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November 24, 2006


Just watch or remember the check to the head JJ took in the Olympics. I say a 5 game suspension, a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for anyone initiating a vicious hit to the head. I draw a line though when a player gets his elbows up when about to be run over. There's nothing like keeping someone honest.

I completely agree that the league HAS to add some sort of penalty for hits to the head ... while most hits, just as the Williams one(who got his concussion when he hit his head on the ice when he landed), are legal .. there are one who are obvious head hunting ...

This has already happened to superstars and in nationaly televised stages ... Scott Stevens hit on Paul Kariya, or his hit on Lindros ... what is happening now is that it is happening more often with a lot more room through the neutral zone and players not keeping their head up and the hitter not caring about that and going in for the big hit ...

I think the rule that the OHL has adopted is fair and reasonable, so why can't the NHL? Does the League even review these types of hits? I know that they review hits and if they think there was an intent to injure they suspend players ...

I don't want the League to take out hitting but sometimes, some of these players jump up and catch players under the chin or on the head, while at other times they catch them with their elbow ...

Jerome Iginla was asked about this on Hockey Night in Canada a few weeks ago and he didn't think that the NHL should try to police these hits ... of course his team boasts two of the biggest hitters there are in the League and while neither has been penalized or found to be given headshots maybe he's afraid that referees will penalize any hit resulting in a concussion even if it was a legal hit .... I worry about that and see his POV ... look at how they penalize the hooking now, when a player barely grazes the other guy ... if it's going to be penalized then there needs to be some clear cut rules that the refs will go by and it shouldn't affect legal hits

Don Cherry had a great segment on Coach's Corner. The pads guys are wearing are not for their own protection, but more like weaponry. The hard plastic bowls at the ends of the pads are ridiculous. All the plastic should be removed from the pads (except the helmets of course)


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