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December 30, 2006


I gotta love the way you guys sugar-coat things. All kidding aside both of you were pretty bang on in your assessment of the game and the Rangers current situation. A few years back when we had some guys who could fight, you would have seen that idiot (I'd love to use way stronger adjectives here) Neil carried off the ice on a stretcher after getting his clock cleaned. At least you could stomach these losing Rangers cause they would at least bang the other team up. The current bunch of Rangers have no heart at all. Hall, Hossa, and Ward to name a few couldn't (wouldn't)throw a check if the game depended on it, and the Dmen hit even less. Its going to be a real long season, but at least the London Knights (Shanny's old junior team)are playing respectable. So at least I can get some good hockey watching them...

Things must be pretty bad in Rangerland when both of you agree to agree. That is a telltale sign of a pending disaster.

There is a lot of talk about how long this can go on. It's gone on since the team was sold to Dolan which feels like two lifetimes for me (at least). Jess knows how old I am so he can appreciate that remark.

Nice job boys and nice language Mitch!! :)))

lenny -

Pending diasater? What will the actual disaster look like?

Pghas, stay tuned, it's coming!!

Team quit on Renney after he hung Lundqvist out to dry in Toronto.... Z

Funny, just got done reading Rocha's report over at Bird's and damn if he didn't say the exact things I said there many moons ago and got booted off for when I said them.

They have now adapted the Turkey philosophy. Wonder if I'll get honorable mention???

Anybody know how Orr fighted McGrattan?
Win, Lose?

Dear Cap't Ego, you are irrevelant. This is the last you will be recognized on this site... Go away...


The fight was ruled no contest as it was more like watching a slap fight between two blind guys who find the target. As I wrote neither really hit the other with any shots most of the punches landed on either equipment or shoulders.

Bruce Berlet just informed me of the follwoing Ranger / Wolf Pack moves...

Bryce Lampman is back from the Rangers while Jessiman, Bahensky and Constant sent to Charlotte.

ANother great draft boys and girls. That's now 2 years in a row for a Rangers' No. 1 pick playing in the ECHL.

I highly recommend reading Rocha at Hockeybird.com todday. Excellent point of view extremely well presented...I would add this though. In a year like this where there is a decent chance the Rangers could wind up a lottery picker, and I'd want to confirm this for sure with Jess, is that there are no major homre runs, Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin - like players in this draft...not that it would matter anyway with the way the team has drafted the past couple of years...

Mitch u cant be so sure that the season will end on april 7.If just get back on the track all we ned is a win for us to get fired up.If we lose tonight devils will murder us on the 2nd and then hopefully we can end all this playing philly.We all witnessed in the beginng of the season what philly can do when their healthy against us so lets hope tonight is a night.

We finally agree on something Mitch. I too thought that Rocha's report had excellent points in it.

Of course it did, he cut and pasted one of my old posts before he sent me packing.

from day 1 i thought renney was a "yes man". someone who specifically wouldn't make jagr pout, regardless of his play. his positive spin on things that just aren't positive in any sense is tired. his distribution of playing time and line combinations is confusing to say the least. i don't even think a 10 game losing streak will bring about any changes. he's a perfect company guy which dolan is known for surrounding himself. dolan is also so in awe of slats, his job is totally secure. slats isn't on my sh*t list but renney sure is. im almost afraid to watch (if there's video and not just audio) the pre-game and listen to the silly crap that's gonna come out of the coaches mouths...

Orr had blood coming from his nose. Both guys landed some good shots. I call the fight a draw.


A decent question. Here's my answer:

Losing streak aside, this team is basically the Four Horsemen, a struggling Prucha, Rozival, Lundqvist and a group of 3rd and 4th line interchangable mediocre to poor role players and a defense that has more holes than the Bushwood Country Club (a Caddyshack reference for those of you clueless about that joke). I totally agree with Rocha at hockeybird in his assessment of Coach Renney who is a strong X's and O's kind of a guy but not a motivator or a Game General. Add to the mix that the Rangers are most likely going to pull some sort of bonehead move to bring in some seasoned veterans and redo the last 7 years in some sort of a desperate attempt to make the play-offs so Dolan can raise his ticket prices again.

Trust me when I tell you that this is inevitable.


Stranger miracles have taken place...it shows to me there's still hope for you yet...


I hope you realize that my last post was with tongue in cheek


"Stranger miracles have taken place...it shows to me there's still hope for you yet..."

Mitch, don't leave yourself out, you'll be OK too. :))

Hmmmm, in your followup post you wanted to type Loony, didn't you??? Happy New Year! Peace!

Mitch, with all due respect, I was at the Bridgeport game last night, and watched a totally different game than you. Montoya was shaky, at best, he seems to lose focus at times, see him leaning against the net for ten seconds while there was a delayed penalty, instead of going to the bench. Dawes made one great play, didn't have a great game. He's a decent skater, but he doesn't have that extra gear that will let him succeed at the next level, not at 5-8. He also made the bonehead play of the night, trying to make a move at center ice late in the game instead of chipping the puck up the boards, which caused some unnecessary tense moments in the last 30 seconds. I'll agree that Jed was a monster and was also impressed with Byers.
The guy I want to see get a shot is Craig Weller, I'll take him over Adam Hall any day of the week. He's always out there sticking up for his teammates. Weller creamed a guy, while Weller had the puck, that had just leveled Helminen, he saw him coming and drilled him with a shoulder. Weller has size, toughness and intensity..........oh, wait, there's no place for that on Renney's Rangers.
Greg Moore is also in the same mold as Jed, great on the PK and smart as well. He killed off about 25 seconds late in the game, just fighting for the puck behind the Brideport net.


I am by no means diminishing your right to hold to the opinion that you had of the game last night. I really don't think you got the right impression however of the game.

As I mentioned in my piece, Montoya was plowed into HARD not once, not twice but three times over and NOBODY came to his defense. I don't know about you but after taking the pummeling that Monty got it might leave me a bit shaky too. I thought that staying out there showed tremendous heart. One of the things Monty gets criticized for is being soft and fragile minded and obviously he's working on that and staying out there when he was banged up was a big step for him and I commend him for it. He also made some great saves that just about every writer who was at the game wrote about. On occasion I vote for the Three Stars of the game and had I voted last night I would have taken Tambellini out and had Monty as third Star. I thought he was very solid last night.

As for your comments on Nigel Dawes, you are certainly in the minority on that one. Did you happen to see that he was the First Star of the Game? That didn't come by accident. One of his MAJOR strengths is his speed which you are also not correct about. You also are not right about having NHL stuff. Do you remember he made the team out of camp but Coach Renney didn't play him enough because of his love affair with Adam Hall and Marcel Hossa that's why he is in Hartford?

As for Craig Weller, he's a tremendous guy and plays with a lot of heart but he is nowhere near an NHL caliber player. he will be to this generation of Wolf Pack players what Ken Gernander was to the last. A career AHL player and a great leader of young players with an occasional call up should injuries open a door but he's NOT NHL caliber by any stretch.

Most guys when they refer to Greg Moore will usually say that he's Jed Ortmeyer with hands. I think very highly of him, as does Jess, but I haven't seen the scoring touch yet. He is NHL caliber but like almost every Ranger prospect at this point is a 3rd or 4th line player which is the major problem that the organization has at this point.

He scored the GW, that got him first star, there's more to the game than that. The statsheet doesn't show all. Did you see the late turnover?? Does he have speed like say a Cliff Ronning or St. Louis to make it big in the NHL? No way.
The SoundTigers had what, 22 shots? Al didn't do anything special. I think he's a bit of a drama queen, lay on the ice for three minutes then get up because nothing's wrong??
I compared Weller to Hall, you would honestly take Hall over him? Weller has improved from year to year, especially his skating, and deserves a shot at the big time. Too bad he's in the wrong organization to get it.

i think we played really good game i cant believe shanny fought that got the whole garden pumped nice physical game over all.Pru finally woke up got 2 goals

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