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December 28, 2006


doesn't anyone in the rangers have his cell number to find out where the heck he is and what his plans are?

perhaps they aren't saying anything because he's fallen off the wagon and they are saving him face.

At this point ozo's gona , he doesnt wanna be a farm boy for the rest of his career, never the less hes been a disapointment this season, last season he has 4 or 5 goals and now hes got 0, even kasper has 1, but waddya gonna do hes probaly fighting the urge to drink a scotch, and its corrupting his game.

Ok, now there's "cap room" what are we going to do with it? Would just a "teensy-weensy" bit of "physicality" be out of the question? Do not get too close to the TV tonight...head's up here comes Chris Neill, watch out, there's Brian McGrattan. NHL.com, should add a new stat..."solid checks absorbed". At least we then can lead the league in something!!! It will not be pretty.

With this defensive corps its a wonder that we don't lead more categories, such as "GA" and even that "L" coloumn. Hank and Jagr have a little to do with both of those.

Ed, he's from the eastern block - its definitely Vodka.

About tonight...
Shanny's tired, you think Renney will catch on...?

Jagr needs to dump the puck if he gets double/triple teamed and he should be re-united with both Straks and Nylander so they can get passes or (even better) carry the puck into the offensive zone rather than 68.

Prucha, Immonen, Hollwegg, and Pock prove they have young fresh legs, use this to your advantage Tom.

Ward-o and Cullen belong on a third line, maybe even the 4th if you consider Betts a better defensive center.

Limit hossa, hall, and Orr's TOI -- contingent on and even rewarding them for throwing more body checks than avoiding them.

Last, play with some pride for the Rangers jersey and protect the star players...hit the Heatley's, Spezza's, and Alfredson WHEN (cause we know they will) their tough guys start taking liberties.

conditioning assignment??? you mean to tell me that jed can skate better or faster than some of the guys renney is playing now?

oh wait. renney doesn't think he'll have the stamina for the four minutes of ice time he'll get a game. silly me

that was supposed to be CAN'T in the first line. sorry

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