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November 27, 2006


I just read the article about Jagrs contract and if Jagr dont get his goals and awards he might walk away. Without Jagr i think wel see bad old days becuase Shanny wont be around for long. And if Jagr is that quick to walk on Us Then F him and his C should eb taking away

The power play, 0-for-5 last night, is 0-for-15 in the last three games, 2-for-25 in the last five and 3-for-32 in the last seven. The five-on-three is an embarrassing 3-for-18 on the season.

"We don't practice it at all," said Jagr. "We're panicking."

Why don´t they practice it at all ??? I don´t understand it at all. Powerplay is so important these days and if you score on the pp, you are going to win even more games...

I wonder if he meant to say this, because he sometimes messes up some of his meanings ... unless Joe M. was lying when he said during the game that the Rangers practiced 5 on 3's ...

Also, Jagr was angry last night but he wasn't jumping on the refs .. seems to me that he was more upset at the fact that his team failed to get a killer instict which he believes that BUF has which make BUF a great team and which the Rangers do not have which do not make them a good team(his words) and he said that until they get that killer insticts when they have momentum and things are going their way then they will have nights like last night ...

I am so UPSET about the officiating ... I HATE IT! I watch a lot of NHL Center Ice games and it isn't just happening to the Rangers but since their troubles are the only ones that make my blood boil then I haven't been overly upset about it ... Is this Ref a rookie? Is that what this is? What about the other one? Why when one guy CLEARLY misses a call can't the other guy grow a pair and make the RIGHT call??

Oh If I could write to the damn League and know that they would pay attention I would!

Matty, I watched the Buffalo feed last night so I am unaware what Joe M. said about the fact, that the Rangers practiced the powerplay 5 on 3.....

I hate to say this but I think as long as the Rangers don´t get any offensive production from any other guys then the top line or Shanny, they always will be in trouble against top teams. The best example was Jason Ward´at the end of second period, I think when he had an open net with a puck only inches away from the goal line unable just to put it into the net..It was just unbelievable missing out on this one...!!!!

It is just great to see that Henrik is coming very, very close to the level he had last season, especially when he denied the Buffalo shooters, Ales Kotalik, Chris Drury, Jason Pominville and Danny Briere on this lengthy five one three..And that is the difference when you see that guys like Pominville or Vanek are chipping in with timely goals regularly, when Cullen, Prucha, or Blair Betts are failing to do so....!!! I read about Rodent defending Prucha and I would admit that Prucha don´t get enough ice time or even play on the first powerplay unit any more , but that´s a problem, that Renney needs to resolve....

Buff it was Adam Hall who misse it not Ward

wow. that was one of the worst officiated games i have seen in many, many years. soooo many obvious penalties not being called. Too many for one game... It just was unreal. How does Leggo still have a job?

Thanks, Ant..I am sorry I picked the wrong one but either way oh man, it is just darn unbelievable, missing this one...!!!

Nobody would talk about the officiating today if you are going to score on the 5 on 3 or converting that one...!!!

Yes we can make yet another case about the refs being bad but reality comes in a couple of forms:

1-Take advantage of your own scoring chances so you do lot allow the Refs to become the deciding factor. Let us be honest if you don't score on multiple 5 on 3s then you deserve to loss.

2- How many clues do you need to realize that the refs are screwed up before you adjust your game? We can scream all we want about the refs but if you see what is being called then adapt to it.

3- Don't whine or do anything to show up the refs no matter how angry you get as it is a guarantee that they will call more on you.

I realize that this takes the refs off the hook but sadly the reality is the two ref system is a joke, always has been a joke and will remain a joke until clearly defined uniform standards for all the refs to use in order to all call the game the same way are in place.

The NHL uses over seventy different refs at one point or another and each calls the game according to their own views. How many times have we seen the two refs in the same game call it so vastly different?

The NHL has to go all the way back to the junior level and work on better training for the officials as they work their way up the ladder just like the players. Until that happens we are going to continue to see more poorly called games like this one and Saturday

>>> How many clues do you need to realize that the refs are screwed up before you adjust your game? We can scream all we want about the refs but if you see what is being called then adapt to it.

3- Don't whine or do anything to show up the refs no matter how angry you get as it is a guarantee that they will call more on you.

However Jess, I do not think it should be acceptable for the officials to "perform" this way and have no accountability for it ...

I, for one, am not complaining about the officiating as far as the loss ... there is no guarantee that had they called it right that we would've won ... what upsets me is that there was this blatant one-sidedness by a guy who also made a mistake the night before, which thankfully didn't affect the ultimate outcome then ....

Also you say that the team needs to look at what is being called and adjust but that is pretty hard to do when Jagr gets tackled and if any of the Rangers would've done that then it would most likely would've been called ...

I want consistency(haha, which is what I want from the team, but I have getting getting more of that from them) and accountability from the NHL and their officials .. I do not see that ... I do not see what, if anything, the NHL does about this type of officiating ... the only thing that I have seen is that they "punish" the bad refs with no playoff games and then with the ones that continue to be bad no further playoff rounds ... still, this punishment? Does not fix the problem ...


I for one would love to see consistency from the NHL refs but I have a better chance of hitting the lottery.

We will not see the NHL publically punish the refs which is why I have called for what I did in my first post as the need starts by having one established standard for all refs to call games by.

Jess, if they even came out with that mandate and that "standard" it would placate me because even if they do not explain WHY they are doing it, it would still be obvious that the way things were going was not working on a nightly and game by game basis ...

But we will see ... They could've had a major embarrassment last Spring in Game 7 with that blown call that wiped out a Carolina goal ... but the 'Canes won and it almost instantly forgotten and the officials never gave a good explanation for what happened in that game, but had the 'Canes lost by that goal? Well, I am certain that they NHL would've been forced to implement more standardization(sp?) but it annoys me that even though the way of doing things is clearly damaged that they will only fix it when they are backed into a corner and are left with no choice ...

Like I read today that GM's don't really want to implement any rules that will further discourage hitting ... However, in the same breath it says that if Sidney Crosby were KO'd by such a hit, or Ovechkin, then you would see the League adopt new rules to penalize hits to the head ... ridiculous

Today's stick in the craw stat...
2 games for Hartford: Isbister 0 pts. 1 sog
2 games for Albany: Petruzalek 1g 2a

Trust me, there’ll be more of this aggravation for many years to come. Long after Isbister is dropped to the ECHL and Petru is lighting it up for the Ducks.

Canes, not Ducks. Same result. Sather screws us again.

Once again the REFS are not the problem here, as they screw not up only the blueshirts. It is just the problem that the Blueshirt have only one and half line to contribute. As much as I like what Jagr, Straka, Nylander and Shanahan can do on the ice, they have constantly too much ice time and if they are not able to score against the other top defensive line, the Rangers usually in trouble...Renney just fails to build on others to start scoring. If you compare par example Maxim Afinogenow to Petr Prucha, you see what I mean. Afinogenow is getting better and better with production from season to season as he is not belonging to the topline with Hecht-Pominville-Briere and Prucha is heading in the different direction. As much as I like what Shanny can do on the first pp, why not alternate him with Prucha on the top pp...It is hard to imagine that Shanny can hold the pace for 82 games with constantly around twenty minutes of icetime....Renney really fails to handle it correctly here...!!!
Prucha may need only one breakout game with one or two goals to have his confidence back....and they need others to chip in to be a good team, and that is exactly what JJ want to express when he is saying, "we aren´t a good team, yet...."!

Jess, usually the Rangers themselves respond to the officiating the way you suggest. Only twice have they complained -- last night and the first Devils game. This one was simply beyond the pale -- there's no way to adjust to officials who are making mistake after mistake after mistake. When the guy pulled Jagr down, should that have been a signal that they could therefore pull anyone they wanted down? How do you adjust to that?

And there was no whining during the game -- the only time was at the very end after the deciding goal was scored. Buffalo did more showing up of the referee when Drury was called (also a bad call) than the Rangers did.

Yes, you should take advantage of the opportunities handed you -- but in this game, the imbalance of bad calls in favor of Buffalo gave them more chances to cash in on, and they did. Despite the imbalance, the Rangers played the Sabres evenly, and then lost it in part due to a non-call that was completely out of their control. The Rangers' ability to decide the game for themselves was taken away from them.

There are times when you have to get past the officiating and take matters into your own hands -- in this case, there was no way to do that because the officials took the game away from the Rangers. Tom Renney was absolutely right in saying that a certain level of professionalism is required from the officials -- and Brendan Shanahan was absolutely correct is saying that these refs should be assessed the same way players are for what they do on the ice.


It is one thing to sit in the comfort of your living room and watch such a game on TV. It is quite another to actually be in the Garden when the Rangers are being sodomized by guys like Leggo. It is a gut wrenching experience.

I can't imagine that this man can sleep at night. I can't imagine how he can walk down the ramp and across 33rd Street without looking over his shoulder.

When will the NHL offer an apology and an explanation to the paying customers? Never. So nothing will change. Maybe the Rodent is right. Boycott the NHL until they clean up their officiating act. Do not buy tickets or Center Ice. Buy a styrofoam brick to throw at your TV.

1. The big divide emerges as one group of fans laments that Renney doesn't stick up enough for his players when these calls are going against the team, and another saqys he needs to keep his mouth shut or the poor officiating will continue. I don't know the answer, just pointing out there are definitely 2 perspectives on this.

2. On the notion that refs have it in for the Rangers, I submit a few points. One is that if that is the case, WHAT IS THE NHL THINKING? While I understand that many refs and old-time hockey people from small farms in Canada might hate the Rangers and their big city ways, the fact is the league is struggling mightily right now and desparately needs a strong presence in major American cities like NY. For the league to allow this sort of bias to continue is not only wrong, but incredibly stupid (not that its surprising). Heck, I still maintain that as a guy who's always looked out forf the league as a whole, Shanny signed here hoping to generate more excitement in NY and help push this team over the top for the good of the league. Unfortunately Sather gets in the way.

3. Perhaps the games seem to be so one-sided reffing wise because they are. I wont deny that Sunday was ridiculous. By the same token, our defense is OLD and SLOW. The only way they can keep up with the other team is by doing the stuff you're not supposed to do. If we had a younger, faster and generally more mobile defense, who knows how the penalties would shake out?

Word on the street is that Callahan has been recalled from Hartford.

The question on the street is "to do what?" Will he be joining the rest of us "on the street" or playing? I assume the latter, otherwise why call him up?

According to Sam Weinman in his blog, he's been called up so the Rangers can get a look at him in practice, since the Pack don't play till the weekend. He's not scheduled to play tonight.

The NYR were VERY lucky to get 3 of 4 points this weekend with the Ref's playing for ther other team. They could have easily came away with zero.

Also, want to know why they lack the "killer instinct" that Jagr craves? It is all because of Renney's 'turn-the-other-cheek' approach to the hockey overall. It is the same reason why no one does anything when Prucha gets steamrolled at least once a game or when Jagr gets nailed. As long as they have the lead, Renney has them back off and then everyone is under the "No Go" philosophy. He may not be saying it out loud in those words, but Renney does not allow the killer instinct. It can lead to mistakes...

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