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January 29, 2007


I'm glad we didnt get him he is another Matt Cullen. We need someone better then Craig Conroy.

Way too much for a 35 year old - "The Flames acquired Conroy from the Los Angeles Kings on Monday in exchange for Jamie Lundmark, a fourth-round draft choice in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft and a second-round draft choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft"

First off this is the kind of win the team has been missing a laugher. You whip a bad team and not play down to their level.

Now take this win and build on it as you get ready for Toronto and Tampa Bay. Rangers need to come away from this week with (including tonight) with 4 points at the very least.

Second I am glad someone else was dumb enough to over pay for Conroy. If the Rangers need someone they first should try looking in Hartford.

Last night while watching the Canucks/Sharks they put up a graphic showing how many points the Shark Rookies had put up. 78 points from their rookies while the Sharks are 5th overall out west. They can contend while adding rookies says a lot about how to be a contender today and tomorrow.

Good overall game. A couple of miscues, but overall a good game. Prucha, Cullen, and Ortmeyer were very strong tonight. If they would play like that every night then we wouldn't be fighting for that last playoff spot. IMO Shanny deserves better than Betts, and Hossa though. I like how Girardi has been playing so far, but I think Pock should have either Malik or Wards spot in the line-up. Now if we can get some payback on Toronto I'll feel lots better...

Nice blowout! Finally, a game where I'm not on the edge of my seat all game. Very nice win.

Power play still stinks. Waive Malik, play Pock. Bring up the next guy from Hartford!


I understand your reasoning, but Shanahan needs an experienced setup man. That's what they thought they were getting in Cullen. Sombody to rent like Doug Weight, who will not cost them any youngsters and can leave after the season. I'm not for Forsberg, no way...we need room for a develpoing player next year. Unless the Rangers can make a trade for a young, established playmaking center, I'm for renting some experience. This will not hurt the development of our youngsters, in fact it could help them as they move toward the playoffs in the AHL.

I also believe that Calgary gave up too much for Conroy because if that's what Calgary is willing to spend on him then can you imagine what teams like the Flyers might ask for Forsberg or other Centers that might be below him in talent but do not have his injury questions marks ...

Wonderful win tonight, Renney should stick with that third line ... they have chemistry and they work hard and as other teams continue to focus on trying to shut down Jagr and Shanny that line got a lot of open ice and room to make plays and their hard work paid off ...

I believe that the team needs to waive Adam Hall, at this point is safe to say that he isn't going to live up to whatever potential they thought he had, and bring in Dubinsky and try him at Center for Shanny ....


Nice win tonight,,but did any of you notice that everytime the fourth line was on the ice, they gave up the most scoring chances, we definently need to get rid of hall, and i am hoping for dubinsky to get his nhl chance like they did for dawes, imo , cally , and giardi. But what ever happens we gotta beat toronto and especially tampa bay. Thank god conroys off the wish list too. Hopefully tonight opens the eyes of who ever thinks prucha should be traded, it might be one game but he made some great moves tonight, especially on the rozie goal. But man,,ortmeyer had a great game, his hard work especially shorthanded, that pass to cullen was a great example of hard work,,,did anyone catch ortmeyer singing that "we are the youth of the nation" song, and tyutin boping his head was hilarious..

HL climbing up the goalie charts. Down to 2.73 gaa, even with Miller of Buffalo.

Callahan scores the winning goal in AHL All-Star Game with 4 second left.

Callahan had quite a few chances tonight. The announcers even went so far as to call him snake bitten since he missed so many. In any event he looked good. The AHL game was much more entertaining than the NHL allstar game.

Nice Win. Cullen looks a lot more comfortable with Ortmeyer on his right than Shanahan.

Here's a question: Should the Rangers be seeking to BUY this Trading Deadline or SELL? Seems like Calgary gave up a lot for Craig Conroy. If Slats can't extend Michael Nylander (like he did Straka), I wonder what kind of deal he could swing for him? Has to be similar to what the Flyers will get for Forsberg, being that Nylander is Healthy.


I will answer that with a double edged answer.

We fans know how messed up this franchise truly is and without a doubt nobody should be purchasing playoff tickets just yet.

Common Sense says do not buy or sell until the last minute. Sadly common sense and the Rangers do not work hand in hand.

I for one would be using this time to tryout the kids in Hartford. The team will remain in the hunt for the last two playoff spots for the rest of the season unless Lundqvist gets hurt.

Conroy's trade has set the market price and nobody is going to deal with the Rangers unless the Rangers give up kids. That is reality and in that case there is nobody out there worth trading the future for just so the team can have one playoff series.

Ryan Callahan has shown he deserves a look, Jarrko Immonen showed in his brief appearance that he can center for Shanny and if not him then Dubinsky could.

I know Dubinsky and this is his time of the season, keep an eye on him as he has dialed up his game big time in each of the last 4 years I have watched him. Give him a shot with Shanny

doug weight is signed for next year at $3.5 mill. he is no UFA, no rental.

bring up Callahan and Dubinsky.

posters said that Girardi wasn't ready before he was called up. and now look. it is Malik who is not ready.

Dare I say it? The COP line emerged tonight and outplayed the first line by a wide margin.

Now bring up Immonen or Dubinsky for the 2nd line, and PLAY POCK!

Hopefully Roszival's knee sprain will keep him out a few games, and Pock will cement himself in the lineup.


My guess is that, before the Rangers deal for a 2nd line center, they'll give Dubinsky a shot. I wouldn't mind seeing Shanny moved to his natural center spot, with Dubi at center, and Callahan on RW. My guess is that part of the delay is that the Rangers are trying to get something for players like Ward, Hossa or Hall, in order to free up roster spots, and just don't want to outright waive them just yet.


Rozsival's not the issue. It's friggin' Malik, who was dreadful again last night. With Girardi's seemingly smooth transition to the NHL, and Pock deserving to play, I'd sit Malik's butt down and use Rachunek in some kind of a deal (Eric Brewer, perhaps?)

Have the Rangers considered looking at Jason Allison? He had a 60+ points last season with Toronto, and was awesome on the powerplay. He wouldn't cost the Rangers anything in terms of the future either. Thoughts?

I don't know if the Rangers have considered Allison -- this management team is extremely tight-lipped about their activities. But he doesn't seem to fit into their mold -- they place a premium on speed, something Allison is not known for, and even though they want someone who can set up Shanahan, they probably don't want another pass first, never shoot centerman. Given concerns about his health, I don't see the Rangers taking a chance on him. From what I've seen, Ranger fans are split over Allison, but the majority want to see young assets given a chance in the NHL before veteran UFAs are brought -- the Rangers have not had good luck with veteran UFAs.

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