent they noticed our best players lately are under 28...

I agree T-Bird, one or two games is one thing but every frigging night? The people who are calling the shots in the league haven't a clue about even handedness. Campbell is the most useless numbnuts that ever was in a managing capacity in recent memory. The referees aren't good enough to call jr. games IMO but some should definitely get called on the carpet. This blatant abuse of officiating must stop...

What are you talking about guys, CLEARLY Jagr could've just flown over Marty.

Marty should win an Oscar for his marvelous performance tonight again, flailing his arms like he had cross-checked to the neck.

I feel sick to my stomach. And I honestly do not know how Jagr could possibly control himself and not go over and gouge out that ref's eyes.

As soon as the Rangers stopped hitting it started to go downhill. Hit Gomez and he coughs up the puck like he has TB. Please coach Renney show some emotion on the bench after some of these calls. Throw a stick a waterbottle something...Even the guys on the hdtv broadcast couldn't believe the call on JJ. I am so sick of the way these refs are impacting the game...Z

Anyone else notice that on the shootout, Brodeur drops to a paddle down when the shooter gets close (ie. Nylander and Prucha)? Why aren't they faking the shot and going around? It's how Hossa scored the first goal.

Also, how does Jags not put himself in? He's the leading scorer and the friggin captain. To let Cullen with his 11 goals take the shot is ridiculous. He's gotta step up in that spot, even if it makes him uncomfortable? C'mon.

The might as well let NJ have 6 players in OT. They missed a blatant take down by Elias about 30 seconds before Jagr got called for interference. BTW unpenalized hooking and holding is back in the NHL in full force.

Folks, I've been saying it now for a long time. This is a .500 team and they are playing like one. Ward totally out of position on the second goal and Prucha misplays his man. Lundqvist who played a fantastic game loses a puck after the initial stop and is too late to recover. The one I am most upset with is #68 who showed ZERO courage and ZERO leadership by not taking at VERY least the third shot. What kind of leader is that? Nothing against Matt Cullen, who I thought had a fantastic game, but can you imagine even in your wildest dreams Mark Messier saying to Mike Keenan, "I'm tired and not really that good at these, let Mac take the shot..." No, messier with a broken leg would have crawled to the net...not #68 and that infuriates me.

The problem, and in my opinion it is the heart of the issues that center this team's psyche is that Tom Renney and Jaromir Jagr, essentially the driving force of this team are type-b personalities. I think Renney did a great job in switching around the lines and I truly thought they were going to win when they went up two nothing, but when that first goal went in I felt that this team would find a way to lose and they did. To me, and this is not a talent issue at all, it's a psychological thing that CANNOT be corrected is again the personality of the two primary leaders Renney and Jagr. Now is this a bad trait...NO. You all know that I have been and continue to be a big supporter of Tom Renney, but I have always maintained that in ANY sport, the team reflects the personality of their coach/manager. The '94 Cup team was a VERY fiery bunch as was Mike Keenan and it worked for them. In baseball, the Yankees continue to reflect Joe Torre's stay calm demeanor in every situation and it works for them...and then you get Bill Belichick who is sort of in between and it works for them. This team needs a fiery leader to get them motivated and that is just not Tom Renney's personality. He might be that in practice as has been reported at times, but I think the team needs to see that on the bench and they don't...I don't fault Coach Renney for that just as I don't fault any of you for the personalities that you have because that's what makes us all unique. For me though, I don't think that it works for Tom and this squad. It CLEARLY worked well with last year's squad till they just plain ran out of gas at the end.

As far as Mr. Jagr is concerned, I am NOT questioning his desire to win. To do that would be incredibly stupid considering the long shifts, the double shifts and and the amount of shifts that he takes on a night in night out basis. What I think is the problem is the selfishness i.e. getting hurt in last year's play-offs because he was frustrated. The terrible penalties he has taken all year long at inopportune times, the slow to get off the ice attitude, his inflexibility in how to play the power play which was atrocious with the opportunities they had in spite of the Prucha PP goal and then his inability to get it done this season. I don't even want to begin to get on the giveaways and holding on to the puck too long, the extra passes instead of shooting etc. he still is one of the premier players in the league but he is not one of the premier "Team" guys. He's a superstar player and he plays that way...it's "Me versus the world" and that is what is hurting this team.

So where does that leave the 2006-2007 Rangers squad. To me, it's time to trade whoever teams want and get the young kids up here and let them play. Not all at once mind you, but a couple at a time and get the nervousness out of the system and continue to build for next season. Maybe we'll get lucky since we are really only 4 points out of the play-offs and their energy will do something special but to me to quote Dandy Don Meredith "Turn out the lights...the party's over...they say that all good things must end..."

unfortunately y'know they'll make a dumb short-term trade, the playoff money is due in a week!

Jagr should be ashamed of himself for refusing to go in the top three during the shootout and the refs should be ashamed of themselves for the game they called. How bad was it, it was so bad that Sam and Joe commented about Jagr not sucking it up and how poorly and unevenly the refs called the game. It is over.

Good overall night! We lost ground to everyone except the Leafs. Anyone catch that idiot Chris Neal's blatant elbow to Chris Drury's head. Lindy Ruff sent all his bad boys out the next shift, and took care of business...

What a shock the Rangers lose a game they had to win. I'm used to it.


A couple of points...I get the feeling Renney is a caretaker. I think, as you have pointed out elsewhere, what's most important that's taking place in the organization is what is taking place in Hartford, where, the fruits of the first draft after the purge of 2004 are driving the Pack towards a run at the Calder Cup. I think that's one reason why we won't see any of the more deserving come up.

As for the leader, it's obvious that Shanny is this team's emotional foundation. The key is 1) making sure he's back next year, and 2) constriucting a team not dependent upon Jagr's lack of leadership next year.

Why is everyone throwing Jagr under the bus? I don't understand it. I don't remember the last time Jagr "dogged" a game. I'm not saying the hasn't as a Ranger, but the guy really does put all of himself into the game. Yeah, the guy makes mistakes but what Ranger on this team doesn't? Also, it's so much easier to criticize Jagr in this situation because they didn't win. How many of you would've given Jagr crap had Cullen and Prucha scored? The numbers tell the story. Off the type of my head, I recall Jagr being what, 2-14 in shootouts? We all can agree that Jagr is a million times more talented than someone like Cullen, but honestly, would you really FORCE Jagr to go do something he isn't good at? You might as well put Orr in the top 3. What if Jagr does go tonight and misses? Then there's the million of "Why the hell did Jagr go in the top 3?" threads. It's amazing to see how easily people forget who has CARRIED the Rangers this and last season. Comparing Messier to Jagr is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, Mess may have been a "better" leader but they're two different people playing for two completely different teams. Amazing how people seem to have a very limited short term memory, but when it comes to 94' the comparisons come flying.

In fact, Cullen has already beat Brodeur in the shootout this year, which makes him about 1-3 this year. The problem with Cullen tonight was that instead of doing his "fly to the net and then stop" move, he just took a predictable glove-side wrist shot.


Yeah, can't you just see them trading Hossa now that he's hot? Man, lousy gut-wrenching loss. Will be out of town and miss Saturday's game, so I'm counting on you fans to fill me in on the details that won't make the papers. Thanks and try to have a good, winning weekend.

If the Rangers make a mover I get this feeling it is to find Jagr a setup man. Watching him tonight I could see how much energy he has to put out shift after shift trying to make plays. He is a goal scorer and not once tonight was he in a position to just shoot instead of having to skate everywhere. Not once did he get the puck in a shooters position.

As for the game itself enough blaming the refs, Rangers simply let the Debbies off the hook when they blew the 2-0 lead.

Refs may have been atrocious, but the Rangers blew this game. They could have, and should have, won tonight.

refs have it out for our team. refs suck in general. they are and have been driving me away from the game. that and the bad ranger coaching. cullen? have i said it before? what's the definition of insanity again, class? i dont care anymore.

Everyone please be quiet over the whole shootout thing with jagr, honesly colton orr has a better chance of scoring, hes not been good and he probaly feels as a captain he should sit it out cause if you mentally dont think you can score then your not scoring, i dont know why avery wasnt put on, you never know maybe he coulda scored, cullen hasnt been good in the shootout, hes beat marty once, did the same move and failed, did the same move tongight, and failed, what are you gonna do, officiating is terrible and thats how its gonna be all year, and thats why the rangers wont make the playoffs, cause they can never get those lucky breaks like the devils, when you think about it we lead the league in scoring d men with all the pucks put in our net by them....

""Why is everyone throwing Jagr under the bus? I don't understand it.""

Joe Micheletti, who played in the NHL for years, said that Jagr begging off from the shootout was inexcusable.

If even a Ranger shill, who usually lauds Jagr, who knows the NHL culture, says Jagr is wrong, then that is good enough for me.

Folks, the Refs did NOT lose this game for the Rangers, the Rangers did a good enough job of that on their own On the other hand there is also ZERO doubt that the REF's in fact did TILT the ice and to say they didn't is just plain wrong, or you are ignoring a factor that I am sure that Dubi will post about in the morning. I feel it necessary to repeat myself to make sure I am not misunderstood...AGAIN, the RANGERS lost the game on their own by not taking care of the business at hand, HOWEVER the Refs WERE a MAJOR factor.


I think your criticism of the piece I put up is wrong and not following the logic of the what I put out there. Allow me please to elaborate for you.

The comparison to the '94 team is inevitable and 100% appropriate and why? Because it was the last time the team has won. If the Rangers had somehow won it last year, then the "inevitable" comparison would have been to that team.

As far as your taking issue with comparing Jaromir Jagr as a CAPTAIN to another CAPTAIN on again that same last winning team is a fair comparison. How about Dave Maloney? He was a team Captain. I grant you he wasn't the dominating player that Jagr or Mess were, but do you think if given the same scenario he would have played it the same way had he been approached? In those days MEN played the game and to be a Captain you had to be a leader of men, not sensitive towards whether your ego would be hurt if you missed. This team is fighting to make the play-offs and the team's best player AND Captain, didn't shoot in the TOP 4. You don't think that is something worthy of at very least QUESTIONING leadership? I do.

I own an employment agency and search firm and when there is a deal to be closed that's key to my company making money, I don't have people that I know to have lesser skill in that area than me, I take that on because that's what you are supposed to do and JAGR didn't and that to me is a MAJOR problem.

Lastly, as I stated I don't have a problem with Cullen shooting in the shoot out. The problem I had was when he was called on to shoot. I'd have put him fifth and Jagr third. Bottom line, to quote that great philosopher, Ric Flair, "To Be The Man, You Have to Beat The Man" or as the Red Sux used so many times, "You have to COWBOY up" and that wasn't done either...

It has been a long night for Ranger fans again. I am so sick of watching the same results night after night because we don't have any scoring. The Rangers lose a guy like Shanahan and replace him in the lineup with a defensive player. The organization decides to bring up Isbister because the Coach dictates that the Devils are not prone to off the rush type goals against and the it made more sense to have big body available if Hossa was too hurt to play. Preposterous!! Renney is losing the games before they are being played with his thinking. The Rangers need to score alot more. Their goal differential is so bad it needs 25% more goals for than against for the team to compete with the better NHL teams. Look at the stats. They do not lie. Tom Renney would lie to his uncle. He continues to tap dance arounfd the issue of low goal production and maintains that the team he puts on the ice every night is the best team Renney can use to compete. Thats B S. He is putting out a team that plays defense first and thinks about scoring as a secondary notion. It has caught up with him. His coaching style has killed the Rangers chances to make the playoffs. Renney's attempt to control in what he seems to think are the Rangers irresponsible defensive players has blown up in his face. Because of this the Rangers cannot win close games. They do not know how to score. They are always caught with the wrong players on the ice when a scoring chance comes along. Because Renney chooses to LOSE by 1 instead of 3.

Jaromir Jagr will always be Jaromisr Jagr. If the goals come easy then JJ is happy and the NHL media think he's the MVP. If the goals stop, then it has to be that the Ref's are not calling the penalties against JJ and the NHL media asks whats the matter with Jagr? Then when JJ can't break his goal slumps, he retreats. Jagr has not changed one bit in 13 years. He is not the centerpiece to build a Ranger team around. He never was. Never will be. JJ has always needed stud players to carry the mail so he can live off the power play. What's different now?

I dont understand why everyone is bad mouthing JJ or close enough at least. Everyones PO'd about the game, thankfully the series is over and we dont have to worry about the devs, BUT we have to root for them now so we can have a chance at the playoffs, games like blues blue jackets, 2 against bruins 2 against flyers are must must must wins. Then theres pens and isles at 4 apeice, we need to win 5 or 6 at least, then 3 at habs which there getting life now unfortunetly, then i think 1 against canes in which hank has only given up 1 goal in 2 games against them, then there is the must win against the leafs, Everyone try to stay optimistic, the devil games were just another case of bad calls and no calls, but what did you expect. Im hearing alot of rumors that pock is being shoped around EDM, and were are definently getting someone from there, and trying to get Tkachuk, but those are rumors, maybe while sather is in EDM he'll shop, i mean oilers gave away bergeron for nothing they may give away someone else for nothing....

If Michelleti is such a shill, why is it now that you decide to take him serious and no longer take his comments with a grain of salt? I never took him serious, so why should I now?

No offense to you Mitch, but if you still believe you're making a fair comparison to the '94 team, why is that Jagr is being singled out? Why not call out Renney or any of the other blueshirts?

Again, if Jagr did go anywhere from 1-4 and missed, I'm willing to wager very few would say, "HEY, at least he tried!!@!1" No, it would be criticism after criticism, effectively putting Jagr in a catch-22. Like I mentioned before, had the Rangers had won the shootout, none of this "Jagr isn't a good captain" stuff would even be brought up.

Jagr doesn't care about getting his ego hurt,apparently we still thinks Jagr is playing in Washington, where he didn't care about the team. Jagr didn't go in the shootout because he is simply not good at them. He did (or didn't) do what he believes to be in the best of the Rangers' interest. It's not like he cares if he's going to get hounded if he misses, but why take the spot of someone who is better at shootouts than him.

Personally, I would've put Nylander, Prucha, Avery, Straka, and THEN consider having Jagr there. Regardless, the refs deserve more crap for absolutely ruining the game tonight. The Devils were about 3-4 powerplays away from making it 5-2. The real disappointment is not Jagr. It's the refs and it's the fragile Rangers' psyche that clearly misses Brendan.


I don't know if you were referring your comments about Michelleti towards me, because I never mentioned him and happen to think he is doing a great job in a ver ydifficult situation follwoing a legendary broadcaster and I think he is FAR from a shill.

As to your Jagr comments, they are just plain wrong and I'm sorry to be so blunt but I have explained now a couple of times why the situation is being brought up in the first place. Do you recall how people got on Hank for taking himself out of a game and then people referrring to "would Richter have done that?"

Is comparison and criticism warranted in this case? The answer is "yes" because of what he IS on this team. He IS their leader. You're not comfortable comparing him to Messier? How about Patrick Elias who doesn't exactly tear it up in shoot-outs either but he's the Captain and one of the teams best players and so he goes out htere and tries. What about Ovechkin or Crosby or Thornton or you can go on and on. THe point is that a LEADER by it's very definition LEADS. Asking out of a LEADERSHIP position warrants criticism and comparison. Had he "Cowboy'ed Up" and tried the leadership wouldn't have been in question becasue he, ALL TOGETHER NOW, "Would have led..."

The issue of last night's game was the Rangers, threw sloppy defense and the inability to capitalize on opportunity after opportunity lost the game. The refs didn't help and in fact just as on Tuesday didn't make the calls they should have but that is no excuse for not finishing and for the lapses defensively. Hank played an excellent game as he has been giving them lately or they would more than likely we would be talking about getting the first pick in the draft and not still trying to make the play-offs which as I said right now is a pipe dream.

As to your comments about Shanny, he is missed there is no doubt aobut it, but he hasn';t exactly been lighting it up lately either. I think he should be resigned, but I think the most importnat person the team needs to sign is SEAN AVERY who is a perfect fit for this team. There is one other player I would absolutely LOVE for the Rangers to sign in the off-season and personally I can't stand him but I think with Avery there would make this team one nobody would want to play and that's Darcy Tucker. If you put the two of them out there on differnet lines teams would go batty trying to stay in the game mentally and that's a HUGE advantage.

Anyhow, the bottom line on this is it was a VERY ugly loss and in my opinion now the Rangers should look at Tuesday as a chance to load up on some more propects and picks and move some people out of here. I would move Nylander, who would bring some players back, Rachunek who won't garner much other than maybe a mid round draft pick, if he's declared healthy, Kevin Weekes, Aaron Ward if he can be moved, but I doubt it with his contract, Kasper if anyone is willing to take him which I also doubt, and Marek Malik who I also don't think anyone is going to want. Then we rotate some of the kids in there and see if having that youth injection sparks something. If it doesn't, so what. At least these kids have had some exposure to the NHL and the rebuilding continues.

If anyone is interested, I'll be at the game Saturday if you want to talk about this in person.

It has to be noted that Straka,Jagr have produced very little in the last 30 or so games. These two are the center of the Rangers offensive universe whether you want to admit it or not. That being said, if you are the go to guy and don't get the job done, and miss the playoffs, then the go to guy should be re evaluated. It may be a good idea to re evaluate Straka and Jagr's value to the Rangers in the next few days and act accordingly if it fits.

the bottom line re: jagr for me is that he should not be the captain of this, or any team. captains step up when games are on the line. he is easily one of the best to ever play this game and was once the best one-on-one player in the league. you would think that his confidence would be high enough to participate in the shootout. that it's not is inexcusable. frankly the fact that he just doesn't want to is ridiculous.

here's my other issue with jagr. maybe it's because he's still not 100% from last year's injury, maybe he's unhappy sharing the spotlight with shanahan or maybe he's just depressed because the team isn't doing as well as it did last year, but he has to force the play more, drive to the net and create more than he has all year. he has become too comfortable curling back and playing along the edges, reacting to the play rather than dictating it. he's too good to just react. he needs to be the point guard of this team, breaking down the defense, drawing coverage and finding the open man. too often this year he just takes what's there. maybe it's just me, but i'd love to see a little more passion out of him.

On most well built NHL playoff teams there are 9 forwards with an offense first mindset and 3 forwards that think defense first. That seems to be the best mix. Out of the 12 forwards, 7 or 8 of them are tenacious like Sean Avery. Meaning they can still make a superb pass and hit the net with a shot. On the Rangers, we have possibly two forwards in that category. Avery himself and Marcel Hossa of late. Why?? Sather has always had teams in Edmonton that had 7 to 10 forwards like that. Why has it changed in NY?? What makes it so difficult in NY??

Amazing how much people overreact to a game where, but for 2 inches, the Rangers would have come out ahead.

If Prucha his the net, instead of the crossbar, and Langenbrunner's bounces over the net, instead of into it, we'd be talking about how the Rangers played two of their best games of the season against one of the best teams in the league. If the NYR played games like this every game, we'd be much more secure in a playoff position.



The Michelleti comment was not directed towards you Mitch. It was towards someone who had also responded to my Jagr comments (too lazy to go find poster's name). My apologies for not appropriately stating to whom I'm talking to. So lemme try that out this time.

I respect and realize your opinions about what leaders are and what leaders should be. And obviously, this argument is moot because it falls under the "agree to disagree" section of debates. Looking back in retrospect, I probably would have liked to see Jagr out there too if I were a Ranger. Who knows, maybe the next shootout (albeit it could be for naught) he will "cowboy up" (hope I used that correctly). I still stand to my opinion that although it might be a moral up-bringer to see Jagr out there in the top 3, odds are favoring that he'd probably fail and thus, have the opposite effect. But whatever.

Yes, Shanahan has hit a pretty ugly cold steak (a goal here and there), but like you said, he definitely needs to be resigned. I also LOVE what Avery brings to this team. He reminds of a younger Kasper. Avery might not say and do the smartest things, but his sandpaper personality and his ability to irk hall-of-fame goalies like Marty is a necessity to this Ranger team. And I love the idea of bringing Tucker here. Putting those together might equate to more time in the penalty box, but wow, the Ranger's would put the "Eurosoft" label to rest.

Looking ahead in the future, I believe that if we do fall off from playoff contention, we should trade Nylander for a lovely set of prospects, picks, and possibly even package in someone useless defensemen (Hi there, Karel). However, if we do manage to stay in playoff contention AND make the playoffs, we should resign Nylander and/or make it a priority to sign or resign, Tucker, Souray, Avery and Shanahan (in no particular order). We have the money, so if we can't sign at least 3 of the 5 names I just mentioned, it will be inexcusable. This is assuming we can buy out some contracts, waive players, or trade them.


Jagr does show passion. Just because he isn't breaking his stick over the crossbar or shouting at a ref's face, doesn't mean he doesn't care about the team. To ask him to do otherwise would be like asking him to change his personality. He might not be the leader your prefer, but he is one nonetheless. You could see the disdain and disbelief when he was called for "goaltender interference" in OT last night. If he didn't have any kind of passion, he would've just got up, went to the box and called it a night. Anyone with some kind of emotional intelligence, could see how shocked and utterly disgusted he was with that call without explicitly saying so (I assume to avoid tacking on another 2 minutes).


I most definitely agree with you. These posts you're reading and the ones we're all typing would have the polar opposite tone to it had the bounces(including the refs' eyes) gone our way.

Phil u right if we wouldve won the game in which we had a 2-0 lead we wouldve been talking differently but since they blew the lead why wouyld i have something nice to sya about thsi team

my thoughts on jagr are actually something that i've been thinking about all year. and i recognize that some of what i perceive to be his hesitance to push the play could be due to his injury from last year. so, it's not that i want him to break a stick over anything, i just want to see him be more agressive offensively and generally speaking, step up. think back to his dominant years in pitt when he was pushing the puck hard and dictating the offense everytime he touched the puck. now i understand that he's a litte older, but he's not so old that he can't be doing that.

If anybody wants to discredit jagr, just look at forsberg, anybody catch his pathetic shootout shot, i caught the last second of it, i think he tried a spinarama and fell down and never took the shot,,,,nice way to let your teamates except you into the club.....

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