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November 28, 2006


Perhaps the call up of Callahan is the result of a yet to be announced trade?

As Sam said in his report, with the Wolf Pack off until Friday, Callahan's call-up is really a chance for the Ranger staff to see what he can do at the NHL level, and that will most certainly take place in practice, not in games.

Would it be terribly uncomfortable to anyone else if I asked Stan Fischler why every single thing he says sounds stupider than the last, and why he continues to be on television despite the fact that he appears to know as much about the sport of hockey today, including the Rangers, as my 94 year old neighbor, who thinks a ficus is her daughter?

Hmmm... I wonder if Pyatt's surprise visitor goes by the same first name... ;)

... or maybe by the same last name, Laurie?

Eric, we all have our opinions and preferences, but can we at least keep things respectful? Stan is doing Mitch a favor by appearing, and he is helping BB out in the process. You can certainly challenge him if you like, but please find a way to do so that is constructive and respectful. Thanks.


First of all, YES, what you are writing is completely inappropriate and unacceptable. Second, Stan happens to be a close friend of mine and if you don't like the things he says then just ignore him or anyone else that you don't agree with. Stan happens to be a class individual with a great heart and a more knowledge of the HISTORY of this game than anyone anywhere. Do I disagree with his assessments on particular things from time to time? Of course I do, becasue I have a mind of my own and an opinion of my own, but that doesn't mean that I turn around and disrespect the man in public just as i would not do that to you even though I feel what you wrote was totally inappropriate and uncalled for. No one is saying that you have to like the man or agree with him, or anyone else on this site including your fellow posters, but I would think that a certain polite discord is not too much to ask.

I still hope that you will join in on the chat on the 4th as I hope that eaach and every on of you will as well. What I am also hoping is that the t]regular viewers and readers of this site will show the respect to each of our guests that that you would expect extended to you as well.


I don't know the answer to your question. All I know is that Tommy said he's bringing in someone cool for just a few minutes. maybe it'll be Steven McEagle or whatever the mascot is...we'll all learn about that together at the same time. Jess doesn't even know...it's a surprise...


All kidding aside, I can't express to you in words how excited I am to have the line-up for you on the 4th. It's a special day for me personally and is just going to be a blast. There will be so much to talk about that day with the guests we lined up that if you really want to be heard, I great ly suggest that you get your questions in early...

Now your gifts on the other hand...

Come now, you know I'm just kidding. I wasn't actually going to do it, I'm just expressing my immense displeasure that he continues to be showcased on Ranger broadcasts when he is, in my opinion, a pathetic sellout and complete company man. I don't know if its possible to have one's nose stuck further up someone else's behind farther than Fischler has his up Dolan's. What's even more disconscerting is the fact that many fans still hold him any kind of high regard, and in fact revere him.

Don't worry, I won't be rude to him but I do think someone should have the balls to ask him, in as polite a manner as possible, why he acts the way he acts on the broadcast and if he actually believes the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

As for the rest of the lineup, it sounds fantastic, and I can't wait. Great work guys, keep it up. This site only gets better and better.

Does Stan still think Weeks is the #1 goalie. Or that Ozolinsh will make people forget about Leetch?

Both Fischler quotes from this season.


You're entitled to your opinion and I'm sure that you aren't the only one that has it, but that doesn't mean that your comments need to be that rough, which they clearly are. You can dislike Stan. he's a big boy and can take it and has told me so, but at the same time I think that requesting a bit of decorum and respect as a fellow human being is not too much to ask. Bottom line though is that I just don't agree with you about your position on Stan and let's just leave it at that.

Stan has a very tough job to do since he has a tough line to walk without sounding like he's playing favorites because he covers the Isles, Devs and Rangers and has to stay neutral and I think he does it as well as anyone can possibly do it. It has nothing to do with whether I agree with everything he says or doesn't say and in our personal converstaions he's admonished me from time to time in the things I say as well. This has nothing to do with "having the balls to ask him" it has to do more with having the respect for what he has accomplished and an understanding of the job that he has and that you and I would give our right arm to have.

You're not alone in not understanding what it requires to make it to that level and to stay there all the years that Stan has done it. Many fans think that if they were given the chance they would jsut get up there on the mike and "tell it like it is" and call out this player and that coach and that Manager and the truth of the matter is that you would never get hired in the first place if the company hiring you thought you were going to communicate that way. Think about this before you say something. Name one analyst on any team in any sport that has a negative attitude when a negative attitude is called for? The answer is there isn't one. You're confusing someone in a role that Stan has with someone like Jim Rome or Mike Francesa or Chris Russo and it's just not the case.

I suppose what Dubi or myself or someone who works, or as it is in my case has worked, in the media for any substancial period of time (I was almost 25 years) should have a symposium sometime about what the realities of the industry is if you work in it and the things you do and can't do if you want to continue to receive a pay check.

As for the compliments they are greatly appreciated...

Dubi - I thought last name too, but then figured it would be a little too much like fraternizing with the enemy to turn up on a Rangers publication chat. Ah well, guess we'll just have to tune in on the 4th and see!

Marv Albert showed everyone what happens when one stands up and tells it like it is at MSG.

I'm not saying Stan or anyone else needs to tell it like it is, I know that that is not possible. What I respect is someone like John Giannone, who actually adds something to the broadcast, and displays a knowledge of the team and sport. Giannone mentions negative aspects and problems with the team, and not surprisingly, disagrees with Stan Fischler (as politely as possible) every time I see them on together. For example, the pregame show before the Sabres game. Fischler made yet another comment that was just...ugh. You could see it on Giannone's face and hear it in his voice, he was almost embarrassed to be in the presence of it, and as nicely as he could, basically contradicted everything Fischler said. That happens, I'd say, on average, every other game.

Last season, I recall during games between the Rangers and either the Isles or Devils, where during the pregame show they had a discussion with both sets of commentators as well as Stan, the number of times JD, Sam, Michelletti, Rose, and Emrick (I don't recall Resch adding anything insightful as he is as inept as Fischler) disagreed with Sam was quite plentiful.

And I wasn't saying you necessarily need to have the balls to ask him something, just was hoping that someone attending this will, again, as politely as possible. It's just an expression, anyway.

Frankly, as a true diehard fan of this team, who spends significant amounts of money on being a fan of theirs annually, I find it insulting that they shove him in my face on almost every broadcast. I don't care how big a Ranger fan he is or ever was, the things he says are ridiculous and insulting to me, and many other fans of this Rangers team.

It tells me that this organization has no respect for their fans and sees them as gullible idiots who will believe whatever this guy tells them. He pulls the wool over our eyes, or at least tries to, with his unsuccesful attempts at humor and his plush animals or other gimmicks, hiding the fact that he provides nothing even remotely close to an actual analysis or insight into the game of hockey. He's basically there to refute the obvious faults and problems the team faces and tell us they're going to win anyway.

It is people like him that helped the Rangers continue on the self-destructive path that they were on for the past decade, before last season, by constantly assuring the fans that the absurd personnel decisions the team made would result in victory. Every off-season he praised every move, only to be proven completely wrong. Until last year, at least. I guess 1-for-100 is a great record.

Perhaps I get carried away with this, but his presence just really rubs me the wrong way. Unfortunately, as a fan who tries to never miss a game, I have to sit through him, and even if he's only on for a few minutes, its enough to get under my skin. Why MSG can't just stick with Giannone and a rotating partner that isn't Fischler, I don't know. I can wish, at least.

First off Mitch I am flattered by your kind words and thank you for them. However I could break your heart and tell you that I already know who the surprise that Pyatt is bringing along, heck anyone who follows the Spirit know that Pyatt is a twin for Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle as your new friend while I keep the Spirit Dancers for myself.

Moving on to Eric, I understand your frustration with Stan as I share it up to a point. However I disagree with you on Giannone as I for one find him boring and would like to see him replaced by Glen Anderson on a full time basis.


A part of me is very happy to see the Rangers will four goals as the team I am playing this week in fantasy hockey has the Thrasher goalie Lehtonen.

What I am not happy about is how the Thrashers are able to skate around the Rangers in the 3rd period. Win or not no way can you be happy blowing a 3-1 lead to give another Eastern Conference team a point.

Ranger team defense is garbage tonight allowing the Thrasers to do what they please.

I also must have missed whatever Prucha has done to earn a benching so could someone please enlighten me.

Finally the Callahan call up is a bone to the kid for his hard work and a hope that the other kids in Hartford see that and work harder.

Al Trautwig had some unflattering things to say about the team after they blew a 3-1 lead and finally lost in OT. I thought he was spot on about the passive 3rd period the NYR tried to play and how Aaron Ward backed off too much on Holik on the game winner. Sam and Joe tried the silver lining garbage about at least earning a point, but Al wasn't buying any of it. Jimmy D. isn't going to like that!

Nice to see Adam Hall find the back of the net tonight. What a great speed move by Straka on the 3rd goal. Just a shame it didn't result in a win.

BTW, something finally dawned on me tonight. The biggest problem the team has is that they have a 1st and 2nd line, but in reality they have two 4th lines, no real 3rd line. Think about it, Ward, Betts and Hossa are a good 4th line, but certainly not real 3rd line.

Jess, I don't think Prucha was benched. He missed a few shifts, but I think that was the result of Renney mixing up the lines a bit and wanting to get Hall, who sat half the second period and a good portion of the 3rd, some ice time. The better question would be what Hall did (besides score 2 goals) to deserve sitting on the bench for over 20 minutes straight across the 2nd and 3rd periods. Prucha finished the game with 21 shifts and 16:52 TOI, which is above his average.

I agree with Eric. I commend Mr. Fischler for dedicating his life to studying and writing about the great history of hockey, especially Metropolitan hockey! But he offers little in the way of real analysis of the modern day game. It is frustratng and somewhat insulting that the powers at MSG shove this guy down our throat. What is more disconcernig is that you know some dope takes his ranting and raving to heart, and then you have to listen to it around the water cooler at work. While Mr. Fischler is pretty harmless (kind of like that drunk unlce who bellows insignificant and ridiculous things at the holiday table) his space should be occupied with someone like a Glenn Anderson (He's been insightful and not overbearing on broadcasts, oh and he's played the game at the NHL level) or even Mike Richter, who obviuosly is knowledgable and carries himself well. Just my opinion, but i am interested to see what he says on this type of forum, with a more educated audience
(not the guy shouting to kill the mother***) Hey where has Rothma been anyway?

That is correct, Rich. We do have the personnel for these roles, though, Cullen, Hall and Betts would make a terrific third line, probably score a few goals here and there, hustle and hold the opposition at bay. Then we could put Immonen at second line center, since he couldnt possibly put up fewer points than Cullen who is showing us all that guess what? we signed a third line center who plays point on the PP not a center to set-up Shanny (which is what we should have known we were signing and theres nothing wrong with that). Its just like we way overpaid for Holik and expected him to be a top 2 center. He was a third line center. If we made all my moves, we could then field a fourth line of say Hollweg, Dawes and Callahan, or Hollweg Dawes and Ortmeyer, and actually roll all 4 lines

Was that what happened Jess? Was Prucha benched in the third? Because he had two assist's tonight and he set up the tying goal in the period ... he had a very strong game tonight, along with Adam Hall ... But i didn't notice either in OT ...

It's like Jagr said on Sunday ... Team doesn't have the killer instict .. they were playing well and once they went up 3-1 it was like they just stopped going for it ... They got a point but they should've gotten two points had they kept playing like they did in the 1st and 2nd periods ... Also, that fourth goal by ATL was a flukey one by Henrik but he's allowed a pass because of how well he's played over the last few games and he had some great saves tonight ... can't second guess Renney in starting him, I don't think at his age that he would be tired ... but he did give up 5 goals tonight and Weekes needs to get a start soon so do they rest Henrik and start Weekes on Friday? Weekes did lose to BUF 7-4 but that was more overall team play than just him ... I don't know

I am very disappointed with tonight .. they gave this one away ... and Aaron Ward who is usually very sound since when he's playing well you really do not notice him much out there because Toots is just playing so amazing ... but it annoys me that players go toward Henrik and drive to the net unchallenged and not only do they get a shot off but most times they get rebounds WHILE there are at least two Rangers standing around doing nothing .. if there were EVER a time to take a penalty for hooking or holding or whatever you would think it would be at that time ... not the lazy hooking and holding calls that they usually take in the neutral or offensive zones

What a dissapointing end to a dissapointing final period and overtime. I only saw half of the final period and OT but Aaron Ward did a "marvelous" job in preventing Bobby Holik going to the net. The Rangers didn´t certainly deserve to win as they appeared lethargic when the game is on the line and Renney always seems to be unable to wake them up. With a guy like Tortorella behind the bench, you would have some more urgency all over the place....

Petr Prucha despite getting two points won´t get back his confidence in reducing his ice time on the second line..

BTW Mitch, that's a great lineup. Mike Richter is also my favorite all time Ranger ... In fact I started being a hockey fan when I was about 10 and saw Richter, for the first time, at the 1988 Olympics, I loved him and I just delighted that he was drafted by the Rangers(whom I picked as my team cause I was born in NY, talk about a scientific approach lol) I just love goalies in general, they just fascinate me which is why I have been SO happy and excited about the team(aside from how they generally work hard and are not filled with aging superstars just cashing in and going out with a big pay day) last season was Henrik Lundqvist because ever since Richter had to retired there was no Rangers goalie that I got excited about ... I liked Blackburn but then that went nowhere unfortunately for him ....

So I love that you have got him to join in the 4 on 4 ... what to ask ... I can't even being to think lol ... What he thinks about Henrik? i should ask that .. let me email my question lol

Come on guys, devoting all this time and energy to complaininjg about Stan Fischler is like complaining about the Mets keeping Ralph Kiner on board. Stop acting like its somehow indicative of an organizational conspiracy to fool the fans. Yes, we all have complaints about the fact that none of the sportscasters can say anything bad about the Rangers. Who cares? We all getr to come do it here. Stan's a harmless guy who's forgotten more about the history of the game than most of us will ever know. Back in the 70's he was the only guy writing about the game we love, and he was writing a whole lot

>>> Petr Prucha despite getting two points won´t get back his confidence in reducing his ice time on the second line..

As laurie pointed out, his ice time actually increased in this game

Matty, you are right, I shouldn´t write that one, as I have only seen parts of the game. Yeah, his time goes up to 17 minutes instead of 15 the previous game..

But I am waiting more and more of a breakout game from him with maybe one or two goals providing an additonal scoring threat to the top line....

Yeah it is just frustrating to let a 3-1 slip away the way they are doing it...

Yeah it is frustrating, but as far as Prucha, Renney gave him more ice time in the first PP unit tonight because of how well he was playing I assume ...

While these two loses have been OT losses, turnovers are just killing us ... Kaspar is fresh and ready ... so is Pock ... one of them should get a look on Friday ... why not? Renney benched Rachunek earlier this season when he was playing poorly to give him some "Perspective" and he did this at times last year with Toots and others ... so he should employ that here


First to Matty and Pghas, thanks for the nice words and for the understanding. Stan Fischler has meant the world to me for a number of reasons. I'm going to go out on a limb here for a bit and I want you guys who are bashing Stan and what he brings to the table and I'm going to make a comparison for you. I think Stan in many ways is a lot like Tim McCarver is to baseball games. Now, while Stan played hockey as many of you do, he was also instrumental in starting the NY Rangers fan club that I not only belong to but write the "Ranger's Review" which Stan started with a friend over 50 years ago. He was not an NHL player but knows them all on all three locals mind you very well. When I was a kid my father hated hockey and wouldn't let me watch it much at all. I remember the 1980 Olympics like it was yesterday. I sat in my parents kitchen watching a small color tv and not understanding a single thing that was going on but loving it anyway. I never got that addicted to the game but knew who the players were and watched 2 or 3 games a year. About 6 years ago now when I started dating the woman that is now my wife, my brother in law, who's also named Mitch incidentally, is a HUGE Rangers fan. Initially I started watching games with him as a way of bonding with him. Here's where Stan comes in...Stan has a very parental view of the game and for someone like me who at that time knew nothing about what I was watching; listening to Stan taught me some of the fundamental things about the game that made watching it more enjoyable. He also knows the history of the game and being a history buff myself, that intrigued me to no end. Now, how is he like McCarver? Tim McCarver to someone who knows the game makes your head spin with his oversimplifying of the game and his explaining some of the most obvious nonsense in the world. He grates on my nerves, but I understand his role. There are more than just hard core fans watching any given sporting event. The VAST majority of people watching any given sport on any given night don't know what they are talking about when it comes to the game. People like Stan and Tim are essential in building up interest in the teams they are working for because they simplify the game for those who don't understand it. You may totally disagree with his analysis of what he's reporting on or the particular angle that he's coming from, but he is doing his job about as well as the position can be done and I for one admire him for that. Like I said earlier he's a teacher of the game to the uniformed super fans as are the vast majority of those who read this site and the magazine and to us it may seem like the things you are mentioning are actually happening, but to those of us who didn't grow up with a father that instilled the rules and the love of the game into us, Stan is a breath of fresh air in a highly abstract and difficult game to learn. I for one will be forever grateful to Stan and what he's taught me both as a viewer and personally as to how to be a man. As for the disagreeing that goes on in the booth, how much do you think you would be complaining if every person in the booth agreed with each other? It's the job my friends...it's the job. You don't have to respect his presentation, but you should respect the man and what he has managed to do for the game that we all cherish ever so much...

Good teams that can win big games don't blow 3-1 leads at home

Ice time tonight was a joke. These four will have nothing left in the tank come Feb at this rate. You can't play these guys this much for the entire season.

Shanahan 23:04
Straka 24:06
Nylander 25:57
Jagr 27:17

Adam Hall gets 8:14 yet scored twice. Prucha gets bumped and who replaces him? Not Hall who scored twice but Hossa. Makes no sense, none.

Comments from last nights game reserved until my blood pressure pill kicks in.
I want to say Mitch Beck, a Phil Risotto, "Holy Cow!" Wow what a line up. I can't believe you scored Richter to come on board. What other forum gives fans a chance to speak to the Rangers all time favorite goaltender. OK, Mike may have to share the favorite spot with Ed Giacomin but that's very good company to share. Nice job!

I can't understand that Hall who had two goals barely saw the Ice from the middle of the second period until around 10 mins left in the third.
Malik I don't think knows how to shoot the puck on net. And I apologize for this in advance but I am sorry to say this but watching Ozolinsh play is making
me long for the Days of Tom Poti.

Sometimes I don't realize how slow our defense is until Tyutin starts skating around like a madman. Then it is obvious how slow the rest of the D is. BTW I think the Aaron Ward signing was critical not necessarily for his play but for his impact on Tyutin. It makes me wish we had our young D-men up this year learning the ropes with Ward around.

And I agree that our 30 something players will not last the season playing 25-30 minutes a game.

Last night was one of those nights that makes me want to hop on Emscam's bandwagon. The energy level of the team was completely unacceptable, yet the 4th line continued to sit, while others received excessive icetime. Though his two goals were on the PP and not on the regular shift, you have to ride the hot hand and get Hall more ice time last night. More than anything, Renney has to find a way to get Hollweg consistent ice time with a regular line that plays to his strengths -- ie. slow dumps to the corners. We were fortunate enough to get a lead that we didn't deserve, and instead of running the team out of the building, Renney chose to ignore the approach that has allowed this team to succeed in the past. Sitting there last night, I felt as I had the first couple of weeks of the season, when we were a misleading 2-0. Maybe they were tired, but I think it was more than that: this team is showing signs of regressing, and Renney had better wake up to it quickly. He might want to start by watching the tapes of those games from the west coast trip as a reminder of what needs to be done.

Did I just see two people say they wanted Glenn Anderson as a full-time MSG commentator? You can't be serious. He's so bad its comical.

He sits up there and giggles (quite creepily) and seems like he just slugged back a half dozen shots before he came on the air. Hes the most godawful commentator they've had on in a long time. I dislike Stan (as does everyone else I know), but I can honestly say I'd rather pick Stan on his WORST day than have to deal with Anderson.


I already explained quite thoroughly my position on Stan and I'm not going to do it again...hold the applause...What I am going to do is defend Glenn Anderson...1) he's a great guy 2) he's a novice at this and I happen to know for a fact that he is aware that he's a novice and is working extremely hard at learning and getting better at what he's doing on the air and 3) we've been talking and he's agreed to do a chat here and we're just trying to work out a date for it so lay off the guy okay? :)

I've said this a million times before so I won't go off on my soap box again but I do want to say this. Nobody on the staff of Blueshirt Bulletin is trying to restrict your right to like or dislike anyone. All I am asking is that we do it without bashing someone as a person. Using Glenn as an example, if you don't like his work, can't it jsut be said in a way that doesn't make it seem like you are attacking him as a person? "I don't like the way he does his job" is a lot different than using words to describe him as "creepily." Does that make any sense at all? Feel free to express your frustrations and point of view all I'm asking is that it stays to critique and not personal attacks. I don't know who said it first, but I agree with the sentiment that it "is easier to build than to destroy." I happen to think that the people that read this site on a regular basis are intelligent and passionate people and I have crossed the line myself so this applies to me too, but can't we all just be a bit more mature in our criticisms?

Again, Thordic, I'm not picking on you or any one other person in particular...this is just a general sentiment...

Actually the correct quote would be "easier to destroy than to build"...

Throwaway, after watching last night and still with a OT loss fresh in my mind from the Buffalo game, I thought we may now see a change somewhere. I would not be surprised to see a trade or a player moved right now. If the staff at MSG is intent on making a legit run at something while they have Shanny and JJ, they had better do it now. This group is good but not great and the blue line is half baked at best. I am not advocating trades, I am saying that I would not be surprised if we see something. Again, I am not a mind reader as to the intentions of one Glen Sather and Lil' Jim. One thing for sure, I miss and the team seems to miss Sykora. I hated to see him go. OK, OK, that would not help the blue-line but I miss him anyway.


while I respectfully with you about Stan Fischler's quality as a journalist/broadcaster, I do want to thank you for setting up a great lineup for the chat. Although these things never seem to be done when I'm available to chat 'live' I always enjoy reading the give and take after the fact.

Now how about getting Renney on here so we can grill him about his TOI allocations? Or better yet Slats so we can grill him about trading Petruzalek for Stiffbister? Just kidding (sort of)

sorry should say "respectfully disagree" in the post above.


I would rather see Baranka, Girardi and Pock back there than Ozo, Malik and Rachunek. They really couldn't do any worse and maybe fewer guys would skate around them.

wuts wrong with malik ozolinsh and rachunek. rachunek has been playing great hockey stop getting on those guys every night

Ozo is a -5 in 17 games with 3 assists and rachunek is a -9 overall. Rachunek was on for 3 goals against last night and Ozo for 2. Ozo's turnover led to Buffalo's second goal. The list goes on and one. I don't think they are going to get better and would be more than happy to see if someone say Kasparitis and Pock could do better.

You like Ozo and rachunek and i don't becaue they make the same mistakes night after night.

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