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December 29, 2006


Orr is in, Immonnennnn is out ? Eh?!?!?!?

nice 1-0 in 1st 30 seconds

1-0, and what is worse they look worse than ever. They can't even get in the attacking zone. Renney must go, Sather must go. Lundqvist gets beat on the games first shot and it looks like the momentum is already hopelessly in Ottawas favor. They haven't completed 2 passes in a row yet but if we get a few more old stiffs, that will solve it all. Too bad we couldn't clone Shanny and Hollweg, as it looks like they are the only Rangers that have any heart...

a 5 minute major we got 2 shots on goal

rangers are going to win

Yeah Ant, unbelievable. That Chris Neil has to be the biggest____________(insert appropriate part of the female anatomy)in the league. Between him and Darcy Tucker Its a toss-up. The Rangers will not win when they don't go to the net or can't keep the other team away from theirs. Another embarassment in the works if they don't come out hard in the 2nd...

What the hell is going on with Jagr? If he takes one more lazy penalty I'm going to scream. The Rangers were starting to look like they might be starting to get some momentum and then Jagr does what he's been doing best of late...

anybody elses MGS went out and radio went in?

this is ridicilous

2 months to pitchers and catchers!

Since I live in London Ontario (transplanted NYer) I was unfortunate enough to see the whole game. This was their best game in a few, but they still play like a last place team. Prucha is a lost hope IMO. He has tried for sure, but he is as snake-bitten as anyone I've ever seen. He is a shadow of his self from last year. Back to back shut outs tell the whole story. See ya next year boys...

They gave a good 40 minute efford but 7 games is just painful. and both of them is a shutout.Tomorows game should be a little easier so lets see

In todays NHL playing for 40 minutes gets you an early trip to the golf course. There are OHL teams up here that could easily beat the Rangers the way their playing. How does a team go from playing a good sound game to stinking the joint up in such a short time? To me the blame is squarely on the coach's shoulders for not being able to motivate them. Just my opinion and we know what they say about opinions...

Renney said before the game that "the team will be better for absorbing all these losses."

I guess then by his logic, Renney would be better for losing his job.

Immonen sits for Orr, who gets 3 minutes. Stop the world, I wanna get off. Only thing left to do is an intervention on the frauds that are running this team, Dolan, Sather and Renney.

They don't have a point in 7 games. That is very hard to do with OT and SO's, but they have done it. Looks like pre lockout hockey to me.

Great rebuild.

This is ridiculous,,if it was'nt a mystery then , it is now, Renney has to get fired what can pssible be wrong with this team, on some games the goaltending sucks but rangers score 3 or 4 goals, then some games goal tendings great and we just cant get the puck in the net, renney has to be fired, and its very apparent that a trades gonna happen although with the night ruchinsky had with the blues i doubt he'll come back to nyr.....So im guessing we should all be thankfull. But i will tell you this much, if we lose to the caps tomorrow, with all there flue bitten and injured players, then you got a right to panic.

Can someone please explain the rational of Immonen's benching. Was it me or was he one of the bright spots from Tuesday's loss to the Isles. What did he do wrong to deserve a benching, while Hall, Hossa, Ward, Betts, Orr still occupy spots. I'm sorry Mitch, I really want to curse right now MOt%$@ F%$@&*!!!! Ill ask the question one more time. Why does Renney refuse to tap into the potential of a player like Immonen and waste preciuos time with the likes of the aformentioned. Don't worry folks, Malik will be back soom enough and then we will see Pock in street clothes once again. What can these players possible do worse than the tree stumps we have dressing on a nightly basis. I'm convinced they all have compromising photos of our fearless leader. I can hear it now, "I believe in this group. There a commited bunch. The desire is there. Im going to stick with my guys." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Boy im sure all the prospects must get goosebumps when thay look at how Bryce Lampman was rewarded for his hardwork down on the farm. Hey did Nycholat score for the Caps tonight? Just wondering. Same "old" crap, different day.

How much worse must the team play in order for Sather and Renney to get fired? Will it take a 10 game losing streak to fire Renney? To fire Sather will it take not winning a playoff game this decade? I would love for a somebody to ask Dolan these 3 questions - the answers should be sent to each Cablevision shareholder - it is not even funny how many millions have been squandered due to the Rangers only having 2 playoff home games over the past 8 years and the payroll hovering between $39-$70+ million during this time frame. It is absolutely impossible to manage a team worse than how the Rangers have been run. We root for this team due to the tradition and what this team used to represent - I am 29+ years old and have been a die hard fan since the age of about 4 - but I must say that if I was 4 years old now, I would not be a Rangers fan - that is the saddest part of all - this team, its management, and ownership are pathetic - and it hurts the league more than anything - the owners should get together and Dolan should be forced out by the league.

Honestly to tell you the truth i would love for sather and renney to get fired.. thats the thing ive been complaining about for 3 4 weeks, but after last season i doub it, sather keeps the people he likes and gets rid of the people he doesnt like, for example sather doesnt like sykora so he doesnt re - sign him, renney doesnt like nylander so he benches him when hes one of the top scorers on the team, sather likes renney so renneys here to stay , and as much as that blows , we just gotta live with it, unless one of our current dreams come true and somehow some way renney gets benched...from the nhl. Never the less, i dont blame the staff for putting orr in, but instead of him, why not trade for a guy like boogard, we need our own gcgratton, belak , parros, a guy who can play hockey and kick some you know what, but sathers so dumb he'll probaly trade sanguinetti for brashear, cause thats the kind of moron he is, all i know if we gotta beat the caps tomorrow or were in big trouble, to be quite honest if we lose tomorrow , i really think there miiiight be a scootch of a chance that the thought of renney getting fired will enter the orginazations head, but im not hopefull.

Go Rangers rally monkey!!

Finally most of you are getting on my bandwagon. I called for Renney's firing last season and Sather's about 7 years ago.

As long as Dolan is running things, it isn't going to change. I got insulted, abused on Bird's and Rodent's board. They were downright nasty when I suggested Renney should be fired. I wonder what their feelings are now?

Big Turkey told you guys (and gals)over there but you were too much in dreamland to consider it. Keep paying the excessive ticket prices for an inferior team and that will just keep Dolan prospering and keeping the team that much longer.

The league gave Sather the chance after the lockout to try again and he is going right back to the type of teams he had before.

A guy who played hard, dropped the gloves when any of his teammates were being abused, thought Ron Stewart (who reportedly killed Terry Sawchuk in a fight over a woman) how to put sandpaper in his glove and punch a hole in it so you could massage the other guys face with the sandpaper, and then turned Stewart in when Glen got traded, you would think he would get those type of players but he has done just the opposite.

Could it be that Dolan is the cause of this? Putting pressure on Sather to bring headline name stars to the team to sell tickets? Dolan appears deceptive and stupid enough to do that.

It starts at the top boys and girls and with no change there, we are in trouble as a franchise.

Just got back from vacation, missed all games after the DAL win, but went to the Bolt game. Seems as though that awful loss broke their backs. After 5 days at Disney I think they have a character that fits the situation. No it's not Mickey Mouse or Goofy; It's Figment. They are a figment of their own imagination! Now Renney returns to what's worked in the past (Hossa, Orr, et al). Well that's not the problem. They have two BIG problems. One is a coaching problem. Between periods Pearn says we need to "chip the puck down the boards, get it behind (I assume he means the goal line) and that will relieve the pressure". Well, that's just wrong in this faster, new NHL. We make these 4-8 foot passes and we simply pass the puck into more confined space. We need 15-20 foot passes, crisp and tape-to-tape. The puck moves faster then any player and that's the way you open up space. Second, Jagr IS the problem. His game in TB was simply awful. He couldn't catch a pass, make a pass, stick handle with the puck. The problem is all in his head. When he is having fun playing, he is on top of his game. I know it's not cool to criticize your top player, but until he is having fun we will continue to see him struggle. He doesn't have the "killer instinct" so as the pressure increases he stumbles. He is simply not captain material. I'm in full agreement that we need a third line of youngsters. I'd love to see Immonen center Shanny and Prucha (even though he has not played very well). Pock seems to be doing well. The loss to OTT was a game Jagr should have stepped up. Again, he gets two players around him and he trys to stickhandle his way out and that is not working. His teammates seem to just stand around and watch him. Maybe they know that he doesn't pass his way out of the log jam, and if that's true, then that's another problem.

This is Renney's problem. He has to change something...anything. The break-out, the cycle, the PP......just make a change. And NOT THE LINES!!

It's obvious every team is passing the playbook around. Everone team is doing the same thing to us, shutting us down in the same way. Everything we do is predictable. Until we change something, teams will continue to shut us down. Right now Renney's team cannot handle the hard forecheck and nor can it make it's way through the trap. Renney has to fix THAT! Teams have their pick of which style the want to play against us because BOTH work real well right now...

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