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November 23, 2006


Just wanted to take a minute to wish my fellow Rangers fans a Happy Thanksgiving! I'd also like to give thanks to Dubi in particular for all the time he puts into bringing us the best Ranger coverage out there!


As one of the three reading this today, and being someone fortunate enough to know you and work for you, I am thankful this day for all of our readers both of the magazine itself and here on line and want for you all that you want for yourselves.

It is fairly common knowledge that Dubi is losing money on this publication, hell he even mentions it in this piece. Please, show your appreciation for all that he's doing here for all of us and add a subscription to your gift list for yourself and all of your friends and family that root for the NY Rangers.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let's hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon so that all our servicemen and women overseas in Iraq and around the world will be able to come home soon and share days like this with their families.


Well cmon we are all Ranger fans and that means there is something seriously wrong with us so I knew people would look for Ranger news even today.


Decency standards prohibit me from posting what a picture of the Dubi Claus looks like but the best I can do is describe him as the results of Yoda mating with Mitch Beck (the horror the horror).


For the US this is Thanksgiving but there is hockey still going on today. As already mentioned the OHL All-Stars take on the Russian Selects in Sarnia while Brodie Dupont will lead his Calgary Hitmen against the Tri-City Americans tonight at 10PM EDT.

You can listen to the game live for free here courtesy of Fan960 in Calgary: http://www.fan960.com/mediaplayer/mediaPlayer2.jsp

And of course I will have reports on both games along with a new CHL Top ten that includes the teams of three of my favorite prospects.

I'd like to join Laurie in saying thanks to Dubi and Jess for all their hard work, both for their coverage of the Rangers, and for giving us a forum to express our thoughts as well.

For those of you who missed it, Dubi was featured prominently on the MSG Messier special. He was very articulate as usual -- nice job Dubi.

I'd like to add to the holiday cheer. Happy holiday all. Jess, OK, I have the visual aid, LOL.
I'd also like to say I had the pleasure of having a brief conversation with Dubi when upping my renewal on my BB. Dubi mentioned that the publication is not exactly a money making venture. I did congratulate him on the fact that it is an excellent paper and he is indeed a fan working hard to deliver an excellent product. To be able to attend practice, games and talk to the players and get an inside perspective of the inner workings of our passion, well, like the Michelob commercial, it doesn't get any better than this. At least that is how I feel if I had the job. I'm sure it would get a lot better if the ink went from red to black. So people, support a fan that's living the dream and working to cover and report on your team, my team, the Rangers. Get your subscription or one for a family member and keep the publication going.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Thanks Dubi and Jess, for operating this public forum for the most passionate fans in the world!

Acutally Vio while I really do appreciate the kind words, I like you am along for the ride conducted by Dubi. I am very grateful that he has allowed me to share with you guys what I get to see from these prospects.

In all honesty had Dubi not taken over the Blueshirt Bulletin and talked me into covering the prospects I was going to become a fan of the Sharks who I believe run their franchise they way it should be done.

However it was meeting these propsects, getting to see them chase their dream of becoming not only NHL players but Rangers turned me back around. When I see someone like a Dupont chew out his teammates and then lead by example scoring in eleven straight games, how can you not get excited about these kids.

Even better is that these kids know about the Ranger fans, they know that if they work hard that the Ranger fans will get behind them. They want to be Rangers because of the fans, because of the tradition of Broadway Blue and not because they were offered the highest free agent contract.

I always ask these prospects to tell me how they would score THE GOAL, you know the one I am talking about. It is the Cup winner and it is amazing how they want to do it on home ice in front of you folks.

No matter where they come from they know the Rangers and the Ranger fans. I wish you guys could experience what I do with me so you could see how much fun it is.

Now to get serious, we will have a very busy weekend including I hope a trip for me to Portland broken ankle and all to see Brodie Dupont against Muchael Sauer.

In my eyes Sauer is the best defensive prospect the Rangers have on the blueline and it creates a very good test for Dupont.

Hi there,
just wanted to say, it's great to have another source for great Ranger news.
Thanks adn all the best from Bavaria

Well, the Isles look pretty good, that stinks. Devs all tied up after 2, let's go Ducks! This is the first time in a while i actually have nothing to do except watch hockey and play video games. Since its so dead on the board and with little Ranger news, i was wondering what you guys thought of my New York Rangers team. Keep in mind this is an older game 2005, so there are some of the key cogs missing (no Lundqvist, Prucha, Hollweg). Im in the second year of my franchise.

Here my lines:

Jagr-Matt Lombardi-Cheechoo


Sean Avery-Tomas Cech(A first rounder from last year, 6'2 225lbs. with hands, i play my picks)- Joffrey Lupul

Chistov-Steve Martins-Garth Murray


Pock-Tyutin (Both very good in the game)

Kondratiev-Brian Campbell

Fleury (Pitt.)

Im currently first in the NHL ahead of Florida by 5 points.

Im sending this to Sather and Co.

Hope i offered some laughs for a slow day in our little hockey world!

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