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December 24, 2006


The Rangers are like the proverbial Christmas turkey. Just stick a fork in them cause they're done.

""Three-nothing didn't show exactly how we played," said Jaromir Jagr, who made several turnovers. "Hank made a lot of great saves. It could have been 3-0 for them in the first three minutes ... Maybe we have to change something. I don't know what. I'm just a player.""

And so it starts? Is this the quote that begins the end for Renney?

Renney is and always will be VP of Player Personnel.

We are stuck with him. Nobody is going to come in and coach a team owned by James Dolan and run by Glen Sather.

All right, Tommy. All eyes are on you now. Your team is in a freefall and it is not April. What are you going to do?

We all said it would be nice if he used Hollweg in a bigger role. But I did not mean to play him on the 2nd line. What happend to Immo with Cullen and Shanny? That worked well. Why did Renney change that?

I expect a reaaction from Renney. Immediately. He has to show something. We better not hear the "let's relax a little bit and not overthink" or the even more deadly "these players have to look in the mirror" responses. The players are looking for a coaches leadership here. You can hear it in their quotes. Renney better not thow up his hands, too...

First off, can anyone in their right mind ever imagine the "greatest Captain of them all" #11, coming out with knucklehead comments like Jagr just did..."maybe we have to change something, I don't know. I'm just a player" YIKES!!!!

Secondly, if this continues much longer, my hunch. Nick Fotiu will be brought back as Hartford Head Coach, and Jim Schoenfeld in as Ranger boss. Renney will be kept on as VP of Player Personnel, with an emphasis placed on developing younger players (supposedly his specialty). Let's get the Greg Moore's, Hugh Jessiman's, Laurie Korpikosky's, Dane Byers, Brandon Dubinsky's, Trevor Koverko's, Mike Sauer's, and Marc Staal's ready for the next step!!


the Jagr response shows exactly why I never wanted him wearing the "C". Heck even JUNIOR LEVEL PLAYER Brodie Dupont who wears the "C" for the Calgary Hitmen knows when to tear a new one when his team is not playing well. Then the "Moose" goes out and leads by example.

I can sub the names of Dylan Reese, Tom Pyatt, Michael Sauer, Eric Hunter, Marc-Andre Cliche and even Ryan Russell as those junior/college level captains who accept responsibility when the team is playing poorly and then LEADS BY EXAMPLE.

This nonsense of catering to every whim and wish of Jagr's is what will do more long term damage to the Ranger franchise then blowing a 3-0 lead did.

In my eyes Shanny is the one who should be team captain not Jagr.

While Jagr's comments were foolish to say the least, no captain is going to make a difference. The players know that who plays is being mandated by the front office (Dolan and Sather), not the head coach. While I'm no Tom Renney fan, I just don't think he's that stupid. I'm certain that Mike Pelino and Perry Pearn aren't!

Even though this does not excuse the third period collapse, I am at my wits end with the officiating in this league. Prucha's goal should have counted. A hand pass cannot be called if the puck bounces off of an opposing player, as Isbister's swat did. Additionally, Boyle closed his hand on the puck and waited for 2 Ranger forecheckers to skate past him, before he dropped the puck to begin his fateful rush up the ice for his hat trick goal. I consider myself an astute observer but I fail to see 80% of the calls made.

Take out "C" from Jagr!

The third and fourth goals were both deflected by Rangers defensemen. On the third, Tyutin slid out to try to block the shot, and the puck ticked off his pads and hit the far corner of the net. On the winner, Kasparaitis stuck his stick in front of the shot and it deflected into the net. On both shots, Lundqvist was set for the original shot and those deflections were perfect.

Take a look at the slow-motion replays and you'll see the evidence.

Lundqvist was NOT responsible for those two final goals. The deplorable Rangers' defense was.

rangers should get ladislav nagy rite now

exactly right, Baron.

and keeping Jagr happy is interfering with the proper running of the team. the PP should be run for team success, not for the pleasing of Jagr. the screened point shot and a rebound tactic is seldom used because everybody wants to stand on the side boards. and that gives the goalie clear sight of Ranger shots.

If you can not look back now on the 1994 Messier and appreciate what a good kick ass captain he had been, go back to school. What we need is someone with that attitude, some one that puts the fear of god in you when you play like a girls field hockey team. No wait, that was an insult to the girls, sorry. Hell. just bring back Mess and put him as an assistant to stare you down and scare the crap out of you, maybe they will respond to that.

I expected panic, and I'm not saying that there is not good reason to do so, but I must comment on a few things:

1. Baron, sorry I disagree with you on the goals given up by Lundy. I'm a goalie, and I hate the "Blame the goaltender" excuse, but If you look at ALL the goals, he was as deep as humanly possible in the net. Even with the deflections (the game winner was so far out it shouldn't have mattered) if he is out farther, he makes those saves.

2. Jagr's comments: I don't think his comments were that bad or a lack of leadership. Shanny is more quotable, but I think that leadership is pverrated in hockey. The players have the biggest impact. I still think a captain is important and can influence certain factors, but if a captain could singlehandedly turn things around, then how do we explain Messiers last few seasons with the Rangers?

3. I want the kids to play as much as anyone, but I think last nights game made one thing very clear to me: This team is only as good as Jagr and it's goaltender. When Lundy (or Weekes) play well, they cover up mistakes by our lousy defense. When Jagr is on, he dominates. He's been off for a few weeks now. My take is, I don't think either is done by any means. Sure I'd love to see the kids in there, but the goal of the team has to be to win now (not ignoring the future, but not ignoring the present) and we go as Jagr goes.

4. I liked Holly on the 2nd line for the first two periods. His presence was felt every shift he was out there and I think he had a lot to do with the success of the first two periods. The third period script was predictable: Phantom penalty, momentum turns, shaky goaltending and panic sets in. 4th line ice time diminishes, Prucha jumps up to 2nd line (effectively) and Jagr and company try to do too much.

5. As much as it was a heartwrenching game (I still fault Lundy, but he is no Jim Carey and sending him to Hartford would be a joke) I saw several positives: More Ice time for Hollweg, Hossa out of the lineup, and, er, um, well thats it. Maybe Hall playing a good game. If Immo is on the 4th line with Prucha, they have to play a lot more.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all if you celebrate it.

Whoops! That should be "overrated". Not something that looks like "perverted"

I personally think it is ridiculous to somehow blame Jagr for this team's woes in any way, shape, or form. He is the second leading scorer in the league. He is not a vocal leader, but this is his team. He makes mistakes. So does everyone, including Messier. He is not afraid to stand up and say "we're not a good team." Sorry if everyone thinks he should be spouting off canned rah-rah BS to the media. Maybe this is his way of criticizing the management's choice of players, or even telling us - without telling us directly - that they're poorlyt coached ("we need to change something,: "I dont know Im just a player"). Many of you may recall that Messier got Roger Neilson fired. That didn't seem very captain-like of him at the time. The fact is that Malik, Rozival, Rachunek, Kasparaitus, Ward, Hossa, Betts, Isbister, Orr - hell, even Cullen and Aaron Ward right now - these guys simply aren't very good hockey players, and no stare of death is going to suddenly get them to play better. The problem right now is not that the team isn't trying, but that they're not that good. Renney continues to play these stiffs who have plateaued at an AHL level. And there's no system. LAst year I always though there was one. This year, there's nothing. Especially with a low level of talent, there has to be system these guys fall right into so they instinctively know what to do and don't wind up running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

My turn... JJ is playing like sh-t. The D backs so far in the shooter is 10 feet away... Lundqvist is probably permently damaged after that Toronto dabacle . The PP play doesn't have a clue and the officiating is really starting to turn me off towards this game (read Larry Brooks article in Sunday's post).. Merry Chrismas all Z

On a lighter note, Merry Christmas everybody...

And or Happy Holidays to our non-Christian friends...

And Festivus for the rest of us........

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