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January 25, 2007


"Joe Girardi"...
Great, now even old washed up baseball players are making the Rangers...what's next??


I was not at all impressed by Girardi during a pre-season game I saw him play at MSG this past September. He looked in way over his head fumbling and bumbling his way around the ice.

Hope it is not Pock that sits. That would not solve a thing.

I wouild rather they bring a forward up instead of Girardi and if it has to be a defenseman I hope its Baranka.

Maybe they are thinking of moving Pock to a forward spot?


As of a couple of minutes ago the Rangers still have not posted a press release regarding Kasparaitis. And for that matter, the press release regarding the call-up from Hartford hasn't been released either.

Also, I would think that by now, the 24-hour period during which claims by other clubs could have been made has expired.

To boot, his name still appears on the roster.

The Rangers management never hesitates to issue pronouncements on everything from the 97th showing of "Game 6" on the network to soliciting photos of fans' painted faces but when it comes to being candid and timely about a substantial issue they're a day late and a dollar short.



As long as I've known the Rangers organization, that's the way they operate. This is not a Dolan or Sather thing, if you watch the Rangers releases you'll be the last to know. It seems that TSN often times gets the info first so that is the first place I check. Not being in the NY area, it's hard to have any contacts that are Rangers fans. I'll plug BB again. This website may have some strange "fan" comments, but it and the paper are on top of all things in Rangerland.

My experience with announcements is this: All announcements are sent to the media before they are posted on the Rangers' web site, I suppose to give outlets a chance to report it first. The time gap is usually pretty short, no more than an hour.

The Rangers have never announced the placement of players on waivers -- I'm not sure that any team does. Outlets like TSN.ca pick it up by looking at the waiver wire. The Rangers will announce a player's assignment after he clears waivers. They cannot announce a call-up until then because a call-up is not possible until the waived player is assigned and the roster spot is freed.

I'm not sure how much of this is team policy vs. how much is league rules -- obviously the call-up is a league rule since it involves the roster limit.

Happy to see Girardi get the nod if he plays and Pock doesn't sit. If Pock sits then its just BS for fans.

Also less than impressed so far in that no other player has been waived, though to expect that would be fooling myself. There still is some time to get some dead weight off the team before Sat but I won't hold my breath.

It looks like according to TSN, Girardi WILL have to pass through waivers in order to join the Rangers. What's up with that?


If this is true, I highly doubt no team will pick him up.

That will suck.

Dubi, nothing personal, but that doesn't wash.

On another board, it was posted yesterday, at 1:28 PM that Kasparaitis was on waivers.

I think it would be extremely generous to assume that the NHL was notified no earlier than 1:15 PM.

That means that the 24-hour period during which he could be claimed expired at 1:28 PM today at the latest.

I checked at 4:39 and there was still nothing on the subject posted on the Rangers site (homogenized, pasteurized, pussyfooting or anything else) and Kaspraitis is still listed on the active roster.

The bottom line is that the "ore-gan-EYE-zA-shun's" MO is that anything that could be construed as "negative" goes unsaid or diluted while unadultered b.s. gets prominent play.

PS - The source of the "Girardi requires reentry waivers story," John Dellapina, retracted it this AM.

Unfortunately a number of organizations picked up his original story (online and printed) and carried it themselves.

Apparently in some cases the correction has not caught up.

Ros, that TSN report is wrong. They cite a John Dellapina report in the Daily News that has since been corrected.

So we're hearing Pock may sit for Girardi? (I realize no announcement has been made yet and it may not be true.) Still, if it IS true, how can they possibly justify this move? I'm not as in love with Pock as some around here are, but he is definitely NOT the main problem with the defense. Malik/Ward/Rachunek all deserve to sit before Pock does.

From what i heard, Girardi up and Pock sits. I am not happy about that. One step forward and two steps backwards, that's the dance this team does over and over and over and.....

For those of you interested or confused since it's really not posted anywhere, Kasper cleared waivers, reported to and practiced with the WP today and will play tomorrow and Saturday nights before the AHL All-Star break Sunday and Monday. From what I heard he was very positive and upbeat. Based upon what I'm hearing, I would not at all be surprised if he turned into a player-coach and then wound up on the bench with the Pack.

I am not basing this on any conversation that I had with anyone today, but my guess is that Rachunek is going to sit and Pock will play with Girardi who he was on a line with much of last year and when he went down earlier this season rode shotgun with. It would only make sense...

BTW, the reports that I got a few days ago from people that know told me that there was going to be more of an influx of the kids than this but the team changed their minds as they felt 1) The kids are not quite ready yet but that they are close. Read that to mean they feel there is talent there but that they are looking for more consistency before they get promoted 2) They don't want to throw these kids into situations where they are bound to fail 3) they feel they'd like to give the kids major minutes that they can't right now and that playing 20 in Hartford is better than 4 or 5 minutes in NY 4) They want them to continue to grow as a group and learn to win togther.

This is what I am hearing. It's not my opinion. Frankly I think they should dump them all but that won't happen. If you want to know why I can tell you but it's not important, it is what it is...

Thank you Mitch.

That's dump the players in NY to make room for the others. After posting that last comments it made no sense to me either


"I am not basing this on any conversation that I had with anyone today, but my guess is that Rachunek is going to sit and Pock will play with Girardi who he was on a line with much of last year and when he went down earlier this season rode shotgun with. It would only make sense..."

Agree Mitch, it does make sense which leads me to believe it won't happen. Please Renney/Sather make a liar out of me, would like nothing better.

I'll have a full report from practice later this evening or early tomorrow, but right now Renney is looking to pair up Pock and Girardi on Saturday in Philly. Dan will definitely play -- it looks like the flu will be given as the reason for sitting out whoever is chosen to sit out, although the only person sidelined by the bug in practice today was Straka.

Mark, I wasn't trying to either define Ranger policy nor defend it, just tell you how it looks from my point of view, since I get the releases directly from the team. They finally put it out after 6:30 PM this evening as part of their practice update.

Kev, TSN is parrotting Dellapina's initial report, which he subsequently corrected. Renney said Girardi never would have been recalled if there was any chance of losing him to another team -- the like the kid and want to keep him. He will miss the AHL all-star game, but is more than happy to do so to make his NHL debut.

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