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December 26, 2006


Why Lampman? There are other deserving D men who stayed with the team longer in training camp.

I think a lot has to do with the needs of the team and what the player is currently doing. Baranka and Girardi may have stayed longer, and I'd love to see Baranka, but Lampman does have a few NHL games under his belt and might be the steadiest down in Hartford. Maybe they are showcasing him for a bigger trade?

-before your chance passes by...

Why all the talk about Jagr? Jagr is not the problem. A few giveawys doesn't diminish his value one bit. Geesh, what does this guy have to do? He is 2nd in the league in scoring. You really think you're going to find a player who will can put up his numbers without a few mistakes? C'mon...

Renney is the problem right now. He has some time to rectify everything in my eyes. Actually, he has about a month. He has to stop 'believing' and start kicking @ss and takin' names. There is a reason Keenan worked so well in NY. And it is the exact reason why Renney is struggling. Remember in '94 when a practice did not go well early in the season. What did Keenan do? He broke a stick over the net, lashed out at his team, and skated them until they puked. I am yet to hear Tom run one of those practices. 10 games in 17 days may not be the time to run your players in the ground. But a five game losing streak with back-to-back humiliations is enough to forget about 'hoping' and 'believing' and begin yelling, benching, demoting, and CHANGING THE POWER PLAY!!!

I remember the last time Lampman was up and I was not impressed with his defensive play at all. Somethings got to give soon before the season gets lost in the shuffle. The whole division are breathing down their necks now...

Honestly i think they should get rid of Tom Renney, when you like at a team like the blues, last season they were a losing team, this season there still a losing team and they fire kitchen. Now last season we were a winning team, and we didnt have that many issues as this season, now this season toms driving them into a losing team, we lost tom poti we got aaron ward, we lost strudwick we got rachunek, we lost ruchinsky we got shanahan, we lost ruchin we go cullen, we lost moore we got hall ( even though theres no difference) the only move ill hate sather for this season is not resigning sykora, now look what hes doing in edmonton, hes the teams leading or second leading scorer, the point im illustrating is we didnt lose man power, if anything we gained it, and tom's not driving this team, he needs to stop being the nice guy and step up and tell the guys what they need to do, im not ready to panic, none the less somethings gotta give, and i dont think trading to get ruchinsky or seabrook or anyone else is gonna help, we need someone whos gonna tell these guys what and what not to do, reneys not a coach in my eyes. We already lost 4 straight to NYI (two in pre season) im not ready to handle a fifth. Im praying all of this is caused by the flu, cause if hank and weekes are gonna give up massive amounts of goals then we got another problem on our hands.

why the hell is renney putting ward on the 1st line wing??? i don't care if jags wants him there. jags is not the coach!

The losing streak is definitely going to end tonight with JASON WARD on the 1st line - he is so great - Jason Ward not on the top line all season is probably the reason why the team is only .500. In all seriousness, Renney should get fired b4 the puck is even dropped - you have a 30 goal scorer in Prucha on the 4th line and Jason Ward on the 1st line - also, Renney's quote the other night about the team will turn it around because of guys like Jagr, Shanahan, WARD??? For the whole roster, he views WARD as the 3rd most important??? He can not be fired soon enough. He is a terrible coach who only had a one good season and that was because Jagr and Lundquist were 2 of the best players in the league last year. This year only 2 people are playing above expectations and that is Straka and Shanahan - with a lineup of guys, that is not enough. PLEASE FIRE RENNEY ALREADY!!!!

They look like crap again tonight. They were lucky to get out of the first period scoreless. Now they are down 1-0 and self destructing, with Nylander doing the dumb penalty thing. Whatever happened to getting your body in front of a shot. All the Rangers defensemen do is change the direction of the puck with their half-assed attempts to block the shot. Rachunek is awful, and Tyutin is back to his dumb-ass self. The Rangers seriously need to get rid of Renney and some of these dim witted lazy bastards who night in and night out collect their salary and do nothing to earn it. This Ranger team sucks!!!

I'd like to see someone try and sugarcoat tonights effort. Outplayed, outscored, outhit, and just plain outcoached. This Ranger team is done like dinner...

It's time to replace Renney - 2 extended losing streaks at critical junctures are no coincidence. There are things an NHL coach must do, which he apparently cannot...
Schoenfeld, I guess...



Come on guys - stop being so hard on Renney - he sees the greatness in Jason Ward - after all, he was only -2 in this game. And a game where you are struggling to find offense, of course its a good idea to bench the #1 center - don't u follow the logic?

What I find truly sad, is that since Sather has taken over, he let Tortarella slip away (what would have happened if Neil Smith was able to fire Muckler in 1999 and Tortarella took over - I wonder still to this day)he hired Ron Low, Trottier, HIMSELF, then Renney - 4 new coaches - and he passed on...um...I don't know....NOLAN EVER TIME BECAUSE OF A GRUDGE!!! Sather is the worst GM in the NHL over the last 16 years PERIOD.

another disgusting loss to the Icelanders. We deserved this loss. Will somebody tell the Rangers that the idea is not to escort the other team to the net, it's to send bodies flying, or least lean into someone. What happened to the vaunted farm system that Sather, Maloney Etc. are developing. The Hartford guys are going backwards, they know they're not going to play here. The Rangers are the only team to rebuild and get much older. Who we going after now? Ruchinsky? How about Dean Prentice and Camille Henry too. Renney, and Sather must go. How can J. Ward go from 4th line to first line? Cullen should be the 3rd center. Most of the D must go. Bring up Lessard and Dale.

Well Tom Renney finally has the team playing consistently. Too bad that they now play poorly all of the time. Oh wait I know, it's because Malik has been out of the line up. Yeah that's it, that's the ticket!

what a disgusting loss, esp. since i was @ the game having to be around idiotic & moronic islander fans. it was a circus. none the less, i thought henrik played pretty well, except for that first goal, but the offense was horrible. seriously why is ward on the first line? put back straka nylander & jagr, b/c their numbers dont lie- they work well together. immonen should remain @ 2nd c b/c it gave shanahan & cullen the opportunity to concentrate on scoring. prucha, ward & ortmeyer for the 3rd & hossa, hollweg & hall for the 4th. not bad, i think. and i mean, when are we gonna get more than a two day break. how are we suppose to fix these massive problems if we dont have the practice time? and u know things are bad when youre asking for malik back. but pock & rozsival are just not clicking. i still feel like arron ward is sick & kaspar seems to be slowing down. thank god we got rid of ozolinsh, but when are we gonna bring up our new kids? ohh i forgot, renney & sather only want the old guys. wheres the 'rebuilding' guys?

and the 2 florida games got me wondering, what was renney saying in that locker in the 2nd intermission.

now we're here w/ a 6-game losing streak, pretty disgusting, and it doesnt look like any relief in sight. please make them get their act together for thursday @ ottawa, b/c i guarantee renney's thinkning its a guaranteed win b/c of what happen last time we went to canadas capital. he better not, b/c i will certainly not stand for a 7-game lsoing streak.

and stop bashing jagr. yeh his play is diminishing, but his numbers show otherwise. lets say we trade him, wheres the offense coming from? he;s part of almost 75% of it. once, and hopefully, we get out of this slump his numbers will show again.

point in case: fire renney. PLEASE!

Circling the bowl. For what it's worth, Nylander, Hossa, Kasparaitus and Ward were all essentially benched in the third period. I guess we dont have so much faith in the team anymore, eh, Tom.

Who's more deserving to be next head coach. Schonfeld or Perry Pearn? If Pearn gets canned he will be a head coach somewhere next year.

Not that I have a problem with that - those would have been the first four I benched, I would have loved to have benched ALL of them but someone has to play.

Folks, please remember to use proper decorum and not post anything containing swearing in it. This is still a family site.

Thank you...

Just like i said before fire renney, who benches michael nylander for taking a 4 minute high sticking penalty, jagr takes ridiculous revenge like penalties, but he'll play the game, Fire renney, take that c away from jagr and give it to shanahan, because tom renney wont yell at his guys, but shanahan will, jagr was never a captain in his whole nhl career, he could never be able to fill those shoes. After this seasons over say good bye to shanny cause i doubt he'll stay with a team were they cant hold 3 goal leads, remember shanny basically said he came to new york cause there winning, those werent his exact words, but pretty much thats the reason, j ward is not a 1st line player, if anything place prucha there, but why even split 92 82 & 68 thats ridiculous, geez this organazation is pathetic , they need to do something drastic and they can start by getting rid of that half assed excuse making sissy tom renney. You think OTT is gonna be easy you got another thing coming.

sorry about the swearing

Ed - you seem upset and rightfully so - but Jagr was captain of the Pens from 1998-2001 - he became captain when Francis left to play for the Canes.

Shanahan being captain is not the answer.

Firing Renney and replacing him with one Pearn or Pellino is not the answer.

They need to fire Renney and bring in somebody from the outside - since Hitchcock, Nolan, and Murray are no longer available, I would try Keenan and so what happens. After all, I can not see the team playing any worse...

I agree with Ed. Time to bring back the True Blue campaign. Dump the vets and bring back the youth. After this year, drop Shanny, Nylander, Strake, Jagr (if u can), Kaspar, Ward, Malik, Roszival, and maybe others. Bring up Dubinsky, Dawes, Callahan, Girardi. Let the kids play now and work their asses off. No more lazy plays or playing based on the coach's loyalty to you. Just hard working guys. Speaking of that, when Ortmeyer comes back, make him the captain and let the rest of the team use his hard work, hustly and comeback as a role model for what we need this team to be all about. Any thoughts on possibe trades, new coaches if Renney are canned, or what can be done to fix the Rangers now?

Until this team gets some PRIDE back it will not do anything. You want to beat the NYR's, pressure the puck and hit them all game. No pride, no heart, it's sad to watch...Z

I'm done with this team.

I haven't seen a playoff win since 6th grade. I'm graduating from college this spring. That's ridiculous. That's it. I'm done. I've had it. Don't get me wrong, I love this team. I'm not gonna switch to any other team or anything like that. But nothing will change so long as Dolan is pulling the strings, and I just can't watch this crap much longer. And Dolan doesn't even know. He went on WFAN recently and stated "You have every reason to be excited and happy if you're a New York Ranger fan." HA. And he uses the Rangers as an example of stuff that's "going well" over at MSG. HA! Oh man. This is awful. I can't take much more of this. I think I'm starting to hate hockey.

All of these suggestions about inserting youth and demoting people and waiving people and benching people are all well and good, but they're not going to happen. They just aren't.

Look Sather may be a smart GM who's hindered by the totalitarian state that has become MSG, or maybe he's a bum who plays golf in Florida while racking up the checks for retirement -- I don't know, and frankly I don't care. All I know is this team hasn't won anything in a really long time, and they won't in the forseeable future.

Sather has had 1 winning season in the last 15 years, so it has nothing to do with what town he's in, or who signs his checks. He is a washed up joke as a GM, and it was never more clear than in '04 when he had the fans ready to give him a rope next to Saddam.

Ed, in addition to Brian's comment that Jagr was captain in Pitt, Shanahan has never been captain anywhere. And there was a lot said about why Shanahan came to New York, and coming to a winning team was not the whole story there. By the way, Shanny now has one goal in the past nine games -- but let's fire Renney and trade Jags, right? Not to say this is any one person's fault -- the whole team is flushing itself down the crapper right now. But it's December -- this is not happening in April like it did last year. No one has ever accused me of being Mr. Optimism, and things could just as easily go even farther south than they already have gone, but there is still time to right this ship. They just have to be smarter about it than they've been so far.

Dubi you got me all wrong, look im ticked off at jagr's turnovers but not at the point of trading him, same with shanny straka and nylander, all im saying is that jagr said himself im not the guy whos gonna come up with a speech or yell at the boys, but honestly who is gonna do that, its shanny, im a huge new york and detroit fan, shanahan coming here is like a dream, shanny hasnt been able to score because teams are starting to get him now, you seen tonight game he could barely get chances. Thats where the others have to step up, hes played with guys that are major morale bosting players, hull, yzerman especially chelios, so much of cheli rubbed off on him, he said it himself that playing with him taught him a different side of leadership. But a C is a C it doesnt matter, there wont be a messier, but as far as renney goes, to me this isnt just now i had problems with the guy from the beginning of the season but now after tonights game it escalated, benching nylander was beyond stupid unless he was hurt or still had affects from the flu, but i agree with you though it is still massive time to fix this, but trades are something i wouldnt ponder, no more fowards, they need defence, im not gonna start up with leetch because bringing him back could be a potential mistake. But like i said before something has to give.

I've said it before and I will say it again. Who do the Rangers have that another team is goign to look at as the piece of the puzzle tat they are looking for? Think about this folks. Who is going to be asked for in a trade beyond the obvious choices of Jagr (100% not going anywhere), Straka (100% not going anywhere...team MVP at this point), Nylander (100% not going anywhere because of Jagr), Shanny (Certainly not going anywhere), Prucha (75-25 not going anywhere because he's young and a good bargain despite his struggles this year)), Henrik (Do I really need to say it?), Rozy (75-25, the Rangers need some veteran that knows what he's doing). The rest is anyones guess but what are they really going to bring back? One or two prospects might get traded (a BIG mistake in my opinion becasue this team isn't going anywhere but Dolan may want to raise prices again so the youth goes for a pointless run at the play-offs) and draft picks are all that's left which this team can't afford to trade either.

I would expect that a minor deal or two might get swung but really you aren't goign to get a first line star player for anyone from the 3rd or 4th line no matter how you package them. Even if you traded a whole line of them for 1 player, which of them is playing so well that a team would want them?

Let's be realistic for a moment. The only real change that could be coming is Tom Renney being moved upstairs which as I've said before I don't think is going to happen either since they just signed him to an extension. I don't have a problem bringing Keenan back if he's going to bring the young players along but he doesn't have much of a track record in that department. I would want Schoney and an Assistant Coach from outside the organization that Schoney would want in NY, Renney would be a great GM for Hartford, keep Pearn in NY as an Assistant Coach and move Pelino to Hartford as Coach of the Wolf Pack. That is a do-able scenario that I think might at least make the team more competitive and possibly a play-off team...but what do I know, I tell jokes for a living...

It's kind of funny, actually, to see an Islander fan boasting about how we only get sellouts with Islander fans. Yeah, we may be down, but your post is still a joke. Only team in New York- Eastern leading Buffalo ring a bell? Oh, you probably flunked geography. Ricky and the Isles will come back to earth. Your problem is you believe your moronic announcers, who basically preach the Islander gospel. Lsat night was all about how great the Islanders played, no mention of the fact that the Rangers played like crap.

The announcers on the Islanders propoganda channel were ridiculous: "Simon shouldn't have gotten a penalty because he was just sticking up for his goalie." and they never mention the fact that Jason Ward ran into Diepetro because of Ricky and made it sound like Ward deliberately went out of his way to crash into DP. Rozy does the same thing after a Lundqvist freeze and he had no right to stick up for him. They also didn't want to admit that the Asham goal was deflected (It was a perfect laser). Not excusing the Rangers by any means, but their announcers annoyed the hell out of me.

Guys, this ship is sinking and there's no doubt that that's Sather's, Renney's, and Jagr's job to fix. However, I have this sneaky suspsicion that the only chance to get fixed will be with the play of Lundqvist, Shanahan, and maybe Prucha. I'd love to see him buy a goal or 2 in the upcoming games.

Can anyone tell me why Ward got that penalty? Goaltender interference? I was confused by that, especially since D.P went to play the puck WAY out of the crease and ended up sending Ward flying. I was also confused by how Jagr and Prucha BOTH get elbowed in the face (Prucha's helmit even "popped") and nothing gets called. Jagr got a nasty elbow from Hatcher a few weeks ago that went undetected. I would like to see Jagr pull a Forsberg and surprise these guys with the elbow-to-the-face hit before they get him. If it earns him a minor then thats what happens, but you don't see many people run Forsberg because they know every once in awhile he'll get you first. Nonetheless, it's now 2 consecutive games verse the Islanders where the Ref's AND the Rangers beat the blueshirts. You'd think we could get a break on at least one of those two...either showing up OR having an evenly called game.

Its clear Renney cannot manage this bench. I want this streak to end more than anyone but if another loss or 2 leads to a Renney replacement, then so be it. At least that would mean it wasn't completely for naught.

I want clueless Renney out - Schoeny in as coach, and maybe Fotiu as assistant. I'd like to see the Euros ignore either one of those guys. I guarantee it wouldn't happen more than once.

The biggest problem with Renney's regime is no equal accountability. If a kid makes one mistake, he's likely shipped back to Hartford or exiled to the press box.

Renney's pets, however, can take the same undisciplined penalties over and over, but not lose a shift.

That just destroys team morale. If Renney had just enforced equal accountability, things could have been very different.

He may have even saved his job.

Well i think were all missing an important point here. It's pretty easy to see that teams love playing the Rangers. Number one reason is that you know it will not be physically straining. Don't you guys remeber playing. Those games when you knew they had the four players with beards and two kids in the stands at the ripe old age of seventeen were going to punish you every time you touched the puck. There top players skated with impunity because everyone knew about the retribution that will follow. No one takes those games lightly. The Rangers have many 3rd and fourth line players on the team, probably more than any other in the league. However with the exception of Hollweg not one of them are guys that play a physical in your face game. Of course in the "new" NHL you cnt have tree stumps like Orr, Probert, Grimson. But players like Chris Neil, Darcy Tucker (I hate the S.O.B.), Grant Marshall are players that can play the game and would stick up for Jagr who coincidentally has one goal in the past nine while taking nightly beatings by opponents that know thier won't be any physical reprisals. It's disgusting and the essential indicator that the team has no heart, passion or cohesiveness. The turn your cceek mantra developed by our coach is pathetic. These aren't 4 year olds playing in the sand box, these are men fighting for time and space in a 200 foot ice surface! When Witt elbows Jagr last night, Chris Neil would have immediately held him responsible. If Witt cowardly turtles ( most likely) Than Neil runs Yashin through the glass into the first row with a clean hit or throws an elbow and makes Yashin spit a couple of chicklets to the ice. That will never happen with Renney and Sather as our "braintrust".

Secondly, im sorry to say i never liked the idea of Sather coming here. The biggest problem faced by the Ranger organization for many years is that MSG has become the retirement home for players cashing in on past years of success for other teams. We can all name about 20 off the top of our heads. However, thwe biggest fat cat to come to NY and cash in his chips from prior success in a different city has been Sather. This is his retirement! Some get pensions others come to be the G.M. of the NY Rangers "FOR LIFE" and never worry about being accountable for anything. Sather has been a joke for the past 16 years. Let's look at his draft record in the first round. Scot Allison (90), Tyler Wright (91), Joe Hulbig (92), Arnott and Smith Good Picks, Jason Bonsignore (94), Steve Kelly (95), Boyd Deveraux (96), Michel Riesen (97), Michael Henrich (98) and the list goes on. When we complain that vets come to NY to simply collect money, it is only laughable that the man in charge of the operation is the prime culprit. It will never change. We as Ranger fans are immune to it already, because we keep on turning on the TV or attending the games. I know it will never change but on Friday i will watch because no matter what happens my immunity to this organization will always protect me. I laugh at the Florida games. I laugh when Jagr gets crushed. It's a defense technique that prevents me from going insaine. So don't worry Ranger fans the era is here, the rebuild is in full swing. We won't have to see fat cats not being held accountable, we will see determine play by hungry players, a youth movement is upon us, look at the Ranger website "Future Blue"! Well im turning Blue! It will never change!

Schoenfeld was offered the job after Trottier and declined, so I would doubt he is a head coaching option for the big club...

Renney is a bit strange, it seems he has his same group of players the past 2 years that he takes out his frustration on...Nylander, prucha, darius....Why last night does he finally decide to of all people nylander for the entire third period...IMO he makes himself look like an idiot, because this ENTIRE team has been taking carless stick fouls all year...

if there's one thing that i don't understand that coaches do that NEVER seem to work is during the game line juggling...i can't seem to understand why he would ever breakup the jagr-nylander-straka line....i mean j.ward on the first line makes ZERO sense to me..
i will give renney credit for seeming to finally seeing the light that hossa is worthless...i like 2nd line of shanny, prucha, and cullen...
third line of hollweg-betts-ort
4th line of ward-jarko-hall/callahan/dawes

he should

Mitch, you're right, but look at the clueless fans on the other blog who post that Guerin would be a great pickup, and that all it would take is Ward and a draft pick to get him. who would want Jason Ward? only Jagr would if he was a GM.

the vicious circle goes on and on because the fans don't get it, and because as long as they pretend that they can win the cup without a youth infusion, it will never end.


I hate to put things this way, but who cares what people are saying on other blogs and web sites. We can be a voice of reason and thoughtful discussion without that can't we?

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