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November 26, 2006


The Sauer assist led to a total of 14,284 stuffed animals hitting the ice last night. Add in another 7,000 stuffed animals that will be donated by Dollar Tree and 21,284 stuffed animals will be given out to children in need.

How about a cheer for Sauer, the Portland Winterhawks and their fans for doing such a great job to help others.

The Calgary Hitmen will also be holding a Teddy Bear toss this season as well.

It's a good thing for Steve Kozari, Mike Leggo (the two clowns who
allegedly were the referees in Pittsburgh) does not fine or suspend
officials for their actions. I can honestly say that I have never
seen a worse performance by a groups of on ice officials than the
group who worked the Pitt. game. I am also glad to see that Stephen Walkom is bringing the same level of expertise to his work as the NHL's head of officiating as he did during his tenure as a referee on the ice.

Last night showed that Dominic Moore is a better all around player than Adam Hall. Having said that, I'm with you Dubi, neither one is going to make or break your team. Hall has had enough of chances in the early going to prove otherwise. So now he is riding the pine for the majority of the game, except for the times that Tom Renney sees fit to roll four lines. Let’s see if that motivates him to play harder and earn back his spot on the third line.

As for the outcome of the game, let us just say that they were lucky to get the two points. I found it interesting that Straka admitted to Sam and Joe M. that it “got loud in the locker room” between the 2nd and 3rd periods.

I know Larry Brooks talked about, our scoring is just not spread out enough. Prucha is not the same player from last year. Cullen is more like a third line checker. No offense from the D-men. What's the solution?

The solution is more North/ South skating, shoot the puck at the net with traffic in front for tip ins and rebounds.

Last night in all of our power plays we passed until we dropped than we shot the puck at unscreened Fleury and we made him look great. We refuse to go in front of the net and play a power forward game. Hall is being misused, on the PP again playing the Rangers peripheral game with poor results.

When will that frigging a**hole Renney waive Ozolush??? He isn't worth a bag of hockey pucks and everytime that the Rangers can't get out of their zone guess who is on the ice? That bonehead just cost them again. He makes better passes to the opposing team. Where is Pock? Hell, Kasparaitus looks like Bobby Orr compared to Ozolush. Now I feel better...

Hey Rich, if you were watching tonight you would have seen Hall miss a tap into an open net. I'm not so sure letting Sykora go was such a great idea as well. He's even doing better in Edmonton...

Frustrating, Very Frustrating. I hate the Sabres! Atleast we got the point. I can't speak, talk to you guys tomorrow.

The refs hosed the Rangers something awful tonight. There were at least 4 obvious penalties they chose to ignore including a pick on Shanny that led to their OT goal.
Brutal to get screwed like that.

Sure, the officiating hurt us, but the Rangers have to take some of the responsibility for this one as well. There was the Cullen pass on the 1st goal against, the type of play that loses a game like this all by itself; the Ozolinsh pass in his own end was similarly costly. It all comes back to the comment made by Lurker Kev here earlier this season about the team's razor-thin margin for error, particularly in a game like this against an elite team. And on top of that, what hurts more than anything is the continuous parade to the penalty box. Again, the penalties prevent the team from establishing any kind of four-line flow, which in turn prevents us from seeing what this team is truly capable of accomplishing. All things considered, I feel fortunate that we fought back and got the point; we really didn't deserve more than that on this night.

Laserman, I was watching and you're right Hall did miss a tap in. While I'm glad he was there, what good is he if he can't put htose away. Even Kevin Stevens could score on those types of opportunities. Or as Bill Chadwick would have put it, Hall couldn’t hit the ocean standing at the end of the pier.

As for the refs, Gord Dwyer and Mike Leggo, I’m not sure what game they were watching, but they sure missed a good one. Leggo in case you’ve forgotten was one of the two incompetent buffoons from last nights game in Pittsburgh. I think that says it all.

Refs raped us 2night and cost us the game they didnt call buffalos 4 penalties but yet they called things on us that we didnt even do D played horrible. Well Renney said the only way Kaspar can come back is that 1 of the Dman screws up and o boy did we see a lot of that from Ozo and Goofie(thats what i prefer to call Malik).

Pretty shitty officiating is what the Rangers get served a daily diet of, and for years too. At this stage of the game I really think that good officiating died years ago. Pretty sad how that douchebag missed the goal last night and to make matters worse the blatant high stick on Hollweg.

Trading Dominic Moore hurt this team more than people realize. Why? Not because he is an offensive wizard but because he was a real leader on last years Rangers. He was a team leader because he went out there EVERY shift and broke his ass, whether 5 on % or on the PK. Guys like this are INVALUABLE. Many will not agree but to me it was a collossal blunder. Even if he only scores 8 goals, he was a vital cog and personified last years working class team.

Bones, completely agree. I know this has been beaten to death on the boards but I feel some are dismissing the trade almost completely, but it really does make a big difference in my eye, especially when you look at not only what you lose but what we "gained"...I don't think any Ranger has been more non-existent this year than Adam Hall.

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