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January 31, 2007


Dubi, the extra point dilemma can easily be fixed. All the league has to do is take a look at soccer. It makes absolutely NO sense that some NHL matches are worth three points while others are just two. Award three points for a regulation time win and all problems are solved.


That's my preferred method too -- 3-2-1. I was just using this situation as an excuse to highlight the Isles blowing a three goal lead in the third period and losing in OT.

So.... are we just ignoring this Tkachuk rumor so it'll go away?

I think the rangers should go for Tkachuk,,honestly it wouldnt hurt, as long as they dont give away ridiculous amounts of players, everyone is gonna have to get forsberg outta there head, if rangers are gunning for him then someone like prucha is gonna go, along with good prospects, If prucha gets traded i cant watch the rangers, but anyway it would be a pretty good aquisition if they get KT. Does anyone have any ideas who the rangers would give up for him.....

Tkachuk can play C or LW. Shanny and Tkachuk together on the second line would be fun to watch.

Do you have to light a fire under Hollweg? I thougt he had the eternal flame burning beneath him! This guy will never put up numbers, but he should always have a spot in the lineup due to his speed, relentless forecheck and heart. I personally would like to see him in a PK role. He definetely has the wheels. I think Renney wants Orr in there to deter any possible agitation the Leafs always provide.

Hollweg could do the same as the energetic pinball he becomes every night!

Brooks has had the Rangers interested in Tkachuk since 2000. I think KT is a big stiff who never shows up for anything when you need him.

Can't see how benching Hollweg makes this team better vs the Leafs

Tkachuk and Shanny would be a slow second line for the Rangers. Rental players at this point would only hurt an already fragile franchaise further. Any change to our foward lines should be as ,we all been saying, from our farm system. We really need to focus on the real matter at hand and that is bolstering up our blue line. We really dont have any defenseman that intimidate other teams top players. None of our defenseman are reliable enough to shadow any top player of the league. I think in time Tyutin could be that type of player, but only from a positional standpoint. His stature really isn't making anyone think twice.

Jager and A. Ward scored within minutes of each other only Ward scored for Toronto!

I wish they would get rid of Ward as thats like the 4th time this year he has done that. One hit does not a season make...

Marouelli is such a [deleted] with the BS he just pulled. All the crap he let go by the leafs and he calls Cullen for that BS. I hate those frigging zebras...

Another game where the opposing team hammers the gutless Rangers and the refs let the crap go. As much as I hate Ward his hit was the cleanest of the bunch. Renney stinks as a coach, and Sather stinks as a GM. What I think of Dolan couldn't be printed anywhere. Why was Hollweg punished??? And now the talk of getting Tkachuk??? This team is clueless, and I'm done...

Did anyone see the look on Renney's face after Pock took the too many men penalty?

I hope that wasn't a career-ending penalty for Pock...

Consider this season over. This current team is simply too weak at the bottom end of the roster and there is nobody to play with Shanahan. If the Cullen, Prucha, Ortmeyer line continues as they have over the last three games, then we have a third line that can provide some scoring. Shanahan needs Dubinsky and Callahan. This will give the youngsters some important experience at a critical time in the season. If they step up, great! If not, the experience playing under Shanahan will prove invaluable in the long run. Don't trade anybody for a seasoned center...it won't help, especially Tkachuk.


Did you see the expression on Jagr's face when Shanny was talking to him! And if Renney blames Pock for Malik's bad change, then that says it all.

Of course Renney is going to blame Pock instead of Malik. You read it here first.

I am completely at odds with Dubi's favorable evaluation of Renney. But I think we both agree on Sather.

T_bird....I caught that exchange between Jagr and Shanny too. That was right after the goal was scored. I'm sure I'm wrong but it almost looked like Jagr was pouting because Shanny got credit for the goal. I can't image that was the issue. If not I wonder what it was because from the expression on Jagr's face it looked like he would have rather been talking to Bin Laden then Shanny....

Vic, we picked up on this on the next thread. My own feeling is that Shanny let Jagr know he was going to get vocal about the refs and Jagr, I beleive, is completely disgusted about the refs and that was the reason for the pouting.

Just my opinion of course.

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