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December 30, 2006


"Colton Orr dresses again in place of Jarkko Immonen, Marek Malik remains out of action even though he skated today, and Bryce Lampman was returned to Hartford, with Tom Renney intent on keeping his line-up intact from last night in Ottawa (although he would re-insert Malik if he could)."

Let's analyze this. We get shut out for 2nd straight game and Orr dresses in place of Immonen. Lampman goes back to Hartford after getting some NHL experience fetching popcorn, stogies and cake for Sather upstairs. Renney's intent on keeping his line-up intact from last night, after what, another stellar effort? And, the piece de resistance...he would insert Malik if he could. Meaning Pock, arguably the best d-man since his insertion into the lineup would probably sub for Lampman on popcorn duty. I was wrong about Renney. He's not even good enough to be a high school coach. Insert THIS, Tom.

What idiotic moves, it just gets worse and worse. I'm all talked out at this point, next mood swing is complete disgust.

Dubi, can you post your e-mail address? Thanks.

We need someone else pulling the strings in this bizarre puppet show. 7 games and counting, and the Caps won't be a pushover against a team that don't/won't hit. Someone stop this madness...

We're playing Colton Orr so he can go out there and inspire us by winning a fight against Brashear. A fight he's going to pick to defend his teammates of course. Oh wait, he's not even a good fighter. Oh wait, no one defends each other on this team. Nevermind.

My heart can't take this kind of shock. Prucha makes it 1-0, but more important than that, the Rangers hit a few people. Will it last 60 minutes? Stay tuned sports fans...

Shanny is a MAN!!!!

Leave it to Tyutin to ruin an otherwise good night for the Rangers. At least they won. Got to love Shanahan and what he brings to this team. I'm glad Orr loosened a few of Ovechkins teeth after the crap that Brashear was doing. Good job by Prucha, I hope he proves me wrong every night. Lundqvist was amazing and deserved a shutout. Now, can they maintain this level of intensity? Stay tuned kiddies...


On the post game interview, Shanny said he was tired of seeing Breshear take liberties with Jagr and challenged Breshear to that fight and also said he didn't tell Orr to go after Ovechkin. Didn't sound like he supported Orr doing that, which is a mystery to me.

Tyutin was at fault on the lone Wash goal, that was a beautiful long pass but Tyutin was playing up too much and had no chance to stop the shooter.

Tyutin was comatose on that play. As far as Shanny not letting on or approving Orr's crosscheck, well thats good too. The league would find a way of coming down hard on the Rangers if it was proved to be pre-meditated...

Good point Laserman, his off camera remarks might be different.

Hope I'm wrong but think this team is incapable of sustaining the kind of effort they showed tonight. Again Renney uses Shanahan for PK. He never learns.

exactly, what do u expect shanny to say...not sure if u guys caught it, but after the latest brashear debacle, the camera showed renney go over to orr giving him some instruction..first time i have seen renney pick up his skirt and do the right thing..

Shanahan: We are not worthy. What else does he have to do for this team, play in goal? How about selling beers and hot dogs? I got goose bumps watching this HOFer square up at center ice (defending the Ranger logo, I might add) to battle the ultimate NHL Flyer goon (sorry Dave Schultz), Bra-shear. Way to go, Shanny!

Well Ranger fans try and keep all of this in proper perspective. It was an important win no doubt about it but bare in mind the following...

1) This team is pelted by the flu and has a bunch of AHL guys in the line-up
2) The team has lost 6 of 7, and 4 in a row now so they weren't exactly like beating Buffalo
3) The team has played 4 games in 5 days, if you don't think that's tiring then try driving 200 miles with 2 young kids in the back and a broken radio listening to your wife go on endlessly about the importance of having a new steamer when she doesn't cook while having your mother in law telling you how you aren't good enough for her daughter. That should give you a basic feel for how the Caps must have felt coming in to tonight. (BTW, the above scenario is made up and is not a reflection of anything actual or real...)
4) The Rangers didn't exactly blow the doors off the building in the first two periods. They played a control game in the first but in the second started the same crap they have been doing and taking penalties and dumb ones at that but played a spirited 3rd period.
5) To me anyway, Jagr was invisible for most of the game and again took a dumb penalty.
6) If not for Lundqvist playing a great game AGAIN, the Rangers might have actually been losing this game going into the third.
7) Brendan Shanahan demonstrated once again why the wrong man has the C on his jersey. As Lenny brought up, after the game Shanny stated that he challenged "Brash." I do differ with him though in interpreting Shanny's remarks about Colton Orr going after Ovechkin. The phrase he used, and I just checked my DVR to make sure I got it right, was that "No one asked him to do anything. We all just had to do what we had to do." That sounds to me like he supports what he did.

So besides being a gigantic buzz kill, the true test to see if this stuff makes any difference whatsoever comes Tuesday night. There is still a lot that needs to be fixed, but it was good to see the team play with some passion and really support each other for a change. Like I said the real test is Tuesday. If they come out and play like they did in the third period against the Devs then they might make some noise otherwise if they go back to the way they were it will be a terrible game and they will get pasted and then watch the wheels come off, because all the gains made tonight will go right down the toilet.

Here's hoping they stay focused and keep improving...

I agree with you Mitch so I will have some hopeful optimism on Tuesday night. Shanny is God though!!!

Hey everyone takeit easy with tyutin, yea he let that one go but still waddya gonna do, do you want a shut out or are you just satisfied with the win, he'll learn from his mistakes hopefully, and i get the fact that alot of nyr fans dont like orr but tonight he showed some great moves, like fighting brashear, i hate that monkey, cross checking AO in the mouth and fighting that guy at the end, that was great, by the way did anyone catch when brashear ran to the bench after orr dropped the gloves, that was hilarious when orr didnt know what to do and he leaped over the bench like he was escaping an armed robbery, anyway glad we took the win tonight, but still nyr has to prove them selves with a win over a tough team, like njd, and id keep orr in the lineup because as much as i like shanny 1 fights good enough for me , we need him on the ice, and orr needs to keep janssen at bay, i cant give it to hollweg cause hes been dominated by cam in 3 or 4 fights. Hollywood can get rupp.

I don't really care how they won it Mitch, or how horrible Washington is and how shorthanded on NHL'ers the Caps were or how injury riddled or tired .. fact is that the Rangers have been losing to bad teams lately ... is Toronto a good team? How many games in a row had they lost before we faced them for that 9-2 drubbing? Are the Isles, Tampa, Florida, Ottowa and NJ burning it up? None of these teams are playing consistent hockey and most of these teams have had multiple losing streaks already this year ... the only team who has been consistently good in the East has been the Sabres and that's that so I certainly will not look down on the team who played a complete game for 60 minutes and fought hard to win this one and did not allow the Caps to try and physically push them around ...


You beat me to a lot of what needed to be said but I have to add some more.

IF Shanny has to drop the gloves to protect Jagr then the Rangers are a bunch of jagoffs. I do not want my second best player in the penalty box or risking an injury. Yes cheer Shanny having to stand up for the team because the Rangers continue to refuse to address this issue by going out and getting a real enforcer.

As for Orr and his cheapshot on Overchkin thanks Orr because that means Immonen will be back in the lineup since you just earned a 3 game suspension and nobody has any right to complain. There is a difference between running and trying to injure. I have no problem when someone hits hard or retaliates against a cheap shot artist but a cheap shot on the other team's best player is just as bad as someone doing it to any Rangers.

I will point out one thing to you Mitch Shanny is a team guy so he is not going to say or doing anything to show up or embarrass a teammate in public. However I do think he has plenty to say to the rest of the team and coaching staff.

They won today against a mostly minor league team so I am not at all excited other than perhaps happy that we did not have a riot here had they lost


Jess and Mitch:
You bring up a good point in that we should not get too excited since the Rangers beat a minor league team - however, I think this only highlights the fact that the current Rangers are mostly a minor league team. Betts, J. Ward, Hossa, Orr, and Hall ARE ALL MINOR LEAGUE PLAYERS!!!

The sad truth about this Ranger squad is that we all hope they win, but the reality is that they will not even come close to winning a championship. With that said, it would be great for Immonen, Dawes, and even Callahan to play with the club this year. Therefore, when Jagr and Shanahan are gone (AND SHANAHAN SHOULD BE FED-EXed A CONTRACT EXTENSION TONIGHT!!! - JUST IMAGINE HOW BAD THIS TEAM WOULD BE IF HE IS GONE NEXT YEAR), we will at least have some players with valuable NHL experience sho learned from 2 Hall of Famers. For all the talk about the kids not being ready, can Sather or Renney actually say with a straight face that they are any worse than the 5 players I listed above???

What they did tonight was what they should have done right away in Toronto, cause a commotion. If Orr isn't there against the Devils, they'd better bring up Lessard, because Janssen is back. Lou let him run wild although I don't know how the current coach is playing him. Orr sent a message, maybe not with precision and elegance, that if you rough up our star player, your star player is going to get it in the neck. Other teams have come to think they can bash the Rangers with impunity. I hope the worm has turned.

Jess, yes, a cheap shot on their player is just as bad as someone doing it to any of the Rangers, which is just what Brashear did to Jagr. I have no problem at all with some frontier justice when the other team's tough guy starts it. If Brashear hits Jagr, then Ovechkin is fair game for Orr or any other Ranger that feels frisky. There is no sense in just trying to take on the tough guy, as it will get you an instigator penalty and some busted knuckles hitting Brashear's hard head. Shanny's fight with Brashear set up the retaliation by getting him out of the game. This time it worked to perfection, as the point was made- (you hit Jagr, we hit Ovechkin), and Morrison ended up with the instigator penalty for going after Orr. The Rangers don't start out trying to run their stars, but I have to applaud someone finally retaliating in kind. Shanny aet the whole thing up by getting Brashear out of the game. That left Orr free to go out and extract some much overdue revenge. I didn't think Renney had it in him, but he must have gotten tired of his players being on the receiving end game after game.

In any case, the next Caps game is a must see... and yes, the Rangers will need a real enforcer.

Jess, yes, a cheap shot by the Rangers is just as bad as a cheap shot against the Rangers, but there is one thing worse than that, and that is cheap shots against the Rangers without any response by the Rangers. It's about time the Rangers ran the other team's best player -- I applaud Orr for what he did, just as you applauded Kaspar for taking out Neil last night on what the Sens were calling a cheap shot. Orr didn't mean to catch Ovechkin up high, it just turned out that way, but just as well -- let this game serve notice that the Rangers are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. I just hope that's true, and that this wasn't just a one game aberration -- judging by the defiance I heard in the locker room today, it seems as if the days of the Rangers turning the other cheek are over. They finally figured out that the league is not going to protect them, that they have to protect themselves.

By the way, Shanny didn't say he challenged Brashear to protect Jagr -- he said Brashear running Jagr got him mad enough to challenge him. Jagr has repeatedly said he can take care of himself (which of course he shouldn't have to), and he did so to some extent in this game, upending Brashear himself as he tried to run him again, and being incorrectly penalized for it. More tomorrow in my game report.

Jess, your comments tonight about Orr delivering a cheap shot to Ovechkin have finally brought me out of my two-month (mostly work-related) moratorium on posting on this board. In a nutshell, you're dead wrong, and your negative comments betray a serious bias toward the Rangers, proving you're looking for the bad instead of the good. For weeks, months - hell, going back to last year - myself and other posters have lamented the Rangers' collective lack of response to cheap shots against their best players. Well, tonight they actually got it right, and you're still criticizing them? Unbelievable.

Of COURSE Orr threw a cheap shot! There's no denying it, and we'd all be justified in moaning if it happened to one of our guys. But the fact is, it DIDN'T happen to one of our guys this time - it happened to one of THEIR guys. And it's about freakin' time, too! It remains to be seen if they will keep this up or return to their usual passive ways, but for one night at least, I say "thank you" to Colton Orr and Brendan Shanahan for sticking up for the logo.

I dont know about you guys but when shanny & the monkey squaed off in center ice my heart stoped, it was so dramatic, to bad brash had to be wimpy, but then again this is the guy who ran away from probert in the 80's during a game, but yea your right T bird, i cant wait for the next caps vs nyr game, it should be interesting, aaron ward never said what he said to brash, he just told reporters "i asked him a question", but good job by A.Ward for drawing that misconduct, by the way the coaching staff has to keep pock in, he was a little shaky at first but now, him and rozsival are good together, and rozsie's getting more physical protecting hank at the net, i love it, and i hate to say this but hopefully malik comes back and injures his leg or something, its nothing personal but i like pock and he plays a good defensive game and brings out the energy in rozsie, also pock has a good shot, he just needs to use it more...Lets go NYR

Ed, it WAS dramatic! Loved, loved, LOVED it.

Mitch, i fear you right about managment's plans to definitely go after some aging vets this year in order salvage the season, while ignoring once again, the development of future Rangers. We know this to be the same conditioned response by the Rangers for the last 12 years. The worst part of all is that the vets brought in will probably have another year or two on their respective contracts that will continue to bottleneck the pipeline from Hartford to Broadway. In addition im sure players like Ward, Hossa, Hall and Betts will always have a place on Renney coached team.

P.S. One win against the hapless Caps does not change a thing in my opinion. The only factor going for this team is the goaltending of Lundqvist, even despite some of his lapses this year, this guy is a winner!

P.S.S. Let's be careful how we throw terms like "monkey" around boys. Im starting to think alot of our posters are whistling Dixie.

Jess, I know you a long time and usually agree with your views but not with that Orr retaliation last night. In the long run, it might just prevent more of that from happening as teams will now know that they can't have free reign to run the Rangers all night.

That is if Renney don't wimp out and it is just a one game thing.

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