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January 26, 2007


Hey Dubi, you wouldn't also happen to have a picture of Dan Girardi managing the Florida Marlins this spring, or even an older one of him backstopping the Yankees a few years back, would you? That is, in addition to the one above of Joe Girardi at training camp?

I'm sorry, that just had to be done. ;)

Hey Dubi, does Sather know he has this habit of acquiring the much less talented brother in the family? First Fedor F. Fedorov, the Marcel Hossa, now Joe Girardi. Could you tell him it's Dan Girardi who's supposed to be a good hockey player?

Is that Joe Girardi or Chris "Mad Dog" Russo?

I love the Jagr bites! This is what made his renaissance last year (and therefore, the Rangers as a whole) so thrilling to watch. I really hope these "big things" come to light, starting soon.

Lets hope the rest this year has the opposite result of no rest next year.

One question, don't these guys get flu shots, why does it rack the team every year?

I wonder why trolls like CAPTEGO come to a Ranger website. Your team is in worse shape, shouldn't you go take your frustrations out on them instead of trying to make a moot argument?

The flu shot helps prevent the flu. It just reduces the probability of getting the flu. You also have to remember that viruses are always mutating. There are a million (exaggeration?) different strands of flu and manifest in different ways.

I know Jagr doesn't talk much but those comments that Dubi quoted bring me hope, albeit probably false hope. But I miss the Jagr from last year that dominated games. We've just seen flashes of it. It would be nice to see it consistently from one of the game's superstars.

i do hope this is start of a series of decision-making.
Wolfpack will be seeing major change on the back line with Girardi up, Kapsar and Taylor joining the lineup, and somewhere i read (here? courant.com/sports/hockey/? hartfordwolfpack.com/?) that Pikkareinen was healed and returning from Finland. That'd make for 9D in Hartford (Lampman, Baranka, Degon, Liffiton, MRichter, Purinton) with Potter, Constant and ex-Pack Rodney in Charlotte. They could ship out Rachunek, Purinton and Richter and still be in good shape.
... and Lesard and Isbister blocking Falardeau, Graham, Jessiman, Bahensky and Kozak (hurt again) serves no long-term goal. Just as Orr and Krog blocking Dawes, Immonen, Dubinsky, Callahan, Byers, Moore or Korpikoski is questionable.
I am not as down on Hall, Hossa, Betts and JWard as others are...

This is Sather's worst year in NY.
and Renney's.

James Dolan: Make sure Jagr says this at the morning skate:

Jagr: How much damn selling do I have to do to sell a team that's virtually invisible, I'm a hockey player, no one cares about hockey in NYC, when does baseball start?

Dubi: This helps me sell subscriptions and and keeps our team in the public spotlight.

Jagr: All right, let's get this garbage over with, I have been here three years and no one comes to me for endorsements.

"I even felt better the last game against Atlanta," "The more I produce, the more confident I'm going to be. Maybe it will happen from one game, everything will be great. But I have to work on it, I have to continue what I did the last week and I'll be fine. ...

"That's why I didn't go to (the) All-Star (Game)," "I want to make the playoffs and do something in the playoffs. The people in New York deserve it. Our team deserves it. I live for it. There's no better place to play. There's no better organization to play for.

"We've got everything we need. Now, we have to do it."

Now leave me alone, it was a long night down in Atlantic City.

Dubi: Cut, print it.
Dolan: Let's hawk those AMD powerplays on television and don't show the empty seats, remember we always announce 18,200, just make sure everyone know plenty of seats are available.

Tell Micheletti to sell the club a little more and agree with Sam, Trautwig and Fischler, were selling a product here, not what's really happening.

Dolan: See if Messier can come down and play some table hockey with Bobby Granger and Graves, kill those Kasparaitis ads.

Remember gang, hockey's different here.

Jagr: Walking away shaking his head. God I wish I was in Pittsburgh.

That's two days in a row I made that Dan-Joe mistake. I suspect I'll be making it again down the road. I don't know why I have Joe Girardi ingrained in my mind -- I'm not even a baseball fan! (Anymore)

Ego's comments are pathetic and boring.

If his Fishticks were as almighty as he believes they are, they would have their own site he could visit and talk with all his way cool friends.

They don't, so he is here and there with the same old tripe he has spewed every post. The third rate fan of a second rate organization has nothing better to do than to play here.

He lives in the the past and forgets it is 2007 and not the early 80's, a quarter of a century so long ago.

The only thing that would get him into the Fishstick's locker room would be that mop and bucket he carries around all day.

I used to be amused and read what he wrote for the entertainment value of an elementary schooler's attempt at bashing the Rangers.

I'm not amused any more and he bores the hell out of me.

If you look up the word "dysfunctional" in Webster's dictionary it has Ego's picture next to it.

Go put a clean diaper on and find another sandbox to play in.

how bout we put a muzzle on this capt ego character

From what they were saying...this was one of the most intense practices of the season...hopefully this will help get the Devil-Ranger rivalry back in step.

[email protected]

Not to change the subject but the reason I wasn't a fast skater all those years was the air drag from my jersey??? I shouda had a V-8... This team can't score and we bring up a d-man. Am I missing something here??? When Leetch was captain it hurt his play also. Not everyone is cut out to be captain. Some people you should just let play.Captego, don't the islanders have a website to chat on...no??? poor baby...why don't you get both of your friends and start one and maybe someone would care what you have to say.....Z

Back to seven defensemen. I bet Pock sits...

Jagr SPEAKS up; now lets see if he stands up!

Seven D's is not the problem, it's the quality of the forwards that needs to be changed.

If Jagr thinks he has the players around him to succeed, good for him. I hope he finds his scoring touch. Just remember, his lines total points are more now then where this line was last year at this time. I don't care if JJ, Straka or Nylander are getting the goals, we need scoring from the other three lines, and that problem has yet to be fixed. Renney knows what is going on..."But at this point in time the numbers don't allow that to happen. We have to make some type of provision for that to happen. Whether or not we're able to do that should we choose to, that remains to be seen." This comment by Renney is loaded with "we's" meaning Sather. The operative words are..."if we choose to"...! I think Renney is ready to purge this group of non-producers in favor of a younger stable of young bucks, hungry for their shot at the bigs.

On Sam's blog he says what lines were used in practice today. Pock was not paired with Girardi, he was paired, of all people, with Colton Orr. Has Renney lost his mind??

Renney doesn't have a mind to lose.

Heard that MA Cliche suffered a concussion last night on a big open ice hit. Anything on that?

Lenny, that just means that those two guys are going to be scratched tomorrow, not that Renney thinks Colton Orr is a defenseman -- the seventh defenseman always pairs up with an extra forward in practice. So when Renney said Tommy and Danny or Toots and Danny, obviously he ended up going with Toots and Danny.

emscam -- from the Halifax Chronicle (http://www.herald.ns.ca/Sports/555104.html): "The third period saw tensions rise after Halifax defenceman Jiri Suchy levelled Lewiston captain Marc-Andre Cliche with a devastating open-ice hit. Maineiacs defenceman Marc-Andre Crete retaliated just seconds later with a vicious knee-on-knee hit on Halifax centre Logan MacMillan, triggering a melee near centre ice. Both Cliche and MacMillan had to be helped from the ice and did not return."

And from the Lewiston Sun-Journal (http://www.sunjournal.com/story/196405-3/LocalSports/Loss_to_Halifax_proves_costly/): "Cliche was the victim of a solid hit in the neutral zone by Jiri Suchy. He left the game groggy, and did not return. Guay said the problem may be with his jaw, and that Cliche was also likely out for the remainder of the weekend." That's the same problem Sauer had in Team USA camp over the summer that was initially misdiagnosed as a concussion and has since been corrected.

Dubi, you said..

"Lenny, that just means that those two guys are going to be scratched tomorrow, not that Renney thinks Colton Orr is a defenseman -- the seventh defenseman always pairs up with an extra forward in practice. So when Renney said Tommy and Danny or Toots and Danny, obviously he ended up going with Toots and Danny."

Yep, that's exactly the way I was interpreting Renney's moves and just the fact that he is sitting Pock instead of Malik/Ruchunek tells me he has lost his mind.

Somebody on Weinmans blog provided a link to a video clip of a fight between an Edmonton player and a LA player in 1988 when Sather was their coach.

There is Sather, with fire in his eyes challenging the LA player and calling him a f*n #^@*$. He had that same fire in his eyes when he played for the Rangers and was an outstanding protector. The guy could fight.

Now flash back to today and what do you see? A fat jowled guy with emptiness in his eyes and $$$ in his pockets. What a shame!!

Sorry, Lenny -- thought you meant the pairing.


Not what it tells me. It tells me that JJ is running the team, and that's worse. However, giving a superstar some say may not be a bad thing. If he doesn't produce what ever it takes to win, then the coach needs to regain control and tell the superstar to suck it up! May never happen.

Rangerbill -- Jagr has some level of influence, no question -- you can see it in his comments where he says "the coach gives me the things I need." That surely includes Renney giving him the guys he's most comfortable with on D (Malik and Rozsival), though his comments do tell us that Renney is making the final decision to give him what he wants, and that he understands it's a privilege he has earned and has to keep earning, not a birthright.

But beyond that, he's not telling Renney whom to sit or start on D. Renney wouldn't be sitting Malik out anyway -- regardless of fans' opinion of Malik, and regardless of his obvious limitations (which Renney readily admits), he is still doing his job as well as anyone in the organization can. Rachunek on the other hand is more on the bubble, and rightfully so. But I have to tell you, despite his nationality, Rachunek is not part of Jags's inner circle -- Jags is not telling Renney either way what to do with Rachunek and Pokey.


Thanks for the Cliche info. Hope the kid is alright.


I simply don't agree on Malik vs Rachunik. Rachunik has shown reasonable improvement over the past 20-25 games. Malik, on the otherhand, has only shown what we have already seen, and somewhat less. He is much slower then Rachunik, won't use the body (Rachunik at least will squeeze people off in the corners) and makes about the same number of bonehead plays Rachunik does. Once Sather brought in the additional D's (Ward, Rachunik, Richter and re-signed Pock) I was sure Malik was gone. He is there ONLY because of JJ, and that's a shame.

the only reason to keep all these D around is the usual 2d half surge of injuries.

Renney shows that he can screw up even a good move (bringing up a kid).

This has to be a spite thing between him and Sather/Maloney - ice the worst lineup possible to show how much we stink. Then maybe they'll bring in a 2nd line center and a defenseman. Because nobody can be stupid enough to come up with a lineup that bad.

I'd rather see Pock keep playing than to have him sit out for Girardi.

Pock has shown that he is the best "D" on the team since he's been in the lineup.

There's something really fishy going on - internal politics must have something to do with this.

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