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October 29, 2006



Even though watching the team win was a good feeling, it is becoming increasingly frustrating watching Renney make atrocious coaching decisions that become highlighted when the Rangers play against better teams. My rants on last night are:

1) In a blowout game, why does the 4th line not receive a regular shift. Hollweg had less than 6 minutes of ice, Orr less than 5, and Hossa had about 8 but part of that was due to the PK. The 4th line, whether it is these guys or others, should be getting a regular shift given the fast pace nature of the league - especially when the game is out of hand. Renney feels that he needs either Jagr or Shanahan on the ice at all times - its a panic reaction - he better learn to trust the others lines on the team and fast - otherwise the Rangers will run out of steam.

2) Why is Betts even on the team, let alone centering the 2nd line. He is getting veteran treatment - like he is entitled to ice time and has earned something in this league. He is 26 years old - played only 111 games - 76 of those with the Rangers this year and last - so he got his shot at 25 - he has no offensive potential - only 12 career goals, and worse, 7 assists - a man with a 6% chance of getting an assist per game does not get to center the 2nd a second line PERIOD - let alone a line with the guy that will be 12th in career goals in about a week. In fact, this decison reminds me of dark times when Gretzky centered Bill Berg of all people for a while. I would rather have Messier lace up the skates at 45 than see Betts play one more shift at 2nd line. A better solution would be to just but Cullen at center and move Prucha back, or bring a kid up from Hartford, or make a trade. I prefer the Cullen-Prucha solution or have a kid from Hartford up, but to be honest, if that is not done, and if we are truly going to make a cup push this year (Jagr is year-to-year at this point and Shanahan only has a 1 year deal) I would try to get Nedved for nothing - sounds crazy, but he is now in the minors, and he played great with Jagr during their time together in Pitt - then Nylander can go to the 2nd line which I think is a good fit - as for the player to trade, Malik is the 1st to come to mind.

3) The power is mismanaged - when it succeeds it is because of the talent and not because of Renney. Ozolinsh is a 7 time All Star - he is high risk, high reward - those rewards are reaped on the power play - memo to Renney - he can not score or set people up on the PP from the bench - if anything, limit his even strength or PK time and let him have the PP time. Unbelievable that Rozy gets 4 times as much PP as Ozolinsh. There is just no excuse - there also is no excuse for the 1st unit getting to play the first 90 seconds of the PP - altthough they are the studs, the 2nd unit needs to get time too - and the 90 second shifts will either result in the even strength units getting out of wack or will result in the 1st unit player not being completely recovered when the their next shift comes around.

Wow - that is all I have to say after a nice win...

Ant if this team plays like this against either the Ducks or Sharks they will get blown clear back to NYC.

Yes they won but please understand it was against one of the worse teams in the NHL. Let us not start the victory parade

No, they won't get blown out if they build on last night's effort, where they had much better line-to-line flow, and the forwards did a great job of coming back and helping out down low with the breakout.

As for Betts, my original feeling was that I'd prefer him with Ward on the 3rd line and Prucha on the 2nd line. Betts did have one bad play last night -- a soft effort at the offensive blue line on which Cullen bailed him out with a strong backcheck. That, to me, is the flaw in Betts' game, more than the lack of scoring. But look at the positives re. Betts last night: the lined played well, with Cullen seeming to thrive on the wing; Betts on at least a couple of occasions crashed the front of the net without the puck, something I haven't seen him do much before; he was a spirited force on the PK. He still may have trouble with the gritttier opponents, but last night might be something form him to build on.
Also, I say no to Nedved -- leave the Jagr line in tact already.

Jess i dont agree with you because they did everything like a team.Forwards came back on D penalty kill was strong. Yeah we still have things to improve mostly turnovers but thats bout it it so i dont really think wel get blown out if we keep playing like we did yest. Even Malik had a good game.


One of the best reasons to spend money on the Center Ice package is the ability to scout what is in store for the Rangers down the road. The Sharks are legit cup contenders who have all of their game running smoothly. The Ducks are not as sharp as the Sharks but they too are a legit playoff contender.

In areas of the game they are seriously better than the Rangers. Be honest this win totally hid the Ranger's problems so the fans can get a "feel good" win over the 2nd worst team in the NHL. I am not looking at this as a "confidence builder" because the defense was dreadful and they gave up so many dumb penatlies so really other than scoring 7 goals over a bad team what really was different?

The Coyos made the Rangers look better than they were and I have watched both the Ducks and Sharks several times being out west. Give the Sharks 6 PPs and they will score on at least 3 of them. They are perhaps the second best team in the West right now (after the Wild).

I agree with u but somehow they managed to lose to philly and beat the devils and philly is as bad as coyotes so with that u never know well i guess wel have to wait and see what happens

MEMO TO JESS; I am not reporting to anyone who picks me up and I'm not going down either. I am getting in my truck and traveling around the country delivering freight and listening to XM radio. Having to listen to other announcers other than Kenny and Maloney is punishment enough. You have no idea!!!!! I liked what Brian had to say and we'll see Monday night what this win did to the fragile ego of certain players. Would I trade Nedved for Betts on the 2nd line... in a N.Y. minute. Betts is a 3rd liner at best and yes when leading by 4 or 5 goals in the 3rd period give the 3rd and 4th lines a little extra ice time. I still can't believe JJ was on the ice during the last minute last night...made no sense at all Later Z

Actually ... the Ducks have been playing better than the Sharks, who won tonight after dropping two straight games ....

It doesnt' matter .. both the Ducks and the Sharks will be real tests for the Rangers and I am confident that if they play from beginning to end like they did last night that they will be able to compete with both teams ... we will know more tomorrow when they face L.A. if yesterday's effort will carry over ...


Actually I do know exactly what you are going though as when I too am on the road I have to listen to many a bad announcer at all levels (right now the award for the worst belongs to Yale who have students calling their hockey games and they need to improve just to suck).

I do also agree that Betts is really best used as a 3rd line center.

However I will disagree with you that the game tomorrow night is any kind of test for the Rangers. The Kings are the ones who are in a funk lacking an ID but the Rangers typically do beat them when they play out west.

Oh and I bet if I told you that you were traded to Hooters and would be in charge of insuring that the uniforms fit tight you would report to them LOL.


The main difference where the Sharks will be able to push over the Rangers will be on the blueline as they offer some very solid performers back there.

The Ducks in many ways the Rangers can compete with but I think the difference will be in terms of size as the Ducks are bigger the deeper you go into their lines. Orr I expect will dress for this one but expect the Rangers to get run

Jess; There would be no uniforms and I would raise prices and retire early!!! I think we miss Rucinski more than people will let on. Will be updating tonight (I hope)... Z


I am not sure that they miss Rucinsky as it is more a lack of an ID for this team. Last season the Rangers were accused of being "Too Czech" so they make the effort to add North Americans and now this team is such a mixture that perhaps they need to decide what kind of team they want to be. They do have players who can be physical just as well as those who are finesse. However at times they are confused about which style is best

The Coyotes are just awful. They might be the slowest team the Rangers have played this year. Sorry guys but this game proved nothing to me except that the Coyotes are just plain bad.

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