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December 28, 2006


Hey guys. keeping it simple doesn't mean using Nylander,Straka, Jagr together as a line. Having all 3 leading scorers on one line is really making it much more complicated. Balancing the scoring is imperative to compete for the playoffs and beyond.

Regarding Shanahan, thought Renney was overworking him from the beginning and said so on many Ranger threads. Also, the inability of the Rangers to give him two forwards to complement his style doesn't help either. Cullen is not the guy who should be centering this line, he is a penalty killer or at best, 3rd line center. Immonen and Prucha should play with Shanahan. Cut Shanny's time to no more than 15 minutes a game and let Prucha and Immonen skate with him for at least 6-8 games and see how that works out. Now there's a plan.

I'd leave the Jagr line intact, Ward just adds more softness to it and nothing else. Only Hollweg would add toughness to that line and once in a while Renney should put him with Jagr and Nylander, especially if Jagr is getting hit like Witt hit him the other night. In that matchup, I'd line up Hollweg against Witt and goad him into a fight thereby getting Witt off for 5 minutes and give Jagr some room. It's an unorthodox move but what do you guys think of it? Remember the language restrictions. :)

One thing that does worry me is Sather interrupting that meeting. Not a good sign. Unfortunately the higher you go into Ranger hierarchy, the more incompetant it gets (Peter principle). From what Jess says about the scouting staff, they are doing a fine job. Jess is a labor of love, he does a fine job reporting on our youngsters and is the best source for that kind of information I know of. I do have a bone to pick with Jess but has to wait unti the end of this post.

Somewhere along the line, probably starting with the Ranger staff, the job is being blown. I had read on another board that Sugnetti (sp?) had developed a bad attitude and not playing up to par. Is that because he has seen how Ranger management treats it's prospects (Pock, Dawes, Immonen, etc.) and decided to play himself out of this organization?? I say that in jest, but if true, that's a sad commentary on Ranger management.

OK Jess, my friend (I thought). I went to the local donut shop out here and the minute I walked in, the guy behind the counter said,"Are you lennynyr?" Before I could think of another alias, I said,"Yes I am." He then replied I was uglier then the picture he had of me and that was ugly enough and then informed me no donuts can be sold to me and it's a national ban so no availability for me anywhere. He then told me that Mr Jess Rubenstein is the official donut allocater in the US and Canada.

You forgot Mexico!!! :)


John M,

When we kept Straka-Nylander-Jagr, our best line, seperated in the game against the Isles what did we get? Nothing going offensively whatsoever - not even scoring chances. Straka-Nylander-Jagr has been a great line all year, always seeming to have the puck in the other teams zone. I don't see why they should be kept seperate. The Cullen-Immonen-Shanahan line was doing well before Cullen got hurt. They had the bulk of our scoring in their 2 or 3 game stretch together. I say give them another go.

That's a good point Lenny. Yesterday I ranted at length about the Rangers team last year and the one this year. I mentioned they were more skilled as individuals, but not as a team because they don't play like one, and they have no system to speak of.

That being said, another big difference from last year is we are using 2nd line guys to kill penalties now, and sometimes Straka. Last year we had a very solid PK and it was manned by guys that didn't see big minutes elsewhere. Killing a penalty gives any team a big momentum boost, and I felt one of the highlights of last years team was that after the PK a very fresh looking Jagr line came out, followed by an equally fresh looking 2nd line of Rucchin and whoever.

Aside from the momentum swing, 2nd line guys are logging too much ice time to have the fresh legs our PK guys had last year. When they get caught on an extended PK shift, you can really see the entire team stop skating. E.x. Blake's goal from the other night. I'm not saying that Ortmeyer or Hossa or Betts won't be tired after a minute plus of ice time, I just think they'd be more able to hanle it since they shouldn't be as worn out from playing big minutes all game.

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your doughnut dificulties, have you considered buying a pair of those glasses with the big nose and moushtache ??

the rangers really need to get a player now to help us on offense defense and toughness

i think they should try and get nagy jovo and comrie

they should try to get either boogard or tootoo

and if they can try and use weekes or montoyan to get some young talent to play on our checking line

Sorry guys but I so totally disagree, I think it is past time to panic. We are 99% thru half the season and the Rangers have not impressed me yet. Yes they had a few good games where the D held, and the offense seem to have clicked a bit. And it is all the same 3 players that have clicked, Jagr has not impressed me at all as of late. But they have not been consistant and I think have gotten lucky with several of there games. Sather, Renny, and the rest of the team please PANIC and do something.


I agree. I think it's time to admit that the great Cullen experiment is over, and it didn't work out. He is not a second line center in the NHL. I think he's a great two way player, and is exciting with his speed, but I don't often see him doing anything all that creative with the puck to set up plays. He's clearly more skilled than a 3rd line center, but not enough to allow him to be a sufficient second line center, so who knows where that puts him.

I say give Immonen time to develop and use Cullen or Prucha on that other wing spot. Who knows, maybe what he can't do from the middle he can do from the wing. For whatever reason, Prucha is snakebitten and doesn't look like the same confident player, and what we are doing with juggling him around so much CAN'T be helping at all.

They need to stick him on line one with jags, line two, or at worst on the third line with betts and ward and tell him that, wherever he is, this is his spot for the next ten games and he will see ice time there. Fear of getting cut isn't what he needs, we've all seen the skillset, he just needs to simplify his game and play through this. *NOTE* Playing through it requires ice time! *NOTE*

By using ONE game to explain off the separation of the top three is not quite enough for my evaluation of the lines. I need to see the 3 broken up for 5 games to make a fair evaluation. If Hossa, Hall, Ward and Betts can play 20 games straight without producing a goal, then it seems only logical that Nylander,Straka, Jagr can be seperated for at least 5 games to evaluate how a new balanced approach may or may not work. In my opinion of course.


"Also, I'm sorry to hear about your doughnut dificulties, have you considered buying a pair of those glasses with the big nose and moushtache ??"

I already look that way naturally, now what??

John, the worst way, in my opinion, to get a balanced effect is to break up a line that works. Time to develop another line or two that also works. Proposing Prucha-Immonen-Shanahan just might work as I said earlier. If, by chance, Prucha doesn't work out there, give Dawes and Callahan a chance and if Immonen crashes, give Dubinsky a chance. He's heating up at Hartford I understand.

This is the perfect time to insert some youngsters to see what they got. I don't think Hossa, Orr, Ward, and Hall will be missed that much.

I do understand your philosophy Lenny. But at the same time, the play-makers on the Rangers are Jagr Nylander and Straka. By play-maker I mean creating scoring chances for teammates. If these 3 are separated, it seems to me that it would benefit Prucha,Imonnen,Shanahan and possiblly Hossa. It would be interesting to see if Jagr's passes could help Prucha start scoring on the pp as well as even strength. It would also be intrigued to see if Nylander could create passes for Shanahan and Hossa. And what if Imonnen could feed Straka for a goal since Straka is such a good finisher? Now with this set up, Cullen can check on a checking line. And the opponents cannot defend all three top scorers with one defensive line. Brilliant!!

Of the countless Ranger boards on the web, you are the only one that has the lines figured out. Imo on the second line is like Rosanne Barr in the Rockettes. And Hollweg deserves more credit than he is getting. Good job.

Just to add. The alternative to breaking up the top three is that Jagr, Straka , Nylander, Shanahan, play 23 to 25 minutes a night and no one else plays enough to make an impact. Sounds familiar doesn't it? lol!

I see your point too John, but remember, they are east-west players while Shanahan is north-south player which is why I think that mixing the two styles won't work.

Tell you what, try my way for 6-8 games and if that don't work, try yours. Of course Renney will have to agree to take part in this experiment. Maybe he reads this board nad will take the matter under consideration.

It's a deal! Call Maloney!


"Imo on the second line is like Rosanne Barr in the Rockettes"

She was the best Rockette of all. So you like the idea???

Zito signing with the S F Giants

I would try Immonen with Jagr and Straka. One of the reasons Straka is doing so well is Jagr being double-teamed and it would also open it up for Immo. Nylander can regenerate Shanny and Prucha. Cullen centering Ward/Hall and Hollweg for the checking line. Then Betts, Ward/Hall and Callahan. Send Hossa upstairs with Orr.

keep the jagr line intact...they play great together..

everyone is so down on cullen, but even though he isnt scoring alot i like his speed and he's a good 2 way player...keep him with shanny and jarko on line 2..

third line i go betts, with hollweg, and prucha..hollweg and prucha can use there speed, and now u have hollweg out there to protect petr..

4th line is where i do major changes..this needs to be an energy line that HITS people....we really miss the HMO line....

Hossa and Orr in suits...

On Defense...I reunite tyutin with Kaspar...

Rozy-malik(Lampman)...they work well together....


Rachunek and his team worst minus 14 in a suit which is LONG overdue....this guy sucks...

How about we get Ted Nolan as a coach.

He seems to know what lines work with the players the isles have and has kept them in tact from the beginning of the season. Now they are gelling.

Oh yeah he also has a system and has improved the likes of Yashin, Kozlov and Poti.


Great posts fellas. I epecially like some of the line combos. Theres only one problem, this is all a logical and rational way of constructing the team, meaning, the absolute reverse of what we will see against Ottawa. It's like management lives in some sort of Bizzaro world. I wish Renney would wake up one day and say "Im going to the exact opposite of what i am inclined to do."
Heres my two cents:


Penalty Killing pairs: Betts-Ward, Hollweg-Ortmeyer, Cullen Hall

Tom, please stop using Shanny on the PK. He's literally going to just drop to the ices one day and never get up!

That's all for now.

Tom Pyatt played a heck of a game yesterday. On the PP the PK all over the ice. Nice to see the kid doing well on that international stage. He is one hard worker.

1st line--jags, straka, nylander 2nd line--Immonen, pruchs, shanny 3rd line-- cullen, ward, callahan/dawes 4th line hollweg ortmeyer, and someone with energy or toughness or both. We dont need scoring from the 4th line. we need respect makers, intimidators, puck chasers, game changers... Z

"How about we get Ted Nolan as a coach?"
It may just easier to employ his tactics, I mean study some footage, see what he does and do the same. I respect that guy and how he runs the bench.

I do hate the Islanders, but I've always have been a fan of Ted Nolan. I watched Nolan walk off the ice with an absolute disgusted look last night. Not that dazed and confused look, but the one when you did something bad when your a kid and you looked at your dad. You knew an ass whoopin was coming. I bet some Isles had trouble sitting today!

It seems though he isnt just a disciplinarian, but most importantly a motivator. His team believes in him and he takes no crap. Too bad he coaches the hated Isles. I want to root for the guy but I can't.

i dont know y but if the rangers play immonen more minutes he would remind me a lot of anze kopitar in LA.

good article today, Dubi, but I have to disagree with one point. the Rangers are NOT over .500. only if you use the phony Bettman system of hiding losses in another column.

the Rangers have played 38 games, they have won 18 times, and they have lost 20 times. that IS NOT above .500

they are a losing team so far this year, and no standings shenanigans by Bettman can hide it.

Ok let me make a correction, it was Zeliska not Zaborsky who missed his game due to flying all night from Slovakia. Second given how old Junior has basically given the Rangers the kiss of death every time he has spoken (even if it was his hand held puppet Mills talking) then we can be sure of one thing; this Ranger season is toilet bound.

I for one am going to be rooting for me kids as they are so much fun to watch. Pyatt, Dupont, Cliche are going to be one heck of a line someday along with Dubinsky, Cally and Dawes.

Eric Hunter is changing my opinion of him and I expect him to be in Hartford by the end of the season. Staal will as well but I expect Sauer to be the last Ranger prospect playing in the Memorial Cup.

On to other stuff


If I was you I would be quiet as Chardkerm is not the only one I can try to get deported as you too look Mexican to me.


Question: Does anyone really truly believe that Sather has given up control of the Rangers to Maloney? I for one don't believe that for a second having been a Sather watcher since the 80's. Sather remains in charge and no move is going to be made without his approval. Having talked to him at the draft and listened in on several other chats he had, he knows what is going on all over the hockey world.

immo with jj and straka/ nylander with prucha and shanny... very interestin thought...2 legit scoring lines Z

Good points on all, but don't let the above 500 mark fool you. Those OT losses might as well be added to the loss column, since they add up all the OT wins in the win column anyway. Rangers are "18-20"

How much worse must the team play in order for Sather and Renney to get fired? Will it take a 10 game losing streak to fire Renney? To fire Sather will it take not winning a playoff game this decade? I would love for a somebody to ask Dolan these 3 questions - the answers should be sent to each Cablevision shareholder - it is not even funny how many millions have been squandered due to the Rangers only having 2 playoff home games over the past 8 years and the payroll hovering between $39-$70+ million during this time frame. It is absolutely impossible to manage a team worse than how the Rangers have been run. We root for this team due to the tradition and what this team used to represent - I am 29+ years old and have been a die hard fan since the age of about 4 - but I must say that if I was 4 years old now, I would not be a Rangers fan - that is the saddest part of all - this team, its management, and ownership are pathetic - and it hurts the league more than anything - the owners should get together and Dolan should be forced out by the league.

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