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January 27, 2007


Gotta be kidding me with crap lines like that. We could probably cut 5 players from the starting lineup and no one would pick them up. Maybe the kids aren't ready but then again neither are the sorry bunch we already have out there.

Go Rangers?

Too bad there isn't a second-year minor league assistant coach handy who could explain it Jagr:

"We always want to establish point shots and a net-front presence," Pack assistant coach Ken Gernander said. "We had guys not reluctant to shoot from the points and good traffic that the goalie had to keep his eye on..."

(As quoted by Bruce Berlet this AM)

I don't get the Pock benching at the expense of the Girardi call-up, especially in Philly where the Flyers will be hell bent to smear defensemen in the corners on the forecheck. Could be a tough place for Girardi to break in. I wonder if this is a precursor to another move that would involve Pock getting shipped out somewhere as part of a trade to bring in a second line center.

But, after seing Jason Ward promted to the first line earlier in the season I guess anything is possible.

There was a pretty good second line center available during the off season but the Rangers opted for Matt Cullen instead of Marc Savard.

Shanahan was scoring goals earlier in the season with Cullen as his center.

I just don't see Betts and Hossa having the tools necessary to get Shanny going. They both lack the offensive skills to do anything worthy of being promoted to the second line.

I would rather see Immonen between Shanahan and Prucha, Betts between Cullen and Ward and Hollweg between Ortmeyer and Hall. Sit Hossa and Orr and on the defensive side exchange Pock for Malik.

I am at a loss that this time of the season Tom Renney would be putting line combinations together that....well...that don't seem to make any sense.

A loss to the lowly Flyers is not the way to start the "second half" of the season.

I said previously that Girardi had not impressed me during a pre-season game. I hope he has improved his game and comes in with some confidence.

Renney amazes me with his inability to get anything from 2/3 of this team.

If I was Hossa, I would give my agent a raise. If I am not mistaken, Hossa held tight to avoid a two-way contract. It's the only reason why he is still an NHL player.

...and I still would love to know why they are so afraid to put Jason Ward on waivers. Which teams are waiting to grab him? If there are any, can we just move him to them for a 10th round pick or something already?

This team is in dire need of some addition by subtraction. They're already about a month too late.

Mitch - I am still waiting for the good news. ;-)

Ladied and Gents the season is officially over for us.I have lost all the hope to see rangers win it thsi season.

Its pointless to even sya anything about Renney.Hes a czech lover.He plays Malik no matter what.Hossa and Betts on 2nd enuff said there.

This team is already in the 3rd pl and 9th in the conference.Devils got 15 points on us.Henrik is a great goalie but hes no Brodeur im sorry to say that.
Ozo Pock or any1 of them for malik would be perfect.Kaspar 2 goals and he gets send to minors thats just retarted

Even betts admitted his game isn't suited to be a playmaking center. what is our coach thinking here? it would be nice if someone could ask him his reasoning for the line combos?...


"Start with the second line, so named only because Brendan Shanahan is on it." Your on it dead center again. I'd put it a little different. We have a 1st line, then a 4th (a),(b) & (c) lines. Role players have a role (how's that for intuitive reasoning), but 56% of your forwards as role players means you don't win! Your point, exactly.


Somebody would pick up Ward and Betts. Now Hossa, Orr, Hall and Krog area another matter. A trade including Cullen is possible, somebody may want a speed guy as a third line center. That would leave Ortmeyer and Hollewg with Betts and Ward. Again, IMO Betts, Ward and Ortmeyer will make a good third line and Hollweg between Dawes and Callahan would be a good energy line. The trade I's like to see is Cullen a draft pick or something for Craig Conroy. He can center Shanny's line.


I didn't name the 5 that wouldn't be picked up but Malik & Cullen probably wouldn't be picked up either due to their contracts. Betts & Ward would never see anything above 4th line on any other team that has a coach/GM with common sense.

The first game after the all star break has not even been played yet but already the Renney has found a way to sabotage the season. Out of all the possible line combinations to have, I swear he somehow manages to pick the worst ones.

For instance, if Renney insists that Betts and Hossa should be the "second" line, why make Shanahan a fourth liner - if Straka is out why not put Shanahan on the first line. Better yet, why not keep Shanahan on the second line and bring up Immonen or Callahan and Dawes. Even if the prospects struggle, it will be worth it - with the current lines the Rangers will not make the playoffs, or if they somehow sneak in, they probably will get swept like last year - make no mistake, last years team was better. I have been a big proponent to use this season for the kids to get experience this year so management can see which of the kids have a future - so next year they can be a big asset. However, management rather play Ward, Betts, and Hossa.

I would love it if a reporter can ask Renney why he thinks Betts with his 1 assist is a second line center on this team. To be honest, Krog is better than Betts and would be more appropriate there. We have to be real - last year the team had a great run from December coinciding with the Sykora trade to the Olympic break - but other than that they were mostly .500 before, and below .500 after. Renney basically had the team winning for just a small stretch of last season and that had more to do with Jagr, Prucha, and Lundqvist. Renney is bad coach whose decisions are rarely the reason why games are won but the reason why they are lost.

One other thing,I recall that Sather's contract if I not mistaken was 7 years for $35 million - this is year 7 (if the lockout year counted against the players contracts it should also count against managements) - I also know Dolan was interviewed a while back and said Sather can stay as long as he wants - but I wonder if he got a contract extension - maybe if the teams misses the playoffs somebody else can be brought in - but knowing Dolan he probably will bring in Milbury - AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would not be surprised if Shanny decides that he wants to escape from this asylum at seasons end. I couldn't say that I would blame him either. There is just no logic at all in any of the moves being made to this team and the end result will be an all too familiar early rendezvous at the golf course...

Hold on now.... Don't despair! Patience.

We have the trade deadline yet for Sather to make his run for eighth place. Look for some "veteran" help soon to get Dolan his ticket price increase.

The "rebuild" in Sather's eyes isn't working... He "tried" it with Hossa, Ward, Betts, Orr, Pock, Immonen, Dawes, Callahan, Orts, Hollweg Racunek, Hall, Prucha, Krog. Hell, he's probably going to count Bobby Granger too.

As Seinfeld said "Soup and a sandwich, THAT'S the dinner...."

Drop dead, Sather. Drop dead, Dolan. Those are the only changes that will matter.

I still think my theory about Sather's motivation has a good possibility of being true. You know the one, where I accuse Saher of being able to take Dolan's money because he (Dolan) is an idiot, and extracte revenge on the Ranger fans due to his contempt for the former Ranger management who he long despised from his days as Edmonton coach and felt they (the Rangers) took advantage of him in deals.

I know Dubi, and I'm sure others, dispute this theory of mine. I can't say it's fact but my 60 years being a Ranger fan lead me to that hunch. Some hunches do ring true on occasion.

My apologies to those who asked me for the link, that I inadvertently deleted on my computer, to the 1988 video titled "Jay Miller vs McClelland yelling at Sather". I just found a discussion on it on the hockeyfighters.com website but couldn't find a link there to the video clip. I joined up and asked for it. If they provide it for me, I'll post it here and also send it to those who asked me via email for it.

We are playing the Flyers a team they should be able to beat but the Rangers do not inspire confidence from their fans with their choice of lines.

Then we get to watch the game as Sam and Joe are months behind what you fans have been calling for on the PP but it seems the message still has not gotten though to the players.

Yes they got shots off but none were behind screens.

We have also witnessed another period full of bogus refs who missed or blew calls. How the one in the corner does not call Hatcher for his shot to Tyutin's head is a prime example as to why players wind up hurt when those are the very hits outlawed everywhere but the NHL.

Quick - somebody tell Renney that it is ok to make a line change during a power play. I am running out of ways to say he is a terrible coach. He is just a stupid idiot who should be coaching little league baseball rather than pro hockey. With 5 power plays, somehow the first line forwards all have over 6 minutes of PP time - the only other forward with more than 1 minute was Hossa with 1.12 minutes and Prucha has 4 seconds of PP time despite the fact that he was second to Jagr in PP goals last year (16 vs 24). Heck Pruch had more PP goals than Shahahan last year who only had 14 PP goals. The treatment of Prucha, Pock, Dawes, Immonen, and Callahan is unacceptable.

Also, Rozival should be bench the rest of the game for not shooting the puck on the 4-3 PP.

Only the Rangers would be tied 1-1 with ALL those opportunities. Renney is a joke.

We must miss the playoffs or this insanity will continue. And by we, I mean both Rangers and Knicks. Then, if Dolan doesn't sell the teams, maybe, just maybe, he'll clean house, bring in someone who is not a pretender, and get the hell out of the way.

We may be outshooting the Phailures by a lot, but they are running us out of the rink physically. They sent out Eager and Fedoruk against the Jagr line. Prucha, that brave little guy is getting plastered against the boards all game long, but keeps getting up and using the body himself. Everyone else should be ashamed of themselves. This is like falling asleep, having a nightmare, then having another nightmare within the nightmare.

Why is Jagr out there with the net empty? Renney is an effing suckup. Disgusting.

Guys -

We won, a win is a win - I'm happy, even though we didn't score on the PP and Shanahan & Jagr hit 2 bars a piece...I'm very proud to say I'm giving the first positive post on this thread. As I went to the Atlanta game before the break, this is a pretty similar result, but of course, in reverse with regards to the Rangers:

- No score after the first, with the home team weathering a huge storm.
- Tied at 1 after the second, with Jagr scoring in both games.
- Away team gets the game winning goal on a scramble around the net.

Also, Dubi, I meant to say it was great to meet you at the game. The Betts jersey sure was a dead giveaway.

Well they won, but no thanks to Renney or players like Aaron Ward. He is scary bad with the puck in his zone. Hossa played well, Shanny played well but remains snake bitten. Jagr came to play and thats good to see. I like Prucha blocking that shot at the end of the game, especially after the banging he took all game long. I still wish the Rangers would get a REAL enforcer so douchebags like Fedoruk would think twice about their cheapshots. I still think this team needs to shoot way more. 4 friggin posts this game so luck wasn't with them either. The Flyers made a game of it though which makes me wonder what happens when we play a good team. As they say, nothing changes if nothing changes...

That game winner by Krog was great to see. Good, gritty goal. That's what we need. We need the other lines to start stepping up like this.

Czech Posse -- you're not allowed to insult us even in a foreign language that most of us don't understand (I however understand it). Post deleted.

Dubi or Paws:

Any of you guys know if the Saginaw fans threw copies of GM's annual report after the first Spirit goal?


No they did not but the Spirit fans I have been told are a great bunch who really are supportive of their team. They did make sure that everyone knew what was going to happen.

Czech Posse

Dude in any language your stuff is getting old and sad. Hossa does nothing and having watched him since he was a Winterhawk, I can say he is not going to get better so if you really want to love him to death then ask a team in the Czech league to sign him to a super sized contract.

In other words if you want him so bad then you can have him.

Stop insulting people because they think Hossa stinks.

Between Joe and Sam giving Hossa great praise, "best game he's played this year, etc, etc...I'm begining to think the organization is trying some way to showcase him. Big, strong defensive forward, sounds good to a playoff bound team. We know better. This was a big win, but the PP is still a big problem. Yes we got a GW goal from the fourh line but a 2-1 win against a weak team like Philly isn't good. Problems still abound in Rangerland.

WOW, Girardi is the real deal, he had more hits in this game than Rosival and Malik have had all season. Yeah, Pock gets benched which is idiotic.

Malik, Rosival, Ward and Rasuncek need to be benched before Pock and Girardi. It's only one game but based on what I saw, Girardi and Pock need to be in there every game. Malik, Rosival and Ruchunek and Ward need to sit. Renney is incapable of seeing that unfortunately.

Rangers in 60: Ward: What's he doin'? Where's the cover for Hollweg after getting blasted into the boards? Joe M. says we should skate away and not retaliate. Ugh. Richards on Tyutin. Basic Flyer MO. Finally we come in and stand up for Tyutin. Hey, Rangers are playing well for a change. I would argue, too, that we have played well against the upper tier teams. It's still a long season and we need to keep looking forward. And where is Dubinsky? Many posters believed he was arriving to go on the second line.

would rather have Kaspar/Pock than Malik/Ward/Girardi.. Team still can,t score goals (posts don't count)... Why wasn't Orr in lineup against Philly... Don't understand this coaching style at all... Something is going to have to give soon... Z

I sense another 7-game losing streak looming, and maybe it's just what we need to get some changes.

I just hope they change the coach before shipping out any kids. Although getting the eff out of here is the best thing that could happen for any young hockey player.

This team is a rest home for has-beens, never-weres, and never-will-be's. I feel terrible for Lundqvist, Prucha, Hollweg, Orts and the kids in Hartford. The rest of them can drop dead for all I care.

I keep waiting for the relentlessly negative tone on this board to change, but I've given up hope. At least three-quarters of the posters here refuse to recognize ANY positives, and continue to slam the team and the coaches even after a "close only on the scoreboard" game. The Rangers played well in Philly and pretty much dominated, but people just want to moan. Many appear to be actively rooting against the Rangers, and a lot people seem to complain and vent just because it makes them feel better.

The negative tone will change Kev, when the team gives us a reason to change. Ask yourself when was the last time the Rangers have won a playoff game in the Sather regime. The answer is never!!

Sure it is nice when they win and play well but doing that only 50% or less of the time just doesn't cut it long term. There are positive incidences and events with them along the way but overall, nothing to be positive about.

Think it's a matter of the time frame you are discussing to define degrees of positve or negative reaction from us, the fans.

By the way, I don't own a dog so I can I beat on Sather/Renney/Maloney/Dolan??? Thank you.

I still can't get over Betts as Shanny's center. The guy shouldn't even be in the league. Can't someone shake some sense into the brainless trust? Ward on the first line? No Rangers in the Youngstars game too.

Kev, I keep waiting for a playoff win, but I've given up hope with the current Rangers (mis)management. If you want to dance in the streets after a 1 goal win against the worst team in the league, be my guest. I just can't make the leap to believing the Rangers will win 21 of 34 games to make the playoffs after watching Saturday's effort.

2 points is 2 points, and that is exactly what that game was worth. 20 wins to go...

Lenny- Whack away, Pal! Use a Louisville Slugger.

Lurker Kev, you aren't Bobby Granger are you? He posts on Bird's site and Rodent's site with a similar handle.

Suspects?? Wisdom?? If you open your mind, you might find some here. Why the refusal to see the real world?? What are you afraid of?

Sgt. Sather's Lonely Fan's Club Band...

"It was seven years ago today,
Sgt. Sather taught the team to play,
They've been going in and out of style,
But their guaranteed to raise a smile,
So may I introduce to you
The team you've seen for all these years,
Sgt. Sather's Lonely Fan's Club Band.

We're Sgt. Sather's Lonely Fan's Club Band,
We hope you will enjoy the show,
We're Sgt. Sather's Lonely Fan's Club Band,
Sit back and let the evening go.

It's wonderful to be here,
It's certainly a thrill.
You're such a lovely audience,
We'd like to win the Cup for you,
We'd love to win the Cup.

I don't really want to stop the show,
But I thought that you might like to know,
That the fans are going to sing a song,
And he wants you all to sing along.
So let me introduce to you
The one and only Sgt. Sather's Lonely Fan's... Club... Baaaaand.

Dubi, you're killing me with the over-the-top editing of posts. Let people have at it! A whole platoon of posters have basically hijacked this board this season with ridiculous, unfunny, poorly informed, lowest common denominator commentary, and yet someone like myself who has been posting in this forum without making waves for far longer than they have can't challenge them back?

I honestly can't believe you thought the last post I wrote was so far out of line as to be stricken from the record. I was sarcastic, and nothing more than that. It really makes me wonder how much I can trust what I'm reading here. Obviously the readers aren't getting the right context about these posters if they haven't been allowed to see the totality of what they originally wrote. Edit the egregiously offensive stuff, sure, but let the readers see how civil and mature the posters really are - or are NOT - here.

And yes, I'm deliberately posting this publicly instead of privately because I feel there are others here who feel the same way, and if this starts a debate then all the better.

Dubi, you ruined all my sarcasm, now it looks like a Rangers Rah-Rah song. The name even fit in correctly....:)

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