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January 29, 2007


My Rangers Report Card

At the 49 game point we have 52 points, scored 143 goals and gave up 147. Last year at this point in the season we had 63 points, scored 154 goals and gave up 125 goals. Not a suprise, we are not as good as we were last year.

Now, inside the numbers. Jagr's line is slightly up from last year @ 278 points last year & a projected 285 points this year. The big difference is the second line production. Last year was Rucchin, Ruchinsky, Sykora and Prucha @ 75 goals, 94 assists and 169 points. This year, the projections for Shanahan, Cullen, Prucha and Hall are 54 goals, 56 assists and 110 points. We clearly lost production due to the acquisition of "thought to be" second line players. The rest of the lines still don't contribute much.

On the defensive side of the puck, last years 7 D'men produced 22 goals, 101 assists @ 123 points. This year's 7 (I included Kaspar) is projected to produce 24 goals, 105 assists @ 129 points. That's a wash.

In goal, Lundqvist has dropped from his pace of 2.24 GAA & .992 save percentage to 2.78 @ .904 save percentage. That amounts to about half a goal per game. That's 24 goals over the 49 games to date and amounts to the difference from last season at this point. We all know this is a reflection of the overall team defense, which has not been as good as last year (and that's not saying much!).

So the trades and acquisitions have done more to hurt the team then help. The exception is Shanahan, who brings more then points. From a point production standpoint, Rucchin and Cullen are about a wash, however IMO Rucchin would have been more productive with Shanahan on his wing. Shanahan is a clear improvement over Ruchinsky with Shanahan projected at 77 points to Ruchinsky's 55 points last season. The big drop off is Hall vs. Sykora. Hall is projected at 7 goals, 3 assists @ 20 points and Sykora is projected at 28 goals, 36 assists @ 64 points. Sykora's production last year was almost double Hall's projected output for this year. Prucha is producing at a lesser pace (47 points last year and projected @ 32 points this year).

The loss of Moore and Ortmeyer's health issues have hurt. However, the biggest problem is the trades and acquistions that have not paid the dividends management expected. The numbers are supporting what we are seeing on the ice. We need a playmaker at 2nd line center, a scoring right wing for the second line (Prucha could be the man with a playmaker center) and the overall team defense needs to pick it up. Then we will only be back to where we were last season! That translates into a viable 3rd or 4th line with some scoring punch.

I had a chance to see Callahan play in person on Saturday night in Hartford and he was dominant. He absolutely belongs in the NHL and I can't wait to see him get a real shot.

For those in the NY area who didn't know (and don't have Center Ice), the AHL All Star Skills Competition and All Star Game are being shown on FSNNY. I got to see Callahan in the skills competition last night, where he held his own. The All Star Game is on tonight at 7pm, for those who might want to record it.

Rangerbill94 - excellent analysis!

Sorry, typo. save percentage for Henrik last year was .922, not .992!

What the hell does Tom have against Pock? Seriously, the kid has been one of our better defensemen for weeks while Malik has been a waste of space. Renney has been horrible this year, plain and simple. His revised lines are a joke.

It would help if Renney could show a little leadership and TELL his players what he wants to see on the PP. Why is he letting Shanny and Jagr discuss it in the papers and disagree with the overall philosophy. What is Renney's philosophy? He is the coach for crying out loud. How can you have your Captain and Alternate disgreeing on the basic concept of the powerplay this far into the season??

Shouldn't the foundation of their PP been decided by Renney way back in say...August?


Thanks for that info.

Chris QCT

Yes. And the roster needed to set back then also.Malik is at his best right now. Pock still has some upside and as of now we don't know where the end of his upside is. Pock should be QB on the PP. He did it in Hartford and should be given the chance here. Not on Jagr's PP unit, though. Put him at the point with Shanny, Prucha and Hall and watch them score goals. JJ will change his mind if the second PP unit becomes the first.

It only took Lundmark to get Conroy? Sather needs to go, now!

Good stuff rangerbill. Appreciate the interesting stats.

Did anyone just see that play by Malik? He's pure crap.

And Prucha gets some luck!!!

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